Doomsday Ring Chapter 194

Qiao Xiaomi looked at the alien in front of him with a weird face. It was obvious that the whole body was in mechanical form, but the human head was too long. This is too terrifying, right? ?

The omnic species slowly approached Qiao Xiaomi and raised the cannon in his hand.

“Human, you do not have permission to come here, please show your identity as a manager or game player as soon as possible.

First warning…

Second Second warning…


Boom! This Tier 2 omnic seed was kicked out by Lu Luo, he grabbed a leg of the omnic seed and forcibly smashed the opponent into the wall.

Lu Luo was just about to reach out and suck this omnic seed. He glanced at Qiao Xiaomi next to him and gave up the idea.

It’s really not good to show off the monster tentacles in front of children.

Like Noah said, Lu Luo always thinks that he is a person, so he has a human side.

[Trifling First Rank Alien, dozens of points of energy, nothing to suck! 】

“Big brother!” Qiao Xiaomi looked at Lu Luo with surprise on his face and hugged him up.

Lu Luo touched Qiao Xiaomi’s head, his face turned serious.

After Lu Luo killed an omnic species, more omnic species appeared in this corridor, surrounding Lu Luo and Qiao Xiaomi.

Lu Luo is ready to fight, but the opponent does not seem to have any plans to fight.

They sent a Rank 2 omnic seed to him and talked with Lu Luo.

This omnipotent species first scanned Lu Luo’s whole body with its electronic eyes, and then spoke.

“Detect target, 2 digits, target hostility detected.

Identity is being verified, target identity, beacon holder-Mr. Lu Luo, can be released.

The rules of the game cannot be changed. If Mr. Lu Luo wants to take this human away, please answer the game questions first.”

Lu Luo’s face is a bit ugly, but he doesn’t want to continue making trouble here.

The owner here is Noah, he knows that fighting is the most unwise choice.

“A little child asked her to answer the question here, didn’t she let her die?

Noah himself also said that this is a humanized game, although it will die, but more It’s a choice.

You are forcing a little child like this, it should be against Noah’s original intention, right?”

The electronic eyes of the omnipotent species looked at each other, and they seemed to be exchanging information. , After another while, there was still a Tier 2 omnic answer.

“Although Mr. Lu Luo is right, we do not have the right to modify the rules of the game now.

If Mr. Lu Luo continues to attack here, the game center will deploy more guards Come to defend.

So please Mr. Lu Luo not to embarrass us.”

Qiao Xiaomi raised her hand at this time, she felt that she should show it and relieve Lu Luo some pressure.

“Big brother, I am the best at answering questions or anything. I am always the first in the exam.”

Lu Luo’s corner of the mouth twitched, plus or minus within 10 Multiplying and dividing the first place is useless here.

“Okay, you try first.”


Seeing Qiao Xiaomi’s promise, the game screen immediately appeared beside Lu Luo On the wall.

[Game player Qiao Xiaomi is the first round game, and the difficulty of this round is 0.

Question: The gold watch was stolen

A theft occurred in a commercial building and a precious gold watch was stolen. The police arrested 4 suspects based on clues left at the scene.

Their confession is as follows:

Wang Er said: “I saw that the gold watch was stolen by Zhang San!”

Zhang San said: “It’s not me! Li Si stole the gold watch.”

Li Si said: “Zhang San is lying, he framed me.”

said on Friday: “Who stole the gold watch? I don’t know, I didn’t steal it anyway.”

After investigation, it was confirmed that only one of the four people had confessed all the truth, and the rest had lied.

Excuse me: Who is the thief? 】

This question directly confuses Qiao Xiaomi.

She is still a child, she is still at the level of addition and subtraction multiplier in school, shouldn’t you ask the question about addition, subtraction, multiplication and division within 10?

Why don’t you play cards according to the routine? How could she answer such a logical question!

But if the answer is not available, 20 tokens will be deducted. If there is no token, 20 years of lifespan will be deducted. What can I do?

Qiao Xiaomi looked at Lu Luo aggrievedly.

“I won’t. The teacher didn’t teach me this, and my dad didn’t teach this.”

Lu Luo covered his face, it was too difficult to bring a child!

“Can I answer for her?”

How is this possible? Everyone’s game is completed independently. The omnivorous species just wanted to refuse, but Lu Luo actually did it. Raised his finger.

“As my administrator.”

The omnipotents once again looked at each other with their electronic eyes for a while, opening their small secret memories of the omnic.

After waiting for another 2 minutes, the leader omnic species was nodded.


Seeing the agreement from the other party, Lu Luo suddenly showed a relaxed look

This question is difficult for Qiao Xiaomi, but for him It’s easy.

“Friday is a thief, and the reason is very simple.

First of all, the first half of Wang Er’s confession and Zhang San’s confession are completely opposite.

Zhang San The second half of his confession is completely opposite to Li Si’s confession.

Therefore, two of these four sentences must be true.

So Zhang San’s words must be half true half false, and Friday’s confession must be false, so he is a thief.”

