Doomsday Ring Chapter 182

Chapter 184 The Unexpected Person (seeking full order)

[Congratulations on completing an impossible battle. Reward: a golden key. ]

[Although you are already the 47th player to join the game, since you are the first player to complete the hidden conditions, the reward: a revolver.

Additional hint for hidden tasks 1: Your revolver formidable power is very large, much larger than expected.

Additional tips for hidden tasks 2: Knowledge is power, my friend. 】

After the light screen displays the rewards, it also gives directions to the Bai Yuetong Game Center.

“The formidable power of the revolver is very large? Does this pistol have additional effects? Is it the kind of missile that fires a missile?
But the missile should also belong to my imagination What’s in it!
As for knowledge is power…Is it still a reminder? Isn’t it nonsense!”

Bai Yuetong’s gaze at this time gradually settled on the light curtain in front of him.

As the top mechanic of the alliance, the master of high-end weapons manufacturing, one of the people closest to smart devices.

She naturally saw the technical level of the light curtain in front of her.

In terms of resolution and information transmission alone, the light curtain has already exploded all the current film and television projection equipment of the alliance.

Not only is it overwhelming, but it is also a level that the league may not be able to reach for many years to come.

There are two items for data transmission, the golden key and the revolver!
The formation process of these two items is not concealed, but the actual data flow is formed.

This process undoubtedly gave Bai Yuetong a great psychological impact.

“The complete data Shadow Transformation affects reality. I am afraid that only Noah can do this kind of ability?”

Bai Yuetong is not familiar with other alien species. Noah’s abilities have been studied very deeply.

As a representative of the omnic crisis, the first mechanical alien to produce wisdom, Noah’s strength and the trauma it brings to humans is definitely the most outrageous of all disasters.

Not to mention anything else, after the omnic crisis, mankind was forced to abandon the intelligent technology tree.

It is completely equivalent to cut off his own arm, and countless scientists cry for it.

There is no other way. After Noah appeared, making a smart phone may become a different species in front of you.

Can you imagine the situation where the person on the screen backhanded you two real missiles while you were playing XX glory and eating chicken?

Yes, this kind of thing has really happened, and it has lasted for a long time.

Human beings really cannot accept such a result, and can only use smart devices across the board.

This is the formidable power that Noah brings.

“If it’s Noah, now it’s a prelude to Dark Tide? How many Dark Tide wars?

Forget it, I have 13 points in history, so don’t think about it.< /p>

Fortunately, I am playing games or something, I should be good at it!

It’s been so long, Lu Luo guys, should have been in the game center, I have to find them quickly “

Bai Yuetong picked up the golden key and pistol on the door, opened the door, and walked straight towards the game center.


“Sister Yuetong is amazing!”

Qiao Xiaomi looked at Bai Yuetong on the screen with some excitement.

Everyone is fine, this is the happiest thing for Qiao Xiaomi.

“Xiaomi, how do the snacks here taste like? Are they delicious?”

“Uh, it’s okay.”

Qiao Xiaomi quickly put down the snacks in his hand , Said with some embarrassment.

The snacks are really delicious, at least she has never seen these things in Fourth Ring, such as this Weilong spicy strip? Or is there a phoenix claw? Meat muffins?

Although Kerr is definitely a bad guy this week, what he brought is quite sincere!

“You only need to feel delicious. Now that they have completed the initial task, then I have to go.

This time I am here, the task is very heavy. If it’s not done, the adults won’t let me go!”

Qiao Xiaomi saw Zhou Keer as if she was about to leave her here alone, a little excited and a little curious.

“You are leaving? What are you going to do?”

Zhou Kerr put on clown gloves in front of Qiao Xiaomi and painted his face with oil.

“Go and increase the difficulty of the game for them, and attract more people to come in by the way.

Xiaomi must be obedient! Running around is very dangerous.”

“Okay, I see.”

Qiao Xiaomi waited for Zhou Keer to leave, naturally there would be no objections.

Zhou Keer left, Qiao Xiaomi is not in a hurry.

After waiting for a while, she confirmed that Zhou Kerr had gone, and then began to search the room, trying to find a possible way out.

But what she didn’t expect was that she could see the game process of players like Lu Luo on the screen.

After Zhou Keer left, on the big screen of the game center, other players can also see Qiao Xiaomi at this time.


Lu Luo and Gu Fangyi followed the signs and came to the visitor center.

“Brother Luo! Qiao Xiaomi.”

“I saw it.”

On the big screen in the center of the visitor center, holding a bag of spicy sticks Qiao Xiaomi is constantly looking for rooms.

And Qiao Xiaomi seems to be totally unaware of such surveillance, groping little by little, not letting go of any corner of the room.

At the very beginning, she tried to open the door, and when she found it was locked, she tried to open the window again.

Then I looked for ventilation ducts, sewers, and smashed a TV screen.

However, from the perspective of the game center, there is no picture on the TV screen in front of Qiao Xiaomi.

