Doomsday Ring Chapter 186

Lu Luo walked slowly to the hall of the manor. When he entered the manor, he also found a problem.

His stick, oh no, there is something wrong with that stick leg.

This stick not only affects his actions, it even makes a chuckle when walking.

This sound is very obvious, Lu Luo feels that as long as the player’s ears are not deaf, they can basically hear it.

“Fuck, there are restrictions on steward everywhere, when can steward really stand up?

Fortunately, I have a fusion, and I will make myself a prosthetic leg later. .

Wait! If I rub myself a prosthetic leg now, will it be considered a violation?”

Lu Luo looked at his leg, thinking about the fusion ability , Began to fall into contemplation.

“The rule maker cannot violate the rules set by himself.

The rule here is that the cultivation technique cannot be used, but the sequence can be used.

Fusion The level of the actor is S-04! In this case…the question is coming!

Should I rub myself a leg?”

10 players entered the game one after another. This is already their second round game, so these people did not have any flustered expressions.

Even some of them have a look of be eager to have a try on their faces.

It can be seen from the expressions that these people, at least these people, have gained a lot of benefits in the last round of the game.

And, they have not encountered any danger!

“They think the game is too simple, how can a Tier 8 alien be a good man and a believer!”

Lu Luo in the dark looked at these people and shook the head.

After entering the game, players began to listen to the game content.

And they have obtained different identities, and the special abilities that each identity gives them.

Butcher, hunter, killer, accountant, doctor, student, teacher, miner, prostitute, thieves.

The special ability of each identity is unique and unmatched, which will bring them various advantages in the game.

Moreover, their own strength can be fully displayed here, which is much better than Lu Luo’s steward.

After the players got their own abilities, they started chatting in small groups.

During this chat, some of them unintentionally exposed their abilities.

For example, the doctor’s ability is very powerful and special, it is resurrection!

In the first half of the night, he can resurrect a person, and in the second half of the night, he can also resurrect a person.

This ability is proactively spoken by the doctor, and its credibility is unknown.

But anyway, after the doctor spoke, everyone’s eyes became softer.

After all, the ability to resurrect is very attractive in this dangerous and unknown place, and represents a very high fault tolerance rate.

After the doctor said about his abilities, someone has begun to get close to him.

Another person who exposes his abilities is a miner. His ability is to dig walls.

It seems to have missed the mouth, but it is not really missed. No one knows.

Maybe he, like the doctor, wants to let others know his abilities.

Standing in the shadow of the corner, Lu Luo looked at everyone in silence. He already knew the abilities of miners and doctors.

If what the doctor said is true, then there is a problem. This person must be solved first.

I looked at the doctor quietly, waiting for the group to disperse, but at this time, the observer suddenly gave a reminder.

[Sequence S-11 observers are analyzing each other’s attribute capabilities.

Received unknown intervention, the observer effect is blocked, and is trying to breakthrough, please wait… 100, 99, 98

The identity of the other party: prostitute.

attribute: blocked.

Abilities: Charm, Deception]

[Good guy, a big man who claims to be a doctor, who is actually a prostitute, he is untrustworthy! 】

This sudden reminder made Lu Luo a little surprised.

Unexpectedly, in such a place, the observer can give such important information.

This person is not a so-called doctor at all, he is actually a prostitute!

Ability is charm and deception.

Lu Luo looked at the believability of the people around him, he seemed to understand the meaning of this person.

He may have learned about the doctor’s ability from some means, and then used his charm ability to charm the doctor.

Use the deception effect again to deceive other players around, let other players think that the doctor is him, and recognize that he really has the ability to resurrect twice.

In this way, many people will protect him from start to finish, so there will be no danger in this person’s actions.

“Very good scheming!”

The crowd gradually dispersed, but there were still a few people staying in place.

Lu Luo had no choice but to become a ghost, walked through the wall and hid in the manor’s blacksmith shop.

There is enough material here to allow him to re-forge a leg for himself.

But when Lu Luo came here, he found a scarlet goat’s head standing here.

[Blacksmith, attribute is shielded, ability is shielded, level 3 race. 】

Lu Luo immediately thought of the previous reminder, you are not the only servant in the manor!

“Hello, steward!”

The sheep head greeted Lu Luo first, its voice was very low, but overall, Lu Luo did not hear Very obvious hostility.

“How are you, Mr. Blacksmith!”

“You actually call me Mr.? Hehe, what a ridiculous henchman.