[The answer is correct. ]

“Very good, the big brother is really amazing!”

“That’s a must, let’s go.”


Lu Luo hugged Qiao Xiaomi and left as he wished.

The remaining omnipotent species looked at Lu Luo’s leaving back, was silent for a while, and cursed silently:

“Authorization dog!”

Lu Luo, who was far away, actually heard this sentence.

[That robot scolds you. ]

“I heard.”

[Then why don’t you hammer him? 】

“I like to see him flustered and exasperated, and look like I can’t help it.”


Back to the game center, Both Qi Xinzhu and Gu Fangyi have returned with injuries.

Qi Xinzhu When I saw Qiao Xiaomi, I was suddenly in a daze.

She knelt on the ground and hugged Qiao Xiaomi.

“Xiaomi, blame me!”

Qi Xinzhu is very self-blaming for Qiao Xiaomi’s loss and then being arrested.

Now that Qiao Xiaomi is okay, she also let out a long relaxed breath.

However, Qiao Xiaomi is very happy here. She took out two packs of spicy strips from the confinement room and held them in her hands.

“It’s okay, I also took this, and quickly taste it.

I think this thing is much better than the food in our wall, but it’s a bit spicy!”

After Qiao Xiaomi soothed Qi Xinzhu for a while, a smile finally appeared on Qi Xinzhu’s face.

She looked at Lu Luo who was standing aside, and naturally gave Lu Luo a hug.

“Thank you, Lu Luo, if it weren’t for you, Master Qiao Xing would definitely be sad.

I would also be very sad.”

” Ah…”

Lu Luo is still in shock, big and soft!

So the reaction was slow.

He wanted to hug Qi Xinzhu back, but Qi Xinzhu didn’t give him this opportunity, so he pushed Lu Luo away.

“Well, Bai Yuetong and Brother Kai have not returned yet.”

Lu Luo frowned slightly, both of these guys chose intellectual issues.

Although Bai Yuetong’s strength is not good, there should be no problem with her brain.

But Zhou Kai, it’s hard to say!

“I will find them.”

“You will find?”

“I have some fortuitous encounters, and I will not be able to say clearly for a while.


You two take good care of Qiao Xiaomi, I should be back soon.”

“Oh, good.”

Lu Luo holds his fingers and rubs them After rubbing the Noah star, the body disappeared in front of Qi Xinzhu and Qiao Xiaomi.

When he really held this thing, Lu Luo discovered how outrageous this thing is.

It allows Lu Luo to freely shuttle through all the games in the amusement park, and has certain game management permissions.

This permission is level 1 higher than that of Joker. Although you cannot modify the game content, you can participate.

“Just because I reminded Noah that coffee is bitter, he gave me this? It’s too generous, right?”

Although Lu Luo is puzzled, he has to do it now. In the matter, I still found Zhou Kai.

“Puzzle-solving game, Brother Kai!”


Adjust your mentality-think calmly-get the answer!

The answer is wrong-Liushen Wuzhu-wailing!

wu wu wu! too difficult! Why is it so difficult for first round puzzle solving problems?

Zhou Kai looked at the problem in front of him bitterly. He had already begun to lose his hair.

He is obviously a transcender with dual sequence + plant species ability, and his battle strength is superb. Why should he feel like an intellectual player?

It’s good now. What should I do if I can’t answer the question I chose?

Life is too difficult!

“A great man once said that people who often watch poisonous chicken soup and listen to poisonous chicken soup.

There will be certain obstacles to intellectual level and cognitive ability.

What do you think? Brother Kai?”

At this time, Lu Luo’s voice is almost like the Savior of dropping from the sky to Zhou Kai.

“Brother Luo, you are finally here, and I will be nothing if you don’t come again.”

Zhou Kai cried and turned his head and hugged Lu Luo’s thigh.

Lu Luo looked at the sparse hair on the top of Zhou Kai’s head, and his expression was slightly surprised.

[Brother Kai is bald, he is only 20 years old, go back and embezzle public funds to buy him a wig! 】

Lu Luo silently nodded, good!

“You said that you didn’t choose the battle problem, what kind of puzzle you choose, you can’t figure out such a simple problem, you solve the puzzle with a hammer.”

“You I don’t understand. When I first joined the game, I performed well, but this question is a math question.

Everyone, classmates for many years, you also know that the thing I’m not good at is mathematics. “

Zhou Kai said his dishes as it should be by rights, and Lu Luo was also a bit speechless.

But when he saw the question in front of him, he raised his eyebrows slightly.

“It’s really difficult!”

[Question: This year Santa is going to prepare gifts for everyone, but he just weighed it.

Because he has eaten too well this year, he weighed 10kg this year compared to last year and he has reached 90kg.

Since the car is almost unable to move him, this year’s Santa Claus can only send gifts early, otherwise they will not be finished.

This year’s business is sluggish, and the 12 elk he raises have spent too much money on forage, so this year’s gifts are relatively light.

