Doomsday Emperor of Infinite Evolution Chapter 459


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Tang Hao body moved, with his left hand, he hugged Ouyang Mimi’s slender waist, and when he lowered his head, he kissed Mimi’s rosy lips, while the zombie running around looked at the two people in the kiss. Being a scourge, I flee after more than 20 meters away!

For six full seconds, Tang Hao removed his big mouth from Mimi’s red lips and looked at Ouyang Mimi said with a smile: “Girl, great!”

Even if all around are fleeing zombies, but Ouyang Mimi still has a pretty face flushed with hot heartbeat, glanced at the fleeing zombie, the beautiful pretty face was filled with excitement and joy: “We did it, really hit Retired a zombie Legion!”

Zombie Legion’s escape speed is extremely fast!

In seven minutes!

In the vast fields and roads, apart from leaving thousands of corpses, the remaining zombie has all escaped!

Qin Yu and the twenty-five Qin Family children behind him, looked towards Tang Hao and Ouyang Mimi. The gazes of both of them called reverence. Qin Yu’s excited voice trembled: “Leader Tang, Miss Mimi, too Strong, you two are really strong, our hearts are almost jumping out over there, Divine Vestige, absolutely Divine Vestige!”

With the power of two people, they repelled a zombie Legion with more than half a million!

This is not Divine Vestige. What is it?

No matter what others think, for the more than twenty human evolver such as Qin Yu who have witnessed all this, this is definitely Divine Vestige, Tang Hao, Ouyang Mimi, and Qin Yu is waiting for 26 people in mind, that is the same as Spiritual God in Myths and Legends.

“Okay, okay, Qin Yu, you brat don’t put high hats on me and Mimi, go, hurry up and dig out the remaining evolutionary crystals of zombie within the body. Remember, you only have five In minutes, five minutes later, we will leave!” Tang Hao said with a smile.

“Thank you, Chief Tang!” Qin Yu straightened his waist, loudly said, and waved his hand: “Brothers, thank you Chief Tang, thank you Mimi!”

“Thank you Chief Tang, thank you Mimi!” Twenty-five Qin Family children in the back said in unison!

“Okay, okay, go now!” Tang Hao waved.

Qin Yu rushed out with twenty-five Qin Family children and began to mine the evolution crystals in the zombie corpse!

In this battle, it took only eight or nine minutes from Tang Hao moved towards the corpse group to launch a charge to kill the eighth-level “iron arm”! Although the time is short, Tang Hao killed a lot of zombies!

The total will never be less than two thousand!

Plus, the group of corpses in the back ran away, and there were hundreds of crippling and deaths caused by stepping on oneself. Adding the two, the number is close to three thousand!

The best batch of zombie corpses, such as three eighth-level zombies, seven seven-level zombies, and more than sixty six-level zombie corpses, have already been put into the system warehouse by Tang Hao!

Nowadays, apart from a few corpses of level six zombies scattered on the ground, the rest are all three or four, fifth level zombie corpses!

These corpses and the evolution crystals in the corpses are equivalent to a great gift from Tang Hao to the magic capital base!

Tang Hao asked Qin Yu to dig quickly, which is also good for Qin Yu and the others, because Tang Hao has faintly heard the sound of the team and the battallion running! There is no need to confirm, Tang Hao also knows that the people who come are definitely from the base of the magic capital!

At the speed of the opponent, you can arrive in less than five minutes!

Facts have proved that the actions of Zhao Guohao and the others were extremely rapid. Only four minutes later, Zhao Guohao, Zhao Zixiao, Zhao Ziling, Chu Yongjie, Qin Ming, Qin Chen, Wu Shixuan magic capital base four high-level people with a full twelve A tracked war chariot, twenty-four spider-type armored war chariots, nearly a hundred modified armored war chariots, 20,000 elite fighters, grandiose rushed over!

As soon as the army arrives, move all the zombie corpses into the car!

In one hour!

Tang Hao and Ouyang Mimi sat in the Zhao Family mansion of the magic capital base. Chu Family Chu Yongjie, Qin Family Qin Ming, Wu Family Wu Shixuan and other three important members are all present!

After listening to Tang Hao!

“Hiss!” There was a cold air from the mansion.

“Brother Tang! There are that many eight-level zombies in the magic city?” Qin Ming asked Tang Hao, looking at him!

“This is logically speaking, you should know better than me! Think about it, how many Primogene Evolution Crystals were born on the silver altar in the city the night before, half of which were obtained by the city’s zombie! A Primogene Evolution Crystal It may be a little unrealistic to create an eighth-level zombie, but two stars make an eighth-level zombie, which is 100% possible. Even in my opinion, on average, there is a high probability that 1.5 will create an eighth-level zombie. You can do the calculations yourself!”

Tang Hao’s this remark once again caused the high-levels in the mansion to take a breath.

“The battle strength of the eighth-level zombie has been greatly improved compared to the seventh-level! Try it out, how strong is this guy’s arm!” Tang Hao said, waving his right hand!


Tang Hao directly threw the left arm of the eighth-level “iron arm” zombie!

Good guy, with just one arm, the length is close to six meters, directly smashing a hole out of the hard tiled floor of the hall!

Zhao Ziyue drew out a long sword of black iron quality and cut it on this huge iron arm!


A golden and iron-like symphony sounded, and the long sword bounced upwards, but only a shallow mark was left on that huge arm, even the flesh was not cut!

Although Zhao Ziyue is not a power evolver, the strength of the late sixth-level evolver, coupled with the black iron quality long sword, can’t even cut a wound on the arm of a dead eighth-level iron arm!

From this point, we can see how stiff the arm of a zombie with an eight-level iron arm is amazing!

“Wu Yan, try it!” Wu Shixuan threw his black iron quality long knife to a sturdy youth behind him!


The long knife is like looking at a tenacious steel ball. Wu Yan’s sturdy body deng deng deng retreats three steps back, but there is still only a deep mark on that huge arm. But the flesh still failed to break open!

This time, everyone except Tang Hao and Ouyang Mimi was shocked!

Wu Yan is a sixth-level Peak, and he is a power evolver!

“I’m coming…” Zhao Zixiao was about to stand up!

Tang Hao said: “Everyone, the tenacious and strongest of the eighth-level zombie is the arm. Normal swords and even black iron quality source energy weapons are extremely difficult to break through the blockade of these two iron arms. ! Dealing with an eighth-level zombie requires not only that our own level is equal to that of the opponent, but also our weapons must be upgraded!”

Tang Hao said, drew out the “devil swinging sword” and tossed it to Wu Yan, letting the other party cut it again!

The Demon Sword slashed down, and immediately cut a deep bloody mouth on that huge arm. Two minutes deeper, bones can be seen!

At this time, Zhao Guohao, Zhao Zixiao, Qin Ming, Chu Yongjie, Wu Shixuan and many other high-level eyes of the magic capital base all lit up!

Wu Yan is only a sixth-level Peak, which can cause such wounds. If they are given the seventh-level Peak power evolver or even the eighth-level powerhouse, they may be able to chop off the eighth-level iron arm with a single knife!

Tang Hao did not talk nonsense, and directly promised to give two bronze quality weapons to each of the four families! Every fifteen black iron quality source energy weapons, these all are free upgrade gift.

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