Divine Soul Venerable Chapter 1168


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Huang Zhizhu never imagined that Qin Feng would actually take this piece of gold and iron meteorite.

Besides, Qin Feng didn’t know in advance what else was on auction besides the meditation image. Is he still an Artifact Refining Grandmaster?

It seems that this person is indeed very interesting, too much to understand, right? Wouldn’t you be afraid of miscellaneous learning?

Such a thing is not a good thing. If Qin Feng specializes in cultivation, I am afraid it has already broken through to the Sovereign level Ruler Realm, right?

“Didn’t you hear this news?” Huang Zhizhu asked curiously, looking at Long Aohai who was sluggish.

If Qin Feng really shows the ability of Artifact Refining Grandmaster, there should be rumors.

Long Aohai shook the head. It was only based on his experience in Secret Realm that he discovered the abilities that Qin Feng possesses. It seems that they are not all of them. Maybe Qin Feng will have more skills. It was beyond his imagination.

“Interesting!” The scene will be cleared later, Huang Zhizhu must understand Qin Feng thoroughly.

At this moment, Yang Tianmu looked at Qin Feng next to him, and asked with a look of confusion: “Little friend Qin Feng, I don’t know why you want to buy this day Jintieyu? Are you still an Artifact Refining Grandmaster?” /p>

This was beyond his expectation. The original this Monarch-level Alchemist was enough to surprise him, but if he was still an Artifact Refining Grandmaster, it was enough to surprise him.

This kind of ability is not comparable to that of ordinary monstruous talent genius, at least in this flying fox Star Domain, no one can match it.

Qin Feng shook the head: “I have dabbled in it, but I did not photograph this object for refining a great weapon, but for other purposes.”

At this moment, the auction is still going on. Today, most people just come to join in the fun. Those cultivation technique cheats were auctioned off by some powerful cities, and the more important thing in their hearts was watching the show.

The highlight should be placed on the finale. It didn’t take long for the first ten items to be auctioned off. Only the mysterious finale was left. Elderly laughed and took out a Divine Beast from his arms. The sculptured image, laughed said: “This object is the finale object of the auction, called the meditation image. Do you know what kind of Divine Beast this sculpture looks like?”

After hearing Elderly’s words, everyone thought.

They have never seen this kind of Divine Beast, so they are naturally confused.

Just for this meditation image, why are they so familiar? Seems to have heard this name somewhere.

But soon someone remembered it.

“If my guess is correct, this object should be a meditation image that appeared thousands of years ago, and this is also related to the grievances between Flying Fox City and Four-sided City, but it is the one of the previous City Lord The grievances between them.”

“When you said that, I remembered it. Although I have not seen it with my own eyes, I heard that the carved Divine Beast should be a legendary nightmare, possessing hallucinogenic ability and extremely powerful.”

“It seems to be related to Flying Fox Secret Realm. As for the details, I am not sure about it. It seems that this should be the thing.”

The sound of discussion reached Elderly’s ears, and he was also satisfied and nodded.

It seems that after that many years, someone can still remember this past event.

Then he said: “This item can help people enter the state of sudden enlightenment. As for the specific development, it depends on the chance, and not everyone can enter the state of suddenly enlightenment after getting this item. The starting price is 100,000 The middle grade dark stone, each increase in price is calculated in tens of thousands. I now announce that the finale object auction has officially started!”

This is something that the Flying Fox City Lord personally confessed to Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion, and Chief-In-Charge delegated this burden to him to take care of it entirely, naturally doing his best.

As for the sky-high price of this item, it depends on the financial resources of everyone present.

However, most people did not make a bid, and they still have a certain understanding of this meditation image. If you want to enter the sudden enlightenment state, you need to look at fate, if you don’t have this fate, even if you are around, there will be no change.

It is said that this is the most direct way for the Four-sided City master to break through to the Emperor Ruler Realm, and this time is likely to be the battle between Four-sided City and Flying Fox City, and they will naturally not participate in the auction.

Qin Feng laughed and said: “City Lord, it looks like you have to take action.”

The meditation image has finally begun. Presumably, Huang Zhisuke on the opposite side can’t wait any longer, right?

If you want this item to be auctioned safely, I am afraid that the other party will repeatedly obstruct it.

Yang Tianmu said with a smile: “What little friend Qin Feng said is good, but I want to see what kind of expression they will look like when they auction their own things in the end?”

This is Qin Feng’s strategy, before that. Yang Tianmu has already let out the wind. The middle grade dark stone he brought this time is in the millions, so this is almost the upper limit he can bear.

Middle grade Dark Stone with millions of dollars is already considered a huge sum of money. Generally, cultivators don’t have that many. Instead, they will pay more attention to their own cultivation instead of buying something.

Immediately, Yang Tianmu said indifferently: “Everyone, this thing is what I need for Four-sided City. If you give me a face, let me auction off the 100,000 middle grade dark stone!”