In other words, they can see each other from the screen, but they can’t see each other’s screen, just like a one-way display.

The Qiao Xiaomi in the picture looked for a while, and seemed a little discouraged. He simply picked up a bag of French fries and sat on the sofa, eating and thinking.

Looking at Qiao Xiaomi’s situation at this time, Lu Luo was slightly relaxed.

Qiao Xiaomi is the treasure of Qiao Xing. If you lose Qiao Xiaomi, Qiao Xing will chop off his head?
“It’s okay now, she should be trapped and is trying to escape.”

After confirming that Qiao Xiaomi is okay, Lu Luo began to observe other things.

There are already some people standing scattered here in the game center. They should all be players who have joined the game.

What surprised Lu Luo was that several people I met outside of the Blue Heavens Pharmaceutical Supervisory Office were actually there!

Three people from the inner ring come to the amusement park in Southern Ring? It’s really leisurely!
Because of the land area of ​​the inner ring, it is impossible to build huge entertainment facilities like the outer ring.

this can be considered The outer ring is one of the few places with better facilities than the inner ring.

But the happiness of the people in the inner circle…the people in the outer circle can’t even imagine it!
Lu Luo found three people on the opposite side, and these three people also saw Lu Luo.

When the numbers are relative, an astonishing imposing manner comes from the tall man headed.

[Human man, strength level 4, very strong energy, specific abilities unknown.

Attribute: Strength 30, Physique 30, Agility 35]

The strength is very strong! Why are you staring at yourself like this? Want to grab something?

This person is very strong, but the specific strength still has to be played against.

Gu Wanyun and Jin Chen on the side were a little surprised. Facing the pressure of this man, can Lu Luo also be so calm?
Lu Luo face doesn’t change and walked towards the three.

The two groups passed by without a conflict. Lu Luo finally came to the big screen of the game center.

Below the big screen, a few paragraphs are displayed in small print, announcing who made this amusement park.

[This amusement park game is specially provided by the King of Dreams-Nightmare.

The content of the game is interesting and the rewards are generous. Please work harder. 】

“Brother Luo? Why is this nightmare coming again, and it’s still inside the wall. Is he specifically targeting you?”

Gu Fangyi can’t tell under normal circumstances. Talkative.

Saying so much at once is enough to show that he is a little worried about Lu Luo’s situation.

“It should not be.”

Lu Luo shook the head. Although the big screen said that this game was provided by Nightmare, he knew very well.

Although Nightmare is powerful and loves to play, this place should have Noah’s participation.

Two Tier 8 Alien Species, It shouldn’t be so boring, their purpose should be something else.

While Lu Luo was meditating, the voices of Qi Xinzhu and Zhou Kai appeared behind him.

“Meet again, Priest Qi.”

Gu Wanyun who is speaking, her voice is still so soft, after all, she is a professional singer, and her voice ability is still there.

“Get out of the way.”

Qi Xinzhu’s complexion is slightly cold. At this time, she is in a bad mood, so she is naturally unwilling to talk nonsense with Gu Wanyun.

“Oh oh, did you fly into a rage out of humiliation? He he he.”

Seeing Qi Xinzhu being stopped by someone, Zhou Kai hurriedly shouted to Lu Luo:< /p>

“Brother Luo, we are here.”

[What is the host waiting for? Come on! Qi Xinzhu was bullied! Charged her. 】

Lu Luo sees Qi Xinzhu being bullied, naturally impossible to do nothing.

“Come here, yo! Isn’t this the idol star Gu Wanyun Young Lady? It’s a good time to be here.

I remember that Gu Wanyun Young Lady has a song called Alliance Warriors, Singing is good, I don’t know how you yelled in that pitch.

I still remember that I shit when I was a child, and I didn’t bring any paper next door. After hearing your song, I immediately Don’t wipe it, just stand up.

We asked him why he didn’t wipe his butt. He said that after listening to your song, he felt that there is no obstacle in life.

Don’t wipe At that time, the silly Qiang exuded rays of light. He had never been so confident before, really!”

[Well done! 】

Zhou Kai and Qi Xinzhu are a little shocked! Lu Luo’s passage, Gu Wanyun has been hacked. How many points?
Gu Wanyun’s face is already green!
Lu Luo not only said that she was old, but that she sang badly, and even satirized her song, which is equivalent to toilet paper.

Is it tolerable or unbearable! Just about to break out.

Bai Yuetong’s slightly surprised voice also appeared.

“You guys? Why are you here?”

Her gaze wandered between seven people, but one thing Lu Luo can be sure of is that Bai Yuetong is not looking at them.

Being interrupted by her, Gu Wanyun took a step back subconsciously. It seemed that he didn’t mean to entangle with Lu Luo anymore, so he was so directly counseled.


Seeing Bai Yuetong, Jin Chen immediately showed the essence of dog licking, and Bai Yuetong was also blunt.

“Brain, crawl.”

