Divine Soul Venerable Chapter 1399

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The clock is silent to look at the entrance that has been closed, and Brows Tightly Frowns, they can’t stop Qin Feng and Lijiang Old Ancestor, can only let them enter it.

After two hours, here is a new person, but the Daoist’s Lingyun sword and the starry Robber’s executive Elder, when they came here, I saw Qin Feng and Lijiang Old Ancestor, not here. I have a bad feeling when I am sudden, is they going in so soon? All this happened so fast, so that they did not expect that they were shocked.

This thing is obviously unacceptable for them.

After their respective SuPreme Powerhouse adults issued a command. They are all Moved Towards void battlefields that horses don’t stop.

did not think that the ultimate is still a step, the people they have to protect have entered the inside of the void battlefield.

It has been eroded by Dark Energy, and the internal elements are very disordered.

This will lead to the interior of the extent that some unexpected situations are even about the threat of life.

If you don’t grasp the true cause of the inside. Such consequences will be very serious.

The clock came up. After seeing these two, Cup One Fist in The Other Hand said: “Didn’t Expect is also here.”

The color of his eyes appeared, is it not so simple?

before the Qin Feng and Lijiang Old Ancestor entered the void battlefield, in front of this two Powerhouse behind him, it seems that the communication between them should not be done, otherwise Qin Feng is so urgent to enter the void battlefield What is it? This is obviously a difficult thing that is difficult to explain, although the current Qin Feng is very famous in the dark star Domain. If it is falling inside, such a genius can only die, for them, such a loss seems to be difficult to accept.

Ling Yun swords frowned, immediately asked: “Is the clock Vice SECT MASTER, is Qin Feng already?”

Zhong silent NODDED, this is stopped.

After Qin Feng made this decision, the hidden Powerhouse Lijiang Old Ancestor did not wait for support.

Although the current Black Dragon seven Azong and DAOIS have already formed alliances, such things are not as simple, they still think about their respective SECT in real interests, but they are consistent They are eliminated Dark Demon Race, they are all unified calibers.

The bell is silent, and the Qin Feng is still going in.

Ling Yunjian and Star Robber’s executive Elder look at each other, and he sees a bruzzy grave expression from the other side of the eyes.

Didn’t Expect Qin Feng is so anxious, there is no such thing as they have come to.

But the current void battlefield seems to be closed, or even even the land of the land cannot open the void battlefield, it has almost become a closed space, if it is the Dark Energy cross, for these different Will be a devastating blow, no one can see such a situation, such consequences are very serious.

Anyway, this thing will not be as simple as it is.

Execute Elder asked: “What didn’t he stay?”

The clock took the device and said: “He should guess the two will come here. This is the device that enters the void battlefield, is the Lijiang Old Ancestor personally put down, as long as the mechanism is triggered It can enter the void battlefield, but only the situation inside is very special, I advised the two or not to go in, otherwise this consequence will be very serious. “

Save more birthplace, which will have a crucial role in the war of Dark Demon Race.

He could not deny this, for the two in front of you, nature is also the persuasion of Earnest and Well-Meant Advised.

two people look forward to the device, perform Elder: “Ling Yun, can you go in?”

If it is able to go in. They must be prepared in advance, and they must never let the Dark Demon Race have succeeded.

I don’t know what is the exactness of the alien, which is also a unimaginable thing for them.

Ling Yun Sword Nodded, Qin Feng, is a Peerless Genius belonging to Giant Sword Lineage. As a sect master, which is Giant Sword Lineage, he has suffered too many genius to die, but now I don’t want to see such a situation again, then It is quite uncomfortable. If you really want to make some choice, then he would rather do not believe this.

Ling Yun swords said: “I can go in to find Qin Feng alone, if you don’t want, you can stay here, you can communicate the news back in time. This is good for both, but if you follow If I go in, you have to do this, now I am afraid that it is not so simple in the void battlefield. Even the CultiVation Base like us, it may encounter a great crisis, if it is really realized. This will be an unacceptable thing for us. “

This is not allowed to let him frown. Executive Elder is WHO? He has always been Stand by One’s Word.

Since this major task is to protect Qin Feng’s security, now the other party has entered the void battlefield, and he naturally does not stand by.

Even more how he is also very optimistic about Qin Feng, never want him to encounter such a big robbery.

then restarting the device, and there is an entry in front of them.

I really didn’t think that the means of Lijiang Old Annestor would have become so strange, even this Thing can be arranged, it is very surprised.

“Zhong Vice Sect Master, here is given here! If you have any changes, you can retreat first, and tell us the head.” Before entering, Ling Yun sword said heavyly.

This is not allowed to make the clock silent NODDED. Other things are naturally indispensable.

The figure of the two will disappear in the heart of the clock.

Didn’t Expect continuously entered the three-digit Origin Realm higher-order Powerhouse, with the purpose of protecting Qin Feng.

looks like the current Qin Feng strength should be very horror, or this status has been recognized by Supreme Powerhouse. Otherwise, there is no such thing as it is.

At this time, in the void battlefield, Qin Feng and Lijiang Old Ancestor have come in for a while.

They can’t help but frown after watching the scene here. It can be called darkness.

, such Dark Energy is filled around the air, causing them to have some difficulties even breathe. This newly appeared in the Demon King strength should be far better than Black Horn Demon King, in this way, there is a lot of pressure on them.

I only heard Qin Feng said: “All space coordinates here have been disrupt, the nine hills and yin and yang Qi are now couldn’t find, Senior, I don’t know what to do. “

If Xiaoyin is here, it is possible to let him play the strength of the gold scale Heavens Devouring Mouse.

Now Simply can’t find those positions, but now there is no choice.

two people SIGHED, can’t help but say: “Qin Feng, what do you think now? Can you use the dark Spirit General these Dark Energy absorbed.”

This makes Qin Feng Nodded, and then directly SUMMON has come out for a darkness of a dark spirit, and it is unsatisfactory.

Dark Energy in the air in this small area of ​​this small area has been thoroughly absorbed by the strength of the Dark Spirit of Qin Feng Summon, which is quite difficult for them.

Didn’t Expect has now not found that position, this is a shocking.

In any case, the two must have a way to think as soon as possible.

facing the extreme weather in the inside, although it does not cause life threat to them. However, there will be a big safety hazard. This is not the result of now what they are willing to see, enough to make them quite curious.

江 o o 问: “These Dark Energy has been absorbed by the darkness of the darkness, just which direction we will go next? This magnetic field does not seem to be so simple, and I don’t know how to go. Do it. “

The reason why he is willing to give this consecutive generation, or a considerable managing operation.

Qin Feng can’t shook his head, and then hilarious.

If he has selected. Why is it so fast to solve this?

“Now we have to look for yin and yang, this is a horse, I think this should be a best result for me, as for other deeper things, we can negotiate with the trend of trees. Ensure that there will be no problem, I can do this. I want to be very good for us, and I don’t need to worry about these or those problems. “Qin Feng frowns said.

Lijiang Old Ancestor Nodded, he said is correct.

and have already gone so long, it seems that there is no existence of others, and it is really quite curious.

Various battlefields and purgatory are different, which is really capable of killing growth.


Originally, they want to continue to travel forward, but Didn’t Expect suddenly came from a painful voice.

The face of the two is very dignified, regardless of the situation of the other party, which is quite grasped for them.

can only let them go to the bottom, and some knowledge can be infused.

“What happened? I always feel that there are some fights that have just happened, but I don’t dare to determine it in my heart.” After entering the void battlefield, no matter what kind of situation, you must carefully investigate Only, there is absolutely impossible to have some small mistakes that do not have the necessary change.