Divine Soul Venerable Chapter 1398

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When Qin Feng and Lijiang Old Ancestor went to the void battlefield, Yang Heavenly Dragon did not have any hesitation directly contacted Yang in the sky.

“Heavenly Dragon, what happened? I actually let you contact me so quickly?” Yang asked in the sky.

For this matter, his Simply doesn’t know what happens. During this time, it has been repairing the starry sky. Since the last come to the dark star domain, the Star Xiangshan still encountered some formation damage, if If you don’t hurry, you will cause a lot of trouble.

, will give Dark Demon Race Machine, although the Star Robber has a tribute to Dark Demon Race, but also can’t hold the same amount of magic slaves of the other party, Simply is not what they can go arbitrarily.

Everything needs to perform active drills, saying. Most of the Star Robber should not have a magistan. If it is not organized, even if it is controlled, it is insufficient to say that Combat Ability is insufficient. SIMPLY will not be the enemy of the other party, even give them an extremely difficult difficulties, which is not currently what they are willing to see.

Yang Heavenly Dragon does not have any hesitation directly to tell the virtual battlefield, which is not allowed to let Yang fall into meditation in the sky.

After this time, the Star Robber’s constant search and exploration, he already knows the new appearance of the Demon King of the Sea, but did not think that in the dark world Northern Region actually appeared again, Sangtian Demon King.

If it is one of them, it is not as simple as it adds.

At least one multiplier in strength, it will add abnormal tremendous pressure.

Yang in the sky said: “Now I don’t know where the mismuth is hidden. I am afraid this will be a dead bureau for Qin Feng, maybe the Dark Demon Race give him a set, positive, etc. Hold him to diamond into it. “

This is not very thick. In addition to doing this, there is no other more places to explain.

Yang Heavenly Dragon, why don’t you know this? Just now, his simply does not open the black star domain.

He also needs to prevent the action of the protector. Otherwise, once there is another chaos in Daoist, this consequence is not he can accept.

For this matter, they don’t know what to do.

Today, the Magic King Level, simply sending Origin Realm Powerhouse, I am afraid that I can’t solve any problems, at least you need to help SuPreme PowerHouse like him can help.

“in the sky, I want you to know the situation in Daoist, and I don’t know where the mismuth that is not existed is, so I don’t know if you are not convenient?” Yang Heavenly Dragon Frowns said.

Yang laughed in the sky, if he has this way, he has already started.

is now still in the repair time of the starry mountain formation, but the Didn’t Expect Bohai Demon King has disrupted his plan.

When you kill Black Horn Demon King, I have already thought of this, but now I don’t dare to determine.

Didn’t Expect new Demon King is so fast, and their Star Robber has also sent a part of Powerhouse to investigate the specific situation, which can know the sea Demon King, now it seems that there seems to be no so simple.

Didn’t Expect This new Demon King once again aimed at the void battlefield, which is undoubtedly a pressure unusual thing to Qin Feng.

Yang in the sky said: “Didn’t Expect Lijiang Old Ances has been back, for insurance, you can send Ling Yun to the past, I will send the Elder of the Star Robber to send the Elder, and we have seen our past experience. Although it is not able to directly demonstrate Demon King, the three-respecting Origin Realm high-level Powerhouse is enough to hold the other party, nor does it cause a fatal blow to Qin Feng. If they have a more powerful force, we can also use a spare solution. , Contact the white night in advance, Split Open Space arrived there. “

Yang Heavenly Dragon Nodded, perhaps this is the most appropriate way.

His heart is also very clear about how important the Star Nabber’s Formation is, and the Star Robber is absolutely stronger than other forces when the Dark Demon Race is in the face of Dark Demon Race.

Connected Robber When The Time Comes can encounter a devastating blow. For other Transcendent Influence, it will quickly strike their morale.

It is very soon, they are all sent out. Yang also contacted the white night in the sky. I learned that it is refreshing and promised after the matter about Qin Feng.

and the Qin Feng and Lijiang Old Annestor have come to the periphery of the void battlefield, but this face is not so good, seeing them, after the two people come, the face is stunned.

