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Turning around, the sea is sang.


The scene in front of Su Chen suddenly changed, and I found myself in an empty and desolate world, surrounded by dead silence.


Only a magnificent and magnificent presence in the distance attracts Su Chen’s attention.


“Human Ancestor!” Su Chen said gently.


That is awesomely Human Ancestor.


He is sitting there and laughing at himself.


“Sure enough, you are in the body of a dream, you are a dream.” Su Chen said gently.


Human Ancestor shook his head gently: “Things are not what you think. Dreams are dreams, I am me, we are not the same existence, at least not at first.”


“Not at first?” Su Chen stunned.


Human Ancestor nods: “As you know, my ancestor, the first human race, and my existence, is actually a taboo.”


Su Chen knows this: “Our Human Race’s has great potential.”


Human Ancestor nodded: “The big to be beyond imagination. Human Race is the life created by the Lord of Time, the Lord of Life and the first Death God. At that time, what they wanted was the way to find eternal life, Human Race, It is one of the ways they lead to this goal.”


“Do they not have the way to believe?”


Human Ancestor shook his head gently: “Not enough. Faith is also high and low, the higher the life, the stronger the power of faith, the better the strength of All Gods.”


For this reason, All Gods has been working to create a stronger life to believe in oneself and to bring a stronger faith.


Many wise races were created in this situation.


All Gods found that the higher the wisdom, the more pious the faith, the greater the potential, the stronger the faith.


Therefore, they continue to create a strong life, and even do not hesitate to integrate into the characteristics of some gods.


Human Race is created in this situation.


They have the same shape as God, without the power of God, but with endless potential, they can sprout their inner self.


But even the gods of Time and other gods did not expect that Human Race’s potential far exceeded their imagination.


After the Human Race grew, the immortal power system gradually developed.


Self-promotion is always licensed by All Gods, because the stronger it is, the stronger the faith.


But when the strength of Human Race reached a certain level, All Gods found that their immortal power could turn to Divine Transformation and even devour divine power and use divine power as their own nutrition.


This made them panic.


The Human Race, after having a strong immortal power, is gradually arrogant.


They gradually no longer follow the advice of All Gods, and no longer believe in All Gods. Because cultivation is the self-cultivation, the basic element of the practice of immortality is to believe in oneself and run counter to the All Gods.


So the difference between God and man is getting bigger and bigger, and All Gods finally decided to eradicate mankind.


It was a war in ancient times.


Human Race, which has the power of Immortal, has already qualified for the battle with All Gods.


But unfortunately they still failed.


Although immortal power is strong, it is a new force. After all, it is a powerful old-fashioned force. After all, it is a new force that has not yet had time to grow into a towering tree.


After defeating Human Race, All Gods did not destroy Human Race, but sealed their power, so that they could no longer use immortal power in life, and Human Race turned to the source system. They went hard and long. Very incomparable.


But there is one person who has escaped this fate, and that is the ancestor of man.


As the earliest Human Race, Human Ancestor has a powerful power. He is not a god, but the closest to God.


Despite the failure, Human Ancestor was not willing to do all this, trying to find life.


Human Race vs. All Gods is not all pressed.


Some unfortunate, inferior spirits have also been defeated and even killed by the Human Race.


Lord of Illusions is one of them.


At that time, Lord of Illusions was not qualified to use the name of the Lord, just a lower god of the ordinary, Dream God. Being able to travel through life in dreams, to dreams of all kinds, to steal some of the subconscious of people and other creatures, to nourish themselves.


Its body is a pirate tree, which grows into a god, and every fruit that comes out is Dream Spirit.


Dream God at that time was also more pure, just like dreams and dreams.


Until he met Human Ancestor.




The ancients were ancient.


Some of the Human Races wearing animal skins and holding stone axes are rushing back. Although they are poorly equipped and ragged, they look like barbarians, but each one exudes a powerful momentum.


They walked fast through the mountains and looked for something.


Until a cheer: “Found, he is there!”


The wilderness Human Race has rushed over.