When everyone heard it, they couldn’t help being surprised.

It seems that Yang Tianmu is threatening everyone, and now the rise of Four-sided City is hard to stop.

It also has extremely strong confidence. If this is the case, I am afraid that this matter is not at all as simple as that, but is there really no one to compete with it today?

They know very well in their hearts that this matter will never be so simple. They just don’t know how this flying fox City Lord will give tit for tat?

At this time, Huang Zhisuke laughed and said: “Yang Tianmu, you are not afraid to flash your tongue when you speak big words? I want to auction off this meditation image with only one hundred thousand middle grade Dark Stones? It is simply whimsical, I just took it out. 300,000 middle grade dark stone, don’t forget. But you are not the only one who needs to use this to enter the sudden enlightenment state.”

“What? The Flying Fox City Lord directly raised a full 200,000 bid, which surprised me. It seems that the Flying Fox City is rich and imposing. I don’t know how the Four-sided City Lord will respond? “

It seems that Huang Zhizhu is here to give Yang Tianmu a trip. This situation makes them talk about it.

But today was originally a scene on the spot. Regarding such a situation, Yang Tianmu would naturally not care, since the other party wanted to play. Then have fun with him.

“The Flying Fox City Lord is really a good plot against, I must get this thing, then I will add another 200,000!”

Now it has reached half a million. The original value of this thing itself is not worth this. After all, it is only with a certain probability to be able to enter the sudden enlightenment state. It is not worthwhile to exceed the budget.

Moreover, the Flying Fox City Lord does have a plot against in his heart, depending on how much he will back down.

No matter which party is finally auctioned off, all the Dark Stones must be paid off, otherwise the Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion headquarters of the Dark Star Domain will send a powerhouse over. Even the Flying Fox City Lord may not dare to make any Times.

“Hehe, Yang Tianmu, it’s not that simple to break through. Let’s do it, 1 million middle grade Dark Stone, if you can exceed this number, I won’t compete with you.” Huang Zhisuke sneered.

Even if the opponent can break through to the Emperor Ruler Realm after getting this meditative image, what about it? It would be better to let him bleed well before then.

And Yang Tianmu also released the news in advance. The limit this time is the million middle grade dark stones. After this limit is exceeded, there may be no more auctions.

If you want to play, you can play a big one with him. If the opponent wants to break through, he must rely on this meditation image. Huang Zhisuke’s face is already smug.

Everyone frowned. This Flying Fox City Lord is really ruthless.

Seeing the giving tit for tat between the two City Lords, they were not at all curious.

Things like this are not uncommon. It’s just that the Flying Fox City has become so big over the years, and many cities are just complaining about that’s all secretly.

Maybe this Four-sided City can bring them a glimmer of hope and ensure the balanced development of various cities.

Everyone is quietly waiting for Yang Tianmu to increase the price. After all, the price at this moment has far exceeded the original value of this meditation image. It depends on whether the Four-sided City master can be willing to bleed.

“cough cough!”

I only heard Yang Tianmu, the Lord of Four-sided City, lightly coughed, and the voice was so clear that I felt very relaxed.

Could it be that it has been prepared? Suddenly everyone was puzzled, including Huang Zhisuke on the other side.

“Sorry, this time I don’t at all bring that many dark stone. Since the Flying Fox City Lord needs this, then I won’t compete with you. I hope the Flying Fox City Lord can break through the realm as soon as possible and lead us to the Flying Fox Star Domain Towards prosperity!” Yang Tianmu’s tone was quite sorry.

It’s just that Huang Zhisuke has been afraid to speak at this moment, he has grown up!

Did you spend that many wronged dark stones to bid for your own things? Where did this happen?

But if he is asked to renege on a debt and don’t pay the Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion millions of dark stones, here is an emperor Ruler Realm’s guardian Elder to sit here, even he dare not have any The trouble.

Although the guardian Elder won’t stay here for long, he must see him hand over a million middle grade Dark Stones before leaving.

“Yang Tianmu! Are you dare to fight with me?”

For a long time after thinking about it, Huang Zhizhu said angrily.

This is obviously being tricked by the people from Four-sided City. How can he stand it?

This kind of thing is already extremely slapstick for him, didn’t expect to be played like this by a trifling Yang Tianmu!

He just wants Yang Tianmu to bleed, does he not want to break through to the Emperor Ruler Realm?

“haha! Actually I am not at all with that many dark stone. If the Flying Fox City Lord is interested, I can go to the Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion to deliver it later. This kind of good thing is still not suitable for me, sorry Sorry.” Yang Tianmu was relieved, feeling particularly smooth.

I can imagine that Huang Zhizhu’s face is definitely not so good now. Qin Feng and Xiaojin looked at each other. It seems that Huang Zhizhu should be the next shot? The dignified Flying Fox City Lord will not be slapped in public and submit to humiliation.