Divine Soul Venerable Chapter 1401

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The outside of the outside is not talking. Lijiang Old Ancestor is a fixed part of formation, and re-running, the outside DARK Energy is not able to enter.

and everyone came to the Yin and Yang Qixian’s site, in this hall, Qin Feng has heard all things through.

It is very fast that it is filled with a quiet space, but everyone knows that this is the calm before RainStorm.

No one will be willing to encounter such a situation, which is obviously unimaginable.

Regardless of the final situation, as long as you can harvest, other things have nothing.

Today they came to come out to release these aliens, and the void battlefield will be completely unlocked.

The most important thing is the relationship between Black Dragon’s seven-Agre, before the Qin Feng, the Qin Feng, is already guaranteed. In this regard, you must not be able to make a message.

Now they must be unanimously in the dark Demon Race invasion, as for the fight? Everything has to wait until the Dark Demon Race is said.

Otherwise, he would rather violate the vows and continue to turn the alien to it, while injecting the World’s Spiritual Energy. Let them enhance their own realm.

Qin Feng said: “It turned out to be like this, but Black Dragon Seven MAIN SECT LORD Wanjuxin has promised that I will release you, but you must promise me one thing, you can’t come back, even You really resent Black Dragon’s seven mane and those who have their own doors, but also to wait until the end of the Dark Demon Race, you can count the grievances of the day, I don’t want to have any internal struggles during this time. This It is also your interest in the Lord. “

The three people can’t help but say, they don’t have That Many’s hatred for Black Dragon seven.

This is the practice of the year, let them have some disdainted That’s all, they really hate the vented ethnicity.

In order to seek the interests of survival, they do not hesitate to betray their main groups, so that the different is not necessary.

But since Qin Feng opened this mouth, this is also the meaning of young main kung gold, naturally need to let them obey.

and this is also something wrong. If you don’t do this, there will be no meaning.

牛 角 大汉 Nodded, said: “Qin Brother feng brother, this three people can do the master, this so-called Dark Demon Race harm our void battlefield, no matter how must you deal with them! Even more how With our strength, although Fleshy Body doesn’t have to worry, other aspects do need to make a bad trick, otherwise, we only equivalent TO is a big piece, nor is it what we are willing to see. “

He has said that the idea in his heart, no matter which situation, this seems not to be as simple.

Qin Feng Nodded, this is naturally not much to say, he also understands the situation of these aliens.

After this, it will naturally be able to take it for them.

“You can do it, you will be guaranteed by you, I have to do anything. I am doing you for you. Now we have to think about how to let you leave the void battlefield, because of these Dark Energy intervention, you want to leave I am afraid that it is not so simple, and I don’t know what the Dark Demon Race is doing. I am afraid that now the dark World’s place is happening. “Qin Feng could not help but Sighed, in him The impression seems to be a consistent style of Dark Demon Race, but there is no way.

This is not made to make them nodded, Qin Feng said that it is true that now I want to leave the void battlefield has become a big problem.

However, if you suddenly break all the space barriers, the problems existing will be larger.

Summary of various reasons, this has brought them an abnormal difficulty.

After Qin Feng looked at Lijiang Old Ancestor, this Senior’s means is so much. Perhaps there will be some way to let the interior of the void battlefield.

absorb a large number of World’s Spiritual Energy, forcibly enhance your strength, and then cooperate with the Medicine Pill of him to consolidate the Cultivation Base, it will not have too much anomalies.

This is also what he is very willing to see, just see that there is a means of 江 old ancestor!

After seeing the eyes of Qin Feng, the old three people did not hesitate to look at the Lijiang Old Ancestor next to it. The old breath is very introven, and the strength can be seen far more than they. , Didn’t Expect today’s Qin Feng also has such a Powerhouse Guarantee and protect, which looks like a young master is an extremely correct thing, and it is also possible to avoid a lot of trouble. And they also feel some new things.

That is that Qin Feng actually allows Black Dragon Seven MAIN SECT LORD, and puts them from the void battlefield.

If it is only a Qin Feng, which is Return to Origin Cultivation Base, I am afraid I can’t do this.

After all, people are a supreme powerhouse, why bother to listen to his opinion?