Not far from the forest, a god is lying on the ground, the golden blood is flowing, and it has gathered into a golden blood pond.


The god is still breathing, but he can’t climb.


“All Gods!” A wilderness Human Race screamed in anger and rushed to the ground.


The divine light appeared on the gods, but the white light flashed on the axe. The divine power shield couldn’t stop the stone axe and was hit on the divine power armor. The giant force penetrated the armor and splashed a blood mark.


“Áo!” The god made a painful cry: “No, I am God, I should not die here!”


He made a desperate roar.


But those big wilderness Human Races, regardless of the axe, fell awkwardly, and they wanted to smash the god alive to vent their resentment.


“let me off, I beg you, I am Dream God, I can give you endless power, eternal blessings, soft dreams!” Dream God screamed, the instinct to survive made him pity.


“You can’t give us anything!” The wilderness Human Race returns to the cold words.


“Damn, bastard! You guys damn Human Race, you are dead, you are dead!” Dream God screamed.


“Yes, we are dead.” The headed Human Race responded: “We have lost this war. But even if we lose, we must lose our dignity, have a good spirit, and pull these damn gods into the water!” ”


“That doesn’t make any sense! It’s better to sneak up and die when you fight to death. I know that All Gods doesn’t intend to kill you. They just want to seal your strength so that you can never use the power of this taboo again. “Dream God turned and pleaded, and he pleaded for a while, and his face was extremely fast.”


The headed Human Race sneered: “What does it mean to live like that? I am willing to die!”


“But at least live, there is hope, isn’t it? If it’s dead, then there is really no hope.” Dream God continued to stir his lips.


A headed by Human Race.


Then he shook his head: “You can’t help me.”


Continue to attack.


“No, no, I can help you! I can help you keep at least one seed! A seed!”


“What seed?” Everyone was a glimpse, and the headed Human Race raised their hands and everyone stopped.


Dream God Express: “The seed of hope. Don’t you want to be sealed? Then, as long as you are willing to give up this form, I can help him grow again.”


“How to grow?”


“Become a fruit of mine, one of my Dream Spirit. Enter my body, my dream, survive there. There is a world that belongs to me, no god will find it.”


Everyone laughed: “This is simply an idiot, how can it be.”


Dream God hurriedly said: “This is really achievable. As long as you are willing to enter my dream, you will be sealed in my dreams. Until one day, he will grow up again and leave me.”


“So, your body is our new cage?” Everyone disdains.


“This is the best way to protect you!” Dream God said seriously: “If you don’t believe it, you can clean up the memory of my time. I don’t know that you are in my body, and you can’t harm you.” ”


Human Race Do not believe.


But at the time, the headed Human Race was hesitant.


Because he found that this is at least an opportunity.


Human Race has been defeated, the fate of the defeat has been set, in order to reserve some hope seeds for Human Race, in fact, what opportunities are to try.


Although Dream God is ridiculous and incredible, it is because of ridiculous and incredible, but it proves that there is a possibility of realization. Because if he lie, he can actually sprinkle better and accept more.


Only real, you do not need to consider the ability to accept.


Realizing this, the headed Human Race decided to give it a try.


In the end, the leader of Human Race tried it for himself, while others looked for other ways.


In order to survive, for the continuation of race, they need to find every possible, every method.


In this way, he gave up himself, entered the body of Dream God, successfully became a small seed on Dream God’s stolen tree, and Dream God was cleaned up.


Dream God, who lost this memory, didn’t know that she had a deal with Human Race, only that she was seriously injured.


He dragged his injured body back to his place and began to heal.


After that, the Human Race was completely settled, and the remaining Human Race was sealed, and the forbidden power could not be used forever.


But no one knows, there is a Human Race that exists completely and exists in the body of a god.


In this way, time has passed for tens of thousands of years.




“So, later, you became Lord of Illusions?” Su Chen asked: “What caused all of today?”


“No, that’s just the beginning, far from the end.” Human Ancestor sighed and replied: “The real story is still behind.”






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