Doomsday Ring Chapter 188

[Manor owner’s pet-Nether Soul wolf, level 4 ghost species, ability is blocked, attribute is blocked. ]

The owner’s pet? The things raised by the owner of this manor are really cute.

“wu~ wu~ woof!”

The giant wolf is still continuously facing Lu Luo roar, but the white snake next to Lu Luo gives it a lot of pressure. So it didn’t dare to attack Lu Luo directly.

But the hatred and hatred for Lu Luo in his eyes seems to be carved in his bones, and it can’t be erased.

“What is our deep hatred? Are you looking at me like this? The vengeance of killing my father?”

The giant wolf kept hovering around the blacksmith shop, and gave out a low growl and a dog bark. .

Lu Luo doesn’t care, he is an old coin and a jerk.

But the white snake can’t do it. It has the pride of an elite alien, and it wants to protect its monarch.

The white snake gradually stood upright, constantly vomiting his thunder tongue.


A bolt of thunder nails were sent out instantly and nailed to the ribs of the giant wolf accurately, and the giant wolf howled and fell into the water.

During the period, I kept screaming “ao wu, ao wu”. It felt like a husky.

But Lu Luo didn’t feel it was funny. He always felt that something was wrong. The pet of the owner of the manor was not right, and the manor was not right.

Moreover, his steward does not seem right!

“Forget this game, let’s go ahead and finish the game.”

The movement of the blacksmith shop and the pond obviously attracted other players.

These players seem to have learned to be smart. At this time, they are divided into groups of 4 and 3, and the 4 people moved towards the blacksmith shop.

The players in groups of 3 continue to explore the interior of the manor house.

Lu Luo patted the white snake’s head, motioning for it to hide, he himself jumped suddenly and hid on the second floor of the manor house.

The 4 players in the team have now arrived at the blacksmith shop and the middle of the pond.

They are prostitutes, accountants, doctors, and teachers.

Looking at the water trails on the ground and the traces of the surrounding battles, the teacher among the four began to analyze.

“There are obvious water marks and claw marks around the blacksmith’s shop. These are traces of canine animals, and should be some kind of animal clock alien.

From the direction of the water mark Look, this alien has a battle with the things in the smithy.

So I am sure that there is a alien in the water, and it is a very powerful alien.”

Watching the teacher analysis To be clear and logical, Lu Luo almost gave him the BGM of “Scheming Frog keeps touching your belly”!

[teacher, attribute is blocked, ability: analysis, narration.

Analysis: Analyze data, ability.

Narration: Express it more clearly. 】

Just after the male teacher finished speaking, the female accountant on the side also intervened.

“I found something valuable, right in the water, it is treasure level, and its value should be very high.

And advanced alien species will definitely drop valuable things.

So I think we can try to kill it!”

Everyone is profitable, and accounting is the same. She is continuously inducing others to explore the pond.

And Lu Luo also got this accounting ability.

[Accounting, attribute is blocked, ability: treasure hunt, premium.

Treasure hunt: After activation, look for valuable items nearby.

Premium: Accounting’s token revenue increased by 100%]

When Lu Luo saw accounting, he fell into contemplation. This 100% increase in revenue, if he survives, That’s a bit strong!

No, it is 100% improved. Under certain conditions, it is too strong.

Lu Luo stared at the accountant, lost in thought.


The accountant should have discovered something particularly valuable, that’s why it tempts others to do it.

But Tier 4 Alien Species is much better than Tier 3!

Lu Luo is really a little afraid that these people are not opponents of that wolf.

If these people were killed by the wolf, especially the accountant was killed by the wolf, then he would be all in vain!

After some meditation, Lu Luo found that the four players had already begun to make preparations for battle. It seems that these iron-headed guys are not ready to give up the things in the pond.

“That’s good, the smithy is next to me, I can solve 3 of them at once and complete the task with the guarantee.”

The first round game of these people should be very simple, this This leads to their very poor judgment of the surroundings, and their alertness to danger.

If you enter the water like this, those people who fight in the water will be killed by the wolf alive.

So, it’s better to help them!

“It’s too hard to kill, save, father, and mother again!”

Lu Luo closed his eyes slightly and immersed himself in his consciousness In the specimen room, there is already a plan for a new step.

【Sequence S-07 summon is currently in use, consumes 250 energy, summon 1 rank alien, creeper. 】

Several times the energy consumption makes Lu Luo feel a little deprived, but such a Tier 1 alien is indeed a very useful bait.

After all, it is a Tier 1 alien, and it is still trustworthy in terms of attributes.

