Doomsday Ring Chapter 187

“Sequences can be used, with the strength of the guys I have encountered so far.

If I use summon unscrupulously, the White Snake Thunderscale It is estimated that this can be leveled.

In this way, is this impossible game too simple?

Then the question is, summon is a different species, is it counted here? Cheating?”

[Still thinking about it? The forehead almost exploded and I didn’t think of a flower!

It’s all cheating by one’s own ability. People are coming soon, and you will be cold if you don’t summon. ]

“That’s right! I’m almost cold and I’m still thinking about doing this.

But I still want to ask, can Thunderscale be made smaller?< /p>

When its normal volume summon comes out, it is estimated that the house will collapse!”

[As your contract alien, the manifestation of summon power and spiritual power, of course you can do as one pleases control.

And Contract Beast this thing, isn’t it the same as a part of the body?

Since it is a part of the body, it is natural to be big if you want to be big and small if you want to be small.

Part of the body? Think big, think big, think small, be small? real or fake?

To be honest, do as one pleases control the size is very difficult, I have not been able to do 30 years of skill.

Forget it, let’s summon!

Lu Luo imagined that he put his hands together, then patted the ground and shouted, “There are three promises in the hard time.”

Then the white snake “peng” came out in one click.

I don’t know when I will be so secondary.

Well, there is no that many steps for the use of sequence S-07summon. In fact, you only need to change your mind to summon.

Lu Luo closed his eyes and felt the presence of the white snake thunderscale.

For this range, about 9 meters is enough!

“9 meters! 9 meters! 9 meters!”

[Sequence S-07, in summon, white snake-thunderscale, this summon has no consumption.

There is no “peng” sound.

The white snake gradually formed a body after some particles released from his body were combined.

The size is just what he imagined.


Lu Luo completed by summon, let white drill into the table basement, then glanced at the item in the restaurant, and finally set his eyes on the small box next to the table candlestick.

He walked to the dining table and put his hand on it.

Very poisonous seed.

The wooden box immediately began to change color, but soon returned to its original color.

After all this was done, Lu Luo, a rotten skeleton monster, just lay on the table so erect.

Play dead!

From another angle, as long as the fire in the eye sockets is covered, he is a half-decayed corpse.

Mixed with this corrupt restaurant, there is no sense of disobedience.


The hunter and the killer one after the other came to the front of the restaurant.

“That’s it, where is the key?”

“The key is here.”

“Open the door.”

“You Come on.”

From this brief conversation, Lu Luo has already heard that the two are not the kind of intimate partners.

There is also estrangement and suspicion between them, which is more troublesome!

Yes, it is not good for Lu Luo if the two are suspicious of each other.

Because they are wary of each other, their vigilance will be greatly increased.

In this way, Lu Luo’s silent assassination idea will become difficult to realize.

The sound of Xixi Suosuo’s key opening the door disappeared.

The door was opened, squeak! A sour voice came from the corner of the wooden door.

The two players, the hunter and the killer, entered the restaurant one after the other.

Lu Luo, who saw two players again, did not restore the 1% attribute to 10%, and the card BUG failed again, so sad!

As Lu Luo thought, there are also rifts between the two, and they are not very close cooperative relations.

“Look, it’s the candlestick!”

The killer pointed to the center of the dining table, where a candlestick emitting a faint brilliance was placed there.

Just a rays of light of a candlestick, seems to be able to illuminate the entire restaurant, at first glance it is a valuable treasure.

After confirming that the candlestick was still there, the killer opened his mouth.

“As I said before, the candlestick belongs to me, and the next treasure belongs to you, okay?”

“Okay, this one belongs to you, and the next one belongs to me.”

The hunter agreed, he simply raised his shotgun and began to alert the killer.

The killer was also very neat, rushed directly to the table, and reached out to grab the central candlestick.


The hunter suddenly stopped the killer.

“What’s the matter? You regret it?”

The killer was a little dissatisfied after being stopped, but he still wanted to maintain the current hard-won alliance relationship.

“Is there any trap here? When I was downstairs just now, I have already dealt with the two alien species.”

As the hunter poked him on the table with a shotgun Lu Luo on the previous page.

“From the perspective of this rotting corpse, it is obvious that this is not a simple place. According to every place with treasure, there is a dangerous law.

I think we It’s better to be more careful.”

[Speak well when you speak, why do you poke the host with your gun?

Really, the host almost jumped up to fight back. 】

Lu Luo is also a little surprised, he is a bit bold in doing so, but the risks are also in his calculations.

Lu Luo also saw that the candlestick is a great treasure, and it should belong to the manor treasure type item.

But he is a steward. It makes no sense for him to get the candlestick. It makes sense to have to wait for the player to get the candlestick before he kills the player.

The killer listened to the hunter’s reminder, nodded, and took out his dagger to become vigilant.

“Then help me watch it!”

“Know, take it.”

