Doomsday Emperor of Infinite Evolution Chapter 457


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Whis the long knife, directly cut the two six-level zombies in front of them into two!

At this moment, Tang Hao is only seven more than a hundred meters away from the core zombie high-level circle headed by “Screaming Witch”!

“du!” The new communicator on Tang Hao’s left wrist vibrated slightly!

Tang Hao’s eyes flashed with joy.

This is the signal that he and Mimi have agreed long ago!

This means that Mimi has successfully arrived at the attack location and can launch an attack at any time!

The height of the eighth-level iron arm is over ten meters, and the screaming witch sitting on the shoulder of the eighth-level “iron arm”! The overall height is also more than ten meters, and the head must be severed. This means that Ouyang Mimi has to leap more than nine meters in height!

Under the guards of several eighth-level zombies and a dozen late-stage Peak zombies at level seven, they have to jump up to a height of more than nine meters and perform one strike certain kill, even for Ouyang Mimi. Not an easy and easy thing!

So we need the tacit cooperation between Tang Hao and Ouyang Mimi!

The thorns danced violently, driving the surrounding zombies to fly back.

Next moment!

The bronze-quality flying feather bow appeared in Tang Hao’s left hand, and an alloy long arrow appeared in the right hand!

Take an arrow and open a bow!

Three-quarters of the bow! Seven more than a hundred meters, there is no need to bow like a full moon, three-quarters of the bow is enough.


The bowstring sounded, and the first alloy long arrow was shot out!

In the next instant, the second alloy long arrow was also shot out quickly. Following that, Tang Hao’s third alloy long arrow hit the bowstring. At the moment of shooting, the finger deflected slightly, Keng, the third arrow Ya also burst out!

Three arrows in one second, this is the ultimate Tang Hao can do!

This is because Tang Hao possesses the skill [Generic Weapon Proficiency]. Otherwise, even if he has reached the eighth level evolver, he will not be able to achieve three arrows in one second!

Tang Hao’s goal is not to shoot the “Screaming Witch” directly, but to restrain and distract the attention of the group of high-level zombies outside the seven more than a hundred meters, so it didn’t use the formidable power of the flying feathers. Arrows or other special arrows are used instead of ordinary alloy long arrows.

In fact, even with the use of flying feather arrows, it is impossible to shoot the “Screaming Witch” with one arrow. The “Screaming Witch” who reaches level 8 is extremely sensitive to danger, let alone seven more than At a distance of a hundred meters, even if it is only two to three hundred meters away, the Screaming Witch can make dodge moves!

Unless it is the Exploding Arrow that is capable of covering a radius of 30 meters in accordance with the bursting warhead.

But it also depends on whether there are other powerful zombie guards around “Screaming Witch”!

There is no other powerful zombie, an Exploding Arrow, and there is indeed a great hope to kill the eighth-level “Screaming Witch” with one arrow. But the eighth-level “Screaming Witch” in front of me can have a full fifteen high-level zombie arch guards. Not to mention an Exploding Arrow. Even if Tang Hao uses three Exploding Arrows, it is difficult to strike the “Screaming Witch”. Kill, and if you really use Exploding Arrow, once it explodes, you will accidentally injure Ouyang Mimi!

So, for this beheading action, the best candidate is Ouyang Mimi!

Only Ouyang Mimi can approach each other silently!

No matter how powerful Tang Hao is, once it gets close to a certain distance, when the “Screaming Witch” really feels that there is a mortal danger, it will immediately escape!

It’s too difficult to chase and kill the “screaming witch” who flees among the corpses.


The arrows are like electricity, and in the blink of an eye, they fly over a distance of six more than a hundred meters.

“Oh!” A seven-level late “sharp claw” uttered a roar, and the huge sharp claw slammed up, and it was moved towards the arrow that was shot sharply!

The alloy arrows collide with the huge sharp claw without fancy!


First, there was a clear creak of gold and iron, and then, the arrow made of alloy was stored and fractured. I am afraid that the giant claws smashed and shattered.

Although Tang Hao has long been expected to be powerful!

But with one arrow, he shot a giant claw with the hardest “sharp claw” of the seventh-level late stage. This result also made the eyelids twitched by the high-level zombies next to him.

The second and third arrows flew by!

With the lessons learned from the seven-level sharp claw, the high-level zombies are terrified, so they dare to face it!

Instinctively dodge outwards one by one!

In this flash, the eighth-level “Iron Arm” in the middle and the “Screaming Witch!” sitting on its shoulders were revealed.

Damn it!

The eighth-level iron arm and the “screaming witch” cursed together in the heart!

The eighth-level iron arm and long legs took a step to avoid the second arrow that came in a sharp shot, but at this moment, the third arrow that swept and approached was strangely tiny in the air. The deflection, it was this deflection that caused the third arrow to shoot towards the eighth-level “iron arm” that was stepping to dodge.

Looking at the long arrow that hits the chest, the eight-level iron arms and shoulders are shaking slightly!

“Screaming Witch” a small body floated down!

An iron arm slammed!

The formidable power of the opponent’s arrow is too large, even if it is an eight-level iron arm, it is unwilling to hard-wire it in front of it. What it takes is to push it away!

The eighth-level iron arm is quite smart, and its response is correct!

Come on!

With its tenacious iron hand, the arrow bounced to the upper left.

But the eighth grade iron arm is too late to be happy!

I heard a very short scream from the “screaming witch” behind!

With a turn of the head, the eighth-level “Iron Arm” saw a small head of the eighth-level “Screaming Witch” flying away! At the same time, a sword light drew a green rainbow and pierced the eighth-level “venom sprayer” a few steps away.

No bomb zombie!

For Ouyang Mimi, after completing the assault on the “Screaming Witch”, the one who can pose a greater threat to her is the “Venom Sprayer”.

Tang Hao is still seven more than a hundred meters, and there are thousands of zombies between the two! Once poisoned, Ouyang Mimi wants to get away calmly, but it’s not that easy!

Ouyang Mimi’s attack is extremely quick!

A sword instantly killed the screaming witch, and immediately attacked and killed the eighth-level “venom.”

sword light like electricity!

It came in a flash!

Too fast, too sudden, too close, even if the eighth-level “venom” felt a strong emergency, but it could only watch the blue rainbow-like sword light pass over its neck. There is no time to react!


a light sound!

The head of the eighth-level “Venom” immediately followed the head of the “Screaming Witch” and fluttered up!

“Ah!” Eighth-level sharp claw, eighth-level iron arm, and eighth-level great power, roaring together!

Giant claw, iron arm, giant fist, blasted out one after another, however, they all fell through!

The enemy instantly disappears in the crimson moonlight like that flashing firework, disappear without a trace.

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