Doomsday Ring Chapter 185

Having said this, the clown made a “jié jié” laugh.


The fierce Bai Yuetong shot him directly, using the pistol that the game center rewarded her.

According to reason, such an ordinary revolver is impossible to injure a transcender with a physique of over 50 like the clown.

Not to mention the clown’s agility is as high as 95, he can even rely on the response of others to dodge short-range bullets.

But it was such a Tier 3 monster. After being shot, he looked at Bai Yuetong with disbelief.

“Uh! What a powerful weapon, cough cough!”

The clown shook his head and his weak and boneless body, slid off the lamppost and fell to the ground .

“Did you die?”


Lu Luo was very sure, but he just felt that the moment the clown was shot , The breath is really weak.

This shows that Bai Yuetong’s attack is absolutely effective and very effective.

The formidable power of that gun is enough to kill an ordinary third-order transcender!

Unfortunately, the clown is not an ordinary Tier 3.

“Let’s do a magic trick!”

The clown on the ground made a “peng” sound and turned into a plume of white smoke. On the other side, a new clown was walking tiptoe. Come here.

Seeing him tiptoe, everyone around him laughed heartily.

Although the clown looks very funny, at this time, no one will think that the clown in front of him is an easy guy to deal with.

He came to Lu Luo, and said pointedly:

“This Qiao Xiaomi kid is so cute, he must be someone who cares very much about it?< /p>

If you exchange her, I guess some people will be sad!”

When the clown was talking to Lu Luo, other people naturally turned their eyes to Lu. Luo here.

The hint in the clown’s words is already very obvious. Lu Luo in front of you has a huge relationship with Qiao Xiaomi on the screen.

So the question is, if Lu Luo uses all the game tokens to exchange for Qiao Xiaomi, can he go out?

In fact, this question that has surfaced in everyone’s mind is also a question that Lu Luo is currently thinking about.

Lu Luo glanced at the bridge Xiaomi on the screen and then at the clown in front of him. Even if he is confident of his own strength, his face is a bit ugly at this time.

His performance in surfing games before is almost in a super god state.

He flew a Tier 4 tiger-head monster fish, and relied on the copied Soul Elegy to kill thousands of bone-eating fish.

But even this performance is only more than 150 tokens.

The others add up to 200 tokens.

And now the exchange price of Qiao Xiaomi is 500 tokens.

If they try their best to collect resources and redeem Qiao Xiaomi, it will take 3 rounds of games before Qiao Xiaomi can be exchanged.

The difficulty of the game just now was Level 5.

There were a large number of Level 4 tiger-head monster fish, countless bone-eating fish, and Level 5 unknown Sea Beast.

It’s in the water again. If this game environment is really a game like defensive battle.

Lu Luo himself has a high probability of falling into the water, not to mention the other players.

For this profit result, Lu Luo’s guess is that the game is to limit powerhouse.

The game will set a revenue limit. When the powerhouse exceeds this limit, the revenue will shrink significantly.

In this way, strong people will still have a lot of benefits.

The benefits of the head are guaranteed to a certain extent, but the head player will not be so far apart from other players.

This is a protection mechanism used by many games.

For example, in a game in a goose factory, the boss with 1 million krypton gold is definitely better than the 100,000 krypton gold.

But the damage of 1 million Krypton Gold is only twice that of Krypton Gold 100,000, not 10 times that of Krypton Gold 100,000. This is the head restriction mechanism.

In the case of head revenue restrictions, then the revenue of the entire team needs to become very high, so that Qiao Xiaomi can be rescued as soon as possible.

“Okay, that’s all for my introduction. You can quickly check out the items you can redeem.

The items here are very powerful and have a very special meaning. For example, they can be taken out.

Bring back to your real world!”

The clown’s reminder made the crowd sluggish, but people quickly understood his meaning.

This is a virtual world, but the things here can appear in the real world.

The wasteland world itself has a lot of bizarre things, and people living here are no strangers to it.

So now this playground has become very bizarre, these people are also quickly integrated into the role of game players.

This sounds like the ability to dominate space in some infinite flow novels that Lu Luo has read in his previous life. Is the power of the ancient 8th calamity already outrageous to this level?