Die, damn it Skeleton man.”

I said your brother, what the hell? Lu Luo was stunned, I just used a polite sentence, you are going to kill me?

The sheep’s head monster hits Lu Luo with a hammer.


Lu Luo felt a heavy blow to his chest and fell heavily to the ground.

Fortunately, his attribute value at this time has not changed, and the sequence ability can also be used.

55’s physique combined with tenacious effect, let him reduce a lot of damage.

So immediately after being attacked, Lu Luo has already made a counterattack.

Hook and lock!

The hook lock of the left hand flies directly out. After many practice, he also has Lu Luo that the observer assists in aiming.

The hit rate of the hook lock is close to 100% barrier-free.

At this time, the hook he threw out hooked the goat monster’s calf like a poisonous snake, and Lu Luo tightened his arm abruptly.

The huge power directly dragged the goat monster and the sledgehammer in his hand, forcibly.

Although there is no qi fuse, Lu Luo’s spiral sword technique can still be used.

Draw out the sword from the crutch, the spiral sword strength instantly pierced out, and went into the sheep’s brain!

Use Devourer directly, destroy the corpse and evidence!

[You used Devourer to use a Tier 3 alien, a blacksmith, to gain 389 energy points. 】

Ruthless and resolute, in this kind of place is vividly and thoroughly demonstrated by Lu Luo.

After killing the blacksmith, Lu Luo continued to move towards the blacksmith shop, but his footsteps stopped again.

“Hello, steward!”

The sheep head monster appeared again! I just don’t know if it is the second one or it has been resurrected!

[Blacksmith, attribute is shielded, ability is shielded, level 3 race. 】

Lu Luo was silent for a while, is this a game bug?

If you have been killing sheep’s head monsters here, can you save tens of thousands of energy?

Lu Luo did not go to talk to the sheep head monster, but directly chose to shoot.


Pu chi! Kill the goat head monster again, but this time the situation is different from the last time.

The corpse of the sheep’s head immediately dissipated, and it did not give Lu Luo a chance to get a bug, which is really a pity.

After the blacksmith dissipated, Lu Luo directly picked up a piece of iron next to the furnace and prepared to leave.

“Hello, steward! However, you seem to have taken my things!”

Lu Luo turned around silently, for the third time!

Pu chi!

The infinitely resurrected sheep head monster seems meaningless to him, but to the player?

Lu Luo looked at the dissipated body of the sheep’s head monster, lost in thought.


On the other side.

The butcher from Play Tu came to the second floor of the manor villa alone. He acted alone.

Although the game suggested that it is better not to act alone, he still chose to act alone.

He dared to do this, of course for his own reasons.

Whether it is his personal strength or his butcher status, he has enough confidence.

Let him deal alone even when facing the manor monsters.

“Here, it should be a room for women.”

The butcher opened the closet, and simply looked through the clothes in the closet, and roughly judged the owner of this room. , It is estimated to be a 40-50 year old lady.

The butcher is not interested in clothes or something.

Even if there are some crystal pearls on the clothes, it is troublesome to buckle them down. The clothes themselves are not easy to carry.

So after turning over, he turned and looked towards other places.

But at this moment, a pale face appeared between the clothes in the closet.

As the butcher turned around, the owner of the face crawled out of the closet without a sound, and clung to the butcher’s back.

But the butcher in front of him has no idea about it!

He was quickly rumbling through the mistress’s jewelry box.

Diamond necklaces, emeralds, jewelry, and dressing table drawers, all kinds of gold jewelry.

Just as he got up, the face behind him has gradually approached his neck.

The corner of the butcher’s eyes swept to the mirror on the dressing table, and in an instant, his hairs exploded!


Looking back, the butcher knife slashed the face accurately.

This powerful Tier 3 ghost species was slashed to death by the butcher with a single knife. The process of death seemed a bit funny, and also a bit weird.

But the butcher was still in a state of uncertainty. He touched his neck and placed it in front of his eyes.

Blood! He was bitten by a ghost!

Although I don’t know what kind of consequences this will bring to him, but biting is biting.

Being bitten by a different species is definitely not a good thing.

Contact with different species is absolutely dangerous. This is the idea that education in the wall has instilled for many years.

“No, I’m going to find a doctor, I have to go to a doctor!”

The butcher panicked and walked out the door, but just when he left the house time.


Somehow, I tripped over something hard!

Logically speaking, given his current physical fitness and attributes, how could he trip over something?

