Divine Soul Venerable Chapter 1275


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It didn’t take long before someone stepped onto the battle platform, and Qin Feng was very familiar with it. One of them was Shangguan Wumei, a high-ranking emperor.

And his opponent is also an emperor-level high-level existence, and as soon as the two played, it caused an uproar.

The opponent of Shangguan Wumei is also the branch sect of the Black Dragon Qijiazong Sect Master final disciple. As the two geniuses of the Black Dragon Qijiazong, the battle in the normal is naturally indispensable.

At this moment, Mu Yunfei said in surprise: “If these two people fight, then there will be some watching.”

As the powerhouse of the Daoist Konoha lineage, he naturally knew a lot about the Black Dragon Chijiazong.

Shangguan Wuwo and Feng Xiao are known as the Heaven and Earth twins of the Black Dragon Qijiazong. More importantly, Feng Xiao’s innate talent is even better than Shangguan Wuwo. In the last ranking battle of the Dark Genius List, he entered the top 100, and this time seems to be moved towards the top ten, which is indeed quite extraordinary.

In the past few years, Shangguan Wumei has been desperately chasing after him, and only then has he gained the strength he is now.

At the same time, it can also be among the ranks of the Heaven and Earth twins. Feng Xiao is even more sophisticated than Shangguan Wuyou in some aspects, and the innate talent is also better. It is just that Tianjiazong consumes a lot of Heaven and Earth resources and the cultivation Secret Realm, which has cultivated a genius like Shangguan Wuyou. , It depends on which of them is more powerful.

“It seems that the fight between the two of them has been around for a long time, but wasn’t Li Zijie the last time in the Dark Genius List? Why did he want to fight with Li Zijie?” curiously asked.

In the beginning, Feng Xiao should solve this kind of thing, but it didn’t expect that Shangguan had no self.

At this point, he really exceeded his expectations, and everyone else also listened with interest.

Mu Yunfei was silent for a while, and saw that the two on the stage hadn’t officially shot. Patiently explained: “This is because Shangguan Wumei is a youngster who always likes to challenge others. At this point, it does have the advantage of being blessed by heaven. I don’t know how to say it.”

“so that’s how it is, now it seems that words do have such advantages.” Qin Feng was nodded looking thoughtful.

Looking at the appearance of the two, he didn’t know how to determine who was more powerful.

After all, Feng Xiao is a genius who has been famous for a long time, and his own accumulation must be more in place. Even if Shangguan Wumei has been catching up all these years, I am afraid there is no such advantage. It is difficult to determine who is stronger.

“Yes, if Feng Xiao tried his best, I am afraid that Shangguan without me would not have any chance of winning. This matter depends on how the senior leaders of the Black Dragon Heaven and Earth two sects think, and their best A strong genius may be a direct connection with Li Zijie. In terms of potential, Shangguan Wuyou still has to be better. In this state, I don’t think anything else is that important.” Mu Yunfei murmured .

At the moment, Feng Xiao and Shangguan Wumei on the stage are confronting each other. No one wants to take the lead. They are all tight frowns.

“Did you step down by yourself, or let me beat you down?” Feng Xiao looked peaceful at this time, and simply didn’t put Shangguan Wumei in his eyes, even though the other party has been following him all these years , And have the strength to challenge Li Zijie. This is not a reason for him to be impudent in front of him. Tianjiazong is the leader of the Black Dragon Qijiazong. How can such dignity be comparable to other Six Sects? Shangguan Wumei is totally overestimate one’s capabilities that’s all, at least in Feng Xiao’s mind, such a thing is nothing.

“hmph! Feng Xiao, it looks like you are very proud, do you really think this is your era?” At this moment, the Shangguan frowns, the disdain of the other party made him very unhappy.

“If this is the case, then let’s see the real chapter under our hands!” Feng Xiao tone barely fell, his body suddenly turned into a stream of light and floated slowly towards the sky.

Shangguan Wuwo lightly raised his head and looked at it. He still has some guard against such things.

Even if he is very confident of his own strength today, this cannot be a reason for him to ignore Feng Xiao’s strength.

I didn’t panic when I saw Shangguan Wuwu. He drew his weapon directly from behind, and jumped up with a roar.

Feng Xiao above the sky felt such a scene, and a disdainful smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. Countless streams of light lingered around Shangguan Wumei. It is not so simple for this matter. Shangguan Wumei’s face Any fear of not at all, at this moment, on the contrary, a face of calmness. For such things, not at all, other things need to be considered.

And these streamers made a zi zi sound, as if they were about to drown him at any time.

Shangguan Wumei left hand pinch, at the same time, the right hand held a weapon to resist the trouble caused by these streamers.

