Doomsday Ring Chapter 191

The Spirit Treasure stone gradually floated, it began to shatter, and it began to merge with the surrounding bloody sky.

The original faint blue color gradually changed to red.


When the Spirit Treasure stone broke the first crack, a hairy spider leg stretched out from the Spirit Treasure stone in a very exaggerated manner.

“Spider? Can you accept so much hair on this leg? This manor’s taste is really heavy and special!”

The white snake stood beside Lu Luo, He kept making si si sounds, and kept staring at the Spirit Treasure stone not far away.

It can be seen that the white snake is a bit nervous and anxious at this time, because the other party’s breath is too strong.

But Lu Luo is okay. He has seen Tier 8 aliens. This spider is a fart.

He put his palm on the white snake to appease the white snake.

“Don’t panic, it hasn’t come out yet. You are afraid of being a hairy, preemptive strike, use lightning to strike it.”

Lu Luo decided to preemptively strike, before the opponent came out, give first Let’s talk about it one set.

In fact, Lu Luo often wonders why when the enemy slowly appears, or when the seal is broken,

the protagonists or the protagonists are always there to watch, Shocked there.

At this time, shouldn’t it be before it comes out and directly give it a big move to frustrate the enemy’s spirit?

Lu Luo has always thought this way, and when he waited for this opportunity, he did the same.

Lu Luo threw away his crutch, and a thunderstorm was brewing in Bai She’s mouth.

Combination of a man and a beast.

thunder sword!

At this time, in the Spirit Treasure stone, half of the spider’s body was also exposed.

Good guy, just give you a headshot.

Lightning nailed the spider’s head that had just been exposed.

Weapons with lightning are sharper than ordinary weapons.

The spikes of the crutch gradually accompanied the lightning, piercing the spider’s head.

Pu chi!

Under the guidance of thunder sword, the turbulent lightning detonated half of the spider’s body.

However, the exploding spider did not stop, and its body quickly recovered.

It seems that I feel Lu Luo’s unreasonableness, the cracks in the Spirit Treasure stone are getting more and more, and they are getting bigger and bigger.

Shattered, the remaining 7 spider legs appeared together with the spider’s complete body.

“What a sharp attack, really a good young man~!”

[The other party has released a mental illusion, which is interfering with the host’s senses and will.

The observer of Sequence S-11 is analyzing. Seeing the essence through the phenomenon, the observer resists this not-so-advanced spiritual illusion for you.

The original appearance of the target has been shown to the host. 】

Lu Luo originally imagined that the hostess of the manor would be a half human half beast, even if it was a heterogeneous, with at least a part of a heterogeneous human being with a gorgeous appearance.

After seeing the monster in front of him, Lu Luo realized that he was wrong, and it was very wrong.

Spider beauty-disgusting spider monster!

This spider is hairy. In addition to what a spider should look like, it also has a lot of twisted eyes and a strange mouth on its head.

This look is simply disgusting to the extreme.

“You might as well not filter it! What the hell stuff.”

Lu Luo just looks at it and feels like vomiting.

This nausea is not simply nausea, or an adjective.

Lu Luo really wants to vomit. According to his 55 physique, this kind of thing shouldn’t happen at all.

But looking at the twisted eyes on the spider’s body, this feeling of nausea is lingering.

To explain with a more reasonable wasteland energetics, that is, if you look at a spider, you will suffer intense spiritual pollution.

[Friendly reminder, in fact, the host only needs to turn off the observation ability of the observer, and you can see the appearance of a beautiful woman.

I thought it was pretty good-looking, do I need to switch it? 】

“Switch when fighting? Climb! Nausea is better than being cold!”

The next thing that makes Lu Luo feel even worse is that there is no way I can do it. Look away!

“I was charmed by such a disgusting thing? Am I still hard?

My bull, I know you have suffered recently, but you can’t do this! “

Faced with his physical condition and reaction, Lu Luo is a little weak to complain. What the hell is that situation!

After staring at the spider for a while, the observer finally gave the attributes of the monster in front of him.

But this attribute surprised Lu Luo even more, because it was too high!

[Queen of Spiders-Leia, 5th-level lord, animal species.

Abilities: Toxic, Charm, Spider Silk, and other unknowns.

Attribute: physique 150, agility 150, strength 240. 】

This attribute feels a lot stronger than Gaum!


A piece of spider silk spit out from one of the mouths of the spider queen, and the spider silk adhered to Lu Luo accurately.