At this moment, a hook was nailed to his leg accurately.


The butcher’s screams spread throughout the villa, and the poison gradually flowed into the butcher’s body along the hook.

There was also severe pain at the place where the ghost seed had been bitten by the neck just now. This fall made the butcher dizzy.

His vision began to become blurred due to the toxin, but his ears were still very clear.

dong! dong! dong!

The sound of a heavy iron rod hitting the ground came from behind him. This feeling was like the death knell of despair.

Death is approaching him continuously!

The butcher felt that some monster stopped behind him. He was scared, but he knew he had another chance!

The butcher’s palm held the butcher knife tightly.

In desperation, the butcher suddenly turned around, and the butcher knife shot instantly, slashing towards the monster behind him.

Pu chi!

The cane sword passed through the butcher’s palm, and straightly nailed the butcher’s arm and the butcher knife to the ground.

Ah! The butcher screamed again.

This time, he is not only because of pain, but also because of fear.

The monster in front of me is a half-faced skeleton man, and the dim-blue treacherous fire constantly flashes in the skeleton’s eye sockets.

A rotten hand holds a cane sword, and a bone arm holds a chain.

One of the feet is a prosthetic made of steel. The whole person looks like a messenger from the underworld, specially to harvest people’s souls.

“The first one!”


When the butcher was killed, Lu Luo was about to drag his body away, the player Their voices appeared at the top of the stairs.

Lu Luo’s mobility is limited here. He immediately opened a door next to him, then closed the door and hid under the bed, preparing to collect a wave of information from the mouths of these people.

Even if someone enters the room with the key at this time, Lu Luo can still kill by sneak attack or escape by ghost state.

When the time comes, find a way to get the butcher’s corpse. This is the coping strategy that Lu Luo thought of.

But even if it is a hunter with excellent computing power like Lu Luo, there will always be some omissions.

Like now.

Under the bed, next to him, there is a trick!

Sprawling mouthparts, constantly vomiting saliva, countless black hands, isn’t this thing just an indescribable thing under the bed?

[Indescribable things-ghosts at the bottom of the bed, a third-order ghost species. 】

Just about to hide, Lu Luo suddenly felt very unlucky when he saw such a thing, and then he punched him up.

“What kind of dog thing, crawl!”


The wall was pierced, and this indescribable thing was blown away by Lu Luo. Get out.

Lu Luo did not choose to pursue anymore, but waited for an opportunity to take away the butcher’s body outside the door.

The person who just went upstairs has 2 footsteps. If there are 2 players, then his attribute is 10%, which is 5.5.

If you face 3 players, his attribute value is only 1% left, which is not as good as an ordinary person.

But the power of 5.5 takes away a person, it is simply too simple, this is not considered a very risky behavior, you can act.

“It’s weird!”

In the exclamation of several people, the indescribable thing fought with the player.

Lu Luo seized this opportunity and broke through.

But as soon as he left the house, a strong will shrouded him instantly, and all his attributes seemed to be emptied instantly.

The heavy iron legs even made him unable to stand firm.

The reason for this scene is that there are not two players fighting in front of you, but three!

When 3 players noticed Lu Luo, all attributes are classified as 1%.

“Obviously there are only 2 footsteps, and now there are 3 people!

Is it the ability to look like a stealth? Is it the thief?”

Lu Luo Enduring the discomfort of the body, opening the ghost form, quickly escaped from the doubtful eyes of the three people, and fled to an empty room.

He wants to be here, he is quietly waiting for the restoration of the attribute! This process takes 10 minutes.

But contrary to expectations, two more players’ footsteps came from the other side of the stairs.

“Here, this is here. Although this is a restaurant, I remember that the candlestick is very special. It should be the so-called treasure.”

“But I just heard the butcher’s scream Now, UU reading, shall we not go take a look?”

“There will definitely be others who will read it. It is reasonable to take advantage of this opportunity to find something.

Don’t talk about the items in the game center, just leave the game world, you will have to collect a lot of keys, which require tokens.

According to the game tips, treasures must be valuable things! Come with me.”

This is the voice of a man and a woman, but Lu Luo’s expression is not very good.

Because where he is at this time is the restaurant!

[Someone is approaching, please prepare in time for the host. 】

“This broken place is not a human, or a sly, let me mix here without humans and ghosts.

This task is really difficult!”

Lu Luo looked at his innate talent sequence, and his gaze stayed on the S-07summon sequence.

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