Divine Soul Venerable Chapter 1400

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When Qin Feng and Lijiang Old Ancestor have been traveling forward, this will let Qin Feng finally found a familiar feeling.

This seems to be the place where they are very familiar, nine mountains.

The two people have slowed slowly, and the Lail River Old Ancestor is also the surrounding situation of Cautiously.

I haven’t seen it for a long time, I only heard someone called them, but turning the head but didn’t see Silhouette.

This is very related with the screams you have heard before, who knows what happens?

“Senior Jiang, I think I should find the specific location of the nine mountains. Today, I only need to put the specific settings to all erase, you should be happy.”

Just when they get more and closer, they must make such a choice.

There is no other situation on this way. I don’t know if it is strictly guarding the death and standing.

This is a little surprised in this point. If you can’t do it, then there is no meaning.

“We now go there, just this spatial coordinates inside the void battlefield have fallen into a disorder. Maybe there are unexpected changes in the past few mountains, I want dark Demon Race should have a lot of probability to do this. “Lijiang Old Ancestor can’t help but say.

Everything is careful, don’t have the other party.

Once the other party seizes this handle, such consequences are naturally quite serious.

Once, once the dark Demon Race penetrates the void battlefield, then it has become a happy ocean of Dark Demon Race.

I want to have any questions they don’t have any questions, even if you kill Origin Realm Powerhouse, you can just hurt him, there is still no big problem.

is not far from them. There are two Silhouettes that are quietly observing there.

“Ling Yun, don’t you go with them now?” The executive Elder of the Star Robber is quite confused.

In fact, he really wants to do this, immediately and Qin Feng meeting, WHEN TIME COMES discussed the countermeasure is the most effective, which can also make them stress in their hearts, no one will refuse Such a good thing.

But Ling Yun Sword is the SECT MASTER of Giant Sword Lineage, Qin Feng is Peerless Genius under his door.

Does he really want to look at Qin Feng Fallen Here? If you don’t meet now, you will have a bigger problem.

Ling Yun swords can’t help Shook The Head, according to the previous time he personally participated in Black Horn Demon King action, you know that this matter will not be as simple, for them, despite unlimited opportunities, but also Hold a big crisis.

No one will be willing to see such a situation, as a genius of Giant Sword Lineage, he is naturally very worried about Qin Feng.

It is also a stronger Level if it is the source of these Dark Energy. For Qin Feng, this result is not so friendly.

and two people are now hiding in the dark, check the situation of Qin Feng and Lijiang Old Annestor.

immediately appeared at the time of can’t pay, and may give the dark Demon Race.

When Ling Yunjian said in his own mind, executing Elder is silent for a moment, and finally nodded.

Since they are now hidden in the dark, they naturally need to hide.

Wann Time Comes is not as simple as it, they will take hands in time.

Soon they are followed by Qin Feng and Lijiang Old Ancestor to come to a wasteland, this is not allowed to let Qin Feng frowned.

The Old Ancestor, the Lijiang River, said that it is true. The spatial coordinates inside are also likely to be disordered.

In his impression, the distance between the nine mountains does not seem to be so close, but now I suddenly came here, I obviously became a wasteland, I don’t know what happened, and here’s DARK ENERGY Unusually rich, no breath of any life, it seems that there should be some changes here, or if it is absolutely won’t be such a situation, even here, then the yin and yang Qixiang? This is a question in Qin Feng’s heart, and it must be clear.

It is obvious to be destroyed here. But there is no Life Aura.

Even those of these alien have died, at least what should I notice?

Qin Feng is very curious about this, what happened?

江 old ancestor said: “It seems that this is bad, Qin Feng, I think we will have a good time to fight, and the Dark Demon Race is always available. Maybe, don’t you feel their trace? “

Qin Feng does not help but Shook The Head, it is clear that there is no existence of dark Demon Race.

Just now, he has already asked the darkness of the darkness, and got a certain reply. There is no Dark Demon Race in the void battlefield, but this Dark Energy, it is really very Significant. It is important to be the root cause of the disorder of the void battlefield, but what is the meaning of Dark Demon Race? Just just release so many Dark Energy?

