Divine Soul Venerable Chapter 1396

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According to Qin Feng, people related to Dark Star Domain and Dark Demon Race, seems to have a disappered guardian.

He doesn’t know when to see this person, the darkness of the darkness, is actually able to explain some problems.

then Qin Feng said: “So That’s how it is, but I am afraid you have to cooperate with me, it is the IT SHOULDN’t BE to sleep again?”

To tell the truth, this is the first time he heard the darkness of the darkness, At first, there will be some uncomfortable.

But a little or let his heart SIGHED in relief, that is, there is no separation between the two.

is only such a communication method produced some changes, no longer a soul communication, but direct language communication.

Dark Spirit Shook the head. In the face of such a situation, he doesn’t know what to do, but also take a lot of time to find people related to Dark Demon Race.

This is quite difficult, which will also encounter a lot of trouble.

It is unclear how many magic slaves in the dark world exists, and there is only one of the new Demon King.

These have become a question in his heart. If it is unable to figure out, then there will be no meaning.

Qin Feng can’t help but say: “This may not be as simple, in short, you can do it, other natural don’t need you come, that protects the devil now is not worried, it is estimated that he is not in the bottom of his current. Have a few more times, but after entering the scene, if we only need to face the enemy of the on the Surface already. “

I have already been communicated with the darkness of the darkness. After the darkness of the dark, it could not help but Nodded.

In general, the Qin Feng is a selection, and it is also the owner of his era.

He will try our best to meet Qin Feng no matter what kind of hard requirements do.

After all, the darkness of the darkness has a certain feelings for the dark world, and naturally I don’t want to see the dark world ruined in the hands of those devils.

If you do not know the trace of the devil, you will wake up.

The heart of Qin Feng finally is SIGHED in relief, the darkness of the darkness and the evolution of now, which will be the like a tiger That Has Grown Wings, and the communication between the two will be more smooth.

Even if the ant king at this moment is temporarily quiet.

The darkness of the previous Dark can not speak directly, and each time happened, it naturally made his heart afraid.

With this layer of relationship, there is no problem with other things.

The Qin Feng came to Great Hall, and the Patriarch Lin Haitian of Didn’t Expect Lin Family came here.

Look at this standing, it seems to be waiting for someone, and Lin Fengxue is also waiting here. Is the Senior Brother saying the Senior? Only this is only to explain it.

After the Qin Feng came, Yang Heavenly Dragon’s eyes were bright, and then said: “Qin Junior Brother feng, how is it?”

When Qin Feng said to go to a closed door, Yang Heavenly Dragon’s heart is actually very worried, but I thought it had encountered some uncomfortable Bottleneck, just watching the face of Qin Feng’s face more Lively Dragon and Animated Tiger, this is not so simple, maybe this is a certain relationship with the darkness of the dark.

Others can’t help but look at him. The heart is full of various expectations.

This let Qin Feng Nodded, then said: “It has been disposed properly, basically there is no big problem.”

Lin Haitian and Lin Fengxue are not suitable for knowing about the darkness of the darkness, he also knows that this matter will let them know that there is a short, this is not today’s situation, even if the so-called Powerhouse The Alliance has now left the dark star domain, but people who are inevitably related to the devil will not start with Lin family. Once they do it, it is very difficult to stand, wait until things really happen. It can be late.

Yang Heavenly Dragon exciting NODDED, as for the specific case, it also gave WHEN TIME COMES for detailed instructions.

The key now is for Lin Fengxue, Qin Feng guess is correct. Now they are waiting for the friends of Yang Heavenly Dragon, which is a named Origin Realm High Origin Realm Higher Orig Powerhouse, the absolute field, two thousand miles, is her take-up Ability, and such auxiliary range tricks, As long as you can be slightly modified, you can disturb those magic slaves to some extent, which is also May coming for IT’s skills for them. If Lin Fengxue can follow the hand of Fenghua. Inheriting its Inheritance, in the future is a great boost.

Whether it is for Daoist, or for Qin Feng, it is definitely a situation that is greater than the disadvantage.

Yang Heavenly Dragon said: “Qin Junior Brother feng, now we are waiting for Mrs. Fenghua. How long she can’t use it for a long time.”

This makes Qin Feng Nodded, Senior Brother has already opened, everyone is gathered here, he naturally needs to witness.