Seeing this, the white snake bite at the spider silk. Thunder and lightning fuse the spider silk, but this process is not very easy.

The strength gap between it and the queen of spiders is still very obvious.

“White Snake, go back!”

White Snake turned his head in surprise. It didn’t understand why it encountered such a powerful enemy, and Lu Luo let it go.

But Lu Luo’s order is that it cannot violate it. It glanced at the spider queen a little unwillingly, and then attached its body to Lu Luo’s body, transformed it into particles, and merged it into Lu Luo’s body. .

Letting the white snake go is something Lu Luo has already determined for a long time.

Although the strength of the white snake is very strong, here, it is absolutely impossible to be the opponent of the spider queen.

Each lord-level alien species has its own territory and initially formed domains.

And this ghost manor is obviously the site of the spider queen, and all the conspiracies and designs are carried out around the spider queen.

Fighting with it here has no chance of winning at all.

The white snake cannot be resurrected after death. Lu Luo didn’t want a good servant who could grow up to kneel here, so he let it go.

This is not yet a stage for the White Snake!

He has some ways to deal with spiders!

“That white snake is very special, although I don’t know how it left this place, but if you let it leave now, did you give up?”

Lu Luo looked at The spider in front of me tried my best to imagine that the other party was a beautiful young woman, and then reluctantly said:

“Yes, I gave up! Beautiful lady, life is too hard, I don’t want to work hard Is now.”

“gē gē gē, really a coaxing guy! Am I really that beautiful?”

The queen of spider shakes her body, if it is ordinary In the case of person, the picture you see is that it is shaking.

But what Lu Luo sees is that it shakes those disgusting eyes that are distorted to the extreme.

The spider queen didn’t know that its true body had been exposed to Lu Luo, she thought she was indeed a beautiful young woman in Lu Luo’s eyes.

Lu Luo couldn’t help it anymore, and finally vomited.

Shit! vomit! ~

After vomiting, Lu Luo wiped the dregs from his mouth, resisting the feeling of wanting to continue vomiting, and hypnotized himself:

“You are beautiful!”


The face of the spider queen is a bit ugly. It doesn’t understand why Lu Luo would vomit after seeing it. Lu Luo should be immersed in a beautiful illusion at this time.

Why do you vomit? Does being too beautiful also cause vomiting? The queen of spiders couldn’t understand.

“You haven’t answered my question yet, my steward, how did you find me?”

Procrastination! This is my favorite link. Lu Luo quietly perceives the Doomsday Disc in his body.

Started my own performance!

“Good lady, listen to me slowly.

There are a lot of treasures in the manor. There are six types in total, namely the Spirit Treasure stone, the sword, the candle holder, the tulip, Crutches.

Then, there is a hostess’s necklace!

Apart from this, there is no additional information about the hostess.

However, as long as Contact the entire process of development. In fact, it is not difficult to find that the traces of the hostess are still very obvious.

The owner of the manor was originally a mage, and he had no children. In the original memory of the servants, There is no trace of the hostess.

So this hostess’s necklace is very abrupt, and it is also the inducement for me to find you.

After the owner of the manor got the Spirit Treasure stone, I started to get crazy! I started torturing my servant.

From this point, I can basically judge that the Spirit Treasure stone itself is a problematic item.”

Lu Luo’s speech speed is not fast, even a bit slow, but the spider queen in front of him can hear with keen interest pleasure.

“It’s pretty good, but you still didn’t say, how did you find it was mine!”

“I said, the mistress’s necklace!

< p> Since there is no mistress in the memory of the servants, what is the mistress’s necklace?

Information can be erased and memory can be tampered with, but as long as there are items, Impossible to change forever.

Normal players want to get information about the necklace, they need to find the teacher among the 10 players.

Borrow the teacher’s identity ability analysis to get the necklace. The specific effect.

But I am different. I have a special sequence and can directly see information about the necklace, so I know that this necklace is the hostess’s necklace.

< p> I have only one understanding. You who are trapped in the Spirit Treasure stone want to get out of the trap and seduce the manor.

You have given the manor a stronger power and other servants. Strong power.

The manor owner tortured his servants in order to strengthen their power.

The manor told the servants that they have a mistress, and they are given strength for liberation.

This hostess.

The necklace of the hostess, what an obvious meaning, this is the treasure prepared by the manor for you, to please you.

However, Steward found you Because he feels that the owner of the manor is getting weaker and weaker.

