Doomsday Ring Chapter 189

The student suddenly opened his arms, and his hands became like sickles and pierced the miner’s back.

Four sharp teeth were exposed in his mouth, and then he bit directly at the miner’s head and tore it forcefully.

Pu chi!

Bright red splashes in the room! The miner who had been torn in half fell to the ground.

Such a Tier 2 top professional, coupled with the ability of the game identity, can’t actually take a round in the hands of the students.

The strength of the students is really amazing.

After he killed the miner, extend the hand grabbed the miner’s body, threw it through the window, and threw the body directly to the door of the blacksmith’s shop.

Lost in this position, if Lu Luo comes back, the miner’s body will be found immediately.

The reason for this is also very simple. His identity is a student, and his ability is learning.

But this kind of learning is not normal learning, but learning the abilities of other dead people.

So, he needs steward to burn the bodies of other players for him, so he can get enough power.

The student’s body gradually returned to its original state, he patted his palm, and showed a slightly panicked and nervous smile.

“Little thief elder sister, where are you? I am scared by myself.”

It seems that it is because the windows are not closed.

A gust of wind blew by, and the blood mist that was still in the house drifted far away.

The thief who saw this scene in his eyes covered his mouth and tried his best not to let himself scream!

Relying on her concealment ability, she quietly backed away.

She wants to leave this place, must leave this place, but she can’t make a sound when she leaves, she will die!

“Monsters, there are all monsters in the manor. How could the second round game be so difficult?

No one in this place is normal.”


In the garden,

the battle between Steward and the gardener continues.

Lu Luo limped away from the flying scissors.

His hook flew out in an instant, hooking the giant not far away, but his strength was obviously not as good as that of the opponent.

The Cyclops grabbed Lu Luo’s chain and pulled Lu Luo step by step.

[Cyclops-gardener, an elite class 3, strength 90, agility 30, physique 55. Ability: Manipulate garden plants. 】

After fixing the hook on a tree in the garden, the one-eyed gardener rushed towards Lu Luo.

Each step, there will be a tremor of “Beng Beng”.

Looking at the cyclops coming straight, Lu Luo did not panic too much.

This kind of low agility alien species, although it looks particularly powerful in some places, is always their extreme disadvantage in terms of speed.

Lu Luo lowered his center of gravity slightly and made an attacking posture.

The cane sword has no blade, so it can only be pierced straight, and he does not have a qi fuse to use it. Under normal circumstances, a single blow is absolutely impossible to kill the giant in front of him.

But he can use sequence, and he also wondered how to temporarily replace qi fuse with sequence.

zi zi!

Blue and white electric sparks kept popping up on Steward’s crutch.

This is a new move that the fusionists have already implemented based on Lu Luo’s existing sword technique ability.



Under the stimulus of thunder and lightning, Lu Luo’s body suddenly accelerated, facing the direction of the cyclops.

The crutch in the hand is just like the name of the move, thunder light flashed, no sword qi, just a pure energy stab.

A sword that exceeded Lu Luo’s speed limit came out smoothly, and the eyeball on the giant’s forehead burst!


The speed of this move is almost extreme. It is difficult for Lu Luo to imagine how effective his qi fuse can be after it is restored.

Accompanied by the strong thunder and lightning acceleration, Lu Luo also forcibly ran into the Cyclops.

The power of 90, even if Lu Luo counts all his attributes and innate talents, it will be a lot worse.


The dull impact made him feel that his ribs were about to be shattered.

“Without qi fuse, acceleration and cornering are not easy to brake. It is really troublesome to encounter such alien giant monsters!”

The use of qi fuse is more than just It is speeding up, increasing power.

In terms of deceleration and defense, qi fuse can also be perfectly competent and excellent in all aspects. This is the most modest way of energy use by hunter.

Lu Luo couldn’t help groaned after being hit, but he still didn’t stop the attack in his hand.

This guy is already blind. If he doesn’t take advantage of his illness to kill him at this time, he may be more troublesome later.

The Cyclops fists frantically fluttered, but Lu Luo, who has an overclocking mode, is afraid of this unstructured attack.

Flickering, relying on more than 20 agility and the advantage of vision, Lu Luo has not been touched by one eye once.

Finding an attack interval, he kicked the one-eyed gardener’s knee.


Although he didn’t kick the opponent’s bones with a kick, the one-eyed gardener who was under tremendous force still staggered and fell to the ground.

Lu Luo was not idle either, he dashed to the one-eyed, and stepped on the one-eyed gardener’s ankle.

His body can no longer maintain balance, and his hands can no longer defend.

The walking stick in his hand took advantage of the situation and plunged fiercely into the chest of the one-eyed gardener.

