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The sinister curse keeps lingering in Su Chen’s ear, and every character exudes evil and strange energy.


This is a curse from the goddess, unable to resist, can not be broken.


At least until today.


However, it is not valid for Su Chen.


The immortal essence of the burst directly scatters the curse of the goddess, and even pushes it out. The tide of immortal power and the divine power devour, unscrupulously swallowing and transforming the power of the opponent into its own nutrition.


The goddess of the night made a stern scream, the darkness spread, and the shadow of the shadow waved one after another.


With her screams, Divine Country at night also appeared.


Obviously facing the power of taboos, the goddess of night is no longer arrogant that she can sweep everything.


Divine Country roared, Divine Country fighters flocked out, cuddling with the undead to entangle the target.


But the goddess of night obviously does not know how the gods in the past died.


So when the Divine Country warrior was found unable to return to rebirth, the goddess of night had lost one-third of the believers.


This can scare her.


Due to the strong generality of Human Race and the high-pressure attack belief, although All Gods returned to the primordial world, the believers are still embarrassed, but there is no bottleneck in the world, and the strength can be restored to normal level. But the real support for them is still Divine Country. If all these faithful warriors die, the goddess of the night will also fall.


Divine Country was originally the strongest shield of All Gods, and the ultimate fortress, facing Su Chen, turned into a fatal flaw.


Realizing this, the goddess of night dared to release Divine Country and quickly ordered the Divine Country soldiers to retreat.


It’s just that Su Chen can’t wait until her weakness appears, and she will give her a chance.


Long drive straight into, the beasts of the beasts are fully launched, diffuse into the entire territory of Divine Country, and cover them with life.


The beasts of the beasts rushed to the faith warriors like a thunder.


In the sky, Torch Dragon dances wildly, and if the real Primordial Beast is in existence, a wave of primordial energy flames are sprayed out.


The goddess of the night is also anxious, the tide of darkness is constantly surging, desperately withdrawing from their own soldiers.


Both sides have played a real fire at this moment, and they are a life-and-death showdown, but the situation is obviously not good for the goddess of the night–the taste of the enemy being beaten by the enemy can be uncomfortable, and the number of Divine Country fighters is rapidly decreasing. The goddess of the night is also rapidly weakening.


At this moment, Su Chen saw a flower and found that he was no longer on the battlefield.


In front of it is a long street, surrounded by familiar scenes, clearly Northface City.


The snow in the sky is still falling, and several young children are laughing and playing on the side of the road. A carriage comes from a distant NN.


When the carriage was near, Su Chen saw that the driving was clearly Zhou Hong.


Through the curtain of the car, you can see a young figure and read a book.


That is… myself?


Is this the scene of my blind day?


Su Chen looked back and tried to find the old man, but he didn’t see the sly look. Instead, the carriage suddenly stopped.


Then Su Chen saw that the former self came out of the carriage and said something to himself.


Is he talking to himself?


What Su Chen realized, looked down.


Then he saw that he was the old man.


“Daddy…” Su Chen whispered: “It’s the ghost you made. Don’t break it!”








A broken word stirred up the sky and shattered the illusion.


Su Chen found herself still in the Divine Country of the Night Goddess, but this moment of embarrassment, but let the goddess of night withdraw a lot of Divine Country fighters.


He turned his head and looked at it with the Lord’s Lord of Illusions.


The other person’s eyes are cold, cruel and full of evil.


Is it you? !


Su Chen doesn’t know.


But he already knows that it was just a dream that took action to himself.


It is because of him that he has lost his chance to destroy the goddess of the night.


“Thank you, dream!” The goddess of the night sighed, and the difference between one thought, letting herself bury half of the soldiers, and almost collapsed. Looking at the illusion of a complex look, the goddess of the night converges.


If the dream of the Lord of Illusions is always so easy to use and always so timely, the goddess of night may indeed think that Lord of Illusions is the traitor.


But if the dream is really a traitor, then he should take action now.


However, he still stood on All Gods and fought for All Gods.


This makes All Gods unable to doubt.


The same doubt is Su Chen.


The mind of Human Ancestor re-emerged in his mind.


“kill him!”


Is he really not Human Ancestor?


If he is, then now, as long as the blow is made, All Gods will lose.


But the fact is that he did not, and even helped the goddess of the night to get rid of the predicament.


This makes Su Chen also somewhat unconfident.


No, if you are true, then I believe you will choose a good time to take action. If you are not… then kill it together.


At this point, Su Chen did not say much.


At this time, the goddess of night has taken all the Divine Country fighters away with the delay of the dream, and got rid of Su Chen’s manifestation.


However, once the status of the one-on-one is restored, the goddess of the night finds that she still has no chance of winning against Su Chen.


Su Chen in the Divine Transformation period is no weaker than the average god in strength.


But what is even more frightening is that Su Chen is not only a fairy, but also a god!


He looked at the goddess of the night and said softly: “Well, today, you really feel the taste of despair!”


With this talk, the goddess of the night found that the grass and trees in Divine Country were changing.


