Divine Soul Venerable Chapter 1276


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Looking at the silhouette of Feng Xiao’s continuous retreat, Shangguan Wumei stepped up the offensive at this moment, inadvertently knocking him out of the battle arena.

What makes Shangguan Wumei very surprised is that at this moment, Feng Xiao is not at all showing the remorse on his face, but his face is indifferent.

“This is not your style. Tell me, why did it become like this?” After Wang Lao announced the winner, Shangguan Wuwo jumped off the battle platform and came to Feng Xiao with a curious look. Said.

Originally, with Feng Xiao’s strength, he would never have just survived these hundreds of tricks. With his combat experience, he definitely had this strength and probability to defeat him. However, the other party seemed to be backing up all the time, which really made him a little curious. If he didn’t figure out the reason, his heart would have trouble sleeping and eating.

At this time, the wind said with a smile: “If you lose, you lose. Do you think I will find these reasons?”

Shangguan no me shook the head, looking directly at Feng Xiao, and said: “What is the reason? Why did you let me on purpose?”

“Naturally know when you go back.” Feng Xiao left here after he finished speaking, looking towards his back was a little lonely, the era that belonged to him has finally passed, and then he will develop into Divine Grade. .

At this time, the great powers on the high platform could not help but hold their breath, especially the Lord of Outland.

Didn’t expect black liquid My mother-in-law seems to have an answer long ago, so it’s no wonder she can say so surely.

But he saw it too. Feng Xiao definitely has this qualification and strength to fight against Shangguan Wumei. It seems that the other party has been avoiding it, and I don’t know why.

It didn’t take long for Li Zijie to play. His opponent was also a member of the Dark Genius List last time. When facing Li Zijie, he directly gave in. After all, this person’s reputation is already a law, even I didn’t have the courage to fight him, and no one would say him in doing so.

“Little friend Qin Feng, it’s your turn next, how do you feel?” Mu Yunfei looked at Qin Feng next to him.

At this moment, Qin Feng nodded slowly stepped onto the battle platform. His opponent was the genius of the previous time Dark Genius List Ranked 7th. Under the seat of the Tianya Star Domain Tianyamen sect master, True Disciple is unparalleled in a thousand opportunities. The long spear with black and gold rods is engraved with various rare patterns on the gun body. On the tip of the gun, a golden small dragon is sealed, making the tip of the gun dotted with cold light, and Qian Ji Wushuang is wearing a Dressed in black, it looks quite high-spirited and vigorous, with a piece of accessories made by Han Mo Baiyu hanging around his waist.

What’s more important is that Qian Ji Wushuang’s strength is already an emperor-level high-level, directly here, the purpose is to use strong means to defeat the opponent.

What Qian Ji Wushuang didn’t expect was that his opponent turned out to be only an Intermediate Emperor. For some reason, even though it was just this realm, Qin Feng still felt a little dangerous in his heart.

“Black liquid mother-in-law, who do you think will win the two of them?” At this time, the master of Outland looked at the black liquid mother-in-law next to her with curiosity.

It was only a trace of luck that allowed Shangguan to win without me.

This time the realm of both parties is very obvious, he wants to see what kind of philosophy this old woman would say.

At this moment, the black liquid mother-in-law was meditating, and then said with a smile: “Sir Domain Lord, this time I don’t know about it.”

After hearing her words, the lord of Outland, coldly snorted, first watched the movements between the two on the battle platform anyway. This is the place that can surprise him the most.

At this time, Qin Feng quietly looked at Qian Ji Wushuang on the opposite side, and a lot of pressure suddenly rose in his heart.

Not only is the opponent’s imperial high-rank cultivator, but more importantly, the long spear he carries, revealing a rather aggressive imposing manner. Under such circumstances, if you want to win, you have to fully stimulate his invincibility.

Then Qin Feng slowly raised his right hand, and Seventh Gold Sword Qi instantly emerged from the right hand. At the same time, it merged with the powerful cutting power of the spatial gang wind, and Qin Feng’s whole body exuded a touch of light. The rays of light are like faintly discernible in the rays of light, full of mystery.

This caused Qian Ji Wushuang to be taken aback, and curiously said: “I thought you would surrender directly, but I didn’t expect you to be so tough. It was indeed beyond my expectations, but you were sure not to admit defeat. Isn’t it a shame for you, this time I have to hit the top three. If you don’t have this strength, you can still compete for other rankings.”

“No need.” Qin Feng smiled and declined, “I finally managed to come to such a big stage. Wouldn’t it be a shame if I didn’t ask the opponent’s strength?”

Qian Ji Wushuang is stunned, looking thoughtful and nodded.

Qin Feng’s tone of speech just now seemed to be full of hard spirits, is it possible that he really thinks that he can defeat himself with the strength of the emperor-level intermediate? Is it too whimsical?

