Divine Soul Venerable Chapter 1171


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Elder, the protector of the Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion, has been keeping his eyes closed, but Young Master Zhao personally told him that the position of the City Lord Mansion is extremely important. Even if he saw the auction field playing so dilapidated, he didn’t say anything to stop him. .

Currently, the Flying Fox City Lord actively proposed to transfer the battlefield, and promised something will be given, which makes him feel a lot more comfortable.

“Flying Fox City Lord is polite, Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion fully supports this matter, don’t worry!” Since Flying Fox City Lord has spoken, he can’t don’t give face either.

After this level is over, Huang Zhizhu said to Yang Tianmu and Changmeixian: “Dare to go to the Outer Star Sea to fight to the death?”

Yang Tianmu and Chang Meixian looked at each other, and said in unison: “hahaha! Why not dare?”

“Stop! From now on. Feihu City is under martial law. People who are not allowed to enter or leave at will, and those who violate the order are cut off! You can wait in the city!” Huang Zhizhu left most of the elite and only took away Several very powerful cronies and Long Aohai went directly outside the city!

Since these people are determined to oppose him. This should be a good sign for them.

And these City Lord Mansion’s secret guards did not at all start their hands. They still looked on guard, and the fairy with long eyebrows stopped, and everyone in the starry sky Plunderer was also hidden.

“What should we do now?” Yang Tianmu frowns said.

He really didn’t expect that Huang Zhisuke’s strength is so terrifying today. When he reaches the Star Sea outside of the city, he is doing everything he can. In that state of full release, even if he and the long eyebrow fairy join forces, a Frontal attack. A side sneak attack, Huang Zhisuke, who is afraid of nothing but fear, but both of them have to be seriously injured!

This situation is not what they want to see. The two looked at Qin Feng, hoping that he could give some advice.

At this time, Qin Feng is very curious, why hasn’t the Lord Flying Fox come?

This incident really surprised him. Could it be that there was some setback in it! Haunted by who?

He suddenly remembered that it has been so long, the second Emperor Ruler Realm in Flying Fox City doesn’t seem to have come out yet? And that person happened to be the old Feihu old man in Feihu City, and I don’t know if he and Feihu Master had met.

If this is the case, it looks like they have to find some way out!

“You go first! I need to confirm some things before I can go to Star Sea, please!” Thinking of this, Qin Feng slowly said.

There are some doubts in the eyes of the two, what exactly does Qin Feng need to deal with?

But they don’t think that Qin Feng will escape, maybe they are thinking of other ways.

Immediately, Yang Tianmu said: “That’s OK, let’s go to the Star Sea outside the city!”

Soon there are only Qin Feng and the guardian Elder of the Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion in this auction. At this moment, guardian Elder looks at the youngster in front of him with some doubts. Everyone is gone. What is he doing here?


Qin Feng cup one fist in the other hand said hello, if they can win over the ruler Realm powerhouse of Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion, maybe they will be much more confident!

The current situation is that Yang Tianmu and Changmeixian are not Huang Zhizhu’s opponents when they join forces. If the Flying Fox Lord does not come out, they will almost fail!

The protector Elder lightly clicked nodded. I don’t know what the youngster is in front of me?

Immediately he said slowly: “I won’t get involved in this matter. You still have to die!”

As the guardian Elder sent from the headquarters of Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion, he must not interfere with the affairs of other forces where he is located, otherwise he will be severely punished by the headquarters!

He can always remember this kind of warning and will never get involved easily!

The guardian Elder seemed to see through his heart, Qin Feng smiled bitterly.

But it’s okay. Then he took out the Paragon gold card that Lin Yuejiao and Liu Yuan had given him. The guardian Elder had some doubts in his eyes. When he took it in his hand and looked at it carefully, he was a little surprised.

Who is this youngster in front of me? Are Liu Family and Lin Family not hostile? Why are there two Paragon gold cards given to him?

is it possible that these two fights for so many years are superficial?

He is the guardian of the headquarters, Elder, and maintains a neutral attitude towards the four families until now.

And when I really see this kind of illusionary thing, I can’t help but have some thoughts in my heart.

“What’s your name?” He wanted to see what Qin Feng wanted to say?

Qin Feng slowly said: “Under Qin Feng. There is indeed something to discuss. I hope this Elder can give this opportunity.”

After hearing this, Elder raised his brows, and now it seems that he really needs to do it himself. Does he think he can do it with the Paragon gold card presented by Liu Family and Lin Family? If the rules of the Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion were not strict, he would have been cleared of the Elder regiment long ago.

However, he is willing to give Qin Feng a chance to see if he can impress himself.

Then protect the law Elder slowly said: “What’s the matter?”

