Divine Soul Venerable Chapter 1167


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This auction of Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion has already distributed all the invitations, and those who are eligible to participate in the auction have basically been assembled in Flying Fox City.

This time can be said to be filled with the entire auction venue. After all, it has not seen such a grand occasion for hundreds of years. The treasure of the Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion this time is very rich.

And this time only the treasures above the middle grade Dark Stone are accepted. As for Dark Coins, it can’t be considered here. If it is better than Dark Coins, I am afraid that most people here are qualified to fight.

Four-sided City everyone is in a large private room on the second floor. Each private room will be blocked by a screen, so that other people can’t see the specific situation inside and can only listen to it. Can’t see it.

This is also a measure taken by the Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion for confidentiality, the purpose is to prevent the existence of the starry sky Plunderer.

The Flying Fox City branch is in charge of the Zhao Family, and this Zhao Family has been focusing on military force for so many years, and it is the most powerful family among Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion Four Great Families.

For the collection of cultivation technique cheats. It is also very hard work, everyone is very interested in this, happy to join in.

The Qin Feng lightly saying at this moment: “It’s my first time to participate in the auction held by the Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion. It seems that there are still some things in it. With these cultivation technique cheats, it is enough to be in this Flying Fox Star Domain. establishing the sect.”

It took countless years of accumulation to have such a rich heritage.

The most important thing is that Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion itself has invited some powerful cultivation technique Elder. This is also the reason why others dare not make trouble in the Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion.

Yang Tianmu laughed and said: “What the little friend Qin Feng said is very true, but I think the people from the City Lord Mansion in Flying Fox City have not arrived yet, and I don’t know what sly plan they are playing.”

It stands to reason that the people at City Lord Mansion should have received this news, but didn’t expect any results this time. It made him feel a little surprised. Could it be that they have a bigger plan?

It seems that they must be careful not to be plot against by the people of City Lord Mansion.

The starry sky Plunderer headed by the long eyebrow fairy has already dressed up and entered the lobby on the first floor. This time their purpose is only to remember who bought those treasures, when the time comes them Good to do something.

Qin Feng was also extremely helpless when he saw this, but this is the ability of others to eat, as long as he does not provoke him, he does not have that many idle minds to take care of his business.

Soon, an Elderly and ten young lady waiters came up on the auction stage, and these ten people held a simple disc in their hands. The discs were all cultivation technique cheats, but in the first There seemed to be neither a cultivation technique cheats nor a meditation image in the six discs, which made Qin Feng’s eyes some curiosity.

But Xiaojin seemed to sense something. He said, “Big brother, I think that thing is helpful to me!”

Qin Feng looked at him weirdly. Just now, I felt that the things on the disk seemed to be the substance of Metal Attribute. At this moment, Xiao Jin actually spoke. But what followed was happiness, because it meant that this thing would help Xiaojin’s strength breakthrough.

Being able to even break through to the intermediate level of Sovereign level Ruler Realm is a rare and good opportunity for him.

Thinking of this, he said: “Don’t worry, Xiaojin, this time must take this for you!”

“Look, the people from City Lord Mansion are here. It seems that Long Aohai should be the one asking the price this time.” Yang Tianmu saw the people from City Lord Mansion and entered one of the super VIP boxes of the Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion in.

Huang Zhizhu noticed Yang Tianmu’s gaze, and the two of them showed meaningful smiles under their eyes, and neither was convinced.

“cough cough!” At this time, the Elderly lightly coughed on the auction stage said: “Thank you for your participation. I must be impressed by everyone! Today I am still the host of auction, and The auction items at this time are the ten discs behind me, apart from this, today there is another finale at the end, I hope you can look forward to it!”

For the last finale item, many unsuspecting people began to talk about it. They were indeed very curious.

“What do you think this last finale is? It is said that the theme of this time auction is the cultivation technique cheat book. Could it be that the finale is a powerful cheat book?”

“I heard that there are cultivation techniques handed down from Fifth Level Star Domain, which is the second only to Dark Star Domain’s Fifth Level Star Domain! I think this finale should not be of this kind, otherwise it is completely There is no need to make this mysterious.”

“Didn’t you hear about the last time the Flying Fox Secret Realm happened? It is said that the Four-sided City Lord and our Flying Fox City Lord fell out. This is our City Lord targeting the Four-sided City Lord! “

“so that’s how it is, what exactly is it? What can make the Four-sided City Lord care about is not a simple thing.”

People who don’t understand the complete truth naturally don’t know what the finale is. But for Qin Feng and the others, they are the most familiar. Eight achievements are the so-called meditation images.

Immediately the auction officially began, but their main purpose today is to cooperate with Huang Zhizhu to act. Since the other party insists on playing them, it is better to beating somebody at their own game.