“If that’s the case, then I’m not welcome.” After that. Qian Ji Wushuang’s spear head shook, and the spear head moved towards Qin Feng stabbed. From the tip of the spear, there was a dragon’s coercion, that kind of imposing manner that swept through, which made Qin who had been prepared a long time ago. Feng couldn’t help but frowned. It seemed that the emperor-level high-level genius strength of Fifth Level Star Domain was indeed well-deserved.

Qin Feng was not in a hurry, the sword energy instantly transformed into a sword and shield, resisting him.

The opponent’s strength attack is concentrated on one point, so if you want to resist it, you must do your best to block the pressure of this spear.


When this spear hit the sword and shield, even Qin Feng couldn’t help but frown, and his body took a subconsciously step back. Qin Feng’s sword and shield gradually shattered from the point where the sword and shield hit from the tip of the gun.

Fortunately, Qin Feng himself was not at all affected too much, and he reacted quickly.

At the same time, Qin Feng’s figure quickly retreated backwards, and Seventh Gold Sword Qi continued to emerge. And a trace of eternal divine fire blessing was obtained from the dantian Divine Sea, but that kind of huge formidable power not at all showed how big an imposing manner, so that even in this situation, even the opposite Qian Ji Wushuang, Did not feel any threat. It’s just that Qin Feng’s performance of put up a desperate struggle is a bit sneer at that’s all, and want to ask him for advice? If you don’t pay a little price, how can this matter be so simple?

“Want to go? Where could it be so simple?” Qian Ji Wushuang followed closely, shot after shot, trying to knock Qin Feng back directly.

At this moment, Qin Feng is not at all any fear, but his face is calm, and the integration of Eternal Sacred Fire and Seventh Gold Sword Qi is still going on, now he needs to wait for time.

I saw Qin Feng loudly shouted, exploding with a speed reaching his own limit, constantly avoiding the attacks of Qian Ji Wushuang, and some transformations quietly occurred in his heart.

At this time, after seeing this scene, the Lord of Outland on the high platform couldn’t help but a touch of surprise appeared in his eyes. What is going on?

“Black liquid mother-in-law, how do I feel so unfamiliar with this imposing manner that erupted from Qin Feng? It’s just a sense of familiarity when I’m unfamiliar, as if I’ve seen it somewhere.” The lord of Outland curiously asked the black liquid mother-in-law next to her.

Although this person has played with him many times in the past few days, he has to be said to be a very knowledgeable person, under such circumstances. Not to mention other things.

If you haven’t even seen a character like Black Liquid’s mother-in-law, maybe they guessed wrong.

But at the moment the black liquid mother-in-law frowns not at all talking, but staring at Qin Feng on the battle stage.

Once such an imposing manner broke out, where would she feel strange? Thousands of years ago, such a figure appeared in this world.

It’s a long time ago, and maybe many people don’t remember the resounding and prestigious name that the character once made.

Then the black liquid mother-in-law said: “Sir Domain Lord, if the old man did not guess wrong, this is the invincible way. I wonder if you have ever heard of it?”

The Way of Invincibility? The lord of Outland murmured in his heart, but it didn’t take long before his face changed drastically. He seemed to understand the meaning of black liquid mother-in-law. Thousands of years ago, there was a Peak powerhouse who walked the invincible way. ? It’s just that this method is so hateful that he was assassinated by the team. The cause of death is still unknown.

And now Qin Feng has joined the Daoist, at least not at all people dare to trouble him on the surface, but this Dark World is unpredictable, and the evil generation is even more filled with it, and it is inevitable that no one will covet it.

“Although it’s just some clues exposed, this kind of performance is indeed too much like that person, and even Qin Feng’s invincible way is even more pure. It seems that after this dark Genius List, Dark World It’s going to be very interesting again.” The Lord of Outland said helplessly with a smile.

At this moment, after Qin Feng avoided a blow from Qian Ji Wushuang, a strange smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

This gave Qian Ji Wushuang a bad premonition. It was too late to retreat quickly, even more how Qin Feng did not retreat but instead moved forward, grabbing his gun body firmly with his left hand, one after another Seventh Gold Sword Qi instantly lingered in his forehead like a bone gangrene, and the power of the eternal sacred fire was happily scattered, as if it could pose a fatal threat to him at any time.

“What do you think of my strength now?” Qian Ji Wushuang just now was deadly. If it wasn’t for the elder Wang next to him who was already observing the battle, maybe he would kill him directly.

It’s just that now the devil’s affairs are unclear, and he doesn’t want to make things too much.

Qian Ji Wushuang’s face is very ugly. Originally, he wanted to be among the top three, but he didn’t expect dignified to be defeated by Qin Feng. How did this make him? Can you accept it?

“I lost.” Qian Ji Wushuang sighed, put away his long spear, and walked off the stage somewhat disappointed.

When Qin Feng went down, he happened to see Li Zijie’s faint smile, which made his heart quite unhappy.