Doomsday Ring Chapter 195

It was Noah who appeared. Instead of drinking coffee, he had a bottle of Happy Fat House Water. Some of them didn’t drink.

When he drank the water from the fat house, it was similar to the situation when he drank coffee, he also took a bite, and the mechanical gears on his chest continued to rotate.

In a short while, the drainage device by the ear will drain the water vapor of the fertilizer house water out of the body.

Lu Luo doesn’t understand why Noah always likes to drink some drinks.

But he felt that a Tier 8 calamity was definitely not so boring, he should be looking for something.

Perhaps, is it the feeling of simulating biological species?

“Does Lord Noah also pay attention to such games?”

“Of course, one person kills in the second round and makes the decision to challenge the game defenders. She is good enough by herself.

Bai Yuetong Young Lady is not like you, she does not have sequential blessings.

So he can walk to this step, all relying on himself The ability and wisdom of Bai Yuetong.

But in terms of intelligence, she has already surpassed Mr. Lu Luo by a lot.”

Bai Yuetong’s intelligence is very strong, which Lu Luo has never denied. .

“Then Mr. Noah is very optimistic that Bai Yuetong will win?”

“No, being smart is one thing, winning is another.

Although Bai Yuetong Young Lady is very smart and full of wisdom, but wisdom does not mean reason.

She is not wise enough, so she made a very wrong decision and challenged the game with a gambler mentality. The defender of the challenger.

The penalty for challenging the defender is very heavy. If you admit defeat now.

With 2500 tokens, Bai Yuetong Young Lady can naturally be intact Leave.

But people who are caught in the psychology of gamblers will not think that they will lose. They think that they will come back against the wind and lose everything!

What do you think? Mr. Lu Luo. “

“Is the defender a player?”

“Yes, he is similar to a clown, he is a senior player.”

Lu Luo nodded, He looked at Noah next to him, and did not look up again, but said with a head-up attitude:

“Bai Yuetong will not lose.”

Lu Luo rarely reveals this. Seriously, Noah’s electronic eyes rolled a few times and laughed.

“Oh? Mr. Lu Luo seems to have confidence in Bai Yuetong Young Lady.”

“No, I am not confident in her, I am confident in myself .

Because she still has me!”

After that, Lu Luo raised up the beacon Noah gave him, which is Noah’s star ring, and recovered his ease again. look.

“As long as you are a human, you will have weaknesses. Bai Yuetong has weaknesses. Since the guardian is a human, he also has weaknesses.

Don’t worry, Lord Noah, I Will use the rules of the game reasonably.”

Noah’s eyes released some rays of light, which represents a pleasant look. There are too many things that bring him pleasure today.

Lu Luo, Bai Yuetong, bitter coffee, happy fat house water, these things make him very happy.

At his level, he doesn’t care about Lu Luo’s so-called winning or losing in the air.

If Lu Luo can win the game under the rules, he will be even more happy.

“I look forward to your wonderful performance, Mr. Lu Luo.”

Lu Luo nodded, but did not move, but carefully observe the current situation of Bai Yuetong’s game.

“Turn on overclocking mode.”

[Overclocking mode is turned on. 】

At the beginning of the game, Lu Luo observes silently, and Bai Yuetong responds with a sharp face.

In the first two games, Bai Yuetong won 2 pairs with 3 cards, and the full house won 3 cards to win two consecutive games.

After two rounds, the number of tokens on Bai Yuetong’s table has increased from 2500 to 3,500.

On the defender’s side, there are only 1,500 tokens left. It seems that Bai Yuetong’s situation is very good.

But Lu Luo, already faintly felt something wrong.

Next, is the third game.

In this round, Bai Yuetong won the 3J+2Q gourd and placed a re-bet of 1000 tokens.

The defender followed, and changed 4 cards, relying on ghost cards to put together 3A+2Q to win Bai Yuetong.

Bai Yuetong’s face is a bit ugly, but this result is nothing more than bringing the gambling game back to the starting point.

The fourth game.

The defender took the lead with 1000 tokens. After Bai Yuetong hesitated for a while, he chose to call.