The Dark Energy here is very rich, and it is a big replenishment for the darkness of the dark.

He directly released the darkness of the dark, and enjoyed the Dark Energy here, Jossing two hours, it is only an absorption.

Qin Feng said: “Senior jiang, we now go to the Yinyang Seven Gang. Look at whether there is such a situation there, this is indeed very strange, even I don’t know what to do.”

Lijiang Old Annestor Nodded, since Qin Feng open, the two are now the location of Moved Towards.

But the hearts of the two have already emerged for a doubt, and if it is better, this will have no meaning.

In accordance with the movement of the spatial position, Qin Feng and Lijiang Old Annestor calculates the current range of yin and yang seven people. When the area is set, there is no trouble, otherwise, Really need to re-think about it.

and in fact their guess is also very correct, and then come to another direction. Quickly find the yin and yang seven position.

It is only a little different at this moment, although it is the same as the existence of Dark Energy, but is it internally?

The two are opposite each other, and it is not long before it is going to the entrance. A Formation moment appeared.

江 o o 不 得 得 得 得 奇 奇 特 特 特 特 特 特 特 特 太 太 太 太 太 太 太 太 太 太 微 微 微 微 微 微 微 微 微 微 微 微 微 微 微 微 微 微 微 微

The sleeve is gently, and this formation actually cracked.

It stands in front of them. The lead is actually a big man, the sheep, the big man, and the Tiger Head.

Both LOOKED AT Each Other in Blank Dismay, especially the alien, when they didn’t think that Qin Feng came here, as for the old man next to, they have never seen it, I will be Qin Feng’s elders .

“Qin Feng? How can you come here?” said the big man in the old man, but the eyes of the eyes revealed the color of a hint.

They have been in this past, relying on such form to slow down the time of Dark Energy intrusion.

It was originally thought that they had already had any rescue, but they did not expect Qin Feng to come to the void battlefield in the most critical moments, the only regret is that they have not seen their young main small gold, this is their day and night. The existence of missing, can lead their alien re-embrace.

Qin Feng also has some curiosity. It was originally thought that Nine families were robbed, but they did not expect people who have been with Yin and Yanyan, which is unexpected.

but in this way. Anti-power has been maintained, even in the void battlefield, Dark Energy is covered, but it is within an acceptable range.

then he said: “I have already talked with Black Dragon’s seven-A-Azong. This Time came in, I wanted to open the void battlefield, but Didn’t Expect he heard that it was disordered in the periphery. View the situation, fortunately, you are fine, I am relieved. Otherwise, I don’t know how to explain with Xiaojin. “

He also knows that the burden of Xiaojin is very heavy. If it is not necessary to turn off and improve the strength, I am afraid that Xiao Jin has already shouted.

Tiger head asked: “Qin Brother feng brother, I don’t know how our little owner is?”

The big man and the sheep and the sheep, the big man is also a vertical ear, and it is very concerned about the situation of the young master.

“You can rest assured that Xiaojin has entered the closure, this Time is also because I don’t want to bother to his Breakthrough, but I didn’t let him come over, but what is the reason for this? Do you? Is there any discovery? “Qin Feng is quite curiously asked.

As for the Lail River Old Ancestor, it is observed around.

This is not as simple as it is not imagined. If it is really going to say, there is no big problem.

In any case, there is no big negligence in this matter.

The Horn Dadon Shook The Head, followed by the original committee of things.

This happens in a few days ago, and it is in the space barrier. Since Qin Feng and Xiaojin left here, they have strictly prohibited to destroy space barriers, and there is no other problem.

Just a few days ago, from those space barriers suddenly came in a lot of Dark Energy, even if they didn’t work with Formation.

This Dark Energy seems to be toxic. Once they are infected, they will directly assain.

For the sake of insurance, the nine people came here to the Yin and Yang Seal, which avoided the loss of casualties.

and they have been waiting here to wait for the rescue, and the Formation of the Old Annestor of Lijiang River has not supported too long, but it seems that it seems that things will be turned, and it will have a vital role in them. , And did not think that Qin Feng came here at this key moment. What did they go out this time? Three people are very excited, what will I refuse?