What about the Leviathan of Tier 9? Wouldn’t it be possible to explore without a curious little baby?

Qi Xinzhu on the side also looked at Lu Luo with a worried expression.

“Lu Luo, what should we do now? If we use all the tokens to save Xiaomi, we may have to pay a great price.”

Qi Xinzhu is also very clear. , Xiaomi’s situation is not optimistic, and Xiaomi himself makes their team situation even less optimistic.

Whether it is out of affection or Qiao Xing, they are all impossible to give up Qiao Xiaomi.

If Qiao Xiaomi has an accident here, they will probably be beheaded by Qiao Xing one by one.

“Qiao Xiaomi will definitely be saved, this point does not need to be discussed.

The question now is how to save, how to arrange tokens, and our next game selection.”< /p>

Lu Luo is also very entangled. If it is for safety’s sake, the current choice is the same kind of game, just not separate.

He is sure to take everyone out safely after a few rounds of the game.

But the existence of Qiao Xiaomi makes this idea completely a luxury.

And after rescuing Qiao Xiaomi, Qiao Xiaomi himself may also need a set of keys to get out.

In addition, Qiao Xiaomi is also an ordinary person with no strength, even weaker than Bai Yuetong, this is where the difficulty becomes even more difficult.

“Is this clown aiming at us?”

Lu Luo nodded.

“He is really targeting us.”


“Maybe the owner here meant it, or the clown’s own choice.

But I can tell you one thing now. After the rules of the game are set, even the owner of the game cannot change it at will.

So, learn to use the rules here. “

Although the rule fixation theory is just Lu Luo’s guess, it is better to tell you this in the current situation.

Qi Xinzhu and the three did not understand Lu Luo’s meaning, but Bai Yuetong has already gained something.

“You said that after the rules are set, even the game owner can’t change it at will? Are you sure about that? Lu Luo?”

Bai Yuetong’s expression is a bit suspicious, but Lu After Luo thought about it, he was still nodded.

“Basically sure.”

“If this is the case, then we can act separately.”

“Tell me what you think.”

“If the rules are certain, then the game slogan here must be true and effective.

Mind games are really mind games, and survival games are really survival games. , As long as it doesn’t counter-routine us.

Everyone will definitely gain something by playing what they are good at, and it will be enough.

For example, I’m just about my own intelligence I am very confident. If I play an intellectual game now, as long as it is not an anti-routine.

I use military force factors to restrict me, then I should get a good result.

Just like the first game, I can even get the golden key.

Other people should be similar, when the time comes, the team’s performance can share your stress. The pressure of tokens needed to save Xiaomi will become very small.”

[Mao Mao’s analysis is well-founded and convincing. 】

Bai Yuetong’s analysis, Lu Luo had actually thought of it before, but he has been hesitating.

After Bai Yuetong said it, Lu Luo still hesitated.

Because this game is very likely to kill people, he doesn’t want these people to have trouble, so I don’t know when he started to suffer from gains and losses.

“Lu Luo, Bai Yuetong is very annoying, but I think what she said makes sense.

Each of us has our own areas of expertise, and we choose games that we are good at And the routine, you can get the ideal income.

What we need to do now is to save Xiaomi and go out, we need enough token income.

So, let’s split up.


Qi Xinzhu naturally saw Lu Luo’s hesitation and entanglement at this time. What she needs to do now is to help Lu Luo determine the implementation of this matter.


Gu Fangyi also nodded this time.

“Reconsideration.” Zhou Kai also echoed.

“You don’t have to worry too much about the safety of other people, at least the situation is similar to what you said. Within the rules, I have not encountered any danger.”

Lu Luo nodded, he glanced at the time and realized that the countdown to the second round hadn’t started yet.

At this time, the people who took the initiative to choose the game first round returned from the entrance of the hall one after another.

Some people have regrets, and some people are proud. It seems that they all have their own gains.

Wait until all the crowds in the first round come back, the countdown to the second round will officially begin!

The 3 game options of second round are combat, puzzle solving, and impossible.

This time they made a quick decision. Gu Fangyi and Qi Xinzhu chose to fight, and Zhou Kai and Bai Yuetong chose to solve the puzzle.