Ah! One-Eyed screamed again, his face savagely distorted, the eyeball that had been ruptured actually fell from his head, and then a new eyeball grew again.

The one-eyed who regained his vision had to grab Lu Luo, but the current from his chest immediately paralyzed him! Cannot move.

zi zi!

The two sides were in a stalemate for a while, and Lu Luo’s few strength of Thunder fell rapidly.

However, Lu Luo is not too worried about the issue of protracted warfare, he can completely delay the arrival of White Snake.

And he also feels that White Snake should be coming soon.

One-eyed rolled his eyeballs, and the surrounding trees began to stretch out branches to Lu Luo.

Vines and rhizomes began to wrap around Lu Luo’s body, constantly pulling Lu Luo’s arm holding the cane.

“It’s almost done!”

Lu Luo suddenly pulled out the crutches, and was dragged away by the powerful vines, but the white snake also arrived at this time.

A tail swept across the one-eyed belly, and then spewed an amazing lightning strike.


White Snake’s thunder and lightning is much stronger than Lu Luo, and his one-eyed blow was instantly burnt and knelt on the ground.

The white snake continued to attack, wrapped around the body, and directly rolled up the paralyzed one eye.

Lu Luo broke free from the vines, he got close, jumped on the head of the white snake, leaped high in the air, and completely inserted the crutches into the one-eyed brain.

Everything, a twist!

This time, this huge monster finally died!

[You killed the gardener-the cyclops of the manor. 】

Humanoids can be swallowed. Lu Luo, who has not forgotten his original intention, decided to swallow the one-eyed first, and then talk about it after a wave of blood.

[You swallowed the elite Tier 3 alien species and gained 800 energy. ]

[You swallowed the elite 3rd tier alien species and gained 6 points of sequence value. 】

“This battle is difficult, it’s better to harvest Tier 2 to come quickly!”

Lu Luo is talking about his true feelings, although the high-level aliens have a lot more energy , The elite alien species have more energy.

But compared to Tier 2 which has good energy and is easy to kill, Tier 3 Elite is still too difficult to fight, and there is even a certain risk in fighting.

To accumulate energy in the future, it will be faster to find a place where the alien species are dense to slaughter Tier 2!

After solving the gardener, Lu Luo walked out of the garden, came to the accountant who was holding his bleeding thigh, and squatted down.

To be honest, he is not quite clear. How terrifying his appearance is in the eyes of the accountant at this time. Anyway, it is not much better than the Cyclops just now!

“I saved you, why didn’t you even say anything? Are you too excited?

You want to thank me, but you don’t know how to speak , Is it?”

I heard Lu Luo’s question, the accountant was nodded.

She didn’t want to admit it, but she didn’t dare to shake her head. If she shook her head, the monster in front of her would kill her!

“You came to the manor to hunt for treasure, right? So let’s do it.

I can help you, but I need to be paid.”

“Huh? What do you mean? “

The accountant didn’t quite understand what Lu Luo meant at this time. This monster shouldn’t be the Guardian of the manor. Is it going to kill them?

Why are you suddenly turning your head and talking about trading now?

[Why is she so stupid? Let it die. 】

Compared to the observer, Lu Luo is much calmer, even more how such a good broiler, how could it be killed so easily?

Lu Luo showed an expression that he thought he was kind and kind.

“I am the steward here. I have lived in this confusing place for too long. I feel very boring.

So I divine light flashed and want to do something to help you guys. What do you think about things, such as helping you hunt for treasures?”

The female accountant may not be very smart because of the size of the breasts.

But being inept and stupid is not the same.

Lu Luo is a monster, a different species, can you believe a different species? Of course not.

So she didn’t even want to believe a punctuation mark when he said these words.

“Master Steward, if you have anything to say, let’s just say it, don’t need to be so complicated.”

Lu Luo was silent for a moment. Why is the youngster so impetuous now? ?

He didn’t give him a chance to perform at all, so the 500-word prelude he just prepared was useless.

“In this case, let me just say it right. The 10 adventurers you came in together are almost dead.

If you want to get out of here alive, you can Make a deal with me.

The purpose of your coming to the manor is to find treasures, and I am especially willing to help others.

So uphold everyone for me, I am everyone’s truth.

I will help you find the treasures, all these treasures belong to you, and as long as you go back, the income will be shared with me!”

heard Here, the accountant suddenly opened his eyes.

“After you go back? So are you?”

“Hush, don’t talk nonsense about things you don’t know, there may be accidents.”

Lu Luo pointed out Pointing to the sky, he said with a smile.

Although his smile is still scary, the accountant at this time is obviously not as scared as before.

