Divine Soul Venerable Chapter 1397

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At this time, the lady Moved Towards Lin Feng Xue is struck, saying: “Little Brat, hurry, let me see you.”

Don’t say what they have to do next, at least the current protagonist seems to be ourselves.

This is a situation that is stable and not compensated, and there is no much bad impact and consequences.

Lin Fengxue ONE AFTER Another looked at the people next to him, after seeing nodded, she also boldly sat in the side of Yang Heavenly Dragon.

It is naturally 忐忑, but what kind of result can be changed?

This is still the scope of what they can’t understand, and naturally there will not be any 僭僭, and the hearts of Mrs. Fenghua are also very clear. Nowadays, there is not much person with a good person with ice and snow Physique.

As long as you can do it, you will not be too embarrassing him.

Lin Fengxue came to the face of Mrs. Fenghua, in fact, there is still some trembling.

As for what happened, now he doesn’t know.

When you have a closer look. Didn’t Expect This is also an excellent in the ice and snow physique, and he does not have such a high quality.

This is a treasure, and it is directly opposite, and there is no need to have any concerns.

will be able to do this well, which will become smooth.

Apart from this, Mrs. Fenghua continued: “Little Brat, this may be very difficult, nor do you know what hazards will encounter. In this case you are willing to go out with me?”

Basically, as long as he is in place, it has fully entered a reflective branch of our Absolute Control, this Can Be ConsideD Controller.

The most important thing is to know what happened in the year, then put this thing to one after another

After they are ready, the Lail River Old Ancestor next to him suddenly said: “Qin Feng, it seems that it is not as smooth as the surface today.”

No matter what kind of situation next to it, at least this kind of mentality is not known to do some necessary work.

He will not look at someone like this, in all, as long as you can basically do it, it has made him very satisfied.

“is really good, the lady who has already leaving Lin Fengxue, I want to meet the strength next time, Advanced by Leaps and Bounds, but I feel that the relationship between Senior Brother and the lady, I don’t know what it is. Situation, Senior Jiang, have you heard of this beautiful lady? “Qin Feng quite asked the other person’s life.

After all, it is possible to do this, and it is definitely a numerous opportunity that has accumulated.

If you don’t have it, what does it mean? At least he wanted to look at someone else Step by Step.

For Qin Feng’s issues, Lijiang Old Ancestor did not denial, but Nodded.

But all he knows is all these, you want more perhaps only to find a few friends can also detect.

“I don’t know much about the lady of the wind, just I have seen That’s all.” Li River said.

, compared with others, his heart is more interested in Qin Feng.

The reason why it is born, combined with this purpose, otherwise, what will you think of this?

But This Can Be Considered Normal, Yang Heavenly Dragon knows that people know it will not deceive him in this regard.

As for Lin Haitian, it is necessary to wait for them to come out, and this thing to do now has made it clearly. Moreover, the ticket has been torn open.

and their next movement is not clear. In summary, if the Old Ancestor of Lijiang, this time will always be here. I always feel that this is the most comfortable place, nor does it have to have such a big absolute pressure. When it is appropriate, I have to relax it, and all this is very necessary.

Since he is so anxious for this matter, Qin Feng has not had any fear.

at Worst is a Either The Fish Dies or The Net Splits, and the Time Comes can also be more good.

Just see Qin Feng so concerned, Lijiang Old Ancestor doesn’t know what idea.

He asked: “Qin Feng, what do you have?”

This is quite curious for him. After all, you have to follow the other side, whether it is protection or prevention. The importance of Qin Feng is self-evident, I am afraid he has to do this.

More importantly, Yang Heavenly Dragon talked to him privately, Qin Feng Must protects, at least in the dark star domain, it is absolutely unable to encounter any accidents, or if it means dark Demon Race is in They provocate, this is what they absolutely don’t want to see, and more impossible make better prevention.

Qin Feng caught in meditation, and now I don’t know the trail of Demon King.

and the void battlefield is about to be opened, perhaps to the place where the place is most appropriate.

