Divine Soul Venerable Chapter 1274


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Mu Yunfei was very surprised that the original Xiaojin had been imprisoned by the Mirror of Extreme Ruins, but he didn’t expect that he could easily move around abruptly, and exploded at an extremely fast speed. The imprisoning power on the side suddenly disintegrated after Xiaojin burst out a golden rays of light.

The sorrowful dísciple’s pupils shrank suddenly, how powerful the formidable power of the Mirror of Extreme Ruins was, his heart was clear, but he did not expect to be disintegrated by the unknown person in front of him.

In any case, this kind of thing is enough to make him doubt life!

This is Master’s most noble Life-Source Weapon! If it were replaced by the heavy lineage of Daoist, it might be able to ease it slightly.

But he couldn’t see anything about Xiaojin. The only thing he can be sure of is that this person is not a member of the Daoist heavy gold lineage, which means that there are other probabilities.

Think of it here. The mournful dísciple slowly said: “Didn’t expect, you can still have this ability, Xiaojin? Just like the word, it looks like you will be an extremely powerful opponent.”

This matter made his heart very solemn. If there is no breakthrough next, I am afraid it will lose any effect.

This is not the situation he is willing to see at this moment, he must defeat the opponent in the shortest time, otherwise he will fall into a disadvantage.

At that time, I will become the fish on the knife board and be slaughtered.

“Everyone is with each other, and your weapon is also very powerful, but it’s time for me to do it next!” until now Xiaojin just silently followed behind Qin Feng and came to the Dark Universe World. He did not explode his powerful combat capability, which also caused an illusion to everyone that his strength is not very strong, but this is a very serious and wrong perception, as the Golden Scale Heavens Devouring Mouse Lineage’s last bloodline, how can his strength be inferred by common sense?

Even Qin Feng has never seen all of Xiao Jin’s methods, only knows that the inherited memories Xiao Jin accepts are very huge.

That is the accumulation of the Golden Scale Heavens Devouring Mouse family for countless years. How could it be that simple?

Although Moshou is a veteran Return to Origin powerhouse, in the era when the Golden Scale Heavens Devouring Mouse clan crossed the Dark World, he was nothing.

At this moment, after Xiaojin finished speaking, he faintly manipulated his own Power of Heaven and Earth to adjust to his own use. His body is like a furnace cauldron. These Power of Heaven and Earth have a very strong affinity for him.

The imposing manner around it gradually condenses, even this small piece of Heaven and Earth can’t help but change color.

“It seems that Little Friend Qin Feng’s eyesight is better than mine. Why didn’t I recognize Xiao Jin’s power?” Mu Yunfei said with a bitter smile at this moment.

In the final analysis, he was wrong, but he was also happy for Xiaojin from the bottom of my heart.

According to the situation of this battle, even if the sad dísciple possesses a top weapon like the Mirror of the Extreme Ruins, once the opponent bursts out his own powerful tricks, in the face of absolute power, such a cultivation base depends on Powerful weapons will undoubtedly not be able to exert too much strength, I am afraid they will only lose all the way.

Qin Feng shook the head with a wry smile. In fact, even now, he still hasn’t seen how huge the memory inheritance Xiaojin has accepted.

If such a situation is placed in a small world, he will not be surprised, but here is a dark world, even in such a world, Xiao Jin can bloom his own glory.

The sorrowful dísciple was so scared that he was so scared by Xiao Jin’s imposing manner that he did not dare to move. I almost forgot to manipulate the Mirror of Extreme Ruins in my hand.

“The way of floating light? Didn’t expect this is the way of floating light.” At this time, the Lord of the Foreign Domain, who was sitting on the high platform, saw Xiaojin’s tricks, and said in awe. I haven’t seen such a rare avenue for many years, but he has run into it today, which is indeed quite extraordinary.

“My lord’s statement is really good. This may be the first such rare avenue encountered by the veteran in this dark Genius List battle. I originally thought that the way of floating light had disappeared, but I didn’t expect to see it today. “The black liquid mother-in-law next to her agrees very much. This is not an exaggeration.

The way of floating light is originally rare in the world, and ordinary people have never seen it.

In her impression, there are very few people who have been cultivating the way of floating light in the current world. It may be those powerful races or formidable sects that have disappeared, but it’s just that’s all that appears in each era.

“If this is the case, the sorrowful dísciple may face failure.” The Lord of Outland said with a smile.

There are so many surprises this time! He wanted to see who else would surprise him next.

At this time, dísciple’s face was extremely solemn, facing such a situation, I am afraid it was at a loss for a while. After calming his mind, he began to control the mirror of the extreme ruins again.

Such measures are only compelled by circumstances that’s all. As for the higher requirements, his current ability is far from reaching that point.

Immediately, Xiaojin’s silhouette turned into a stream of light and rushed towards the other party. Everywhere he passed, he carried a little bit of rays of light, just like that.