Change 5 cards directly, and the final result is 3 A+JQ ghost cards.

Bai Yuetong just wanted to flop, but Lu Luo suddenly appeared and pressed the card in her hand.

“Don’t turn over, you lost.”

“Lu Luo? Why are you here? What do you say? Let go.”

Although the appearance of Lu Luo surprised Bai Yuetong.

But Bai Yuetong at this time has fallen into a gambler’s trap and can’t hear anything from others.

But Lu Luo’s response is also very simple. He hugged Bai Yuetong directly, touched her ear with the tip of his nose, and whispered very ambiguously:

“I said, you I lost.”

Bai Yuetong’s ears were very sensitive. After being touched by Lu Luo, her face turned red.

I remembered the scene of kissing Lu Luo in the deep sea in the first round game again.

These pictures are lingering. After calming down a little bit, she asked:

“Why are you sure?”

See Lu Luo Bai Yuetong has calmed down and is slightly relaxed.

The player of the game is Bai Yuetong. He cannot replace Bai Yuetong without the permission of the rules. He can only give pointers nearby.

If Bai Yuetong completely enters the hysterical gambler mode, few people can really get it back.

Lu Luo took a deep breath and began to explain the entire process of development to Bai Yuetong.

“The identity of the defender is very special. What I can tell you is that he must have played such a game.

But what he can’t be sure about is every time he plays The order of the rounds.

So, he deliberately lost two rounds to you to determine the order of the cards.”

Bai Yuetong sounded a little weird.

“I deliberately lost two rounds to determine the order of the cards?”

“In every round of this game, new cards are used, so the bottom card is also The same.

The sequence of the guard should be the sequence of the observation type, similar to the eagle eye of the old brother.

He only needs to stare at the last one and find that it is the ace of spades. , The next set, once again determine the last card is the ace of spades.

Two confirmations, you can be sure that in this whole round of the game, each time the starting arrangement is the same.< /p>

In other words, the positions of other cards are also fixed, including the most important ghost cards.

His two eyes observe separately and asynchronously, using the same method , Tracking the penultimate card, it is the J of Spades.

So he came up with the arrangement of the new cards, the lowest spades AJQK, hearts AJQK, clubs AJQK, diamonds AJQK top.


In other words, the position of the ghost card will be between the two different AK cards, that is, a total of 4 positions.”

Bai Yuetong is dumbfounded, and she is right. It was because I understood Lu Luo’s words that I was dumbfounded.

“How is this possible?”

“Why impossible? People like me who are in contact with the game for the first time can do it.

Not to mention him Such a person familiar with gameplay, for him, confirming the card sequence should be very simple.”

“How did he find the ghost card?”

“He found the ghost When the cards were played, it was the third game. He continued to use his sequence to see the shuffle.

And when he was watching the shuffle, I was watching him.

In one round, he can use two eyes to kick out the positions of 2 ghost cards, and then he changes 4 cards to confirm the position of the last ghost card.

If the ghost card is in his own hand, It means that the ghost card is between the club ace and the king of hearts.

If the ghost card is not there, it is between the ace of hearts and the king of spades.

No matter which one it is As a result, he will get the position of the last ghost card, but he was lucky this round and got the ghost card directly.

So in the third game, you lost.”

In the face of Lu Luo’s reasonable analysis, Bai Yuetong did not say anything, but believed it more than half in her heart, but she was still a little unwilling.

“What about this game? Why must I lose?”

Lu Luo turned his head and looked towards the defender on the opposite side, knocking on the table.

“Because in the fourth game, he started with 5 cards + 5 cards in exchange, and there must be ghost cards, so his smallest ending is with 3 ghosts.

The 7 cards under him, no matter how you change the largest combination, there can only be 2 pairs, 2 pairs are less than 3, so you must lose.”

Bai Yuetong clenched his fist and opened it. The cards on the table.

Sure enough, against J and K, they lost to 3, exactly the same as Lu Luo predicted. Fortunately, she only lost 500 this time.

“Then what do you do now? Give up? If you give up, now it is just enough to deduct 2000 tokens.”

