Doomsday Ring Chapter 190

[One of the manor treasures: fallen tulips.

Introduction: This flower has some special information and is poisonous, but you still need more treasures to unlock the secrets of the manor. 】

More treasures? The secret of the manor?

“Okay, you just need to take a good rest here, and you can go out safely by tomorrow morning.

This thing should be the gardener’s treasure, you should put it away first, it’s me Your first gift.

Don’t be so scared, you forgot, 5% of it belongs to you!”

“I, I know…”


Lu Luo gave a gentleman’s gift to the accountant, although he did it very seriously.

But bowing also brought the sly fire in his eye sockets closer, and the accountant took two steps back unnaturally.

“Hehe, don’t run around, this manor is not as simple as you think, Young Lady accountant.

If you run around, you may die!”

“I got it.”

dong! dong! dong!

Lu Luo left with a heavy iron leg, and the accountant finally had a respite opportunity.

She sat down on the ground and buried her face.


Lu Luo stood at the door of the forge, eyes slightly narrowed!

Because he is not far from the two corpses of the miner.

[The blacksmith’s body was torn into two pieces by brute force. The strength was so great that this person should not feel any pain. 】

“It’s the same as I imagined! My whole game process was so smooth.

It was before 2 o’clock in the middle of the night, and it’s only 1:45. It seems that people are almost dead, which is obviously abnormal.

It seems that someone is dividing the player’s team, and even the player itself is dividing the player’s team.

Under certain conditions, has his strength slowly recovered?”

Although Lu Luo had thought of some hidden situations in this manor, the body still had to be burned.

After all, it is the requirement of the task. The requirement of the task belongs to the mandatory rules, and this cannot be changed.

But before burning the corpse, there are other things to do.

Lu Luo checked his energy value. After having the summoner, he needs to save more energy.

The current energy value is 3400, which is not enough!

[Those who are using sequence S-07summon, specimen summon: consume 250 energy summon creeper! ]

[Who is using sequence S-07summon, specimen summon: consumes 250 energy points, summon creeper! 】

Soon, a large number of crawlers gathered in Lu Luo’s all around, and they crawled on the ground.

In addition to waiting for Lu Luo’s order, they are also very afraid of the breath of the white snake, which belongs to the oppression of the imposing manner of the high-level aliens against the low-level aliens.

“Okay! People are almost dead.

In addition to the accountant, the remaining two players are students and thieves.

I have seen a thief before. Although her abilities have some characteristics, they are generally only in the category of ordinary players.

Then, there is only one player who has real problems.


To find students or find thieves, there is no need to fight, just tell me where they are, go!”

The crawlers got Lu Luo’s order After that, he immediately ran around and began to wander among the entire manor.

Although there are only 10 1st-order alien species, Lu Luo has already felt the strength and advantages of the summon.

Searching for items, obtaining information, actual fighting, harassment, this feeling of being a group of one person, it is really easy to use!

It’s just a bit expensive! For 10 creepers, Lu Luo is afraid that he will not mix 3-4 hundred energy, but summon comes out, but it costs 2500, which is outrageous.

“Okay, continue to find treasure for our accountant Young Lady!

White snake, help me see what’s in the water.”

White snake nodded , Drill directly into the quiet Spirit Pond pond.

The original ghost in the pond has been swallowed by the white snake, and the current pond water is just ordinary rancid water.

Lu Luo waited quietly by the pool, not very long, the white snake swam up with a beating gem in his mouth and a dusty sword.

Lu Luo, who got these two items, frowned slightly.

[One of the manor treasures: Spirit Treasure stone.

Introduction: The gem of the soul is blocked, but you still need to find more treasures to unlock the secrets of the manor. ]

[One of the treasures of the manor: the dusty sword.

Introduction: This sword is very special. There are some traces of forging on the sword, but it seems to be unsuccessful. 】

Lu Luo did not rush to solve the mystery, but returned to the garden once again, and handed over the gems and sword to the accountant.