The sorrowful dísciple felt a powerful force and hurriedly manipulated the mirror of the ruins to resist.

It’s a pity that Xiaojin, who inspired the way of floating light, has an extremely powerful attack at this moment. The opponent was already gritted his teeth and insisted, but he was still not his one-to-one enemy, and was directly knocked off the third battle platform, causing an uproar among the crowd.

“didn’t expect this person’s tricks are so transparent, without any bells and whistles.”

“It seems that after the continuous development of Dark World over the years, more and more talents have been born, and it seems that this time is not just a situation of monopolizing the world, almost a situation where a hundred flowers bloom. Dark World is so huge. , It’s not excluded that some hidden geniuses don’t want to participate in such a ranking. All geniuses in the bright place can have such combat effectiveness, let alone those who secretly cultivation.”

“Yeah! Didn’t expect to be so powerful. Back then, I didn’t have such a strong explosive and combat power in this realm. If I were on the stage, I might have been defeated long ago, this young man. The future achievements are at least in the Return to Origin realm, or even higher!”

Many people are quite optimistic about Xiao Jin, even if the final ranking this time cannot enter the top ten list, it is enough.

At this moment, dísciple’s face is very ugly, and he didn’t expect to be defeated so quickly, only to leave with regret.

When Xiao Jin stepped down. Qin Feng and the others cast affirmative eyes.

In any case, his fighting power will only get stronger in the future. This makes Qin Feng very pleased. The weak are prey to strong originally needs to be constantly becoming stronger. As for other things, there is nothing. It’s easy to say.

And Mu Qingxuan’s battle ended very quickly. As one of the younger generations of spokespersons who died of Daoist Konoha lineage, his innate talent is definitely the best choice. The hidden killing technique is very powerful, even such a frontal battle can forcefully defeat the opponent.

Time is passing by. It didn’t take long before it was Huo Mingyu’s turn to play. His opponent seemed to be a teenager with the same performance as him, who always seemed so unsmiling.

“We didn’t expect Level 4 Star Domain to have someone like you. This is a bit beyond my expectation.”

“I don’t know how you call your Excellency? My subordinates never fight an unnamed defeated general.” Since he released a ruthless word, Huo Mingyu said directly provocatively.

The boy’s eyes were sharp, especially after hearing Huo Mingyu’s provocation, the whole person was instantly happy. He laughed and said: “In the next ten thousand ways, Lu Ya, son of the Master of Qianya Cave in Tianmen Mountain, please Enlightenment!”

After Lu Ya finished speaking, he directly drew out his knife and slashed it along the lines just now, and the two of them quickly fought together.

“Is this Qianyadong very difficult to deal with?” Tian Elder Huo frowns said.

He doesn’t know much about the power distribution of Fifth Level Star Domain. After all, this is the seed of the Huo family. After countless years of cultivation by their Huo family, such a genius appeared. Now such a ranking battle is naturally Need to know how powerful the opponent is. It’s just so that Tian Elder Huo’s heart can rest assured.

Mu Yunfei was silent for a moment after hearing this, and then said: “It used to be very powerful, but everything has its rise and fall. Although the strength of Qianyadong Cave Lord is high in the Return to Origin realm, Qianya The cave as a whole can only barely reach the point of first rate influence, but the person of Qianya Dongzhu likes to make friends from various parties, and he is also a Return to Origin powerhouse, and the interpersonal relationship is still handled well.”

As the son of the Lord of Qianyadong. I must be wearing Absolute Art, Elder Huo frowns, he is more willing to believe that Huo Mingyu will win.

The actual situation is indeed exactly as he thought. After all, Huo Mingyu has been consolidated for many years at the first stage of the emperor class, and his foundation has long been firm, even more how he has a lot of insights, after putting down Heart Demon The strength does not retreat but advances, bring it up a level, after reaching the middle-ranked emperor level, the combat effectiveness may have to rise a few more levels.

Under Huo Mingyu’s fire control technique, Lu Ya was almost unable to approach the opponent.

Under constant consumption, Lu Ya gradually showed a trend of decadence, and in the end he gave in.

Watching the opposite Huo Mingyu remove the fire control operation, he was relieved, and then cup one fist in the other hand said: “many thanks show mercy!”

He knows very well that the opponent’s fire control technique is full of weirdness, and it is definitely not something ordinary people can achieve. He also needs to constantly avoid the threats brought by the flames while approaching the opponent. The second use was enough to cause his failure.

Huo Mingyu nodded, even after leaving the third battle platform, the next step is to compete with each other among the geniuses belonging to the ranks of Qin Feng. As for the final situation, it is not the current situation. They were able to anticipate in advance.

I saw Elder Wang walked to the battle stage, looked at the silent people below, and said with a deep voice: “Everyone performed very well today, and the next one is the genius of the first flight of steps. It’s a competition between.”

Wang Lao’s tone barely fell, and many people below are ignited with fighting spirit. This is a ladder they yearn for, and one day they will reach that point!