Doomsday Ring Chapter 193

Noah unscrewed his robotic finger, then put some oil in it, and reinstalled it.

From this scene, Lu Luo can be sure that his body is not just an image, it is indeed an ordinary robot.

“You seem to know who I am? Tell me, let me see if you are right.”

Lu Luo feels weird, all this weirdness It all comes from Noah in front of me.

Because when a robot talks to you in a very humane way, it feels very weird.

And when you know that this robot is a monster of Tier 8 calamity and almost wiped out humans, this feeling is even more weird.

[Brother Luo, please take a moment to answer the question, I’m not at full level yet, I don’t want to get into the soil. 】

Lu Luo agreed with the observer’s proposal as never before, and he did not want to enter the soil.

“According to my guess, your Excellency should be the great omnic king-Lord Noah.”

Noah took off his hat, revealing his bald mechanical head. Rubbed his forehead humanely.

“Although compliments can make people happy, lies can only make people angry.

You said panic, Mr. Lu Luo, your sequence should be S-11 Observer .

If your observer’s energy level is high enough, you should be able to see my identity directly. There is nothing to hide.”

“Ah? This!”< /p>

Lu Luo’s pupils shrink slightly. Why is this Noah so familiar to the observer?

Noah took a sip of coffee, and after he drank the coffee, the mechanical wheel on his chest began to turn.

Then the mechanical simulated stomach located in the tail section begins to rub and twist. This process is like a kind of digestion.

After a while, an opening appeared in Noah’s ear, which drained the water vapor in the coffee directly out of his body.

Obviously, even if Noah has reached level 8, he still cannot absorb moisture.

And the whole process of drinking coffee made Lu Luo feel very surprised.

Is this action considered peeing? Pee with your ears? This is too curious, right?

“My coffee is very sweet, why don’t you taste it?” Noah said suddenly.

“Okay, Lord Noah.”

Lu Luo took a sip of coffee, slightly frowned, and put the cup down again.

Although Noah gave Lu Luo a very peaceful feeling, the pressure is far greater than Nightmare, and it can even be said to be many times greater.

So although he has many questions in his mind, he dare not ask casually like he was in front of a nightmare.

“I know you have a lot of questions, but I think you are very clever, you should be able to guess some of them.

As for the other part, I don’t really want to explain it to you. Very tired, do you know what I mean?

Forget it, if you understand, you will understand, if you don’t understand, you won’t understand.”

[Good guy, it’s old brother again! Robots also have this problem? Who is used to it? Stand up for me. 】

Tired? Does a robot, the king of omnic species, also feel tired?

But compared to Noah itself, which is too high-level disaster,

and who participates in the game other people’s things.

Lu Luo cares more about himself and Noah’s understanding of him.

“Master Noah, do you know my abilities well?”

“It’s not that you know, I probably know that you have S-02 Devourer, S-04 Fusion, S- 07summon, S-11 observer.

And, Doomsday Disc.”

[Why are you naked in front of him? ]

How do I know? Lu Luo was also shocked.

It’s not just a sequence, but even Doomsday Disc knows it?

“Master Noah, you know so much!”

Noah shook the head, continue to drink his own coffee.

“Take away your careful thoughts, what do you think is a Tier 8 Alien?

Although Doomsday Disc is a very powerful item, for Alien Species, there is no Meaning.

The Dawn Disc is what they want.”

Hearing Noah so generously admit that the alien wants the Dawn Disc, Lu Luo was a little surprised.

But his words and tone are not quite right, they? Want? Doesn’t Noah want it himself?

“What is the use of the Dawn Disc? The Dawn Disc and Doomsday Disc have the opposite function.

Don’t you have a Doomsday Disc? If you grow up again, just push it backwards. I know.”

Well, the topic dimension is too high, Lu Luo doesn’t know how to continue.

“Um, who are the players that Master Noah said…”

“Didn’t you see the clown?”

Noah’s electronic eyes flickered Got up, expressing strangeness.

“Joker? Clown is obviously a humanoid! He is not human.”

After Lu Luo finished speaking, Noah immediately made a laughed heartily expression.

“Ha~ha~ha! The clown has human emotions, human thinking, and human habits.

If he is not a human, then what kind of person do you think, Are you human?

In other words, what kind of race do you think you are now? Are you a deformed species? Mr. Lu Luo.”

Noah’s question made Lu Luo speechless. In other words, if the clown is not a human, then he does not seem to be a human.

“Well, you are right.”

“The definition of alien and human is now defined by your humans.

