Divine Soul Venerable Chapter 1172


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Flying Fox City Outer Star Sea, all kinds of gorgeous stars form a wonderful painting, but the Star Sea at this moment is not so peaceful. The high-end battle strength of Flying Fox City and Four-sided City must fight to the death here today. !

At this time, Huang Zhizhu has already waited for Yang Tianmu and the others to come here. The two emperor Ruler Realm primary powerhouses. Such battle strength in Flying Fox City is also a character who wants him to treat him well, but at this moment Just want to completely obliterate the other party to avoid future troubles.

Huang Zhisuke’s fleshy body is extremely powerful, and he has trained Motionless As Mountains, which is deeper and unmeasurable.

Even if Yang Tianmu and Changmeixian work together, they may not be able to cause harm to them.

At this moment, the two looked at each other. This battle may be both sides suffer, but they are already prepared, even if they are dead today. It won’t make Flying Fox City Lord easier.

At this time, Yang Tianmu slowly said: “Since we have come to the Outer Star Sea, we can safely fight a bold battle! Huang Zhizhu, today is your death date in the coming year. You can do this well. Ready?”

“hahaha! A joke!” Huang Zhisuke tone barely fell, the whole person has long disappeared. He came to Yang Tianmu’s side with a very delicate movement speed and patted it directly with a palm.

This made Yang Tianmu’s complexion greatly changed, and didn’t expect the other party’s strength to be so strong.

He didn’t dare to take any carelessness, and directly urged the defense of his whole body. A thick armor of earthen wall surfaced directly around his body, and forcibly took the palm.

It’s just that Yang Tianmu obviously underestimated the strength of the opponent’s palm, and he took a few dozen steps back, his face full of iron.

Long Meixian used his own double blades, continuously harassing Huang Zhizhu with a very strange body technique, but then he felt something wrong. Because no matter how you use your own Technique of Assassination, it feels like hitting cotton.

Every time I was about to succeed, it felt like I was trapped in an illusion, making me unable to extricate myself.

Even if they join forces, there is still a big gap with Huang Zhisuke.

“It seems that the two of you are only this together, and in front of me are ants!” Huang Zhisuke is coldly snorted. In this Star Sea, you can rest assured and boldly fight these two people to the death.

At this moment, Qin Feng, Xiaojin and Old Li appeared nearby. Seeing this battle, I couldn’t help but frowned. Is Huang Zhisuke too powerful?

“Big brother, I seem to feel something wrong. This flying fox City Lord’s body style seems very mysterious.” Xiaojin muttered, feeling very familiar with this.

Qin Feng hearing this, carefully looking at Huang Zhizhu not far away, isn’t this the Charming Technique belonging to the flying fox clan? The fact that he could be applied to the body technique really surprised him.

Just now, he happened to see Chang Meixian using Technique of Assassination, and when he was about to succeed, he unexpectedly accepted the failure.

“It seems that Flying Fox City has taken a lot of money over the years, and arrogant and despotic are not without reason, but they have become a major problem now. I wonder why he hasn’t come yet?” Qin Feng slowly said, The second ruler Realm powerhouse in Flying Fox City has not yet arrived, let alone the master of Flying Fox Secret Realm.

“Qin Feng, you are really going to die. The strength of the Flying Fox City Lord is clearly approaching high-level strength. You have all underestimated his strength. I think even the arrival of the Flying Fox Lord will not solve anything. It’s better to be prepared to wait for death, but can you let me out before then?” After seeing this kind of battle, the ant king couldn’t stand it instantly. He is the last sapling of the ant family and must not die here. !

“Don’t worry, I will not die if you die. I still think of a way to deal with Huang Zhisuke.”

He can use the spirit of darkness, but it would be too risky to do so, and it is not a good thing for him.

At this moment, the three of them have already started fighting again. This time, Yang Tianmu took the initiative to attack, turning passive into active, while Chang Meixian took the opportunity to harass, causing Huang Zhizhu a lot of trouble for a while.

Old Li shook the head: “The offensives of the two of them are not strong. I think it will be defeated soon. The strength of the Flying Fox City Lord is indeed not in vain, at least in this Flying Fox Star. Domain is the absolute overlord.”

Looking at the battle between the three, Yang Tianmu was actually beaten back gradually by Huang Zhizhu. The effect of Motionless As Mountains was indeed good, and it simply caused no trouble.

Under this situation, if you can’t use it, you will be defeated by this person. The situation is very unoptimistic.

Qin Feng quickly said: “Old Li, sorry to trouble you!”

At this moment, Yang Tianmu and Chang Meixian are being beaten back and forth. Huang Zhizhu uses every move and every move is a killer move. Moved towards the gate of the two people, I am afraid I need this Old Li of the Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion Just shoot.

“Don’t worry, since I have promised, I won’t stand by.” Old Li stepped out after speaking, and a teleport came directly in front of Huang Zhisuke.

This also made Huang Zhizhu’s next palm that was about to be sent to an instant stop, and he looked at the guardian Elder of the Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion with some doubts.

