Doomsday Emperor of Infinite Evolution Chapter 458


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If it weren’t for the corpses of the “Screaming Witch” and the “Venom Sprayer” lying on the ground, the eighth-level sharp claw and other high-level zombies would have thought they were hysteria and dizzy.

“Ah!” An angry roar from the eighth grade iron arm!

huhuhu! Moved towards the surrounding area slammed several punches in anger, without exception, they all hit the air.

The eleven 7th grade zombies who were a little bit outside were all in awe at this moment. The death of “witch” and “venom” caused them to lose the mastermind that can control the whole situation at once!

Next, it is inevitable that the zombie Legion will fall apart!

But these are not the things that these eleven 7th grade zombies are considering. They are more concerned about how the enemy attacked and killed the “Screaming Witch” and the “Venom Thrower”?

The attack means that appear and disappear unpredictably, if it is applied to their heads, eleven 7th grade zombies will understand that they can’t avoid it!

As soon as this thought came up, fear was like spring weeds, which grew up at once, and could not be suppressed.

“Kill!” A roar of thunder exploded over the open field!

A touch of joy appeared on Tang Hao’s face, and Mimi made it!

Amidst the violent shouts, Tang Hao, with thorns in his left hand and a long knife in his right hand, rushed wildly again!

And with the death of “Screaming Witch”!

The scarlet, bloodthirsty rays of light in zombie’s eyes faded quickly.

Seeing that human youth like War God once again attacked and killed, many zombies were terrified and fled again!

This time, without the control of the “screaming witch”, the entire group of corpses is no longer binding. There are ten, ten with a hundred, and a hundred with a thousand. In an instant, thousands of zombies began to flee, this Once fled, it quickly spread to the entire group of corpses.

The disintegration of the corpse group can no longer be reversed.

Damn it!

Tang Hao’s great shout naturally attracted the attention of high-level zombies such as the eighth level “sharp claw” in that special area!

Just so distracted!

The sword light flashes again!


Blood water splashed, and the heads of two 7th-level “Venom Sprayers” flew up. So far, all the “Venom Sprayers” among the zombie high-level punches were all killed!

The death of these two seven-level “venom sprayers” completely overwhelmed the fighting spirit of other high-level zombies.

The eighth level “sharp claw” took a long leg, and the first one started to escape!

There is an eighth-level “sharp claw” head, and the other seven-level zombies turned into birds and beasts one by one, turned around and moved towards the back of the magic city to escape!

The eighth-level “Iron Arm” explored the long arms and tried to pick up the corpse of the “Screaming Witch” on the ground.

It’s just that its fingers haven’t touched the corpse of the screaming witch on the ground, and a long sword flashing with a cyan ray halo burst out of the air, slashing towards the waist of the “iron arm zombie” with a sharp wind!

Don’t bother to pick up the body of “Screaming Witch” again!

With a turn of the long arm, we meet the azure long sword!

The sword blade slashed on the iron arm, making a weird “Dang Bing” sound!

The azure long sword swayed backwards, but on the iron arm of the eighth level “Iron Arm Zombie”, which was as hard as gold and iron, a bloody mouth with deep bones appeared!

deng deng!

Ouyang Mimi landed on the ground with a sword, and took two steps backwards, his stealth skills disappeared and his figure appeared!

Looking at Ouyang Mimi more than 20 meters away, there was a flash of violence in the eyes of the eight-level zombie!

As soon as the legs are taken, I want to chase them down!

But it has just stepped out, Ouyang Mimi’s silhouette is the disappearance of ghost-like!

The huge leg that was just raised fell down suddenly!

next moment!

The eight-level iron arm zombie’s heart screamed. The bloody right arm swept back behind him!

“When chi chi!”

Two swords were light flashed, with a drop of blood, Ouyang Mimi’s figure reappears more than 20 meters away, and his arm holding the right hand of the [Green Blade Sword] shuddered slightly. In terms of speed, Ouyang Mimi is much faster than the level 8 “iron arm”, but also, in terms of strength, it is also much weaker than the level 8 zombie.