“Go, take my old legs, and say hello to the wolf.”

The creeper crawled on the ground, in front of Lu Luo, he didn’t even dare to do it Expressing language and emotions

Lu Luo handed his original wooden leg to the crawler, let the crawler hold it in his mouth, and jumped down from the stairs.

“The summoner is so easy to use!” Lu Luo felt it when he looked at the running crawler.

The four players discussed with each other how to lure the monsters out of the water. Anyway, someone will be decoy.

After some discussions, it is decided that the teacher will be the bait. He has analytical ability and his combat strength is not bad. It should be no problem to deal with alien species.

“I’m ready!”

“Well, we will give you support.”

The teacher is going to go down with a saber in his hand, the other three Stand on the edge of the pond with guns, ready for fire support at any time.

“Hey, wait, what’s that?”

“It looks like a different species?”

“Want to shoot? It’s coming at us It’s gone.”

“It’s not coming towards us, it’s moved towards the other side of the pond, wait a minute.”

Several people also saw that the creepers were strange Behavior, decided to wait a little longer.

The crawler was running very fast, and soon stopped by the pond with Lu Luo’s truncated leg in his mouth.


Its tongue curled up the truncated leg and danced constantly above the pond. This behavior made the expressions of the four people by the pond even more strange.

“This alien’s behavior is so strange?”

“It’s not strange, it’s seducing something in the pond!”



The one-eyed giant ghost wolf once again broke through the water, biting the creeper on the shore in two with one bite.

Its eyes were full of anger and resentment, after swallowing Lu Luo’s severed leg, it roared into the sky.

“ao wu!”

Lu Luo looked at the ghost wolf at this time, and he was more certain of this manor, or that there was a problem with his steward identity.

“Pets are full of hatred for steward. The blacksmith will kill steward if he doesn’t agree with him, and the pet will kill the blacksmith.

Then the problem is, pet-steward-of the blacksmith. What is the relationship between them?

Is the chef in the restaurant a servant? Are there any other servants in this manor?”

Just as Lu Luo was thinking When these characters are related, the giant wolf who jumped up has already seen the 4 players in front of him.

The two sides confronted each other.

The prostitute looked at the other team members who hesitated, opened the mouth and said:

“Go on, don’t be afraid of death, I will resurrect you after death, and my doctor’s ability will be repaid at once. I haven’t used it.”

After he said that, the real doctor frowned beside her, she looked at the prostitute, but after all she didn’t speak.

The accountant and the teacher glanced at each other, and in the end the teacher came first.

Originally, his strength is the strongest. At this time, it is natural for him to take action.

“Come on, big dog!”

A holy splendor burst out of teacher’s body. This iconic power also shows that his original identity is a church personnel.

However, the identity of the player hides his attribute information, and Lu Luo can’t see his level.

If you are a Tier 3 church member, you really have a chance to kill Tier 4 alien species.


The blade light attached to the holy splendor flashed past, and a huge gap was cut in the ghost wolf’s forehead.

Countless Nether Soul howls spread out from this gap, but the ghost wolf still endured the severe pain and threw a paw down on the teacher!

da da da!

The bullets of the other three shots continuously at the ghost wolf’s body, and the faint flames continue to burst out along with the bullet marks.

This wolf seems to release some souls within the body every time it suffers an attack.

It bit off half of the teacher in one bite, and then threw him aside.

Then he pounced on the other three again.

“Where is your resurrection technique? Use it soon?”

The accountant loses one’s head out of fear and looks at the prostitute. The teacher’s battle strength is the strongest. If he doesn’t even have him Way to face the ghost wolf directly.

At this time, their three people are almost like sending them to death!

“He is not dead, so my resurrection technique cannot be used.”

The prostitute moved towards the doctor winked, and the doctor’s expression was tangled, nodded.

The doctor’s true ability is healing, not resurrection at all. She was about to use her ability, when a lightning shot out from a distance, directly piercing her forehead.

The doctor was assassinated by Lu Luo without using any abilities.


Originally, Lu Luo’s idea was to find something, make a profit, and harvest!

But after he saw the accountant’s ability, all his previous ideas have been overturned by him. Now, he only needs to keep the accountant.

Doctors can solve this unstable factor directly.

Although White Snake is very powerful, Lu Luo decided to be more nasty, let them fight each other, and then make another move by themselves.

In case it is seen by 3 people at the same time again, it would be uncomfortable for the attribute to drop to 1%.

The White Snake killed the doctor, completely severing the probability of resurrection or healing of these players. In this way, Lu Luo’s scruples are much less.