As one of the Heaven and Earth twins, both of them have a very thorough understanding of each other, and they are also very clear about the unique skills of the Heaven and Earth Shuangjiazong.

“Sir Domain Lord, in your opinion. Which one will win this battle?” On the high platform, the black liquid mother-in-law asked curiously the Lord of Outland.

Heaven and Earth is very curious about the confrontation between such geniuses.

At the same time, there are several Return to Origin powerhouses next to them. After hearing the words of the black liquid mother-in-law, they all looked at the Lord of the Outer Domain together.

The lord of Outland pondered for a moment, then even said: “If I analyze this matter, it will depend on how powerful their back players are. At least in the current situation, it is difficult to distinguish the outcome. It is a high-ranking emperor. And the Dijiazong has been famous for a long time, and his own combat experience is definitely more abundant. If the Tianjiazong does not have any powerful back players, I think it should be the Dijiazong who has won. .”

As the master of the outer domain of the Tianmen Star Domain, he usually focuses on his own cultivation.

Neither did I know how to understand the geniuses of the Dark World today, but the ranking battle of the Dark Genius List this time did surprise him a lot.

Everyone thought it was reasonable, but the black liquid mother-in-law was laughed meaningfully.

“Could it be that the black liquid mother-in-law has some theory?” After realizing this meaningful smile, the lord of Outland asked curiously.

The black liquid mother-in-law nodded said with a smile: “Don’t get me wrong with the Lord of Outland, the old man does have some opinions of his own, but I think Tianjiazong, the Shangguan boy, is likely to win. What are the tricks of the Dijiazong? I don’t need to explain it again, right? Just look. The Shangguan kid looks easy and simply doesn’t work hard, and Feng Xiao, as the Direct Disciple of the Sect Master of the Dijiazong Sect Master, cannot beat this rising star in an instant. I think most of the time. I can’t take it anymore.”

“The black liquid mother-in-law also made sense, then let us wait and see!” The two stopped talking, silently watching the situation on the battle stage.

At this moment, Shangguan Wuwo has landed on the stage, and the side streamer has not yet condensed into Feng Xiao’s body.

Shangguan Wumei’s body shook slightly. A huge rebound force instantly smashed these streamers away, and then only saw Feng Xiao condense into his own body, with a trace of grave expression on his face, the only Shangguan Wumei did not use too much power, but could easily The collection and distribution of his own scenic avenue, I am afraid that he has already controlled a rare avenue.

In Dark World, the scenery avenue is medium, but Shangguan Wumei is gradually catching up, and I don’t know any avenue controlled by the other party, which is indeed a bit extraordinary.

“How? I dare not speak big words now? Feng Xiao, if you are acquainted, there is still time now, otherwise, once I try my best, you won’t have any room to fight back.” Shangguan has no room for me. Said with a smile, relying on his current strength, he still has this opportunity to win the opponent. If the realm is the same, if you can’t defeat Feng Xiao head-on, I’m afraid that the future Shangguan without me will not need to continue to mix it up!

“hmph! Don’t talk nonsense!” At this time, Feng Xiao couldn’t wait for fiercely to smoke himself. Didn’t expect such a result, and the wonderful duel between them also let everyone in the audience see with keen interest pleasure .

Qin Feng and the others in the audience couldn’t help but sigh when they saw it.

Under such a situation, no matter what the situation seems to be impossible to win easily.

It’s just that there is a strange rays of light in Qin Feng’s eyes. In the counterattack of Shangguan Wuyou just now, he saw a little bit of vague news.

Maybe today will reappear the same level road as Xiaojin. Even at this moment, he couldn’t help but look forward to it.

Regardless of the situation, this is difficult to solve.

“Little friend Qin Feng, who do you think will win?” At this moment, Mu Yunfei looked at Qin Feng with great interest. He wanted to hear the other person’s opinion on this matter, because these two people It is too good, at least in his opinion Black Dragon Qijiazong is a huge monster, one of the very best young people in the clan.

Qin Feng began to ponder, and then said faintly said with a smile: “In my opinion, there should be a result soon. As for other things, I don’t think much.”

At this time, the two people have played hundreds of tricks. Under such circumstances, whoever can win will actually become very simple.

This kind of battle met Qin Feng’s expectations and inspired his fighting enthusiasm.

Either way, as long as he is sure, he will not give up easily, and this dark Genius List ranking War General will be his battle of fame.

At this moment, the frowns of Feng Xiao, while backing back, thinking in his heart, maybe he is really old, and in such a situation, he still can’t firmly suppress Shangguan Wuyou.

Before coming here, Master said to himself that if Shangguan Wu-self showed his worth, maybe he could also try to retreat. Li Zijie is by no means as simple as it seems. The speed is so fast that he has some doubts about his innate talent.