The killer slowly walked towards the candlestick, looking towards the candlestick At that time, he saw the wooden box next to him at the same time.

I glanced at the hunter and saw that the hunter was still on alert. The killer first picked up the wooden box and put it in his arms, and then went to grab the candlestick on the dining table.

“Got it!” Lu Luo looked surprised.

“Got it!” The killer also looked surprised.

But after getting the candlestick, the hunter felt something wrong.

Not only did he feel something wrong, Lu Luo, who was lying on the table, also felt something wrong.

So much so that the poisonous explosion that was just about to trigger, and the white snake waiting for an opportunity, did not take action.

After the candlestick was picked up, the light in the restaurant was obviously dimmed.

The hunter is observing the surrounding environment suspiciously. His ability is active, called hunting for prey.

Can perceive the existence of alien species within a certain range, but when he turned on the ability, he actually sensed 3 alien species in this room!

“Come back, there are 3 alien species in this room.”

Just as the hunter screamed, the various pieces of meat on the table began to combine.

Soon, these pieces of meat formed a monster with a huge mouth.

Lu Luo, who was lying on the table, looked at the huge mouth in front of him, and spit out in his heart.

“Good guy, I’m not the only one hiding on the table.”

[Glutinous-cook, elite grade 3 alien, strength 75, agility 20, physique 40.

It is the Guardian of the candlestick, ability: endless stomach pouch. 】

The glutton’s information is very detailed and has not been blocked.

Its appearance is almost like a small Gaum, but it feels much weaker than Gaum, after all, it is the difference between level 3 and level 5.

Lu Luo guessed that he can see the information of gluttons through observers, and other players should also be able to see through props or abilities.

The emergence of gluttons also made Lu Luo give up his plan to attack at this time.

The killer has already got the box, and the white snake is next to the hunter. At this time, Lu Luo can kill 2 players in seconds.

But he still wants to see if these two people can kill the glutton, and then explode some treasures, so that he can gain more.

At this time, the killer also opened his own identity ability, the killer instinct!

His combat response and speed have been greatly improved, and he began to deal with gluttons.

Taking this opportunity, the hunter raised his rifle, and after aiming for a while, suddenly shot.


The bullet passed by the killer and directly exploded the glutton’s eyeballs.

The killer cooperated seamlessly and cut off an arm of the glutton with a single knife. Together, the two could actually fight the Tier 3 elite and gain the upper hand.

It seems that the role they play not only has special abilities, but also gives them a substantial increase in attributes.

The strength of the two of them was beyond Lu Luo’s expectations. Fortunately, they didn’t rush into action, otherwise there was a real danger of overturning.

The dark energy gathered on the killer’s toes, he jumped high and kicked on the forehead of the glutton.


While the glutton screamed backwards, his huge body sank into the floor, which shows how powerful the killer’s formidable power is.

With the help of the opportunity created by the killer, the hunter rolled over and came to the glutton, and directly stuffed the barrel into the mouth of the glutton!

peng~ peng~!

The energy-storing bullets, fired in two bursts, directly exploded the brains of gluttons.

Looking at the glutton who was one strike certain kill, the hunter smiled.

But in the next second, I was stunned. Scarlet rays of light appeared on the body of the glutton, and the red light was getting brighter and brighter!

“Not good, legs!”

The killer complexion greatly changed, he quickly turned and jumped on the chandelier.

The hunter also wanted to run, but as soon as he took a step, the glutton behind him exploded completely.


The hunter was blown out directly, fell heavily to the ground, and vomited blood.

The killer is okay, he escaped.

The two looked at each other without talking. The injured hunter silently picked up the shotgun and prepared to change the bullets. This was a kind of protection for him.

And the killer who wanted to maintain the cooperation of the two also acquiesced to this behavior of the hunter, he jumped from the chandelier, ready to clean up the mess.

Just before the killer landed and the hunter was changing bombs, Lu Luo shot.


Thunderscale burst out of the dining table and bit on the hunter’s ankle.

Although its size has been reduced a lot by Lu Luo, it still looks very huge at this time, it is a 9-meter python.

Thunderscale dragged the hunter directly under the dining table, and the paralyzing effect of thunder and lightning made the hunter stiffer.

The killer wanted to rescue, but as soon as he landed, a strong pain appeared in his heart.

“cough cough!”

The killer suddenly spit a mouthful of blood, but the blood has lost the original blood color, but orange and yellow.

“I was poisoned? When?”

The killer naturally knew that he was hit, but he didn’t have the ability to perceive alien species like a hunter.

So he still doesn’t know that the murderer who poisoned him is the rotten skeleton lying on the table in front of him.

And the box in his arms was continuously releasing toxins. After enough accumulation, Lu Luo activated the poison explosion.

The killer complexion stiffened.


A big mouthful of blood was sprayed on the dining table, and the killer tremblingly held on to the table, wanting to say something, but speechless.