I haven’t seen the vegetarian skirt of Peerless Grace and Elegance, covering the white veil on the face, so that there is a trace of the years, even if there is a trace of the years. But in their eyes are still the role of Devastatingly Beautiful.

Mrs. Fenghua is slightly lower, and it is said that he said, and his eyes are on the body of Lin Fengxue standing quietly.

After the upper and down, Lin Fengxue’s head is lower, but in the eyes of the lady, it is enough to make her satisfaction, this is a peerless seedling that can be encountered, such a fitness You can say that it is very high. If it is possible to take her Take In As A Disciple, it is the last final disciple, it is possible to inherit the whole clothes. At that time, such auxiliary role is quite obvious. .

The only deficiencies are the strength of the king level. The time of CultiVation is not long, and it is basically possible compared to such Physique.

Although the lady is a loose Cultivator, it is also very in place for the situation in the dark world today.

These things are basically told by Yang Heavenly Dragon, and naturally it is clear that the darkness of Demon Race is all comed. Their ice and snow field will have a vital role.

Yang Heavenly Dragon said: “Fenghua sister, you can be a come, how? This seedling? The only unfortunate thing is that the current strength is just the king, I am afraid it will add a lot of difficulties.”

This is a good Disciple, who is a lot of people. Naturally, it needs to be said to it.

Otherwise, how can you make better success? Lady can’t help but Shook the head after hearing.

This One after another glances in the people in the lobby, it is basically the people who have a Daoist, she naturally noticed the Lijiang Old Annestor and Qin Feng, when she saw Qin Feng, there is also her face The color of the sky, this should be the Qin Feng, which is the selection of the day Big Brother Long, in the future, absolutely Battle Stregth, can even reverse all the darkeys about the threat of the devil, which is for them, but Off.

Mrs. Fenghua said: “Day Brother Long, you don’t worry, this Little Brat is very good, once the ice and snow Physique is developed, then CultiVation is naturally Twice the results for Half the Effort, don’t worry Now Realm. “

Since she can say that this is naturally a absolute grasp, and Yang Heavenly Dragon has so much tricks to find a postman.

At this point, the wind is naturally remembered, she only needs to solve the things on her hand, it is already enough.

is for other things. Not now she can do with the ice and snow field.

When I face the magistan, she can be done in danger, but if she cannot cooperate with Yang Heavenly Dragon’s attack, it will lose all the roles, and the Time will Comes can only passively defend like a turtle shell, but there is no way to take each other.

This is obviously not the situation of the lady who is willing to face, enough to bring her great trouble.

After hearing such a guarantee, Lin Haitian’s heart is naturally SIGHED in relief.

He also wondered who Yang Heavenly Dragon’s old friend is. It turned out to be a lace in the past.

Despite no appearance of many years, it has already had enough status in their minds.

Yang Heavenly Dragon Laughd, it seems that he doesn’t look at the wrong person.

As long as the lady of the wind can bloom Lin Fengxue’s ice and snow Physique, it is necessary to have a more rapid improvement in terms of strength.

For Daoist, this is quite powerful.

If you can uniquely kill the unique kill of Star Robber, Formidable Power will be more endless, and can even make those magic slaves you can’t Guard Against it.

Thinking here, he is more happy.

“This is naturally better, the wind is god, Lin Fengxue is handed over, now the dark world’s situation is more unclear, this is a bigger crisis for us, the urgency is to improve as soon as possible The strength can be self-policy in key moments, once the real crisis is coming, people are very difficult to guess, even I also said that many people will be willing to become a magic slainer, this may be this The biggest sorrow of the times. “Yang Tian Dragon Language said.

is happy to be happy, but the problem should be worried, he will only go to the worst possible.

This also means that when you will come, they will have more opportunities to respond, and as long as absolute strength is improved, they can not be afraid of such or that threat.

Lady Nodded, said: “Your giant sword lineage has the existence of Qin Feng, and my ice and snow Physique has also heirs, so that it is strong, maybe when the time comes will cause very dark Demon Race. Big interference. “

She is naturally a very hate these dark Demon Race, especially the degraded magic slave.

Basically, it is necessary to kill once, she doesn’t matter what the truly identity of the other party is.

It is only necessary to teach Lin Fengxue, and the strength is improved, enough to rank among the dark world of Peak Powerhouse.

has never seen such excellent consecutive generations for many years. If it is not the cause of this time, it really will really delay a lot of things.