Divine Soul Venerable Chapter 1273


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Qin Feng opened his eyes suddenly. At this time, he looked a bit high-spirited and vigorous. He only sniffed his nose, but he smelled a foul smell on his body. It seemed that this was a shock to Divine. Caused by impurities discharged from Soul.

The hands shook lightly, feeling the power that I possessed at this moment. After impacting Divine Soul, not only did I break through to the Imperial Intermediate Peak, but also the points of the Eight Extraordinary Meridians had been completely opened up, which means In the future, there is no need to have any troubles because of these things, which is of course a good thing for him.

“Didn’t expect, you actually did this step. I admire you very much.” In the dantian Divine Sea, the king of ants felt like he was a little furious now. How can he endure such a situation? Every time I can break through to the extreme, and every time I have such good luck, this is not to treat him as a person at all! Even if he is really just an ant that’s all.

I think he had been in Dark World for a while, even if it was only a small area. But it is true that I have never seen a youngster so perverted by Xiang Qin Feng. This is no longer enough to describe it as perversion, it looks very scary.

Qin Feng relieved, he has just felt his own strength, and in his current state, he can almost match the Emperor Peak. After all, who can have the strength of such a higher rank challenge?

If you change to someone else, I’m afraid you will shrink back in an instant, right? Even though Qin Feng possessed the existence of the dark spirit and the eternal divine fire, it did not mean that his cultivation path would go on smoothly, but he did not expect that he could actually hit Divine Soul to succeed. Moreover, it was a big deal in just one day. It is not necessarily that he has such courage to change to another person. This is why he has always been favored. The current Ant King cannot help but admire him more and more. The breakthrough is also of great benefit to me. Because of the denser dantian Divine Sea, my soul state is more moisturized.

“It’s just luck that’s all. I didn’t expect it took only one day. It seems that the effect is pretty good.” Qin Feng said with a sigh.

It was originally not intended to use this extreme method for breakthrough, but I found that where water flows, a canal is formed more and more at the end.

Such a breakthrough is also handy, and it is naturally suitable for him.

“If you look at it this way, you should definitely be in the top ten, and even this time when dealing with Li Zijie, you won’t have too much difficulty.” Ant King said slowly.

If Li Zijie is really a demon, the spirit of darkness still has a certain sanction on him before he grows up, but Qin Feng cannot use darkness without knowing whether he is supported by supreme powerhouse. The spirit of the spirit will deal with him, otherwise, once discovered by the supreme powerhouse behind him, it is inevitable that the other party will not do anything out of the ordinary. At that time, it is a question of whether the life can be saved.

Qin Feng immediately said: “I know what you mean, but this matter does not require too much scruples. Even if I only rely on the eternal fire, I can have a certain certainty that I will be invincible under his hands. In this place, there is even a chance to defeat him.”

It’s completely different when your realm comes to the Intermediate Imperial Level. The benefits brought by this realm are all due to the impact of Divine Soul. If it is not for the lack of time, he would even have to impact the high-ranking emperor.

With a squeak, Qin Feng slowly opened the door, and a stench from his body spread out, and he saw Mu Yunfei with everyone waiting outside the door.

At a critical breakthrough moment, they won’t let people disturb Qin Feng’s breakthrough, otherwise wouldn’t it be too immoral?

But didn’t expect Qin Feng to come out after only one day, and smelling the smell on his body, it was obviously a breakthrough.

“Success?” Mu Yunfei asked tentatively.

The others couldn’t help but squeeze a cold sweat, Qin Feng nodded with a smile. Then he said: “Luck is pretty good.”

This caused everyone’s speechlessness. It was even more difficult for people like them to achieve a breakthrough, but they didn’t expect it to be like drinking water to Qin Feng. How can they be able to endure it? ?

And such a realm breakthrough means that in the final ranking battle one day later, it will also be ranked at least in the top ten.

“I really don’t know what to say about your speed, but it’s okay. The executives of this time giant sword lineage will be very happy. Your breakthrough can be said to reverse the status of the Daoist Eight Meridians in the future. Ranked.” Mu Yunfei gave a thumbs up, this is from his heartfelt admiration.

After all, situations like this are rare. Anyone can do such a breakthrough?

The senior level of giant sword lineage was originally very strong in battle strength, but because the younger generation was broken, they disdain to intervene in the battle between the eight veins over the years. Now that there is such a fierce character as Qin Feng, the senior leaders of giant sword lineage will not easily let go of such a good opportunity. Then their overall status of the four veins will be as the tide rises, the boat floats, or even The lineage of Tianshu will decline due to this, and the benefits of this are self-evident.

Qin Feng is nodded who is looking thoughtful. If this is the case, then there is no need to explain too much. As long as he has such strength, he can still fight Li Zijie.

After hearing his confident tone, Mu Yunfei couldn’t help but curiously looked at Qin Feng next to him, and found that his face was filled with a smile, which made people look like a spring breeze, is it possible that he is so confident in his strength ?

Although Xiaojin seems to have a background is quite extraordinary, now that he has been suppressed by the Mirror of Extreme Ruins, does he have a chance to turn defeat into victory?

Mu Yunfei couldn’t believe this. He could only quietly watch the situation on the battle stage change, and then his pupils shrank suddenly, as if he noticed something strange…