The giant wolf looked at the white snake vigilantly, but the target of the white snake was the male prostitute who kept talking.

The accountant has already started to run, and the prostitute wants to run too, but the white snake Thunderscale is faster!

Shekou bit directly on the prostitute’s waist. The strength of the Tier 4 elite alien species was so great that the prostitute was crushed and completely killed without any room for resistance.

After killing the male prostitute, the white snake was directly wrapped around the ghost wolf’s head.

The ghost wolf immediately jumped into the pond and wanted to escape, but Lu Luo’s order to the white snake was to completely kill the ghost species.

So the White Snake did not dodge, and directly followed the ghost wolf into the pond.

The pool water here is not water at all, but a soul solution formed by the condensation of countless souls.

A living thing like the white snake fell into the pool, and the result was that these souls came to attack it continuously and bite it.

“Don’t play, let’s fix it all!”

After giving the order, Lu Luo no longer looked towards the pond, limped towards the garden, and walked quickly !

There is the direction in which the accountant escapes!


The accountant is constantly running, constantly running, she has been most afraid of snakes since she was a child, and the snake just now is so big, very big, if you don’t run, you can only die!

After running for a long time, she finally stopped and panted on her knees.

In addition to her gasping voice, there are some unknown voices around her.

ka-cha! ka-cha! ka-cha!

“What is it?”

ka-cha! ka-cha! ka-cha!

“Cut things? This is the garden? Isn’t it a different species again?”

The manor is too dangerous, the accountant doesn’t want to stay any longer, she plans to escape here, Find a place to hide and wait for dawn.

Although her income is not much, after she goes out, she can exchange a few keys with a premium, which is enough.

However, at this time, the surrounding trees all grew longer, and then blocked her way.

“What the hell is that place? These trees will attack me too?”

The accountant was terrified, she didn’t know where to go, but this time , She saw a stone moved towards her head.

Boom! The stone shattered, but fortunately, the accountant had escaped in advance! Otherwise, she could blow her head in one blow.

A tall giant appeared in the shadow of the woods. On the head of this giant was a huge black eyeball.

“This is…”

The Cyclops picked up his scissors and was about to come over and cut off the accountant’s head.

Extremely critical, a hook directly hooked the accountant’s calf and instantly pulled her out of the woods.

The frightened accountant panted again, his still plump chest rising and falling.

She turned her head, trying to thank the person who saved her.

But when I say “thank you”, I can’t say anything!

[Why doesn’t this woman know thank you? It’s impossible to tell good from bad. 】

“Yes, I saved you, why don’t you say thank you?” Lu Luo’s tone was a little dissatisfied.

Looking at the decaying skeleton in front of me, the decaying half-face, the fire-like eyes, the skeleton arm, and the artificial leg made of iron.

The accountant’s throat trembles with “uh uh”, but he can’t say a word.


After the white snake in the pond received Lu Luo’s order, its body began to grow bigger and bigger, finally revealing its true body.

A large white eyebrow snake that is tens of meters long and thicker than a couple of people.


Lightning ran in the pool water, the ghosts wailed continuously, and the ghost wolf was bitten off by the white snake, and he couldn’t die anymore.

After killing all the ghost species in the pool, the white snake sucked suddenly, sucking countless spiritual bodies into itself within the body.

Then there was thunder and lightning all over, digesting these ghosts.


The white snake made an action similar to Lu Luo’s spitting out poison qi, but at this time, it spit out ghost impurities that could not be digested.

After doing all this, the white snake also moved towards the garden and swam.

On the second floor of the villa, the student quietly watched the scene before him, and the corners of his mouth rose slightly.

“Maid, chef, blacksmith, pet, UU reading is the gardener next!

Steward is really strong and full of surprises.”

“Hey, what are you looking at here?

Have you found anything good? Come and show me.”

Among the 3 people, his strength is the strongest, so he can naturally give orders to the students.

“I didn’t find anything. Really, I didn’t find anything.”

The student’s voice seemed flustered and scared, and his flustered voice, Let the miners be more certain that the students must have hidden good things.

“I asked you to come over, didn’t you hear? Deaf?”


The student turned his head and walked up to the miner. By your side.

The miner knocked the student’s head with his gun, and said in a threatening tone:

“What about it? Take it out? What are you waiting for?”

< p> The moment the student lifts the head, the eyes suddenly become bigger, beyond the limit of normal human beings, and the eyeballs are filled with irregular bloodshot eyes.

It’s like two distorted, indescribable lanterns!



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