Lu Mr. Luo, if you feel that you are a human being, then you are a human being.

If you feel uncomfortable as a human one day, you can also become a different species.

these all are your own Choice.”

Lu Luo didn’t know if Noah was trying to induce him, but Noah didn’t mean to intimidate him.

Generally speaking, he is much more indifferent and magnificent than Nightmare.

“I see, Lord Noah.”

“You don’t have to worry too much about the future of mankind. At present, no one wants to launch Dark Tide to attack mankind.


For the specific reasons, you should have felt some of them now. The dark energy is improving, continuously improving, getting higher and higher.

The heterogeneous world also needs a new order, and we are also looking for it. A new way of getting along with humans.

So for now, the main theme is peace.”

Noah’s tone is very flat, but when he says these things, he gives Lu Luo a kind of Strong convincing power.

This feeling is like the attitude of a big man who disdains a lie to a street basher.

“Master Noah came to me, is there anything I need to do specifically? For example, game content?”

“It’s nothing, my game can’t help it at all?”

You, Ghost Manor is already the hardest reasonable game at present.

Continue to increase the difficulty, nothing more than increase the game value, for example, let you play the 3rd level to the 6th level and 7th level.


It is unreasonable for you to fight a Tier 7 disaster.

So the game has no substantial meaning for you.

However, this kind of game is very meaningful for many ordinary persons, who can grow up here quickly.

Especially for the Fourth Ring world of you humans, the significance of the game is even greater. , You can quickly smooth the gap between them and the inner ring.

I let you come this time, just to let you tell them that the game exists, and it will continue to exist in the future.

It’s okay if you don’t like the Fourth Ring. I like it.

And I will cherish these humans more than you.”

Noah’s voice is still calm, but Lu Luo But he heard the strength in his tone.

Although I don’t know what he is fighting for the Fourth Ring human, or even the ordinary person.

But Lu Luo is quite certain that a alien species like Noah that almost perished humans.

Absolutely impossible, as he said, to help the Fourth Ring people get rid of poverty and get rich.

His purpose, Lu Luo, is still unclear, but now, he has no way to refuse.

“After I go back this time, even if I don’t say anything, many people will know about the playground, right?”

“Hehe, you are still different from them, you After you go back, the church and Parliament will definitely investigate you. You just need to tell them the truth about what you saw.”

“Tell them the truth? Do you even want to tell me about your presence?”

Noah took off his arm, tightened the screws inside, and rearranged the wires before continuing to answer.

“Of course, humans will always forget and fear. If there is no me in such a game, there will be no deterrence.

They are too stupid. Well, Mr. Lu Luo, you You can go now.”

[Let’s go now, I’m under a lot of pressure! 】

Lu Luo nodded, but before leaving, he suddenly turned his head and said to Noah:

“Oh yes, Lord Noah, although it is a bit impolite to say that, but I I still want to remind you.

Coffee this thing is never sweet. The main theme of coffee has always been bitter.”

Lu Luo pushed away after he finished speaking. The door, left this place.

Noah glanced at the coffee pot in front of him and made a very puzzled expression. Its electronic eyes flashed quickly, as if thinking.

After taking a sip, his mechanical body showed a happy expression again.

“One mistake will cause all the rules to be wrong, rewriting, drafting, feelings, perceptions.

There are still many differences!”

Immediately afterwards, Noah muttered to the air on the side:

“Go and kill the guy who told me the coffee is sweet, and the body is burned.”

… …

After Lu Luo returned, he went straight back to the game center.

[Your income is being settled, your income from burning and killing is 70, your property income is 133, and all your ghost manor income is 203. ]

[You have completed the hidden puzzles of the ghost manor, and you have become the new owner of the ghost manor. 】

“New owner? This place, I It shouldn’t be to go again.”

Although he has spent a night in the game, but in the game center , Only 6 minutes passed.

A few scattered players stood in the center of the game lobby, Lu Luo looked towards the lobby, and saw the accountant at a glance.

He found that in the Ghost Manor game just now, except for him, the faces of the other players have not been changed.

But he didn’t rush to find the accountant because there was an extra ring in his hand.

[Noah Star]

Grade: Legend

Effect 1-Space Storage: Noah Star is a 4m*4m*4m Space ring can store a large number of items.

Effect 2-Game beacon: You have Noah’s game beacon, and you can freely enter and exit Noah’s game world.

Introduction 1: The creation of real space folding technology, which belongs to the highest field of technology.

