Divine Soul Venerable Chapter 1277


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Qin Feng came to the stage and attracted the eyes of the surroundings, and those eyes were full of envy.

Who would have thought that Qin Feng was only an intermediate emperor, and how could he defeat that Qian Ji Wushuang?

Moreover, the opponent was convinced. Although it was gaining momentum in the early stage, the attack did make the opponent feel threatened, otherwise it would never be the case.

Mu Yunfei nodded said: “Qin Feng, didn’t expect you to have this kind of strength now. I used to underestimate you a bit, but after winning this fierce battle, you are in the top five. The list should be no problem.”

This time, if two of Daoist were killed in the top five, that would really be a good story.

And one of them still belongs to their four veins. Equivalent to has the capital to contend among the younger generation, how can he not be excited?

At this moment, Qin Feng said with a bitter smile after hearing it: “Actually, it is quite lucky. Otherwise, it is not necessarily his opponent. Fortunately, this matter is solved perfectly.”

Mu Yunfei shook the head. Qin Feng was humble.

If you change to another Imperial-level Intermediate, I am afraid there is no such chance of winning.

At least Qianji Wushuang is reasonably high-end, how can we compete with it? Such an attack is hard to resist for ordinary people.

Time is passing quickly. By the time the top three are finally ranked, only Qin Feng, Li Zijie and Shangguan are left. This is the battle of the three of them, but this first game is Li Zijie and Shangguan. Without me. It can be regarded as fulfilling a dream of Shangguan Wuyou.

It’s a pity that even though Shangguan Wuyou is in control of his own way, he still can’t survive ten tricks in front of Li Zijie.

This moment actually caused an uproar. Outside the battlefield, almost everywhere was discussing this matter. In any case, this matter is probably not at all as simple as that. After all, Shangguan Wumei’s performance is very good, but it is still If you can’t survive those tricks in front of Li Zijie, wouldn’t it be a joke to spread it out?

Mu Yunfei murmured: “I always feel that Li Zijie has become different from before.”

They are both the Daoist Eight Meridians, and they understand each other fairly well. Mu Yunfei is another Return to Origin powerhouse. At this time, Li Zijie is almost the same as the Emperor Peak. Such strength is actually Very powerful.

If you change to someone else, I am afraid that you may not have this ability.

More importantly, Li Zijie seems to have mastered a more mysterious method, even if he is unheard-of such a method, and all this seems to happen only after that, which is particularly strange.

Why did the supreme powerhouse master who died in Daoist pass such weird methods to Li Zijie? This made him quite curious, but it was a matter of the supreme powerhouse, which he naturally couldn’t control.

Qin Feng said: “Perhaps because Li Zijie’s own courage is stronger.”

It is clear in his heart that this person is absolutely inseparable from the devil, and all this seems to have such an effect after the supreme powerhouse cultivation. This matter seems to be full of more mysterious.

“Little friend Qin Feng, are you sure of the next battle with Li Zijie?” Elder Huo curiously asked the sky next to him.

Huo Mingyu’s record is half and half, which means that the ranking is good this time, and he has obtained very satisfactory results. And he didn’t even think that Qin Feng would be able to go to the end. This was beyond his imagination, and he still defeated several high-ranking emperors in a row. If he was replaced by someone else, he might not have such strength!

The other people next to him pricked their ears and heard them. They were very curious whether Qin Feng had such a strong strength.

“Actually, I am not very clear.” Qin Feng shook the head after a moment of silence.

He has some general knowledge of Li Zijie’s details. Under such a full view, the other party can use some weird tricks to the fullest, but he can’t directly use the power of the dark spirit. I’m afraid that the return to origin situation is quite embarrassing.

This is not something he can deal with now, and he doesn’t know how to make a decision.

Mu Yunfei looked at Qin Feng, patted his shoulder, and said in a rather flat tone: “You can do your best in this matter. There is no need to be too persistent. I think you should have such strength, even if you can’t pull it out. To win the first prize, to be able to participate in the ranking battle of the Dark Genius List for the first time, and to get second with the strength of the Emperor-level Intermediate is enough to get the attention of others.”

Qin Feng nodded, and then slowly stepped onto the battle platform.

At this time, there was a lot of voice. They had thought about who the final first two battles would be beforehand, but they didn’t expect that it would turn out to be the unknown giant sword lineage Qin Feng, and this was the first time to participate. It’s not Peak, it’s really embarrassing.

