Doomsday Emperor of Infinite Evolution Chapter 408


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Tang Hao walks in the spacious and bright Underground City. The spirit of Qin Yunshan next to it is introduced. “This is the 3rd floor of the first phase of Underground City. This floor is currently temporarily occupied by the logistics department, internal affairs department, R&D department and The four major departments of the Ministry of Health!……”

Qin Yunshan’s plan is very large and detailed. For the first phase of Underground City, 7-Layer was designed. The permanent population of 120,000, the most expert scale design of 500,000 in wartime!

Now the entire first phase of Underground City has been constructed to the 5th floor, and the upper three floors are already in operation! The first 2-Layer is mainly for barracks, weaponry, and combat personnel. The 3rd floor is for the medical and health department and the logistics department. Originally, the 4th floor is for the R&D department, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other departments. The 5th and 6th 7-Layer is for residents, schools, hospitals, Training and protection departments!

The entire Taoyuan Base, the Underground City construction is divided into three phases, the design scale has a permanent population of 500,000, and the most expert scale design of 2 million in wartime will be completed within two years!

Currently, the Underground City has built two entrances and exits, one is located in Daping in front of Taoyuan Hotel, and the other is located six ten meters away from the main entrance of the base.

Except that the construction of Underground City has begun to take shape!

The surrounding walls have been completed a long time ago. Many places are built on mountains, and they are undulating and spectacular!

The most striking thing is that two giant fortresses were built on each of the mountain peaks on both sides, the front door, the mountainside, and two giant fortresses. The eight giant fortresses are like eight giant beasts firmly guarding Taoyuan base.

Each fort is equipped with two heavy machine guns and four light machine guns. There are 150 elite soldiers guarded all year round. In the event of a war, the members of the base can quickly enter the fort for reinforcements, up to a maximum of each fort. Accommodate six hundred soldiers.

In the four months of Tang Hao’s disappearance, the Taoyuan Base was not silent under the leadership of Qian Muxue, and all aspects of the business were carried out very well. At least in Tang Hao’s view, there are many places beyond him. His expectations were better than he expected!

Even Tang Hao was born, even if he is there, I am afraid that he can only do this at best!

Taoyuan base, the population has soared from early 20,000 to 100,000!

The number of evolver has reached more than 22,800! It has already exceeded 4:1. This ratio is still second to none among the large bases in Xia Country.

Under the leadership of Academician Tan Li, the research and development department has now formed four categories of genetic medicines, namely 1, 2, 3, and 4. The highest level 4 evolver can be cultivated!

Taoyuan base alone, the number of level 4 and above evolver has exceeded 5,000, reaching 5127 people!

Even if you don’t count Tang Hao, Zhang Xiaohao, Shen Wenbing, these three eight-level powerhouses!

Taoyuan base, strong in battle strength, is also among the best in the large bases in Xia Country.

This is not only because Qian Muxue, Ouyang Mimi, Yuan Jun and other powerhouses are strong, but also because of the large number of level 4 and above elite evolver, weapons and equipment also occupy an extremely important factor!

Speaking of weapons and equipment, the Ordnance Department headed by Zheng Yu and Yuan Jianguo, these four months have also been fruitful!

Three bullet production lines have already been put into operation!

Today, everyday all can produce 36,000 bullets.

In the warehouse, more than one million bullets are stored.

The source energy firearms, source energy weapons, including source energy equipment, flying feather boots, are not only equipped with Qian Muxue and other high-level personnel, but even middle-level personnel are equipped with a considerable part!

5127 elite evolver, more than 70% of the members, have at least one source energy equipment in their hands or on their bodies.

With this time, Tang Hao returned and brought back a large number of high-level zombies, the corpses of high-level mutant creatures. With the enthusiasm and efficiency of the scientific research madmen of the Scientific Research Department and the Ordnance Department, I am afraid that within ten days, the base The elite evolver of Level 4 and above can have at least one source energy equipment.

“The leader!” Vice-section Head of R&D Department Cheng Yang hurried over!

“Something?” Tang Hao immediately asked when he saw the opponent’s posture.

“We have made some new discoveries in the few evolution crystals that you gave the leader, but there are too few samples at present, do you still have that kind of evolution crystals, leader?” Cheng Yang was not polite and said directly .

“Yes! Of course!” Tang Hao smiled!

Many things in the castle are quite mysterious, the flow of time, there are new types of zombies, zombies, mutant beasts within the body, and the evolutionary crystal energy is much higher than the outside world. Because of this, after Tang Hao came back, he did not at all immediately give the evolution crystals he collected to Qian Muxue and the others, but took out some immediately and gave it to Tan Li, so that Tan Li could study it!

Unexpectedly, after only one night, the Tan Li team made some new discoveries!

Looking at Tang Hao casually pulling out a full twenty silver white evolution crystals the size of thumbs, Tan Li’s eyes flickered and said: “Boss, how many such evolution crystals are in your hand?”

“There are more than one hundred and seventy!”

Tan Li’s spirits shook: “These evolution crystals are best not to be taken directly for the time being. Give us three days and we should be able to develop the fifth-generation genetic evolution agent. If you are lucky, Level 4 evolver may only It takes one shot to reach the fifth level!”

“The fifth-generation gene evolution agent? How many pieces of this evolution crystal can make a dose of the fifth-generation evolution agent?” Tang Hao solemnly asked. For the evolutionary crystals of the seventh-level zombie and the sixth-level mutant within the body in the castle, Tang Hao already has a rough data. He has to judge how much efficiency is improved by using these to make a gene purifying agent.

“One, this kind of evolution crystal only needs one, and maybe even one dose of the fifth generation gene evolution agent can be made without one. Of course, this is only the main material, we also need to add other evolution crystals and other Supplementary materials!”

One, or even one, can be made?

In other words, if the batch of evolution crystals in your hand are all made into genetic medicine, at least two hundred fifth-level evolver can be created!

Tang Hao frowned slightly!

This number is not small, but Tang Hao is not very satisfied!

Because the batch of evolution crystals in his hand, if it is used to upgrade the seventh-level evolver, almost four seventh-level evolver can reach the eighth level!

Today’s battle, super powerhouse is the decisive factor!

To be honest, if it is an eight-level powerhouse, one person can kill a five-level evolver team with a hundred people.

So, even though you can create two hundred five-level evolver, this number is quite large, but the real effect is not as good as two eight-level powerhouses, or even four and five seven-level powerhouses.

“The fifth-generation gene evolution agent cannot stop at spawning the fifth-level evolver, but should be higher. Yes, the fifth-level, sixth-level, and even the seventh-level evolver can be effectively improved! For example, one shot can Upgrade Level 4 evolver to Level 5 evolver, three doses will upgrade Level 5 evolver to Level 6, and six doses and seven doses will upgrade Level 6 evolver to Level 7.” Tang Hao said solemnly!

“Do you mean that the latest generation of gene evolution agents should be taken across levels and can evolve evolver above Level 4?”


“Let’s study this, but, in this case, I’m afraid the development time will be longer!”

“It’s okay for a longer time. As long as the research and development is successful, we can launch a seven-level evolver in batches!” Tang Hao said with a smile.

Let’s think about the future for a while, I will pull out a team, all seven or even eight powerhouse, what a shock it will be!

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