Introduction 2: Thank you Mr. Lu Luo, Noah, who told me that coffee is bitter.

[This is probably the legendary space ring, right? Wild father is more fragrant than family father!

Luo’er, or… let’s consider the thief as the father! 】

“This thing!”

While ignoring the observer’s suggestion, Lu Luo was also a little shocked. After all, space technology itself is a very outrageous technology.

This kind of space technology that can store items at any time is even more outrageous.

“Finally there is room for an item, this is the standard feature of the protagonist!”

Lu Luo moved towards the accountant’s position and made a hook to her. Gesture.

The accountant looked at Lu Luo who was walking straight towards her, suddenly a little not knowing what to do.

She knew she was going to connect with Steward, and after she came out, she also imagined the appearance of Steward.

But she didn’t expect that Steward would be such a young and handsome person, and she didn’t know what she should do now.

“Hello, Young Lady, accountant, I came to 55 points, of course, 90 points still have to be given to holy light.”

Lu Luo’s expression at this time is considered to be Really kind-eyed.

Although she came to the accountant to ask for money, the female accountant did not have the sense of alienation and coercion she had before.

Maybe this is the advantage brought by looks!

“Oh, good! I got 740 tokens in total for the mission just now, I will give it to you.”

[She was a little excited and excited, and was blackmailed Will also be excited and excited, shaking Matttribute?

Humans are really complex animals. 】

740, Lu Luo took away 703 directly.

Although the accountant is very obedient and sensible, Lu Luo still did not make any concessions.

If a token is not given, it is 5%, which is 5%.

He wants to save Qiao Xiaomi, and he wants to take other people out safely, so he won’t have any kindness or compassion.

203+703+151. At this time, Lu Luo already has 1057 tokens, so here, he chooses to directly exchange for Qiao Xiaomi.

He walked to the front of the clown.

“500 tokens, release Qiao Xiaomi.”

Zhou Keer rubbed her red nose, showing a helpless expression.

“If you can’t think of 2 rounds of the game, you can collect 500 tokens. It’s incredible.

Things that are completely impossible to others can be easily solved in your hands. It’s such a great role.”

“Stop talking nonsense, and leave the people to me.”

Lu Luo took out 500 tokens and didn’t want to continue talking nonsense with Zhou Keer. .

“Okay, okay, I just let it go.

Ding Dong, the door is open, Aiya is awful! I let Qiao Xiaomi wait for me there.

But Qiao Xiaomi is not obedient, where will she go?”

On the big screen, the door of Qiao Xiaomi’s house suddenly opened.

Qiao Xiaomi looked surprised. She took two bags of spicy strips and moved towards the door and ran away.

But no one told her what kind of place it would be outside the door.


The fists of the two men came together. As the player’s clown, his face was very ugly, because his hand bones were broken!

Lu Luo looked at Zhou Keer with a cold face. If he hadn’t found Qiao Xiaomi, he would definitely slash this guy’s head.

But now, he has to stay calm!

“Are you jealous of me? A man would have such jealous emotions, really a poor clown.”

Lu Luo’s words made Zhou Keer’s face even more ugly. , But then, his face didn’t change slightly, but changed drastically.

Because Lu Luo has raised the legendary ring that Noah gave him, Noah Star.

“You got the beacon? How is this possible?

I went through that many games and didn’t get the beacon. Why?”

Lu Luo glanced at the clown. If he weren’t rushing to save someone, he would act on the clown now.

“You are really a clown, then I will give you a reason.

Labor-saving levers cost distance, labor-intensive levers save distance, and arm levers do not save effort or distance , Do you understand?”

Zhou Kerer doesn’t quite understand what Lu Luo means, but if he doesn’t understand, he seems stupid.

“What’s the use of you saying this?”

“It seems that you didn’t understand it, you are really stupid enough, then I can make it more clear.


What you pay here is less, you have to pay more on the other hand, only if you pay, you will get rewards.

Youngster, it is better to learn…physics.”


Lu Luo raised his fist at the clown.

“It is better to persuade people with reason.

Understand? Brain disabled! Where are the people?”

The clown looked at Lu Luo The beacon in his hand finally opened his mouth gloomily.

“In the control room area.”

“You’d better pray that she’s okay.”

Lu Luo left Zhou Keer a sentence and hold the letter The mark disappeared in front of him.

Zhou Keer’s face is very ugly, and the meaning of the beacon is no longer just as simple as a game player.

It itself can represent the authority of some game managers, at least for now, Lu Luo’s authority is already above him.

This is just the first time to enter the game!


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