Divine Soul Venerable Chapter 1069


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Before Qin Feng stepped into Ruler Realm, he had many futures, but as he stepped into the realm of dominance, these futures disappeared, and a new future needs Qin Feng to explore.

White-haired Qin Feng is very strong, but his future is not the future Qin Feng wants.

Qin Feng has seen a lot of the future in the long river of time. Some have become a region’s Overlord, some are down and down, and some are turned into a loess.

However, Qin Feng today is stronger than any future Qin Feng. His avenue has surpassed the prehistoric avenue, and it is no longer even the three thousand prehistoric avenues.

His avenue is called eternity!

“Huh!” Qin Feng took a long sigh. After the breakthrough Dao dominates the realm, his perception of the world is completely different.

He can finally realize the feeling of Pangu and the others now. It seems that there is a seal on their heads that restricts them. They want to break through this heavy seal, but they don’t know how to break through.

“This is the barrier of the universe. There are very few creatures that can break through the barriers of the universe, but my super-ant clan has this ability. As long as you and I cooperate, you will be able to break through the barriers of the universe and enter the dark universe! “The ant king, who had been silent for a while, came out again to brush his presence.

Qin Feng snorted: “Can’t you be obediently and honestly quiet for a while?”

“How can this be quiet? You have to know that your breakthrough has reached the realm of dominance. This is the change of shedding body and exchanging bones. Although you are new to Ruler Realm, you may be the strongest in the universe. The big one is in charge.” The ant king laughed.

“ka-cha!” Just as the ant king was chattering in excitement, another golden egg appeared among Qin Feng dantian.

The King of Ants was taken aback. He looked at the golden egg floating up from the Divine Sea in amazement. It was so strange that he hadn’t found this golden egg before.

Not only is the King of Ants surprised, even Qin Feng has been stunned for a year. If he remembers correctly, this golden egg should be in the storage ring, how could it be in the dantian Divine Sea? of?

He discovered this golden egg in the highly toxic realm. There was still an extremely powerful creature guarding this golden egg.

After getting this golden egg, Qin Feng didn’t care at all. After all, with Qin Feng’s cultivation base nowadays, a beast is not very helpful to him.

“Crack!” There are large net-like cracks in the shell of this golden egg, and this golden egg is about to hatch?

When that powerful lord disappeared, it seemed that he said something like “My clan Young Master will take care of you.”

But Qin Feng doesn’t care at all. Now it’s incredible to think about that powerful one. It can even suppress the macho, a little bit unlike the creatures of this universe.

Qin Feng also noticed the horrified look of Ant King: “Do you know this thing?”

“Why do you have anything to do with this race?” The king ant couldn’t help but suck in a cold breath of air, and was shocked to be as strong as the king ant.

“This family…you won’t tell me this thing is also from the dark universe, right?” Qin Feng eyes shrank.

Ant King nodded: “Not only from the dark universe, but also an extremely ancient race in the dark universe, even older than ours.”

“An ancient race in the dark universe…” Qin Feng was a little shocked. He guessed that this golden egg had a long history, but he didn’t expect it to be so big.

“Then is this race very strong in the dark universe?” Qin Feng couldn’t help but become interested.

“It is indeed very strong, but this race was exterminated a long, long time ago!” The Ant King shook the head.

This has been indescribable for a long time. The extinction of this race has been a consensus in the dark universe. This race has never appeared in countless years, even millions and millions of years.

However, absolutely did not expect that this race still has survivors in this universe.

And judging from the lines on this golden egg, the bloodline of this golden egg is noble.

“Crack it!”

As the golden eggshell cracked, a golden claw pierced the eggshell.

“ao wu!” A Little Brat with golden scales all over rolled out of the eggshell, and his milk roared gruffly.

Looking at this golden Little Brat, the king of ants was secretly surprised. It really was this ancient race. If the dark universe knew that this race had not been exterminated, it would be shaken.

The King of Ant even regrets it a bit. If he chooses this Little Brat instead of Qin Feng, he has been able to control this body completely.

At the same time, the King of Ants was also shocked by Qin Feng’s luck. This Qin Feng seems to always encounter some good things.

“What is the name of this race?” Qin Feng looked at this Little Brat who was swimming in his dantian Divine Sea.

“Golden Scale Heavens Devouring Mouse!” Ant King said.

Qin Feng looked at this golden scale Heavens Devouring Mouse. He had the cultivation base of Ancestral God right after his birth, and this golden scale Heavens Devouring Mouse was constantly absorbing the power of Grand Dao from Qin Feng within the body. His cultivation base is growing rapidly, I am afraid it will not take long to break through to the Ancestral Sovereign Territory world, and even the Ruler Realm world.

“No surprises. The Golden Scale Heavens Devouring Mouse family was born at least as Divinity King Realm. The noble bloodline is the God Emperor. It is not surprising that the most peak bloodline has the Ancestor God Realm cultivation base.” Wang lightly saying.

The Golden Scale Heavens Devouring Mouse is a top race in the dark universe, even stronger than the peak of the Super Ant family. The Golden Scale Heavens Devouring Mouse becomes Ruler Realm once it reaches adulthood. Some Heaven’s Chosen doesn’t even need it. You can step into Ruler Realm when you reach adulthood. One can imagine how terrifying a race that is almost dominated.