Maybe Steward has reminded the owner of the manor before, but at this time the owner of the manor can’t listen to it anymore.

So The servants united privately. They joined forces to destroy the Spirit Treasure stone, but the master found it.

The master was already in madness. He only wanted to resurrect his lover, so a battle broke out.< /p>

The servants teamed up to subdue the master, but they were unwilling to kill the owner of the manor, so each of them sealed part of the owner.

After doing all this, the manor was calm again. , But you are not willing to be sealed like this.

So you release a certain energy that affects the manor, allowing servants to kill each other and hate each other.

And , You should have also tempted the ghost giant wolf guarding the Spirit Treasure stone. From the strength of the ghost wolf, it can be seen that it is very special.

The other servants are all Tier 3 elite aliens, each Yes, without any exceptions, including my own steward status Same thing.

And the ghost wolf is Tier 4, this is a special place!

So I am sure that the ghost wolf has experienced something that other servants do not know.

The greatest possibility is that you in the Spirit Treasure stone completely misled it and made it lose its original sanity before killing the blacksmith!

While you drive the player, you drive me to the gem.

The purpose is to kill all new players again, solve all the servant seals, and let the manor master continue to complete the task of resurrecting you.

So, this ghost manor game is actually a rescue game full of justice and love.

I am the steward of justice, and you are the monster of evil.

My eyes can see through everything, this understanding should be full marks! “

The spider queen looked at Lu Luo and felt a little unbelievable.

Although Lu Luo’s analysis brought a lot of personal emotions and emotions, his analysis and the real situation have been Pretty close.

This kind of reasoning ability is really amazing.

“With this, you can guess that it is me, it’s really amazing! “

“Of course it’s not just these, but this information plus the content of the game’s mission can basically be judged.

The game I chose is an impossible game, in accordance with the game center’s rules of non-deception.

The meaning of an impossible game is a game that is impossible to complete.

Then, it is my self-judgment of my own strength. I am sorry for this, I am too strong.

Normal Tier 3-4 heterogeneous, basically impossible is my opponent.

So, the game content imposed a lot of restrictions on me, and gave me a useless steward identity.

But it doesn’t matter, the power of sequence is a power that cannot be restricted, and my sequence is stronger than mine!

For example, the White Snake is a product of my sequence. I, who owns the White Snake, can be said to be rampant in the manor.

My main task is to kill the player, but also to let the player earn the treasure, which is already an extremely difficult task for ordinary players.

Each player has a special identity, and each area has very powerful elite alien species.

Killing the main student of the player’s manor will appear.

The power of the lord of the manor is already very strong. If it were not for the white snake, it would be very difficult for me to deal with it without the ability of qi fuse!

Layers of difficulties have caused players under normal circumstances to be completely impossible to complete this task, and they will die if they don’t even see you.

This is still just the boss of the manor on the surface, which is the so-called simple game mode.

If someone can kill the student, that is, the owner of the manor, then he will think about more benefits.

To get more benefits, players need to collect enough treasures.

When the treasures are all gathered, it means that all the servants in the manor have also died, and the real man behind the manor into a ghost manor will appear.

That is you, the queen of spiders.

When a player completes numerous tasks and thinks he can get a generous reward.

A lord-level alien appeared, and the ghost manor has now become the lord’s domain.

What a desperate thing this is.

No wonder, this is an impossible game. “

Hearing this, the spider queen is nodded happily.

“Very good, you are all right, then Mr. Steward, would you like to stay here to accompany you?” And me? “

“Although I like rich women, I don’t want to work hard anymore. I still think it is better to find someone to find someone, such as Qi Xinzhu, which is not bad!” “

The most annoying thing about the Queen of Spiders is that the man she loves, mentioning other women in front of her.

“Then you go to die!” “

The spider queen’s big long hairy legs like a long knife swept towards Lu Luo, Lu Luo did not evade, and greeted him with a punch.

“You should be the one who died.” Instead of me! “

[Connecting with the Doom Factor, the test is completed, the Doom Factor level is 1]

[Space fluctuations are not allowed in the original area of ​​this world, and the priority level is being compared.]< /p>

[Sequence S-04 fusion has the same rank as the other party, space fluctuation is rejected.]

[Space fluctuation created by S-04 fusion is invalid, Doomsday Disc has been activated, sequence Above, no interference.]

[Doomsday Disc has been opened, has broken all space blockades for the host, and entered the disc space.]

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