The long eyebrow fairy on the first floor below couldn’t help but glance at the private room where Qin Feng was located. He didn’t seem to be too interested. Now it is the third item. Could it be moved towards the finale?

At this moment, Long Aohai glanced at Huang Zhizhu next to him, and said puzzledly: “Master, do you think they will participate in the auction of the Meditation Statue?”

His heart is uncertain, although the other party has come here, maybe it’s just watching the excitement?

Huang Zhisuke is laughed, they will definitely participate in the auction!

Based on his understanding of Yang Tianmu, if the opponent wants to break through to the Emperor Ruler Realm, there is really no such probability without the help of meditation.

After all, after staying in Sovereign level Ruler Realm Peak Realm for many years, I still failed to achieve a breakthrough. It is conceivable that Yang Tianmu is not an innate talent issue. Yang Tianmu is very concerned about his breakthrough in strength, and that incident has already been remembered in the heart. . If he wants revenge, he will definitely participate in the auction.

Thinking of this, he lightly saying: “Aohai, if they ask for a price, you can just follow along. How about those experts in ambush?”

This time took away most of the elite of City Lord Mansion, as well as some powerhouses from other forces in the city. If he can’t win the trifling Yang Tianmu even this way, I’m afraid he, the City Lord, won’t need to continue mixing in the future.

Be so prepared, the people of Four-sided City cannot escape today.

Long Aohai hesitated for a moment, obviously wanting to say something. But still resisted not saying.

His heart is still recalling what the Flying Fox Master said to him that day, but it’s a pity that his Master doesn’t believe it, so what can it be?

He can’t change the Master’s decision, only hope that this battle will not come too absolute!

Huang Zhisuke sighed, he said: “Aohai, there are some things that you will understand after you reach my this realm. After this, you can retreat with peace of mind. I hope that the day you come out of the retreat, you have already broken through Sovereign. level Ruler Realm .”

Although I am very satisfied with my discipline, I have accumulated deep enough in the ruler realm of the king level, and it is time to break through to the sovereign level.

Long Aohai quickly cup one fist in the other hand and said: “Yes! Master.”

Speaking of this matter of his own strength, Long Aohai also has some motivation.

At this time, Elderly, who presided over the auction, has introduced the sixth item.

“This sixth item is a raw material for refining, named Tianjin Iron Fall. Its material is extremely strong. A protector of my Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion, Elder, had a full power attack, but he still couldn’t be There is a trace of the small sky gold and iron falling. However, it seems that the Artifact Refining Grandmaster is not at all too powerful in the Flying Fox Star Domain, so the starting price of this item is very low, 10,000 middle grade Dark stone, each increase in price is in thousands.”

After Elderly introduced this day of gold and iron fall, although everyone was amazed by the sturdiness of the material, the strength of Elder, the protector of the Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion, is not low, and it can be said that it has reached the Sovereign level Ruler Realm. But still can’t leave any traces on this body.

But this is just the raw material, not a finished weapon. If there is no Artifact Refining Grandmaster, it will be just a piece of scrap iron that’s all.

Therefore, not at all anyone bids, they do not know the existence of Artifact Refining Grandmaster, even if they do, they may not be able to create a handy weapon specifically for them.


Elderly’s heart is sighed, is there no one auctioned this time? If this thing is placed in the Dark Star Domain, I am afraid that all Artifact Refining Grandmasters can be auctioned, but after thinking about it, I am relieved. It is not that these people do not know the goods, but that no one will spend the middle grade dark stone auction. Pieces are of no use to them at the moment.

Just when he thought that Jin Tieyu would enter the warehouse of Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion on this day and prepare to put it in the warehouse.

“Ten thousand middle grade dark stone!”

Everyone looks at the source of the sound. It seems to be a Four-sided City private room, right?

Could there be an Artifact Refining Grandmaster recently in Four-sided City? And it was Qin Feng who spoke.

He didn’t at all thought that this item would not be auctioned, but in the end it was a bargain. It only cost 10,000 middle grade Dark Stones. It is very possible for Xiaojin to break through. This is a very good deal.

At this moment, Xiao Jin’s heart is also sighed in relief, and there is some heat in his eyes.

He can feel that Jin Tieyu is of great help to his breakthrough this day, and may be able to break through another realm.

“Okay! This item has been auctioned off by the Four-sided City!”

After came back to his senses, Elderly on the auction stage hurriedly decided when he saw it. At the last minute, he was asking for a price. He didn’t want any more unexpected situations.

But people who know Qin Feng are very confused about this. Is this child so versatile, or is this child an Artifact Refining Grandmaster?