At this time, a long time has passed, and the defender on the opposite side is already a little impatient. Up.

“Will the game continue? Time is limited.”

Lu Luo ignored the hunter. He now has a lot of authority, enough to delay time.

Lu Luo glanced at Bai Yuetong, who was a little unwilling, then glanced at the calm robot on the sidelines.

He held Bai Yuetong’s shoulders.

“Bai Yuetong, do you believe me?”

“Huh?” Bai Yuetong didn’t know what Lu Luo meant, and then she wanted to get crooked.

She lowered her head and poked her finger.

“I believe in you, but this place is not suitable right now.”

“If you believe in me, continue to the next game.”

Bai Yuetong just looked up.

“There is the next game? Didn’t we lose?”

Lu Luo shook his head.

“If you believe me, I won’t lose. You are a game player and you can apply for Yan’s shuffle twice.”

Bai Yuetong looked at Lu Luo’s eyes and finally nodded, Facing the croupier in the center of the gaming table:

“I apply for swallow shuffle twice.”

“Yes.” Accepted Bai Yuetong’s request.

But the defender on the opposite side didn’t seem to care, he raised his head and made a mocking expression.

“At this time, any shuffling is useless.”

The fifth game begins.

Bai Yuetong takes the first move. After the cards are dealt, Bai Yuetong’s hand 3 with 2 full house, bet 1000.

The defender called, and his hand had 4 ghosts and lost again.

So far, Bai Yuetong’s tokens are only 1,000 left.

The guard stood up somewhat proudly. Although he was wearing a mask, everyone could feel his pride at this time.

“It looks like you are going to lose all! You don’t think that if you win a few stinky fish and shrimps, you can win me?

What a naive little girl !”

Bai Yuetong’s original white face became a little flushed at this time. There was a reason for nervousness, but it was more of anger towards the other party.

But she still chooses to believe in Lu Luo.

“Shall we continue?”

Lu Luo is definitely nodded.

“If you believe me, just continue.”

“Okay! Continue!”

The sixth game, start!

The defender looked at Lu Luo and Bai Yuetong, although he didn’t know what this gesticulating kid did.

But judging from the current situation, the dumb hair on the opposite side is already powerless.

In the last round, the ghost card was the fifth card after the defender changed cards. Now his card is a full house, and it can almost be said to be a win.

This gambling game has lost the suspense, and the defender raised his hand.

“Bet 1000.”


Bai Yuetong has bet all the chips, and her fingers trembled slightly.

Because if she loses this round, she will die! Really dead.

Lu Luo seemed to feel her tension and stretched out his hand to hold the palm of her supple as if boneless.

The warm feeling made Bai Yuetong’s heart more comfortable.

“Don’t worry, we will win this game.”

Hearing Lu Luo’s words, Bai Yuetong’s eyes shone slightly.

The current card type is very good, but Lu Luo has extended 5 fingers to Bai Yuetong.


Dai Mao was surprised, but after seeing Lu Luo’s firm eyes, she nodded and said to the dealer:

” I want to change 5 cards.”

“It’s no use changing to 5 cards, I am a gourd, you lost.” The defender said contemptuously.

Dai Mao closed his eyes slightly, then opened them again, throwing away his hand.

“Who said it’s useless? You are a gourd? I’m sorry, I’m 4.”

The guard stood up in surprise, seemingly disbelieving .

“How is it possible? You can get 4 for 5 cards? The luck is really so good?”

Bai Yuetong is a little excited, and it’s the last game! There is hope.

No, it’s not that there is hope. Lu Luo is here and he will definitely win.

“You have already lost, the next game.”

The seventh game.

The defender is still watching the shuffle, but at Lu Luo’s advice, Bai Yuetong added 6 swallow shuffles.

Bai Yuetong took the lead, and she directly bet 1000 top squares without even looking at the cards.

The defender took a look at his hand. It was full house again, and the ghost card was in his hand.

Ghost card + full house, this time, I see how you win

The defender is a little bit happy in his heart,

“1000 calls , Raise 1000 again, dare you to follow?”