The tall sculptures, the trees in the garden, and even the temples of the hustle and bustle, have all come alive and turned into a strange and strange existence. If they stand up like life, they will make a huge roar in the air.


“What is this?” The goddess of the night made a terrified scream.


Let the dead have life, this is the power that God has never had, perhaps the god of life that has already fallen can do something, but it can’t be like this.


This is Su Chen’s Conferring Divinity principle.


Su Chen is in the power of the principle, condensing his own Conferring Divinity, but he has never used it in combat, and more is to cast a variety of powerful shackles before the war to form a legion.


For example, the squadron that is now fighting the Lord of Fire Swords is the role of his Managing Divinity principle.


For the first time, Su Chen used it in combat, and it was so super-large that it directly transformed the Divine Country of the Night Goddess.


The goddess of night only withdrew the Divine Country fighters, but did not withdraw Divine Country. After all, Divine Country itself had a protective effect on the goddess of the night, but did not expect Su Chen to directly conduct the Diving Country’s Contribution Divinity.


This scene completely shocked the goddess of the night and shocked other All Gods.


Divine Country is activated and turned into an army of endless monsters.


The most frightening thing is that these monsters are built from the material in Divine Country. They have powerful divine power, which is not a divine item. It is even more powerful by Conferring Divinity. The huge monster army rushed out, each with the power of anger.


The tide of darkness swept through, but this monster army, with Su Chen’s sacred manifestation, constitutes an indisputable trend.


This time, the goddess of night can no longer stop, the tide of darkness directly collapsed under the tide of the Conferring Divinity and the tide of the beasts.


The most horrible thing is that even the Divine Country warriors couldn’t be shaped because of the Divine Country transformation, and they were forced out again.


The goddess of the night wants to hide in Tibet.


The offensive tide swept through the Divine Country fighters and instantly vanished them.


Without Divine Country, they can’t resurrect even without the beasts.


“Do not!!!”


The goddess of the night screams with horror.


The darkness sweeps the world, leaving the entire sky bleak.


But even if she encourages the situation, she can’t change the fate of defeat.




Slaying God Stab poked her forehead for the first two hundred and two hundred times.


The hollow of the eyebrows releases the boundless darkness and gradually disappears in this ultimate black.


The goddess of the night, fallen.


Su Chen gently slammed his hand and a Godhead fell into his hands.


“Good baby, take it!” Su Chen waved, and the Godhead shards were divided into fourteen brilliance, falling into the hands of fourteen people, including Gu Qingluo, Zhu Xianyao, Ye Fenghan, Le Feng, and Cloud Leopard. The size is different, but these fourteen people use it, but every god has released Shengshi Guanghua.


It was Su Chen who calculated the amount and made each of them just promote.


Fourteen to the light column broke through the sky, and fourteen powerful forces sprang out.


Gu Qingluo took the lead in completing the promotion and quickly flew to Su Chen: “Fei Jun, I was promoted!”


She was originally a Golden Core period. This time she was promoted, but she successfully broke through to Yuan Ying.


Then Zhu Xianyao also flew over, and the beauty turned, and said: “Fei Jun, I also promoted.”


“So best, you go to deal with Sky Goddess, I will solve the dream.” Su Chen said that he had already flown to Lord of Illusions.


Sky City is the violent Lord, the squadron against the Lord of Fire Swords, leaving Human Race against Lord of Illusions, the goddess of the moon, Sky Goddess and the beast god, the most stressful, all relying on the number of people.


However, this also really shows the power of Human Race today.


One after another, the Human Race cultivator flew up in the sky, and if the hustle and bustle swarmed, the moths rushed to the fire.


Although the Four Gods are so powerful, they find that they face a fierce and tenacious wave that never shrinks. And this wave of hidden fangs, sharp teeth, fierce giant sharks, can bite you at any time.


In a difficult and difficult battle, the Human Race cultivator was a huge casualty, and the Four Gods felt awkward.


The fall of the goddess of night undoubtedly brought an important turning point for this war of God.


Su Chen flew straight to the Lord of Illusions, and the sacred beasts reappeared directly to the Lord of Illusions.


“Su Chen!”


Lord of Illusions is rumbling.


“Yes, I am coming,” Su Chen replied.


He looked at the Lord of Illusions and his eyes looked complicated: “Since you don’t want to be in shape, then I have to force you to appear.”


The Lord of Illusions was surprisingly silent, and then said: “Have he said to you, if you see me, what should I do?”


“He told me to kill you,” Su Chen replied.


“That’s it.” Lord of Illusions sighed: “He used to hate this identity?”


Su Chen heard what he meant: “So, he is indeed you, you are indeed him, right?”


Upon hearing this, Lord of Illusions sneered: “Do you know what a dream is?”


Su Chen.


Lord of Illusions has said: “Dream, the thoughts of the day, the night is lost. It is true false, disorderly thoughts, but also the opposite of the self!”


“The opposition of the self?” Su Chen’s heart suddenly felt something: “He and you are two sides? Which one are you?”


The expression of Lord of Illusions suddenly screamed: “It is the existence of your life! Eternal dreams!”


Next moment, Su Chen turned around in the blink of an eye, nowhere in the body.






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