Although Ouyang Mimi’s right hand grinned slightly with blood oozing faintly, but the eighth-level iron arm zombie not only had another hideous wound on the right hand, but also a hideous blood hole appeared on his left thigh! It was left by Ouyang Mimi’s [Blue Blade Dagger] in his left hand.

This time, Ouyang Mimi, who appeared again, did not continue to hide.

Rather, two bronze quality weapons, one long and one short, are held in both hands, the body is slightly bent, and a pair of beautiful eyes stares coldly at the eighth-level “iron arms” ahead. It must be the posture of the Thunder offensive!

The eight-level iron arm zombie’s face is extremely ugly!

In just two confrontations, it knows that the opponent’s battle strength is extremely strong. Even if the opponent shows up, it cannot pose a threat to the opponent, because the opponent is too fast. It is all in the hands of the opponent, on the contrary, at this moment, it has fallen into a very passive situation.

Once the opponent really uses the guerrilla battle method with amazing speed, it will definitely die in the end.

At this moment, the eighth-level iron-armed zombie felt regretful in his heart. If he knew this way, he would never fall into this desperate situation for the corpse of the “screaming witch”!

The eighth grade iron arm dare not move!

At this moment, Ouyang Mimi’s skills within the body have not much mana left!

The purpose of her action was only to prevent the eighth-level “Iron Arm” from taking away the corpse of the eighth-level “Screaming Witch”, not to risk slaying the eighth-level “Iron Arm”.

One person and one zombie are just 26 meters apart, facing each other.

Fortunately, this confrontation did not last long!

In just a few seconds!

The running sound of stepping sounded, and a large number of fleeing zombie moved towards Ouyang Mimi and the eighth grade iron arm rushed over!

Ouyang Mimi pretty face sinks slightly, thoughts move, the few remaining skills and mana are rushed up, and a body is a ghostly disappearance!

The moment Ouyang Mimi’s figure disappeared, the nerves of the eighth grade iron arm tightened to the extreme! Fortunately, immediately, a large number of zombies hit!

No attack!

The eighth-level iron arm is immediately broken and flee!

The zombie that swarms is fleeing!

It turned around now!

I heard a sharp sky-splitting sound from behind!

As soon as the eighth-level iron arm zombie turned his head, he saw a rod of iron lance piercing the sky, whizzing!

Tang Hao is here!

At this moment, there is more than 300 meters between Tang Hao and the eighth-level “Iron Arm”!

The eighth-level zombie, at this stage, is the highest battle strength among a large number of zombies. Killing one is less convenient than one. And most importantly, the eighth-level zombie is a treasure all over, which is extremely valuable!

The other two eighth-level zombies have escaped, and they can’t kill them anymore!

Only the eighth-level “iron arm” in front of me has a chance to kill!

As early as three hundred and sixty meters away, Tang Hao urged his thoughts and extended his perception to cover the surrounding area of ​​450 meters! The eighth-level “Iron Arm”, Ouyang Mimi, and every move of the group of escaping corpses are clearly presented in Tang Hao’s perception!

At the moment when he sensed that the eighth-level “Iron Arm” wanted to escape, Tang Hao began to act, right hand turns, the magic sword disappeared, and replaced by a lance!

Seeing the iron lance that broke through the air, the face of the eighth-level “iron arm” was green!

The tall body quickly turned halfway, and the left arm was raised. The moved towards the iron lance that broke through the air was blocked. It used the same method of blocking the alloy arrow a moment ago!

But the eighth level “Iron Arm” miscalculated this time!

The weight of the alloy arrow is only 3.6 kilograms, while the weight of the lance in front of us has reached 168 kilograms! Although the speed is slightly inferior to the arrow, with Tang Hao’s vigorous throw, the kinetic energy is much greater than that of the alloy arrow!

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