Divine Soul Venerable Chapter 1070


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If these masters could pose some threats to Qin Feng before he stepped into Ruler Realm, then ordinary masters are no longer his opponents at all after he stepped into Ruler Realm.

Even if the Golden Scale Heavens Devouring Mouse didn’t bite off the Divine Sword, Qin Feng could use his fleshy body to fight hard, but the Dao Divine Weapon who carried the three avenues simply couldn’t hurt him.

“ka-cha, ka-cha!”

The Golden Scale Heavens Devouring Mouse nibbled the big Dao Divine Weapon happily. After a while, the big Dao Divine Weapon all entered the belly of the Golden Scale Heavens Devouring Mouse.

This Golden Scale Heavens Devouring Mouse is worthy of being the top race in the dark universe, and it can even eat Dao Divine Weapon as a snack.

“This time Primitive Demon Race seems to be real. There are a lot of masters.” Qin Feng slightly smiled.

“Qin Feng, you are the one I will kill for Primitive Demon Race. Today is your death date!” The master of the four Primitive Demon Races dropping from the sky.

“Just the four of you?” Qin Feng raised his brow.

“It’s enough to kill you four of us!” The masters of these four Primitive Demon Races didn’t talk nonsense, and shot directly, and the vigorous power of Grand Dao blasted towards Qin Feng.

Qin Feng waved his hand, and these power of Grand Dao shattered directly, and a golden sword energy, Seventh Gold Sword Qi appeared between Qin Feng’s fingers!

“pu!” Qin Feng flicked the fingers, this Seventh Gold Sword Qi flew out, and in a flash, the bodies dominated by the four Primitive Demon Races were smashed by the Seventh Gold Sword Qi.

“unable to withstand a single blow!” Qin Feng left without looking back.

“Qin Feng, you are already very strong now, strong enough to fight against the Celestial Lords, and now you may be able to kill the Celestial Lords!” said the Ant King.

Qin Feng rolled the eyes: “Are you fooling me to find trouble with the Lord of Heaven?”

“How can I, this is my suggestion. You must go out of this universe and enter the dark universe. The ancients dominate them are your stepping stones. You are on the road of invincibility, and you need to constantly challenge the powerhouse to condense Invincible, defeating the ancient ruler is the best choice.” The Ant King laughed.

Qin Feng hehe smiled. Although he knows what the ant king said is right, he would not be so naive to believe in the ant king. Maybe the ant king just dug a big hole and waited for him to jump down.

Now Divine Realm is like a sieve. The primordial realm and Yellow Springs are the main forces. Other large and small realms are also profiting from somebody’s misfortune.

Although the appearance of powerhouses such as Panyu, Iron Pillar, Fairy Queen, and Dragon Demon blocked the top powerhouses of Primordial Demon and Yellow Springs, there are too many powerhouses of various races that have entered Divine Realm. Divine Realm. The gods simply couldn’t resist.

“Kill Kill Kill, Kill Kill Kill!” A huge skeleton wreaked havoc in the Divine Realm. Wherever he went, all creatures would turn into bones, and this huge skeleton was constantly drawing on the power of these bones.

“Ruler Realm world!” Qin Feng frowns, walking leisurely in front of the huge skeleton of this one.

This one huge skeleton noticed Qin Feng: “Master!”

This one’s huge skeleton was a little surprised, but soon he discovered that Qin Feng was just a rookie who had just entered the Ruler Realm world.

Dominating this realm takes time to accumulate. There is no doubt that the longer you enter the Ruler Realm world, the stronger your strength. Qin Feng is just the first to enter the Ruler Realm world, and it is the bottom of the ruler.

“You are not a Primitive Demon Race, nor are you of the Yellow Springs clan. Which realm do you master, dare to be in the Divine Realm wantonly slaughter!” Qin Feng looked at this one huge skeleton coldly.

“It’s so arrogant when you first enter the Domination. The world that the kid dominates is not as beautiful as you think. But since you asked sincerely, then I will tell you compassionately, I am the bone of Divine Realm. God dominates!” Bone God Dominator grinned.

Before speaking, the white bones of the Bone God Lord split, and a bone gun was fired at Qin Feng. This Bone God Lord actually had a sneak attack, really mean!

However, Qin Feng did not hurriedly raised his finger, and the bone gun stopped in front of him with a single tap of his finger. This sharp bone gun did not at all hurt Qin Feng. Cents.

The bone god dominates the huge body and retreats abruptly. At that moment, he smelled a dangerous breath.

But when he came back to his senses, he found that Qin Feng had disappeared.

However, a silhouette suddenly fell on the head of the Bone God.

The bone god dominates the complexion greatly changed, he didn’t even feel the breath of this kid.

“Sorry, I’m in a hurry!” Qin Feng uses his hand as a sword, a sword is handsome, a golden sword energy directly divides the huge body of the bone god into two.

The Bone God Master looked at his severed body in horror.

“Why, why is it so, why, my body is comparable to Dao Divine Weapon, even Dao Divine Weapon can hardly hurt my body, why, why!” Bone God dominated his face with unwillingness.