“Bai Yuetong, here!”

Although Qi Xinzhu usually doesn’t deal with Bai Yuetong, his companion is his companion. She was very happy to find Bai Yuetong.

But before she wanted to welcome Du Mao, the tall man who had not spoken stood up among the three people opposite.

He directly grabbed Bai Yuetong’s arm.

“You shouldn’t be wild here, it’s too dangerous, follow me, I will take you back.”

“Luo Shan, you mental illness, right? Why do you care about me? “

The tall man’s name is Luo Shan, and he is one of the 13 congressmen, the son of Luo Xuemin.

“Hey, she has already said she doesn’t want to go with you, you’d better let go now.”

Lu Luo’s palm has been caught by Luo Shan at no time. On the wrist.

Only the two of them know about the secret struggle between the two sides.

Luo Shan was slightly surprised by Lu Luo’s strength.

Without using energy, Lu Luo’s physical fitness is a bit outrageous. His wrist hurts!

“Lu Luo, from Fourth Ring, grew up in an orphanage, and just founded a company called Transcender Firm.

I already know about your affairs, I I just can’t get my hands free now, I hope you don’t bother yourself.” Although Luo Shan said so, he grabbed Bai Yuetong’s hand and let go.

No way, Lu Luo’s strength is too strong, and he is a little bit stubborn.

“If you see what you said, I don’t understand what it means to ask for trouble?

Bai Yuetong is our company’s technical backbone and our entrepreneurial shareholder.

I should help her, who are you so horrible? I heard that your tone is bigger than my athlete’s foot!”

Seeing Luo Shan let go, Lu Luo frowned. It’s upturned.

No way, every time Lu Luo breaks through, I feel invincible. In fact, this is a false invincibility.

Youngster, always have to experience some severe social beatings.

“I can give up all her shares on behalf of her. For technical issues, her ability should not be wasted in places like yours.

As for who I am, my name is Luo Shan is the big brother of Bai Yuetong. As the big brother, I have a responsibility to take her back.”

Lu Luo was stunned!

Good fellow, your surname is Luo, and she is surnamed Bai, how come you become a big brother?
【Bai Yuetong once mentioned vaguely a few times that her father is a member of Parliament, and her name is Luo Xuemin. ]

Huh? This…

Lu Luo turned his gaze to Bai Yuetong, his eyes were full of questions.

“Is he really your brother?”

Bai Yuetong looked a little embarrassed, lowered his head, raised his eyes, and quietly glanced at Lu Luo before he was nodded.

“Probably, maybe, maybe, be it! Actually not all, we are half-parents.”

Lu Luo is a bit embarrassed. Senator or something, he There is still a little bit of care, after all, they are already the top power class of the league.

Is the congressman’s son equivalent to Crown Prince?

Bai Yuetong, I take you as a brother, aren’t you cheating me?

“Okay, it’s hard for an upright official to break the housework, you siblings talk first.”

Bai Yuetong saw Lu Luo look like he didn’t want to care about her, he was immediately anxious.

“Wait for Lu Luo, I won’t go back with him.”

“Your father is a congressman, he is a congressman’s son, my little temple really can’t stand it. !”

Bai Yuetong grabbed Lu Luo’s hand.

“Lu Luo, did you forget your speech at Eastern Ring University?

You said that youngster should fight for himself, broaden the boundaries of life, and cherish an opportunity, Cherish every possibility.

While I’m young, I will force it! These all are what you said!”

【Xiaobai drank all your chicken soup, you are guilty ! 】

“Big brother, these all are chicken soup I said, are you poisoned by chicken soup?”

Bai Yuetong saw that Lu Luo was so ruthless to himself, he could only bow his head , Said aggrieved:

“I’m leaving, the jet-type three-dimensional maneuvering device is gone, which means that no one will help you make money.”

Hearing this, Lu Luo suddenly stood up straight and pulled Bai Yuetong behind him.

The congressman’s son counts as a ball, and those who block Laozi’s wealth will die for him!
“Bai Yuetong is now a member of our ring. Ring Studio is solely responsible for her safety.

Apart from anything else, on the third acre of Fourth Ring, we Ring Studio is still a bit energetic.”

Bai Yuetong hid behind Lu Luo, stretched out his head, and couldn’t help feeling.

“Lu Luo, this guy is really practical! Talking about money is more useful than talking about feelings…”

Luo Shan looked at Bai Yuetong, and then at Lu Luo.

Now they are trapped in this playground, Lu Luo is very strong, it is not a wise choice to break out of conflict, UU reading, let’s go back!
Luo Shan nodded, he has given up his plan to take Bai Yuetong away.

“The reason I gave up was that she didn’t want to follow me, not because of you, understand? Lu Luo.

You should think about how to leave this place first, this I saw the place, I am afraid it is not easy.”

Lu Luo shrugged, then shrugged.

“You don’t need to worry about this, my man, I will naturally take it out safely.”

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