Divine Soul Venerable Chapter 1170


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At this time, Huang Zhizhu didn’t expect that Yang Tianmu could unite so many people, and even the people of Starry Sky Plunderer could work for him, which was beyond his imagination.

But they seem to have forgotten that this is in Flying Fox City, under their own Absolute Control, and he will not allow such things to happen.

And these men of my own have formed a back-to-back position and can effectively defend against Plunderer’s sneak attack in the starry sky. This is not the only place in the Star Sea that can indulge these people’s wanton snatching. In the long run, they There will definitely be an advantage here.

It’s just that Huang Zhisuke’s heart is a little puzzled. What kind of confidence do these people have to dare to fight against themselves?

Now they are not at all of the Emperor Ruler Realm. Just relying on courage, he dared to confront Flying Fox City, and even his heart couldn’t help but praise him, if he had such courage back then. Now it has already broken through the Emperor Ruler Realm.

“Now you have the last chance. After missing this opportunity, I will not give you a way to survive. I will leave you one after another in Flying Fox City warn others from following bad examples.” Huang Zhi Helping said slowly, with a rage in his tone, didn’t expect unexpectedly jumped out, but gave him some surprises.

Yang Tianmu laughed, he said disdainfully: “I admit you Huangda City Lord Ruler Realm. Other oppressed cities dare not pant, but you are here, you really think this time Will we come to Flying Fox City without making any preparations?”

In Huang Zhizhu’s eyes, there is some suspicion. Why is Yang Tianmu so confident?

At this time, he carefully looked at Yang Tianmu in front of him, and found that his temperament was different from what he had seen outside of the Flying Fox Secret Realm last time. It seemed to have changed a lot. Could this be the rhythm of the breakthrough?

“You have also reached the Imperial Ruler Realm?” Huang Zhisuke couldn’t be sure, frowns asked.

This is the auction field belonging to the Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion. Not at all others, don’t be afraid of the news spreading.

Yang Tianmu was shocked after hearing it in an imposing manner, that force was completely possessed by Emperor Ruler Realm.

This made Huang Zhizhu’s decision immediately, and this person has indeed broken through.

He took a deep look at Qin Feng next to him. The luck this person brings is very good, right?

Not only did they gain a lot from the Flying Fox Secret Realm, they fiercely slapped them in the face of Flying Fox City, even Yang Tianmu was a breakthrough because of the existence of Qin Feng, the Jun-level Alchemist was not cracking a joke!

“Hehe, it looks like you gave me a surprise. No wonder you dare to fight against Flying Fox City, but if you think you have the qualifications to challenge Flying Fox City after breaking through to the Emperor Ruler Realm? It’s too whimsical, right?” Then Huang Zhisuke sneered as he waited for Master Flying Fox to come.

The last time I saw Yang Tianmu was the Emperor Ruler Realm Peak. The imperial ruler who has just broken through is not afraid of it, but if he unites with this starry sky Plunderer, it will become very difficult.

The Technique of Assassination of this force is not cracking a joke. Without absolute certainty, he would not choose to take risks.

Qin Feng walked out at this time and cup one fist in the other hand said: “In fact, everyone can sit down and have a good chat. There is no need to make you die and I live, what do you think? Flying Fox City Lord.”

As everyone knows, Qin Feng is also delaying time at this moment. He hasn’t received the exact news from the Flying Fox Master, so naturally he won’t act rashly.

Even if Chang Meixian and Yang Tianmu are both emperor-level masters, he does not have much hope in the face of old powerhouses like Huang Zhizhu and the old man Feihu.

Only when the flying fox master comes here, can he be sure of victory.

You can even unite with Elder, the protector of the Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion. After all, you are still a guest of Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion. Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but glanced deeply at Elder, the careless guardian next to him.

At this time, Huang Zhizhu became more interested in Qin Feng. He said: “Qin Feng, I know you are extremely out of the ordinary, not equal to me. Let’s talk about terms? As long as you are willing to take refuge in me, Feihu City , I can accept you as a final disciple, and even the only candidate for the next City Lord in Flying Fox City.”

Qin Feng, who heard this, didn’t care much, but Long Aohai’s heart tightened.

It looks like this is planning to choose a better one, and Qin Feng brings too many benefits.

But how could Long Aohai be so willing? Didn’t expect his Master to abandon himself at this critical moment?

He knows that Qin Feng will not agree to such a condition, and he also knows that the Master just wants to know the secrets of Qin Feng’s body, just put these words on the table, where can he put his face? How to face them in the future?

“Sorry, Feihu City Lord. I said that I have a Master. If you can beat him, I can consider it.” Qin Feng spread his hands. Except for the fact that both of them are not at all, it’s okay. Deal with it well.

Huang Zhi grinned at the corner of his mouth after hearing aid, the Master behind him? Then when will the great character be defeated by himself?