“I want to make a deal. Senior should already be an intermediate powerhouse of Ruler Realm, right? Do you want to go further?”

“What did you say?” Law protector Elder thought he had misheard. Does Qin Feng have this way to make his strength even better?

He has been trapped in the middle level of the Imperial Ruler Realm for thousands of years. He originally thought that he was going to die in the Elder regiment in the future, but he didn’t expect Qin Feng to be able to see through his realm. How to let him continue the breakthrough?

“Qin Feng, this is no small matter. If you dare to swindle me, do you know what kind of predicament you will face?” Law protector Elder stared at the youngster in front of him, but did not see any panic from the other party .

Qin Feng slowly said with a smile: “This is natural. If there is no ability, how can the two of them give me the Paragon Gold Card? As for the conditions of equal exchange, it is simple, presumably Elder I should know.”

The protector Elder began to ponder, if what Qin Feng said was true. Breakthrough on one’s own realm is undoubtedly the most important, and it can also bring more benefits to Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion.

Maybe this is an extremely cost-effective condition, but does the opponent really have this strength?

I saw Qin Feng take out a bottle of medicine pill from his arms, and both uncorked the bottle. A medicine pill scent spilled out of it. The protector Elder smelled it carefully, and his face was shocked!

This Medicine Pill is indeed used for breakthrough, and it is of higher quality than what he has seen in the Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion before!

Finally, the guardian Elder said: “If the little friend doesn’t dislike it, just call me Old Li, let’s go now!”

Old Li was determined in an instant, so it’s better to fight for it. Perhaps there will be unexpected gains.

Qin Feng clicked nodded with satisfaction, and then the two moved towards the starry sky outside the city.

At this moment, in a corner of Flying Fox City, this place has been isolated by a powerful array, and there are two Elderly facing each other.

“Flying Fox Lord. Long time no see!” The old man flying Fox laughed with his hands behind his back.

The reason why he didn’t show up in time was because he felt a powerful strength and turned out to be the master of this flying fox Secret Realm.

At this moment, the flying fox master frowned. Originally, he was going to deal with Huang Zhizhu at a critical moment, but he never thought of encountering the old man Feihu, who was a roadblock, which caused him to delay a lot of time here.

This person is not afraid of his life at all.

If it is self-destruct, even oneself cannot withstand the huge formidable power.

The Flying Fox Lord said: “Why do you need this? You should enjoy life at this moment!”

“haha! If the Flying Fox City changes ownership after I die, what use is it for me to enjoy the last moments of my life? You’d better stay here today!” The old man Flying Fox laughed, already disregarding life and death.

If Lord Flying Fox insists on going, he can’t say that he will be injured.

“You should know that my strength is far stronger than yours. Don’t do unnecessary blocking, otherwise the Flying Fox City will definitely regret it.” The Flying Fox Master frowned, and there is his Fox Fox nearby. Sun, they are all elites of the flying fox clan, and he can retreat all over his body. If he takes the foxes and grandsons, the loss will be great.

“My City Lord Mansion is passed down in one vein. As the previous Flying Fox City Lord, I definitely won’t sit back and watch such things happen. Even if my strength is not as good as you, what about it?” The old man of Flying Fox didn’t care. The attitude of the flying fox made the master of flying fox very angry.

If he is dragged down right now, I’m afraid Huang Zhizhu will win a big victory, which is not good news for them.

I was hiding here very well, but the old man flying fox was able to discover his own trail. The tracking method of Flying Fox City is really name is not in vain!

Even if I stay here obediently, nothing else will happen, but for the Young Master, the last hope of the Golden Scale Heavens Devouring Mouse family rests on him.

Do you really want to abandon these foxes and grandchildren today? If you want to grow and develop, you don’t know how many years it will take.

The remaining flying foxes in Secret Realm are mostly old, weak, sick and disabled. Even if they still have the ability to reproduce, it takes a lot of effort to give birth to a strong younger generation.

The old man Feihu just thought he was in possession of the winning ticket, and he stood here laughing.

However, he underestimated the other party’s determination, and only heard the flying fox master say: “Today’s hatred, I have written down the flying fox clan, and will be irreconcilable with the flying fox city in the future! My fox grandchildren are this Old Ancestor, right? Live you!”

After finishing speaking, he broke Formation with great strength, and directly killed his foxes and grandchildren quietly, while a drop of tears shed from the corner of his eyes, his eyes were cold looking at the old man flying fox on the opposite side, and he went straight to the city Outer Star Sea away.

The old man flying fox stood quietly, but his face turned into a pig liver color. Didn’t expect that the flying fox master is so ruthless, how much faith is needed to achieve this step? However, there is no chance to think too much now. In that case, let’s fight!