Because he saw the rotten skeleton in front of him, he turned his head quietly and spoke to him.

“Then I’m sorry, Mr. Killer. I want to live too!”

The killer is about to make a move, but the poison makes him impossible to move.

Lu Luo’s physical fitness at this time is only 0.55, but it doesn’t matter, he has venom and white snakes.

Feeling something behind him, when the assassin turned faintly, the thunder scale had already bitten him.

Lu Luo quietly waited for the recovery of his attributes, and touched the white snake beside him by the way.

“Can you understand me?”


Uh! Lu Luo was a little embarrassed when he heard the white snake speak directly.

“If I didn’t have summon you, where do you usually live?”

“A piece of emptiness world.”

This sounds a little bit It’s miserable! Lu Luo added comfortingly.

“Then if I have time, I will call you out to let you out and let you feel comfortable.”

“No, my lord has no territory and no territory, so White Snake doesn’t Suitable environment.

The white snake is my lord’s warrior, not a pet.

The white snake will fight for the lord at all times. Please don’t pay too much attention to my emotions.


In addition, compared to doing these useless things, my lord is still focused on growing and comparing prices.”

[The host has been educated by his own contract alien, what a shame! 】

Lu Luo’s expression is also very embarrassing. He raised a dog in his previous life, so he treats the white snake as his pet subconsciously.

But the reality does not seem to be the case. The Contract Alien directly points out that he is not a pet.

And tell yourself that you don’t need to worry about its emotions, it’s a bit too considerate!

“Well, that’s okay, then I can only become a lord as soon as possible, own the domain, and let you have a comfortable environment.”

Lu Luo said. , I felt something was wrong, and I seemed to be skewed again.

Why did everyone take him to a different species? I’m obviously a person, OK?

Although I have no brain and heart now, this does not prevent me from being a person!

The desire of a heterogeneous species is called mating, but his desire is called three rounds. Can this be the same?

Not only can he change various tricycles, but he can also change various riding postures. So, he and the alien simply are two species, okay?

“Cough cough! My body is recovered. Go to the second floor and see if there is a chance to drag the butcher’s body to me.

The bodies of these two people, myself Just deal with it.”

“Understand, my master.”

Bai Snake is very obedient, or persuaded, that it will not resist any orders from Lu Luo.

Although it is only dominating a different species, the feeling of dominance, how can I put it, is very fascinating.


Lu Luo dragged the corpses of the two to the blacksmith shop. Because of the people in the hall of the manor villa, the furnace here is a better place to burn. .

But when he came this time, he found that the blacksmith had disappeared.

“Where’s the blacksmith?”

[There are huge footprints on the outside of the blacksmith shop. It is recommended to take a closer look. 】

Lu Luo glanced around and found that there were many wet footprints around the forge, which looked like some kind of dog footprints.

These footprints are large, about the size of an adult’s torso.

There are some bite marks on the shelf of the smithy, as well as some claw marks.

“Could it be that the blacksmith was eaten by some kind of big dog? Wouldn’t the blacksmith be resurrected? Why didn’t it resurrect this time?”

No matter the actual situation, Lu Luo directly took the hunter Throw the killer’s body into the stove.

[You completely kill the killer, the basic reward is 10 tokens, the killer’s property gains 55 tokens, and the hunting gains 3. ]

[You completely killed the hunter, the basic reward is 10 tokens, the hunter’s property gains 6 tokens, and the hunting gains 7. 】

The killer’s token income is amazing. It actually reached 55 tokens, with a total income of 68 tokens, and the hunter’s total income was 23.

From the income tips of the two, Lu Luo has a general understanding of the channels of token income.

The basic reward for a player is 10 tokens, and then their property income and hunting income will be added.

The two of them teamed up to kill the Tier 3 elite alien glutton, UU reading, so Lu Luo got an extra 10 points of hunting profit, 2 people 91, which is very comfortable Up!

It’s only midnight. Lu Luo has killed 3 people. Although the process is a bit dangerous, he can’t bear to hang on to him too much.

At this time, the white snake has crawled down the water pipe of the manor house, and its tail is wrapping the butcher’s body.

“Come on!”

The butcher’s corpse brought Lu Luo another 30 tokens of revenue, bringing Lu Luo’s total token revenue to 131.

So far, Lu Luo feels that his basic income has been guaranteed!

The next step is to find a way to get as much revenue as possible.

Just as Lu Luo was leaning on the tool table to think about the problem, an undisguised hostility appeared behind him, and he let out a clear low growl.

“wu~ wu~ woo!”

Lu Luo turned his head and looked around, oh! A wet, cyan-gray color big wolfdog, chained to it, is connected to the pond of the manor.

One eye of this wolf dog is already blind, and the other eye is the same as Lu Luo, emitting a faint fire, which is not a normal species at first glance.

“This is the one who killed the blacksmith, right?”


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