But even if he is very jealous of this, he can’t hide his interest in Qin Feng.

After this matter, he must specifically find time to study this talent.

“That’s the case. Today, none of you can run away, everyone do it!” After Huang Zhizhu finished speaking, all the powerhouses he brought with him were all shot. In an instant, he formed an anti-encirclement of the starry sky Plunderer. The trend.

Even though their Technique of Assassination is very powerful, this is a frontal attack, and I am afraid that they can’t exert much strength.

Yang Tianmu instantly stopped in front of Qin Feng and the others, and formed a confrontation with Huang Zhizhu.

In any case, there must be no slack in this kind of thing. Huang Zhizhu is a veteran powerhouse after all. He has not seen him play several times in many years. The strength is conceivable and has reached deep. and unmeasurable realm.

Yang Tianmu is very self-aware. He knew that just relying on the imperial Ruler Realm world that just broke through, it couldn’t pose any threat to Huang Zhizhu.

However, Qin Feng said that there is a countermeasure, and he must fully believe in this. Maybe you can choose a glimmer of survival.

This is Four-sided City’s last chance. If he fails this time, he will die, and Four-sided City will be transposed. If successful, the Flying Fox City Lord is transposed.

Qin Feng not at all paid attention, but looked at each other with Chang Meixian, and saw the meaning from the other’s eyes.

Huang Zhizhu began to gather momentum, even if this venue is destroyed today, Yang Tianmu will be left here completely.

At this time, Yang Tianmu frowned. The Flying Fox City Lord hadn’t made a move for many years. Now that he has made a move, he naturally needs the powerful means of Thunderbolt to restore the dignity that belongs to the Flying Fox City Lord.

The two figures rushed up quickly, but even if they were both Emperor Ruler Realm, Yang Tianmu was still under the wind after this blow. After dozens of steps back, he still didn’t stop. On the other hand, Huang Zhisuke is still There is no movement in place.

The strength of the two is determined by this move. Yang Tianmu lost!

This situation really made Qin Feng really embarrassed here. I thought I could survive a few tricks with the strength of the Emperor Ruler Realm, but I didn’t think about it. I lost it!

“It seems that your strength is still so weak, it is simply unbearable to my eyes.” Huang Zhizhu said proudly.

“Your strength, should you be able to break through to a higher level?” Qin Feng frowns, thinking quickly in his mind, where is the main flying fox now?

If he doesn’t come out yet. I’m afraid these people have to stay today.

Huang Zhi was stunned after hearing his help. His current strength is indeed the same as Qin Feng said, but he didn’t expect trifling to be able to see his depth? It really surprised him.

“I am becoming more and more curious now. What is your background? Don’t worry. After I solve them, I will come to discuss with you.” He sneered when he thought of this. Qin Feng wants to be so anxious to expose some of his abilities. Wouldn’t it be a pity if he didn’t learn about it?

“City Lord, be careful!”

At this moment, a secret guard yelled out loudly not far from the side. Huang Zhizhu felt the danger in an instant, and dodged to the side, only then barely stopped his figure.

When looking towards the original place, a silhouette suddenly disappeared, and the original location of Long Meixian was long gone, and even here, he couldn’t feel the breath from Long Meixian.

Huang Zhisuke’s face changed drastically. Is this the strength of the leader of Starry Sky Plunderer? This is clearly a threat of death to him, which means that Long Meixian is already an Assassin of the Emperor Ruler Realm!

If it hadn’t been for my subordinates to remind myself just now, I am afraid I would have been recruited!

It is difficult to stand here now. At this moment, the long eyebrow fairy appeared next to Qin Feng. He instantly understood that the collusion between these people was to deal with Feihu City!

Could it be that this is their constraint? Two Emperor Ruler Realm?

“I haven’t seen you for many years, you still like to do this imitate the dog and steal chicken activity!”

Huang Zhisuke is taunted. In these years, even City Lord Mansion arrogant and despotic, he has never used these insidious tricks. He has always been just and honorable to oppress others. He feels extremely disgusted with such people as Longbrow Fairy. !

There were some contradictions between them many years ago. I thought that people could forget about it, but never thought, fly into a rage out of humiliation?

And his other subordinates in this brief moment are also people who can’t help each other. The two sides are caught in a melee. Huang Zhisuke knows that if a fight is really done in this small auction, the loss may even be his own. Can’t accept it either!

There is also a guardian Elder of the Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion sitting next to him. If this person intervenes, he will be passive!

It is not too difficult to deal with these two people with your own strength!

If he goes to the Star Sea outside the city to fight to the death, he has the absolute confidence to keep the two of them, and then he said: “This Elder of the Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion, I am so disturbed today. The specific Dark Stone will be delivered in person, and Elder will also calculate it for me then!”