And Lu Luo, chose impossible.

In fact, whether it is fighting or solving puzzles, Lu Luo is very good at it and has full confidence.

But he wanted more things, so he chose an impossible game that hardly anyone chose.

“Are you ready?”



As the team leader, Lu Luo The first one opened the door of the game room, although he didn’t know what kind of monster he was going to encounter here.

But he feels that he should be able to cope with him now!


After pushing the door open, Lu Luo came to a stranger space.

There is a set of clothes in front of him, which looks strange and formal.

Tuxedo, bow, white gloves, and brown waistcoat.

It’s like in some movies, steward!

The only thing that differs from Steward’s attire is that there is a gentleman’s mask with a beard next to the clothes.

After Lu Luo put on the steward clothes and the mask, Lu Luo felt a strong will descend on him.

[Indescribably powerful, the strength of this will is above the nightmare! 】

Lu Luo did not speak, he quietly felt the power transforming his body, his skin began to decay, and part of his body exposed the skeleton.

However, Lu Luo still did not intend to resist, because he was not harmed and the observers did not give any malicious prompts.

This kind of change is just a simple shape change.

When looking towards the mirror again, Lu Luo was a little surprised at his new appearance!

He has become an old steward, but half of the steward’s face has rotted, and the other half of the face is a blue skeleton.

One of the eyeballs is wicked fire, and the other eyeball is half glasses.

One arm is already in the state of bones, and there is a crutch in his hand, and the inside of the crutch is a sword blade.

The other arm is a hook with a chain.

The legs are not normal either. One leg looks like a leg, and the other is a wooden stick. What the hell!

【Host, in this costume, there must be many people looking for you to take a photo at the COS exhibition. ]

[second round game: Ghost Manor]

[Normal game content: 10 players entered the manor to collect the treasures in the manor.

Any item can be exchanged for tokens, even a candle has its value.

But the real valuable thing in the manor is the treasure hidden in ordinary items.

The value of treasures is far more than ordinary items. Find the treasures in the manor, take them out, and exchange tokens.

Remember, there are also dangers in the manor, you’d better not act alone.

Friendly reminder: Some things are valuable and heavy. Choose between value and life.

In the early morning of the 2nd day, the game is over. If you are still alive, you will get all the rewards.

If you die, the corresponding token will be deducted, if you don’t have a token, lifespan will be deducted.

If you don’t have lifespan, you will really die! ]

[The content of the hunter game: You are now the ghost steward -Lu Luo of the manor.

All your attributes are normal values, but the manor has also given curses and abilities.

Your skill cultivation technique cannot be used, the sequence can be used, and you have gained the ability of steward.

Ability 1-Key: As a steward, you can open any door of the manor.

Ability 2-Ghost: You can enter the ghost state for 1 minute and cool down for 10 minutes.

Ability 3-Hook: You can throw the hook to catch the player.

When you face a player alone, your attribute is 100%.

When you face 2 players, your attribute is 10% for 5 minutes.

But when you face 3 or more players, your attribute is 1% for 10 minutes.

Mission requirement: Kill at least 6 players.

Friendly reminder: Drag the corpse that killed the player into the furnace. The profit he has obtained before his death is your profit.

In addition, you are not the only one guarding the manor. 】

Lu Luo’s first glance at the game content, UU reading www. has a name similar to this game in his heart.

Kill the chicken at dawn!

Of course, this game is still somewhat different from Dawn Killing Chicken.

It can even be said that the complexity of this ghost manor is much higher than that of killing chickens at dawn.

Steward is not a butcher, and does not have the absolute power of a butcher.

Even in some cases, the strength of steward will become very weak, so weak that it may be killed by the player.

And the income of the player is the income of steward.

In other words, not only should the player be allowed to obtain the item, but the player must also be separated, hunted, and burned.

“A life and death game? People who don’t have enough tokens and lifespan will really die!”

Lu Luo didn’t think about whether these players are innocent people or the like Problem, he has no choice now.

The first thing he considers is whether he can survive.

Then whether his beloved relatives and friends can survive, and finally whether these unknown people can survive.

He has a problem with wanting to live now. If he chooses Holy Mother at this time, isn’t it the same as giving a head?


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