At this moment, Li Zijie stood in front of Qin Feng, showing a faint smile. And this meaningful smile might only be clear to Qin Feng himself.

On the high platform, the Lord of Outland couldn’t help but exclaimed: “It seems that the Dark World has changed so much now. That many things will happen, I didn’t expect it.”

“Yes! Who would have thought that such a statue of Qin Feng would be born? Sir Domain Lord, it seems that this time your Tianmen Star Domain is rewarded with a lot of money.” The black liquid mother-in-law turned to look The Lord of Outland in front of him said with a smile.

The Lord of Outland hurriedly waved his hand, “The black liquid mother-in-law said, I can’t afford to wear such a high hat, but things like this are really unbelievable for a while. I don’t know who you are more optimistic about in this final battle What?”

As far as realm and performance are concerned, Li Zijie has the upper hand without the slightest hesitation. Under such a situation, it is even more difficult to explain it. After all, how can things like this be so simple? Maybe Qin Feng might not have such a certainty, right? No matter how good his performance is, Li Zijie is still not far from the Emperor-level Peak, and he is now only an intermediate-level emperor. In terms of their respective methods, the two of them have nothing to say about each other, but I don’t know who will win. One thing.

The black liquid mother-in-law slowly said: “I am not very clear, but if I look at it this way, Li Zijie may be better.”

The master of Outland, nodded, agrees with the black liquid mother-in-law’s words. If Qin Feng’s current innate talent can settle for a while. Maybe we can reach this point.

At this time, on the third battle stage, Li Zijie put his hands on his back, not at all, immediately attacked Qin Feng, no matter how he fought today. In the end, the first two disputes were between the two of them, not only that, but it was also about the ranking of Daoist’s eight meridians in the future, with his confidence. It was must who defeated Qin Feng himself, otherwise, how could he be worthy of the cultivation of the supreme powerhouse? Over the years, their four veins have suppressed each other tightly, but didn’t expect a Qin Feng halfway through, and what shocked them even more was that this person actually entered the giant sword lineage.

How can such a situation make them not surprised? After all, this is really hard to imagine.

“tsk tsk tsk, I really didn’t expect you to go to this step, Qin Feng, I have to say that I still look down on you too much.” Now it’s the stage for the two of them, Li Zijie naturally doesn’t care about the others. With his eyes, he had thought of who would stand opposite him in the final battle, but he underestimated how powerful Qin Feng would be in combat. It seemed that the Dark Spirit still gave him a lot of help.

Otherwise, who would have such combat effectiveness in general? This is indeed an unimaginable thing.

Qin Feng spread his hands, he naturally knew that Li Zijie’s strength was to crush his self-confidence fiercely in full view, but it was a pity that the other party could not succeed in the end.

How can this possibility be possible if he is here in person?

“When words get sour, adding words is useless, Li Zijie. It seems that you are more confident in yourself. Are you not afraid that I will strangle you in the cradle?” Thinking of this, Qin Feng said with a smile .

He has taken life and death indifferently, so naturally he will not care too much about Li Zijie’s threat, but even if the devil’s thing is said, there will never be more than too many people present who have impressions. This is every era. The disaster of this year cannot be solved by him alone.

Li Zijie said indifferently: “The facts are already in front of you. You don’t need to be so stiff. Sooner or later I will step on you completely.”

He didn’t think that Qin Feng would still have a hardened beak when Qin Feng arrived at this time. This has indeed made him a big change to Qin Feng. Such a person poses a great threat to him. How could he be like this? Is it easy for Qin Feng to continue to grow?

Qin Feng said with a smile: “Actually, you are just a dog that’s all. There is not much power that can give you. Do you really think that you are invincible in the whole world? Today? I will give you this completely to defeat your desires of faith.”

Such a thing is nonsense to him that’s all, even if Li Zijie is about to reach the D-level Peak, what about it? Would he be afraid of each other? This is obviously an impossible thing.

Other people don’t understand the meaning of the conversation between them, and they don’t even know what they mean. Only the black liquid on the high platform. After hearing this conversation, the mother-in-law felt a little jitter in the corner of her eyes. It’s just covering up very subtle, even the Lord of Outland next to it didn’t notice it.

“Qin Feng, if you want to court death, then I will do it for you!” Li Zijie’s face showed a sullen smile, and a faintly discernible murderous aura appeared. Qin Feng has been caught He is included in the Must Kill List.