“This Elder, I have already said that I’m going to do this. I will give all the middle grade dark stones to the Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion as much as possible. It doesn’t need to be so fast, right?” Huang Zhizhu thought the other party was here to collect Yes, his face is a little unhappy.

Old Li stroked his beard, laughed and said: “In fact, the City Lord has gained the upper hand steadily, why must kill to the last one? It is better to let my Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion be the host, and both parties sit down and calm down. After a chat, this matter also passed, how?”

Old Li is a savvy figure, even Elder, the protector, still knows the truth about not losing.

Qin Feng just asked himself to help him. But it didn’t say that must was against the Flying Fox City Lord.

Huang Zhisuke frowned, and then said: “Elder knows something. The hatred between me and them is like water and fire. It has reached the point of irreconcilable. There is basically no such probability agreement. Elder still asks So as not to cause any impact.”

He had some bad premonitions in his heart. The guardian Elder stayed well in the auction field of Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion. Why did he come here suddenly?

I looked at Qin Feng not far away, and I understood something in my mind.

It’s just that he thought that if someone with Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion came forward, he would easily give up? Wouldn’t it be too small to underestimate yourself?

Old Li said: “Please don’t think about it, the City Lord. If the City Lord can sell me a favor, the Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion will owe you a favor, and these two people are either Emperor Ruler Realm powerhouse. It will have great benefits for the future development of Flying Fox Star Domain. I think City Lord should be able to see the pros and cons clearly?”

“Although the two of them are Emperor Ruler Realm powerhouses, they are not on the same road as mine. I don’t need such a person in Flying Fox City. Is it because your Excellency is determined to intervene today?” Huang Zhisuke’s The tone was already a little impatient.

didn’t expect at this critical moment. The Elder Group, the guardian of the Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion, crossed the bar.

If it weren’t for his background, I would have been impatient.

“I don’t dare, I just encountered something that suits my mind.” Old Li slowly said, already ready to take action.

“Even if you encounter something that suits your wishes, but the Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion’s house rules? This is not good for your position in the Elder group.” Huang Zhisuke also knows some things about the Elder group. At this time, the law protector Elder might have violated some rules by doing so?

See the movement of this protector Elder. Huang Zhisuke naturally wouldn’t look at it, his palms appeared instantly, as long as he didn’t agree with him, he wouldn’t have any hands left.

It’s a pity that he still underestimated the temptation of the strength breakthrough for Old Li: “I heard that the Flying Fox City Lord is extremely capable, but the old man would like to ask one or two.

The arrow was on the string, and I had to send it. In order to be able to break through to the high level of Ruler Realm, Old Li decided to give it up.

He is the guardian Elder sent by the Dark Star Domain headquarters. The cultivation technique he learned is naturally not comparable to Level 2 Star Domain. He took out his Tamron walking stick in an instant. The faucet is like wyvern playing in the water, imposing. The manner burst out from Tamron’s walking stick in an instant.

Seeing this scene, Yang Tianmu and Chang Meixian obediently stepped aside to recuperate, and Qin Feng and Xiao Jin watched quietly at this moment.

“If this is the case, let me also ask how powerful the guardian Elder from the dark Star Domain Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion Elder group is.” Huang Zhizhu finished speaking with a palm, possessing the power of devouring heaven and earth. imposing manner.

Old Li didn’t panic, put the Tamron crutch in front of him, a defensive shield instantly emerged from the head of the crutch, and even took advantage of Tamron’s crutch to block the palm, but the defensive shield immediately burst.

“It won’t be someone from the Dark Star Domain. The cultivation technique cheats are different.” Huang Zhizhu exclaimed. But this is just an appetizer.

Since the opponent has a Tamron crutches, let’s fight melee!

His Motionless As Mountains has gained some insights after this period of cultivation.

tone barely fell, Huang Zhisuke arrived at Old Li’s side in an instant, but Old Li’s silhouette also retreated suddenly, and did not want to meet Huang Zhisuke with force.

“This move is named Tenglong going out to sea, City Lord, be careful!” After reaching a safe distance, Old Li pinched with both hands, Tenglong’s crutch turned into a full-body scarlet, and a sound of dragon’s roar was vaguely heard. Immediately the dragon head came out of touch, and turned into a giant dragon phantom, dragon tail moved towards Huang Zhizhu.

The Flying Fox City Lord didn’t dare to take any cares. This was not a close fight. He directly resisted with his palms, but after touching the dragon tail, he was completely empty!

Huang Zhisuke was hit directly by the dragon tail and flew backwards. When he was standing, he browsed tightly knit. These cultivation techniques are too mysterious, right?

“As expected of Elder, the protector of Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion, this strength is different, but you really have determined that you will go against me?” Huang Zhizhu resumed his exercises and can no longer hide himself. Since this protector Elder So impossible to tell good from bad, then let yourself teach him well!

“Sorry, the old man has said that unless the City Lord can agree to sit down and have a good talk, the old man will never stop.” Old Li knew that this Huang Zhizhu was going to be real, no Dare to have any slack, the situation becomes more tense.