There are 500 gifts in total, and the uniform weight is 20 cattle. It is known that the sledge dynamic friction coefficient is 0.1. This year, the pulling force of an elk is 10 cattle lower than last year.

Excuse me, what was my gift last year?

A is a dozen apples, B is a box of chocolates, and C is a bunch of flowers.

Please select and give a detailed process. 】

Looking at this question, Lu Luo doesn’t blame Zhou Kai for not being able to answer it. It’s really difficult.

But for him who has an observer, it is not a big problem.

“Turn on overclocking mode.”

[Overclocking mode is turned on. ]

“Building a temple of thinking.”

[Building a problem-solving thinking environment for you…]

Lu Luo closed his eyes and pondered for a while, After 3 seconds, he opened his eyes again.

In 3 seconds, the process of answering this question has already passed through his mind.

“Each elk reduces the tensile force of 10 cattle, which reduces the tensile force of 120 cattle in total.

From F=μG, we can get that the gravity we need to reduce is 1200 cattle, but Christmas The old man himself gained 100 cattle.

Therefore, his goods are lighter by 1,300 cattle than before, which is an average of 500 gifts, which means he needs to be 2.6 cattle lighter.

This year’s weight It’s 20 cows, so last year it was 22.6 cows and a gift.

So the answer is A, a dozen apples weighs about 22.6 cows.”

Zhou Kai on the side has already Sounds silly, how did you figure out such a complicated subject?

“Answer, I am not asked to answer here, so this question needs to be answered by yourself to be considered as a pass.”

“Luo brother is awesome, Luo brother first under the heavens!”

“Stop blowing, I’m in a hurry! Answer quickly.”

【Brother Kai I am afraid I forgot it! 】

The observer’s observation ability is really keen, Zhou Kai shrinks his head, then raises his head and glances at Lu Luo sneakily, scratching his balding hair.

“Brother Luo, can you repeat it again? You said too fast just now. I patronized and was shocked, and I couldn’t hear him within the body.”

“For the Lord Die!”


After rescuing Zhou Kai, Lu Luo has handed over all the tokens to Qi Xinzhu to prepare her to exchange the keys.

To leave the game world, you need to walk out of the 5daoist sect. The color of the door behind each door is random.

In other words, the first daoist sect can choose the white door, and then prepare 4 red keys, 4 blue keys, and 4 white keys, and you can definitely leave this place.

5 white, 4 red, 4 blue, and 13 keys consume a total of 75 tokens. Lu Luo himself had more than 400 tokens before.

Adding Qi Xinzhu and Gu Fangyi’s gains casually, you can be sure that they can all leave this round.

What needs to be done now is to retrieve Bai Yuetong.

Before Lu Luo left, he once again told Qi Xinzhu.

“Remember, except for the key, don’t redeem everything else. Don’t ask for anything in the game center.”

“Ah? Why?”< /p>

“Just remember what I said.”

After Lu Luo finished speaking, he activated Noah Star again, and his figure disappeared in front of several people.

Although Qi Xinzhu and several people wondered why Lu Luo would not let them exchange other items, they would choose to obey Lu Luo’s request most of the time.


Lu Luo came to the world where Bai Yuetong was located, but found that Bai Yuetong was not solving the mystery problem at all.

Her location is a casino.

At this time, Bai Yuetong is winning money, the kind that is very cool to win!

Standing on the periphery of Lu Luo, you can also see the relevant content of the game.

[second round game: gambler.

Number of players: 16 players.

There is currently 1 player left-Bai Yuetong.

1 defender.

Normal game content: JQKA has a total of 16 cards, plus 1 ghost card, combined into 17 cards.

After the cards are dealt, you can change cards, 0-5 cards can be exchanged at will, in order of size:

5 cards (4 cards + king), straight flush (4 straight flush + king) , 4, gourd (3 with 2)

Straight, three, two pairs, pair.

The benchmark bet is 1 token, each round is capped at 50 tokens, and lifespan can be exchanged for 1 token each year.

16 players play in pairs. The final winner can choose to challenge the last defender.

The defender game is played for 7 rounds. UU Reading each holds 2500 tokens, and the guaranteed bet is 500 tokens once.

After 7 rounds, the winner is the one with more tokens. 】

Although Lu Luo has never played a similar gambling game, he has been undercover undercover for so long in his previous life.

He is very familiar with the game of gambling.

At the first sight of this game, he keenly perceives that the key to this game is the ghost card.

A ghost card can be equal to any card, so judging the position of a ghost card is the key to winning or losing.

Since there are only 17 cards in total, after the two cards are dealt, there are only 7 cards left.

So the rhythm of the card change is very important.

At this time, Bai Yuetong has taken his 2500 tokens into the final battle of the defenders.

The game has started and cannot be stopped, so Lu Luo has no way to persuade her to leave.

“2500 tokens, this guy is even more ridiculous than me.”

While Lu Luo was feeling Bai Yuetong’s ability to accumulate money, a somewhat familiar voice appeared next to him. .

“Indeed, Bai Yuetong Young Lady’s ability is really shocking! I admire her very much.”


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