Doomsday Emperor of Infinite Evolution Chapter 409


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“bang!” A sniper bomb flew out, accurately striking a stone as big as a human head that fell 1,200 meters away! All split up and in pieces!

The scene of the flying stones was clearly seen by Liu Li through the observation mirror. Liu Li did not hesitate to thumb up his Captain next to him and praised: “Team Peng, strong, too strong Now, not only the accuracy is improved, but the formidable power is also greater!”

Peng Lingyue got up, patted the gun in her hand, with a bright smile on her face: “It goes without saying that now, the baby in my hand is the real source energy sniper rifle! I’m not that good. What is really powerful is the sniper rifle in the hands of Ye Bu and Dai Bu. They are powerful, bronze quality! The ultimate shooting distance is as high as 3,000 meters! One shot down, the sixth level zombie will be blown.”

Three thousand meters, the sixth-level zombie was bombed with one shot!

When I heard the words of his own Captain, Liu Li also directly opened wide!

It took a long time before spitting out: “Damn! Do you want to be abnormal?”

Peng Lingyue slapped Liu Li with a slap: “You brat, who is it!”

“cough cough, Captain, I am scolding, I am envious.” Liu Li shrank his neck: “The leader is so awesome. It’s only been two days since he came back. Not only the Minister Vice-section Head, they all Putting on a brand new source energy equipment, even Captain you, this weapon has been directly upgraded? is it possible that the leader really has some magical skills that become gold?”

“The leader is not awesome, is it still a leader? You have never seen a leader show off, but I have seen it with my own eyes, the battle strength, tsk tsk, it is not too much to say that it is Heavenly God! The big sister is very difficult To deal with, Mimi Young Lady, Qingcheng Young Lady, they are very difficult to deal with, Minister Yuan Jun, the Dai Department of the Ministry of Training and Insurance, they are all strong, but no matter how strong they are, if they meet the leader, they will all stop cooking! The leader is talented. It is our base, no, it is the strongest in our entire Zhongxia, there is no one!”

“Better than Minister Yuan Jun, and stronger than Mimi Young Lady!” Liu Shuo swallowed, unable to imagine how powerful the leader is today!

Liu Shuo only joined the base three months ago. He has very good eyes and is an excellent sniper observer!

Currently at Level 4 evolver Early-Stage, I served as Peng Lingyue’s observer one and a half months ago.

Peng Lingyue has already grown into an excellent sniper!

The fifth-level evolver Peak cultivation base, an accurate sniper skill, is recognized as being able to rank in the top five of the entire Taoyuan base!

The top four are the real core high-level managers of the base, and they are all powerhouses at the Vice-section Head level! First: Ye Qingcheng, second: Dai Guoqiu, the top two rankings are not at all suspense! Almost everyone agrees with this ranking.

The third and the fourth are really difficult to distinguish. Half of them think that Zheng Yu should be on the ground. The fourth is Chen Fang!

But the other half of the members are just the opposite, insisting that Chen Fang is the third and Zheng Yu is the fourth.

And Lingyue Peng ranked fifth, which is almost universally recognized. Many people even think that if Lingyue Peng can reach the sixth level and reach the same evolutionary level as Zheng Yu and Chen Fang, I am afraid that a considerable number of members think that Lingyue Peng is even Can be ranked third.

But Lingyue Peng knew that even if his evolutionary level reached a higher level and entered the sixth evolver, it would be almost impossible to surpass Minister Zheng Yu and Chen Fang’s Vice-section Head!

When you reach their level of sniper powerhouse, you know that others have entered the High Rank one step earlier than you. The familiarity with the skills and the overall physical fitness will be a big improvement. This improvement gap is difficult to pass. Later training to make up.

This is what powerhouse often says: “One step first, one step first. It is extremely difficult to reverse it.”

Peng Lingyue is actually very, very satisfied to be able to sit firmly in the top five of the base sniper list!


Tang Yunfei body moved, his whole body turned into an afterimage, swiping through the mountains and forests at high speed, the flying feather boots under his feet shone with a faint halo, so fast! Haha, this is the real source energy equipment, this speed, leverage!

Not far away, Xu Chengyun, stepping on the seven-star step, walking with the knife, blade light Huo Huo, the long knife in his hand is not simple, but of bronze quality!

Among the Vice-section Heads, only two currently have bronze-quality weapons, and Xu Chengyun is one of them. The other one is Shen Wenbing!

The bronze quality long knife of Shen Wenbing was upgraded by Tang Hao in the castle. After it came out, Xu Chengyun was the first member of the Vice-section Head level to receive a bronze quality weapon. This is a great honor. You know, there are still many weapons in the base that are not of bronze quality.

Since Xu Chengyun joined the Taoyuan base, instead of being a little slack because of his high position, he has been even more desperate, rushing to the forefront in several battles!

Today’s Black Tortoise War Department, Xu Chengyun, has truly become the second only to minister-Wu Yong’s No. 2 figure in the Black Tortoise War Department. Tang Hao is absolutely not stingy with his powerful men, you What kind of reward will you get for how much you contribute!

And Tang Hao’s reward this time is to upgrade weapons and equipment for a group of elite high-level staff!

Standard, black iron quality, or weapon, or Battle Armor, or boots!

In the original base, the level 4 or above elites equipped with source energy weapons and equipment were all upgraded by Tang Hao. This upgrade took Tang Hao nearly three days! Consume all the source energy materials in the system! The corpses of the “creatures” in the four-headed castle and the corpses of hundreds of zombies above Level 4 in the base were also converted to upgrade all the weapons and equipment worn by everyone.

Of course, Ninety-nine percent of the weapons are black iron quality, which is truly bronze quality. Except for Tang Hao, Zhang Xiaohao, and Shen Wenbing, Tang Hao only made 20 pieces this time.

Taoyuan base is divided into ten pieces, and the remaining ten pieces, Tang Hao plans to equip the Taoyuan Pudong base and Taoyuan Suzhou base, five pieces for a family.

Ten pieces from Taoyuan Base: Ye Qingcheng and Dai Guoqiu, each is a bronze quality sniper rifle.

Yuan Jun, Zhao Yimiao, Wu Yong, Chen Jun, and Xu Chengyun are all long swords that are the source of bronze quality.

Ouyang Mimi, Jiang Yiying, and Qian Muxue are all bronze quality short swords!

Qian Muxue directly gave his short sword to Ouyang Mimi, making Ouyang Mimi the only person in the entire base with two bronze quality weapons!

Even Tang Hao himself has only one “Demon swinging sword” that has achieved bronze quality, and “Demon swinging wolf fang club” is still of black iron quality.

Tao Yong, Shi Tuo, Xu Guangming, Zhao Hai, Zhao Yu, Mu Wenying, Chen Fang, Wang Tao, Pang Hu, Li Li and many other battle strength amazing Vice-section Heads, although they do not have bronze quality weapons, But black iron quality weapons, matched with black iron quality Battle Armor or flying feather boots, the increase in battle strength is also not to be underestimated.

This batch of source energy equipment is upgraded!

Taoyuan Base’s battle strength immediately improved a lot!

As everyone is enthusiastically familiar with the brand-new source energy weapon, when the source energy is equipped, the sun sets and night falls!

A blood moon slowly emerged in the night sky!

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