“The second and third treasures, the accountant Young Lady, am I right? I’m cooperating with have boundless prospects!

Although I am in the dark, but We all have a bright future!”

In the amazement of the accountant’s eyes, Lu Luo once again smiled and left.

In this way, Lu Luo found the candle holder from the restaurant one by one, and found the mistress’s necklace from the maid’s room.

After gathering all these five things, Lu Luo discovered that his walking stick had also become a treasure.

[One of the treasures of the manor: the steward scepter.

Introduction: This manor hides a secret. 】

Lu Luo placed the first five treasures one after another, and then turned the crutch in his hand.

Suddenly, the sky of the entire manor turned bright, but the color of the sky was not white, but red.

The dark clouds dissipated, as if everything had become unusually clear, but there was a bloody romantic feeling.

At the same time, the soul sealed in the Spirit Treasure stone also shook suddenly.

In an instant, a torrent of memories poured into Lu Luo’s mind, and fragments of information were like pieces of biscuit, stuffed into his mind.

If it weren’t for the experience of absorbing memory after crossing, Lu Luo might lose his balance at this time and be in a daze.

Fortunately, he is an experienced transmigrator, and he “remembers” everything about Steward at this time.

[A long, long time ago, here was a beautiful manor, and the owner of the manor was a great mage.

He is generous, handsome, open-minded, and everything is beautiful.

Until he got a gem, the Spirit Treasure stone!

After getting the gems, the manor began to become extreme.

He is no longer rational, full of crazy desires, and the first to bear the brunt is naturally the servant in the manor.

Steward, the maid, the cook, the gardener, the blacksmith, the pet, they have all become the test objects of the manor’s evil magic.

This kind of evil experiment has been going on all the time. Although the servants have been tortured, this torture has also given them great power.

Until one day, Steward suddenly found that the master seemed to be very weak, so he united the other servants.

Kill the master!

The gardener cut off the master’s fingers, the maid strangled the master’s neck, and the cook cut off the master’s legs.

Even the spirit wolf, who was loyal to his master, was killed by a blacksmith with a hammer, and then thrown into the pond.

The final blow was Steward’s cane sword, which pierced the owner’s heart.

From then on, the manor is only left with servants and steward, and no more masters.

After the owner of the manor died, Steward wanted to become the new owner here, and he wanted the wealth and power here.

But the other servants disagreed.

They began to kill each other, Steward killed the blacksmith with a dusty sword, and threw the blacksmith into the furnace.

Then he strangled the maid to death with the mistress’s necklace, knocked the butcher to death with the candlestick in the restaurant, poisoned the gardener with the flower poison of the fallen tulip, and completely locked the wolf in the chain with a chain. In the pond.

In the end, all the servants were killed, leaving only Steward.

When Steward thought he had everything, the puzzled souls of the servants and the manor began to fill the manor.

They cursed each other, struggled, and finally turned into inhuman monsters, alien species!

This kind of distortion, even Steward himself has not escaped.

The servants are afraid of being retaliated by the master. The master is too powerful. If they face the master alone, there is no chance of winning at all!

So they can only unite again and seal the master in the Spirit Treasure stone.

But this manor has already been cursed. In the eyes of those servants, Steward is the real culprit!

Steward killed the owner, and Steward killed them too. Everything is Steward’s fault!

If there is no steward, everything will be back to normal! ]

Once I remembered this place, it was completely interrupted.

Lu Luo has probably understood what is going on in this place.

“Since the wraiths have returned, as the former masters here, the lord of the manor should also return.

The lord of the manor was finally sealed by the servants. It’s in the Spirit Treasure stone.

So the question is, now that the servants are all dead, should the spirit of the manor in the Spirit Treasure stone come out?”

< p> Lu Luo looked at the Spirit Treasure stone that kept flashing in his hand, and fell into deep thought.

Suddenly, he felt that one of his summon creepers had died!

The approximate direction is the manor house.

“Found it? Are you still in the villa, a student or a thief?”

Before solving the final master of the manor, Lu Luo still wanted to deal with the thief first.

