Doomsday Emperor of Infinite Evolution Chapter 407


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For Feng Yunjian, Luo Haifeng and Tang Hao, they are also quite satisfied. First of all, it is naturally because of the tribulations. There is absolutely no problem with the character of the two. Second, the innate talents of the two are good. “Castle”, the battle strength is now absolutely top-notch.

“Haha, it is an honor for Tang Hao to get two Generals, please, please!” Tang Hao said with a big smile, bowing and picking up the two by himself.

The two were overjoyed when Tang Hao agreed.

“Boss, these evolution crystals don’t need to be given to us. To be honest, Old Luo and I hope that you can pat our shoulders on our shoulders if necessary!” Feng Yunjian said with a smile.

Tang Hao smiled: “Old Feng, you and Old Luo can think clearly about this. If you two really decide to take the route of Xiaohao and Wenbing, then I am afraid that there will be no evolutionary crystal in the future. Even if there is, my suggestion is that you try to distribute it to the people below, and the future promotion will be entirely up to me!”

Feng Yunjian and Luo Haifeng looked at each other together, and they both saw joy in each other’s eyes. Sure enough, the leader possessed that kind of sky-defying skill, no, it was Gods Vestige!

With the leader Gods Vestige, what more evolution crystals are there?

Of course, it’s refreshing to directly upgrade with a pat on the shoulder!

The two moved towards Tang Hao and bowed and said: “Don’t think about it, we are just like Xiaohao and Brother Wenbing!”

Tang Hao nodded: “Okay! So, let me take these 20 Evolution Crystals. You will get ten of these 20 Evolution Crystals first. You don’t need them. There are a group of people who want to use them. Qingcheng, do you have any other evolution crystals in your hand? Yun Yan, Yun Yan, give me a batch of evolution crystals, how many! How many do you have? Then take four hundred! Give Old Feng and Old Luo one person Two hundred!”

Tang Hao gave Feng Yunjian and Luo Haifeng two hundred and ten Evolution Crystals each!

Tang Hao not at all immediately raise the evolution level of Feng Yunjian and Luo Haifeng!

Both of them are already level seven powerhouses, and then they will be level eight!

But now in Xia Country, apart from the three Tang Hao and the Luo Haihu who left before, there is no natural eighth level evolver!

Tang Hao is currently unsure, because the appearance of the four of them will lead to a new round of butterfly effects!

You know, in previous life, Tang Hao has struggled to survive in the last days for nearly two years. There is no eight-level powerhouse in Xia Country. Even the seven-level powerhouse has only seventeen trifling people!

And this life, half a year is still four days away. There are already four eight-level powerhouses. I am afraid that there are hundreds of seven-level powerhouses in Xia Country, which is far beyond the previous life!

Tang Hao This will quickly spawn a batch of eight-level powerhouses, which will most likely trigger the second wave butterfly effect!

Because of this, Tang Hao did not immediately raise the evolution level of Feng Yunjian and Luo Haifeng.

Tang Hao should take a good look at the next period of time, not to mention the observation of the entire blue star, at least have a good look at the changes in Xia Country, and then decide whether to choose to increase the evolution level of Qian Muxue, Ye Qingcheng and the others!

As the official position entered the prefecture, now, Tang Hao can directly use the evolution of civil and military officials to increase the number of members to 16 people, and before that, Tang Hao has only increased by 13 people after counting Shen Wenbing. This means that there are now three new places! Even if Feng Yunjian and Luo Haifeng take up two, they still reserve the next place!

As long as Tang Hao wants to, he can upgrade these dozens of members to the eighth evolver in minutes.


With the success of Tang Hao and other seven people, the strange “old castle” in the valley has also disappeared! Not only is the outer wall cover gone, but there is no trace of the “old castle” even inside!

The whole thing is full of “weird!”

But Tang Hao knew that everything they experienced was not dreamy, because there were still more than two hundred zombies and corpses of mutant dogs, mutant beasts, and mutant birds in his system warehouse!

Smoke zombie, lava zombie, and even the dead capital of the most powerful “saber” zombie!

These must not be faked!

Another weird thing is that there is still a “Magic Cave Key!” in the system warehouse. Tang Hao took a closer look and finally determined that it should be the recess that he placed behind the gate of the “Castle”. The magic cave key in the slot! I don’t know when, but I returned to the system warehouse.

Although all traces of the strange “old castle” in the ancient times have disappeared, Tang Hao chose to keep the simple camp in front of the stone cliff!

Luocheng base, officially called Taoyuan Luocheng base, became Tang Hao’s fourth base!

The base is still managed by Luo Haifeng and Feng Yunjian!

The simple camp in front of the stone cliff is guarded by Shen Wenbing and Jiang Cheng, with some of the Azure Dragon warhead, White Tiger warhead and dragon team members.

Although all traces of the “mysterious castle” in this valley are gone, Tang Hao has a hunch that it won’t be long before strange things will happen here!

Hearing Tang Hao’s words, Shen Wenbing said immediately that he was willing to stay and guard this valley!

In the evening.

A long convoy left the Taoyuan Luocheng base and moved towards Taoyuan base!

In the Saber-Toothed Tiger armored vehicle at the beginning, Tang Hao drove with one hand and held Ye Qingcheng’s slender hand tightly with the other.

Ten o’clock at night!

Taoyuan Base, on the newly renovated Grand Plaza in front, brightly lit!

Qian Muxue, Ouyang Mimi, Yuan Jun, Dai Guoqiu, Tan Li, Qin Yunshan, Chen Jun, Wang Shaoping and many other high-level officials almost all stood and saw Tang Hao coming down from Saber-Toothed Tiger!

In an instant, there was thunderous applause in the square, and shouts rang out like the sky!

A quarter of an hour later, in the wide Conference Hall, Tang Hao briefly heard the four-month report of the senior executives. Then, Tang Hao threw out a batch of seven-level zombie and six-level mutant beasts!

The meeting is over, it’s half past midnight!

Go back to Qian Muxue’s air house, after washing up, it is already one o’clock in the morning!

A long-term goodbye wins a newlywed, let alone four months!

This night, Tang Hao and Qian Muxue were lingering and tossed for a night! It wasn’t until 7 o’clock in the morning on the 2nd day that Qian Muxue went to sleep with a sweet smile!

This night, it’s not just Tang Hao!

Zhang Xiaohao also got his wish and embraced the beauty!

Stay overnight in Jiang Yiying’s boudoir!

The two had only confirmed the relationship before, and Zhang Xiaohao and Tang Hao Qiqi were trapped in the weird “old castle”. It took four full months to leave. This incident made Jiang Yiying understand that there is no need to be reserved, and the happiness in hand must be firmly grasped! In the last days, we must enjoy the present!

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