He was careless. He felt that Qin Feng, a rookie who was new to Ruler Realm, was simply impossible to hurt his body. He didn’t even dodge in the face of Qin Feng’s Seventh Gold Sword Qi.

In the eyes of this bone god pig, as long as he is willing to dodge, he can definitely avoid this Seventh Gold Sword Qi.

Qin Feng looked at this bit of split bone god master indifferently. In front of Seventh Gold Sword Qi, this bone god master definitely has no chance of surviving, and the master of this bone Divine Realm is dead.

Qin Feng had never heard of any bone Divine Realm before. It was a small realm. It was not easy to be able to produce a master. Now the bone god is dead in his hands. , This bone Divine Realm should have no control.

“No, I am not willing to, I am not willing to, how could I die in the hands of you kid!” The Bone God Lord roared angrily before dying.

“ka-cha!” However, after just a few breaths, the bone god dominated the side completely without a sound.

After the Lord of Bone God died, the huge bones also dissipated, leaving only a jade-like bone.

Qin Feng stretched out beckoned, this is one dominates the last things left behind, this bone god dominates the most essential part.

Qin Feng flicked the fingers, this jade-like skeleton made a crisp sound.

The blue Fire of Eternal enveloped this jade-like skeleton. After just a few breaths, a pale blue bone shield appeared in Qin Feng’s hands.

“Bone Aegis!” After Qin Feng gave this shield a name, it was included in the dantian Divine Sea.

The Bone God Ruler is just the beginning that’s all, Qin Feng stepped into Ruler Realm and pushed all the way, and there was no Venerable Lord his enemy!

When Qin Feng passed through the Divine Realm and appeared on the wall of Siyuan, the ancient ruler eyes shrank who was fighting with Panyu.

“Qin Feng! Step into Ruler Realm!” Mo Wudi was also shocked to see Qin Feng.

Previously, Primitive Demon Race thought that Qin Feng was their scourge. They tried hard to kill Qin Feng, but Qin Feng escaped time and time again.

Didn’t expect this Qin Feng cultivation to be so fast, he has already stepped into the Ruler Realm world in the blink of an eye.

When Mo Wudi saw Qin Feng, he thought of his discipline that fell into Divine Realm. His discipline is not under Qin Feng. No, it is stronger than Qin Feng, but he is falling into Divine Realm. There was no news after that, maybe it was dead!

“Qin Feng, die!” Suddenly the master of Primitive Demon Race loudly shouted.

“sou!” However, a Seventh Gold Sword Qi runs through the body dominated by this one Primitive Demon Race.

“peng!” Seventh Gold Sword Qi burst within the body dominated by this Primitive Demon Race!

This blow shocked all the powerhouses present, Qin Feng actually killed a Venerable Lord with just one blow!

The masters of Primitive Demon Race were furious and rushed to Qin Feng.

“Pangu Saint Physique!” Qin Feng faintly snorted, a huge golden silhouette rose from the ground, and in an instant, countless Seventh Gold Sword Qi shot out from Qin Feng’s pores.


“What the hell is that!”


These Primitive Demon Races that dominate the aggressive rushed up, but after a while they began to cry for fathers and mothers. In front of Seventh Gold Sword Qi, this group of Primitive Demon Races dominated the beaten ups, and they were broken.

“The same sword energy as Panyu, Seventh Gold Sword Qi!” Tian Gu ruled frowned.

Qin Feng took a step forward, Seventh Gold Sword Qi broke out, forcing these Primitive Demon Race masters to retreat continuously!

“Qin Feng, courting death!” The ancient ruler, External Body Incarnation, even abandoned his opponent and directly killed Qin Feng.

“peng!” The External Body Incarnation ruled by the ancient sky resisted Seventh Gold Sword Qi.

But the heavy punches that came immediately made the External Body Incarnation complexion of the ancient ruler greatly changed, and the power of Grand Dao running the whole body resisted this fist.

“hong long!” Heavenly ancient ruler External Body Incarnation even used several large Dao Divine Weapon to protect himself.

But it’s useless, everything is useless, these big Dao Divine Weapons are shattered under Qin Feng’s fist, and the power of Grand Dao, which governs the External Body Incarnation, is also broken.

“pu!” This fist hit the body of the Heavenly Ancient Ruler External Body Incarnation sturdily, and the Heavenly Ancient Ruler’s External Body Incarnation spewed out old blood.

The snorted deity ruled by the ancient sky, the extinguishing soul sword in his hand was cut out when he blocked the panyu.

“resounding!” Qin Feng blocked the black sword glow with one hand.

“ka-cha!” With a grip of the right hand, this black sword glow was directly crushed.

It’s the ancient ruler who can’t help but suck in a cold breath of air. This Qin Feng is a bit outrageous.

Qin Feng glanced at the suppressed Siyuan Wall slightly smiled, flicked the fingers, the ancient magic coffin burst, and the big Dao Divine Weapon, who suppressed the Siyuan wall together with the ancient magic coffin, also exploded.

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