This is the inertia of human thinking. When you know that the other person is also a human, the fear of the unknown will be drastically reduced.

Of course, the accountant shouldn’t forget how outrageous the guy in front of him is.

Lu Luo came out of the garden, which only means that the gardener in the garden has been killed by Lu Luo at this time.

That gardener is at least a Tier 3 monster.

Therefore, accounting is nodded.

“If I do what you tell me, how much can I get?”

“I am a fair person. Let’s be the same!”

Lu Luo spreads out his hands and looks like I am professional.

[Does anyone really believe the host? ]

“Same? You said we are the same?”

Accountant was a little surprised. She thought that her round of the game had already collapsed.

In this case, it is a relatively lucky situation to be able to survive without paying a large amount of tokens and lifespan.

didn’t expect a huge turnaround in things unexpectedly, this steward, is actually willing to score 55 points with her?

“Really? 55 points?”

Lu Luo nodded vigorously.

“Yeah, yeah! We got 55 points, of course, the remaining 90 points will be given to holy light.”

“Huh?” The accountant was taken aback for a moment. , The surprised expression quickly changed color.

“You want to divide it into 100 points, I get 5 points? You are not cracking a joke, are you?”

Lu Luo helplessly shook the head, some people just don’t know the current affairs, I don’t know what it means to distinguish the form, and I don’t know who is in charge of the situation.

The hand of the bones lost the crutches, Lu Luo grabbed the accountant’s head directly, lifted her up, and said a little abruptly:

“You may be mistaken for us The relationship between the accountant Young Lady.”


Although this fist Lu Luo has tried his best, the accountant still spit out all the food.

She arched her body, unable to make a sound, and it took a long time to relax.

retched, then looked at Lu Luo suspiciously.

“How can I trust you?”

Lu Luo smiled again. How could this woman be selected as an accountant with such a low IQ?

“You made a mistake about the current situation again, believe it? You don’t need to believe me, and I don’t need you to believe it.

There are only two choices you have now, one is Do things according to my requirements, second, you die here!

So my question, you shouldn’t have any doubts about whether you believe it or not, because you have no choice, understand?”

Lu Luo’s meaning is already obvious. If you don’t believe it, you will die!

Facing Lu Luo’s strength, the accountant finally realized something afterwards.

She didn’t know why she was fainted just now, why she ran into Lu Luo.

“Okay, Lord Steward, I will listen to you.”

“Don’t be so afraid, in fact, after a while, you will find that your actual income is much higher. It’s as high as you think.

Even if it’s only 5%, it’s the same.”

Lu Luo put his finger in the accountant’s mouth.

“What are you doing?”

“Poisoning! You don’t think I really don’t do any insurance, do you? Don’t worry, I am a professional in poisoning. Yes.

Don’t hide, don’t be so naive, if you are obedient, you might still make a lot of money!”

The reason why Lu Luo left the accountant is because The ability of accounting is very special.

If you join forces with the accountant, then this ability is almost equivalent to a BUG.

This is also the first and real bug Lu Luo found in the entire playground game.

Treasures are worthless to Lu Luo, and it seems very difficult to count on these players to collect treasures.

But treasures are very valuable to other normal players.

According to Lu Luo’s estimation, the guaranteed minimum value of the treasure should be around 50.

The effect of accounting premium is 100% additional income.

But if the owner of the rules cannot easily change the rules, Lu Luo only needs to find out all the treasures as much as possible.

Then all the accountant in front of her, let her complete the task, then she can not only get all the killing income except the accountant.

You can also get twice as much extra treasure income.

According to the fact that 1 treasure is 50*2, only 5 treasures are needed, and Lu Luo can get an extra 500 tokens of income.

Well, it’s actually 1.95 times. If you say 5% to others, you have to give 5%. He has always said one thing and is reasonable.

Next, I only need to clean up the manor and find out the treasure as much as possible.

Then he will be able to obtain unprecedented huge benefits! In this way, Qiao Xiaomi can be rescued in one round of the game. and there are still many balances.

As for how to find an accountant after going out!

In fact, simply don’t have to look for it, the big screen will prompt who is the first place in this round of the game!

Just like him in the previous round, this is also the rule of the game.

But Lu Luo will still prepare some protective measures, such as poisoning!

If you can’t beat it, you will poison it, if you are not sure, you will poison it. If there are more people on the other side, it will be poisoned and swarmed.

Anything can be poisoned anyway.

Only when he is poisoned, can he control the hostages. If he is poisoned, he can feel a little more relieved.

Lu Luo asked the white snake to scan the garden. After confirming that there were no alien species nearby, he left the accountant in the depths of the garden.

Then he picked up a very delicate flower pot from the center of the garden and placed it in front of the accountant.

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