It is enough to explain that the back of Qin Feng has also supported the support of SuPreme Powerhouse, which can be added with the forces of the Supreme Powerhouse Completely Different.

This indicates that supreme powerhouse, that is, today’s Daoist’s adult, very much attention to Qin Feng.

They did not pay attention to this at least once, and they could not help but feel their own. More, I feel that I chose to believe that Qin Feng is a very correct thing.

and they also found a law, Qin Feng is a very good person who is very good for oneself.

There is a relationship with a small master small gold, it is good for them, at least no one is so angry.

At this moment, the Lail River Old Ancestor was medically thinking, then said: “This may have a different grasp, this point you must learn, I will arrange a space drainage, put your part of someone, this Just only one of them That’s ALL, these Dark Energy I have no way to solve, if these things are gone, it means that the void battlefield can also be reopened. So you can discuss it yourself, arrangement in space drainage After you can leave from the void battlefield. “

The three people look at each other, eventually NODDED.

It is very good to remove some people. They don’t expect other things.

At this time, there was a sudden union, Cup One fist in the Other Hand said: “Triple Patriarch, there are two unidentified people outside, have to break the form!”

The big man is not worth a glimpse, then let the image there will be.

When Qin Feng and Lijiang Old Ancestor see it. A weird color is found on the face.

How come two? Is the two Yang Senior Brothers personally let them come over? The heart of Qin Feng is thinking in this way.

“Let them come in, this is two Origin Realm High Order Powerhouse, it should be to protect me, your Formation is not too long.” Thinking here, Qin Feng said with a bitter smile.

The three people have been shocked after hearing, and Didn’t Expect Qin Feng has been mixed so well.

but he is still doing, how long does Ling Yunjian and the Star Robber’s executive Elder have come in.

“We have been following your darkness, but I feel that there is no Dark Demon Race in the battlefield, we come in.” Ling Yunjian said, but the heart is in the heart is SIGHED IN Relief.

At least this indicates that there is no other threat in this void battlefield, and Qin Feng will not encounter accidents.

This point is already very good for them, and there is no other more things to go to the speech.

and if they want to go out, I am afraid I still have to use the Lijiang Old Ancestor. With the absolute strength forced to break, it will make the inner space inside the void battle, which is not what they want.

But then the eyes of the old Ancestor of the Lijiang River, the more space drainage, the more energy injected. The more people who can enter or go out.

With his personal strength, perhaps only allows less different aliets, but if they have two people here, then people who can go out have a large half, and at least Divine Grade, once they arrive The outside world, crazy absorbed World’s Spiritual Energy, which will have quality leap in strength.

This is also a side of them being happy. If there is such a benefit, it will definitely not easily deliver.

Lijiang Old Ancestor told his idea in his heart, which is also to let Lingyunjian and the starry Robber execute Elder Nodded.

Now that is the core of Qin Feng as everything, it is in supportive attitude.

This is also very moving in the hearts of Qin Feng, but the heart of Three Great Clans is already very shocking, and has a excitement.

can now lead most of the Clansman left the void battlefield, only need to improve the Formation in this place, and you can hold a period of time, which can be encountered without a margin.

and you can also see their young main small gold after they have been outside, who will be willing to refuse?

is at least in their current situation, it will never reject.

Three people Cup One Fist in The Other Hand said in Qi: “Many Thanks! Many Thanks Qin Brother FENG Dish!”

This is the sincere discourse in their heart, if there is no such a chamber, I am afraid that they will be assimilated by Dark Energy sooner.

However, the heart of Qin Feng has always had some concerns, guess what is the true purpose of Dark Demon Race.

, but now only can solve these alien problems, and then Lijiang Old Ancestor hands snatch, and take a magical artifact, read incantation in the mouth, and a small Space Gate is open, but only space and It is not very stable, and the three people mutual NODDED, and they are injecting the energy on themselves, which is completely stable, and gradually become bigger, and the exports outside are outside the void battlefield.

After the Space Gate tends to be stable, this is also a smooth cold sweat on the forehead of the three majorization Origin Realm Powerhouse. They are not a space in space, but doing such a thing, nature is There is a certain consumption, which is also extremely normal for them.