Bai Yuetong pondered for a moment, confident, and said domineeringly:

“I will win, why don’t you dare Yes? 1000 call, and another 5 cards.”

“The ghost card is with me, it’s useless for you to change 5 cards! Ghost card +2J+2K full house.”

“hmph, really?”

Bai Yuetong turned over his hand one by one this time.


There are 4 more, and the real 4 without ghost cards.

“4 Qs? This is impossible!”

The defender lost 2000 tokens at once, and completely lost the game.

There were many onlookers on the audience stage, but Bai Yuetong’s victory undoubtedly silenced everyone.

How did you win? This is the answer everyone wants to know.

[The seventh round is over, the winner, the player-Bai Yuetong. 】


Bai Yuetong jumped up in surprise, she hugged Lu Luo’s neck directly and kissed it.

But Lu Luo didn’t put his eyes on her at this time, and didn’t even notice Bai Yuetong kissed herself secretly.

Because of Noah, it’s over.

Bai Yuetong followed Lu Luo’s gaze and looked towards Noah.

“Uh? An old robot? Is it an omnic? I feel like it can’t beat me. Has it entered the first rank?”

I heard Bai Yuetong’s comment on Noah Lu Luo wanted to laugh a little, but finally held back.

In the face of disasters, we need to be as serious as we should.

“Bai Yuetong Young Lady really loves cracking a joke, but this bet is really exciting and an epic comeback.

Maybe many people still don’t understand what happened. Can you explain it to them? Mr. Lu Luo.”

There were more than one people watching this game. The guard next to him looked at Noah and seemed to think of something.

Although he is already a senior player in the game, he has never seen Noah, so his expression has become a little frightened.

“You are!”

“Shh, time is a very precious thing. As a loser, you should listen carefully to why you lose.”

< p>The defender was a little unconvinced, but under the power, he still lowered his head.

Lu Luo picked up a deck of cards on the table.

“It seems that under the arrangement of Lord Noah, there are many old players here!

You should think we are very lucky?

But we won Two bombs, luck is not enough, you need to rely on your brain.

You change 4 cards in a row, 5 cards, obviously you know where the ghost cards are, so I guessed you have the means to determine the location of the ghost cards .

The position of the new cards is the same. This is why you know the position of the ghost cards. Am I right?”

Said it was a kind of behavior that completely exposed his ability.

But he was ultimately nodded.


Lu Luo laughed and shuffled the cards in his hand repeatedly.

“Your sequence is very difficult to deal with, you can track ghost cards.”

When other people think that Lu Luo is praising the defender, his next words, But it was a slap in the face completely.

“But I am different, UU Reading, my sequence is more powerful, so I don’t track the position of the ghost cards, I track the position of all the cards!”

” All the cards? How is it possible?” This is the common thought of everyone around.

However, some of the smart people have changed their eyes as they watched Lu Luo.

Noah’s electronic eyes shine again, and he really likes a wise character like Lu Luo.

Before he thought that Lu Luo just relied on the sequence and Doomsday Disc.

But this time, Lu Luo relied not only on sequence, but also on his own thinking.

Lu Luo shook his head.

“Don’t believe it? You can shuffle the cards yourself as I said.

You can shuffle the cards at will, and then follow my requirements for 2 and 6 swallow shuffles. “

The defender did the same, and then dealt the cards, and the initial order of the cards was exactly the same.

“Because there are only 17 cards, after 8 swallow shuffles, everything will return to the original point.

I asked for swallow shuffles to shuffle the cards.

I want the cards, not to prevent you from seeing the cards.

When I lose to you in the fifth round, it’s not that I can’t win, but that I need to know your hand to push all the cards backwards. Position.

After that, I only need to shuffle the swallow for the second, sixth, 10th, and 14th draws, and I must have 4 cards.

So at the beginning of the sixth game, when I know the positions of all the cards, you have already lost.”

The defender was still a little dazed at this time, but some onlookers understood it. The meaning of Lu Luo.

There is only one feeling in their hearts.

What an outrageous observation power, really strong computing power!

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