This is still a person who has seen Qinfeng last time, but today’s Grove Vice Sect Master has been replaced with another clock, and it has already been heard in the queen of Qin Feng, nature is also The heart is relieved.

Seeing their faces are so downs, Qin Feng can’t ask: “Do you have a new thing in the battlefield?”

has a bad hunch in his heart. It has originally agreed to the Taiyin Sun Both, if it is in the dark Demon Race, it is not a very wonderful thing.

But his face has not appeared in other looks. After all, the darkness of the current darkness is the A Saber in his hand, is also his largest card.

I don’t know what the darkness of the Darkness is now evolving. Even if the clothes inside have been divided into Demon Race, if they take out his base card in the most critical moments, it is still quite Cast calculations.

This is not That Many for him. I don’t know why these people are so ugly.

The clock is silent, he just said: “You should be Qin Feng Xiaoyou? This is the Lijiang Old Ancestor?”

Lijiang Old Ancestor faint NODDED, his heart is also eager to know what is going on today’s void battlefield.

This is also an unexpected thing for them, wherever you see, this is what they need to face.

Now you know the situation in the future, you can do it earlier.

The clock is silent. It is a very difficult thing for us. “

Qin Feng pupil is suddenly shrinking, he did not expect the situation at this moment to be deteriorated.

that is to say that Dark Demon Race has already gained a void battlefield. This is only in a secret.

After he heard this, even if he is ready to prepare, it is now the strategy of responding to the response.

just now in the void battlefield, what is it?

What is the situation in SIMPLY unclear? It may be some dangerous if it is in danger.

Lijiang Old Ancestor Slowly Said: “If I want to go in, I have a magazine, just under the premise of not knowing the situation, I still have a lot of trouble for us, and may not be as a last resort. I I don’t want you to see you. “

Other people will look at him in the same way. After all, even the land is not known to go in. Although there are few people here, they are very clear about the terrorist strength of Lijiang Old Ances, but did not think that his means is so There are many.

This is really exceeding his expectations, no matter how it is, it can be easily facing.

Qin Feng does not help but Shook The Head, it has not been thaw now.

If you don’t want to see the situation inside, I still don’t know what extent will be deteriorated.

The purpose of this time is to open the void battlefield. This is already overdooted by their control. It doesn’t make a response as soon as possible. Once you let those dark demon Race succeeded, this will cause greater for their morale. Hit.

Other people are looked toards Qin Feng, Didn’t Expect actually will be the appearance of today, it is really exceeding their expectations.

The biggest responsibility here still belongs to the silence of the ground, the Vice Sect Master clock, and there is such a big thing, he can’t get off, in his heart, it is very urgent to let Qin Feng enter the void battlefield. Among them.

He did received a command to open the void battlefield. If it is finally not opened, I will not say the strangement of the Sect Master, in case, there is no good fruit to eat in the air of Main Sect Lord.

This is certainly not what he is willing to see, it will look more difficult and trouble.

“In this case, then I will accompany you this!” After seeing Qin Feng, after the determination, Lijiang Old Annestor finally Nodded.

Tone Barely Fell, he is Right Hand, and there is a void gate in front of them. The dazzling Rays of Light inside, which has gradually popped some cases in the middle position, which seems to be the situation of the void battlefield, but it seems to be so blurred.

Old Ancestor frowned, said: “Now it is too confusing, even my means can’t see the probably the situation, but you can enter, Qin Feng, what do you want?”

Qin Feng did not hesitate, directly nodded, which made Lijiang Old Ancestor SIGHED, then handed the trigger mechanism to the clock, if there is a follower, there is Powerhouse, it is possible to trigger the mechanism to let them also Go in.

The two directly stepped into this void door, and it was quickly closed.

“Depot SIR SECT MASTER, I have dare to go in, I see this is what’s gone can never com back went but never return!” After seeing them, there were WHISPERED.

This is a silent that you can’t help but look at it. Now everyone is a dark world person, and it is necessary to unite with each other to cope with these Dark Demon Race.

can not say this, otherwise, When Time Comes will attract some very difficult troubles.

and his heart can only pray that Qin Feng and Lijiang Old Ancestor can return to return, this is thankful.