Because he is now not sure if the student is a player, if the student is a player.

If he is exposed to thieves and students at the same time, all attributes will become 10%, which is very dangerous.

Therefore, Lu Luo decided to go ahead first, and the white snake will go up first and see what the situation is.

The time is still long, and Lu Luo is not in a hurry.

even more how, the corpse in front of the blacksmith shop should have been lost by the students.

If he is really the owner of the manor, he should also be looking for thieves.

And there is a white snake, he just needs to wait!

Leaving other treasures, Lu Luo left with the Spirit Treasure stone directly.


The thieves covered their mouths and hid them in a pile of waste, trying to hide their breath as much as possible.

From time to time there were sounds of aliens running outside the door. She didn’t know why that many aliens appeared in the manor at this time.

But she knew that she just had to drag it down, at least until now the students have not found her hiding here.

“Calm down, keep your breath and heartbeat well, so that you won’t be noticed by that guy.”

The sound of mosquitoes and flies is normally impossible to hear, but Suddenly a curious tone appeared behind her.


“Huh?” The thief bit his finger. The identity of the thief gave her a supplement as if boneless body, which suddenly became extremely stiff.

“I’m asking you ah, hiding here, really will not be discovered?”

The thief instantly drew his knife and slashed behind him, but the knife behind him Faster!

Cut off half of the thief’s palm with one knife.


The screams echoed in the manor house, and all the creepers immediately moved towards this direction and rushed.

“Rogue Young Lady, did you know that the hunter’s ability is called searching for prey? And you, my prey.”

Before the thief could answer, just outside the door There was the sound of creepers hitting the door.

There are strong enemies in front and chasing soldiers behind.

Holding his broken palm, the thief knew that he could not retreat.

Fortunately, the tokens in her deposit are enough for her to die once and not die.

“This time, I’m really planted!”

Pu chi!

The student’s knife pierced the thieves’ heart, and the number of players was -1 again.

But the student’s expression is a bit strange at this time.

He looked at his body and frowned.

“The servants other than steward should be dead! Why didn’t I recover? Why am I still like a student?

People are not dead?”

When the student was puzzled, a torrent of lightning pierced the door and hit the student directly.


The whole room was blown to pieces by white thunder!

The student was blasted out of the villa and fell heavily at the front entrance of the manor villa!

In front of him, is the ghost Steward -Lu Luo who has already stood waiting.

[Master of the manor-student, unknown creature of Tier 4.

Strength 75, physique 75, and agility 75.

Tip 1: The manor who pretends to be the player.

Tip 2: The imprisoned soul and the body must not blend together.

Tip 3: He was originally a lord. 】

Looking at the student knocked down by Bai Lei, Lu Luo smiled with satisfaction. He brazenly walked to the boy and squatted down.

The thunder sword suddenly pierced out.


Lu Luo’s full strength attack was blocked by the students with bare hands.

“This fist 20 years of work, can you stop it?”

Lu Luo is about to punch when he moves. Although the students are wondering why Lu Luo said such words, But being cautious, he still made a defensive posture.

But Lu Luo’s so-called boxing is simply soft. The real attack method is the white snake behind him!


White Snake struck out with a heavy punch, biting half of the student’s body in one bite.

“Attack with all your strength, UU Reading and kill him!”

In the face of a powerful enemy, Lu Luo has always tried his best, if it is his own words. .

He will not even speak, but now it is White Snake making the shot, Lu Luo feels that he still needs to emphasize it.

Hearing Lu Luo’s order, the white snake released a wild electric light.

The lightning made its teeth sharper, and the unknown creature student of Tier 4 was also bitten off by the white snake!


Lu Luo looked at the corpse in front of him, laughed.

“Finally… it’s almost over!”

Lu Luo seems to be talking to himself, he extends the hand palm, the Spirit Treasure stone is so quiet Lie on the ground in his hands, no longer beating.

“Aren’t you coming out yet? Your mistress of the manor!”

“Oh? How did you find it?”

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