Only Xiao Jin still doesn’t know when it can be customized, and if there is no small gold in the void battlefield, it will not listen to him if there is no small gold, and the trouble caused at that time will be more big.

Qin Feng SLOWLY SAID: “Snior JIANG. I may have to go to a void battlefield, and I will completely solve the unresolved things. I don’t think we need to do more without knowing the sloppy. The preparation can make appropriate prevention, and this is a absolute benefit for us, I just worried that the devil first steps, and once again hit the idea of ​​the void battlefield. I am afraid I will add a lot to me. Pressure. “

Lijiang Old Annestor Looking Thoughtful Nodded, Qin Feng said is really good.

This is indeed not much probability under the premise that the other party’s trace is not clear.

If you want to do better, you will need to pay more, which is not what they are willing to see.

that is, it is to go to a void battlefield, and completely solve there.

“If you want to go now, there is no big problem, but Xiaojin is not there, those doors will listen to you?” Lijiang Old Ancestor puts a question in his own heart.

No matter what, this is not so simple, and the people who have sent them out, even the people of Black Dragon seven. There is no message for new Demon King.

This will increase their own pressure, and Qin Feng needs to do it is a first step, and completely draw the weak forces of the void battlefield.

When he wants to tell Yang Heavenly Dragon, he didn’t think that Yang Heavenly Dragon was so fast. It’s just a shallen grave expression on your face.

It is clear that some messages should be received, otherwise the words will never be such a expression.

“Senior Brother, what happened? Is it a new Demon King?” Qin Feng Subconsciously asked.

I don’t know why, but I have a bad feeling, which is an uncomfortable thing for him.

Yang Heavenly Dragon Sighed finally said: “The people who have just come back. It is said that the new Demon King is likely to continue to fight the virtual battlefield, this we have to prevent, the new Demon King seems to be named the sea, and in the dark world of the north side, there is a new Demon King, named Sangtian, if these two are united, will bring us a huge trouble. “

Qin Feng Heart Startled, Didn’t Expect Today’s Dark Demon Race’s development is so rapid.

has been in this point, he really doesn’t know what to do next.

But the void battlefield has to step, even if this is not available, there is no effect.

Qin Feng pensive, said: “Senior Brother, no matter what, there must be no meaning, otherwise there will be no significance. This is not today we are willing to see, now I will be Senior JIANG will go to the void battlefield, but the land is still there, but if you have any people, they will have a throat. “

Qin Feng immediately decided to make such a determination, and things have developed to this point, and there must be no obstacles.

The sea, Sangtian, the strength of these two Demon King will definitely be very horrible. And with their assimilation, the number of magic slaves is definitely not a few.

A Black Horn Demon King is busy with the shake, not to say that it is two new Demon King, and these two Demon King can not be like the injured Black Horn Demon King, it is in an absolute peak. During the period, it is not necessary to kill one of them in the sky.

Yang Heavenly Dragon is a little surprised to see Qin Junior Brother feng in front of him, final NODDED.

He has no other place to say more, as long as Qin Feng can protect himself, he is relieved, and there is also a safe escort of the Lijiang Old Annestor, and there is no big problem.

It is really not possible to cover Yang in the day When the Time Comes, and I don’t know how the Demon King during the peak period has the strength.

More important is that they still have to search for the trail of Sangtian Demon King, which will undoubtedly increase their strength distribution.

and this time to break them can only be broken one by one, absolutely can’t get gathering.

, there will be no significance, and the number of magic slaves is certainly not a few, they have no such absolute seize the practice.

When you say it late, Qin Feng and Lijiang Old Ancestor quickly went to the void battlefield with the fastest speed, regardless of the final result, they must take this.

Even in advance, there will be ambush of the magic slaves under this sea Demon King. For them, it is also necessary to go to the situation. It is absolutely unable to have any mistakes, the only unfortunately, Xiaojin has not yet Off, it has increased some of his stress.