“ao ao ao!” Jinlin Heavens Devouring Mouse wandered among Qin Feng’s dantian Divine Sea, while calling for something.

Qin Feng was taken aback for a moment, this golden scale Heavens Devouring Mouse seems to be calling himself?

After Qin Feng appeared in the dantian Divine Sea, this golden scale Heavens Devouring Mouse turned over and landed on Qin Feng’s body, touching Qin Feng’s cheek affectionately.

“He treats you as a relative!” The king of ants revealed his figure.

“pa!” Suddenly the Golden Scale Heavens Devouring Mouse slapped a paw on the king’s body and opened his mouth to tear a piece of meat from the king’s body.

The King Ant’s face instantly changes pale, and this golden scale Heavens Devouring Mouse can even devour his Divine Soul.

The most terrifying thing is that his Divine Soul has clearly been entangled with Qin Feng, if one prospers, all prospers are damaged, but Qin Feng has nothing to do with it.

The Golden Scale Heavens Devouring Mouse stares at the Divine Soul of the Ant King with his teeth, this Golden Scale Heavens Devouring Mouse is born to distinguish between enemy and self.

The King of Ant feels that he has encountered a ghost. He has never heard of the Golden Scale Heavens Devouring Mouse having this ability.

Qin Feng squinted his eyes. The King Ant seems to be very afraid of the Golden Scale Heavens Devouring Mouse. If this is the case, it would be easier.

“Qin Feng…what are you going to do, don’t mess around!” The king of ants suddenly smelled a hint of danger, and he looked at Qin Feng in horror.

“How can you let others sleep soundly on the side of the couch!” Qin Feng hehe smiled.

Jinlin Heavens Devouring Mouse seemed to feel Qin Feng’s thoughts, and his body swished out.

The king ant was shocked. He wanted to avoid it, but the speed of the Golden Scale Heavens Devouring Mouse was too fast. Simply did not give the king time to evade.

“ka-cha!” Another big piece of the king’s body was bitten off.

“Qin Feng, stop now, and speak well if you have something!”

“I have nothing to say with you, I just want you to die soon!”

“I’m still useful to you, I can tell you a lot about the dark universe, and even I can take you into the dark universe, the dark universe is your stage, don’t you want to hide in this weak universe? Is it?” The Ant King howled in pain.

“en? What you said makes sense, but you have been entangled with my Divine Soul, I’m afraid I can’t sleep.” Qin Feng touched his chin.

“I can take the initiative to leave your Divine Soul!” Ant King said hurriedly.

“Really?” Qin Feng corner of the mouth raised.

“Really, really, as long as you quickly let this Golden Scale Heavens Devouring Mouse leave, I can’t hold it anymore!”

Looking at the increasingly illusory Divine Soul Qin Feng of Ant King, recalled the Golden Scale Heavens Devouring Mouse.

Didn’t expect that the incredible King Ant was subdued by this Little Brat.

The king of ants obediently got out of Qin Feng’s Divine Soul, Qin Feng grabbed his Divine Soul, and he grabbed the king’s Divine Soul in his hands. As long as Qin Feng squeezed it gently, the ant king would have the soul flew away and scattered.

But how could Qin Feng kill the Ant King? This guy knows the dark universe. If he wants to enter the dark universe in the future, he will inevitably have to lead the way.

But this ant king is very sinister and cunning, this time he really couldn’t help this ant king if it weren’t for the help of the Golden Scale Heavens Devouring Mouse.

Qin Feng is also impossible to be 100% assured of the King Ant. Fire of Eternal wrapped the Divine Soul of the King Ant, and then sealed the Divine Soul of the King Ant in the Purple Gold bottle gourd.

“weng!” Jinlin Heavens Devouring Mouse was brought out by Qin Feng out of dantian Divine Sea. This newly born Little Brat is so curious about everything.

“ka-cha!” Suddenly a flying sword struck, the Golden Scale Heavens Devouring Mouse patted a paw, and the flying sword was knocked down.

“ka-cha, ka-cha!” The Golden Scale Heavens Devouring Mouse grabbed this flying sword and gnawed.

This is a big Dao Divine Weapon, but it looks like a biscuit in front of the mouth of the Golden Scale Heavens Devouring Mouse. It tastes crispy.

Preparing for a sneak attack Qin Feng’s Primitive Demon Race master is so confused, this is the Dao Divine Weapon, it’s just that way?

“Shua!” Qin Feng flicked the fingers, grandiose’s power of Grand Dao instantly imprisoned the master of this one Primitive Demon Race.

The master of this one Primitive Demon Race was shocked. He frantically urged the power of Grand Dao within the body, but even if he used some secret techniques, his power of Grand Dao still seemed impossible in front of Qin Feng to withstand a single blow.

The master of this one Primitive Demon Race was terrified, how could it be, how could it be, how could there be such a terrifying power of Grand Dao!

Compared between his power of Grand Dao and Qin Feng is one hair from nine oxen.

“bang!” Under the crush of the power of Grand Dao, the master of this one Primitive Demon Race turned directly into fly ash.

Qin Feng shook the head, the master of Primitive Demon Race is also only this.

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