Doomsday Ring Chapter 197

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This time, Lu Luo didn’t save money to take the rail train, but packed two cars and returned to Eastern Ring.

Along the way, he looked at the scenery outside the car window and kept thinking about what Noah said to him.

Unlike Nightmare’s attitude of calling himself the same kind, Noah doesn’t seem to care very much about the distinction between races and the like.

Judging from the world he built, there are indeed all kinds of alien species.

And the alien species of Noah World are not like the nightmare side. They all live under high pressure. Anyone who is inattentive will be burned to death by the nether flame.

Generally speaking, Noah is much more kind to other creatures than Nightmare.

Noah ……

“Brother Luo, here it is.”


[It seems that someone has surrounded you, The number of people is relatively large, and the strength is also the elite of Tier 2 and above. 】

Lu Luo didn’t want to go back to Ring Studio for a simple trimming.

A group of people wearing blue uniforms and possessing strong energy fluctuations stopped in front of Lu Luo.

Is this costume the Parliament Gendarmerie? Are you here specifically for them?

The gendarme headed by the police took out their own documents.

“Lu Luo, Gu Fangyi, Zhou Kai?”

Lu Luo carefully checked the other party’s ID, and after confirming that the other party’s ID was true, he was nodded.

“We are, what’s the matter?”

“You don’t need to be nervous, we have received the news that there has been an alien space incident in the Southern Ring amusement park. I would like to ask you to go back and assist in the investigation. .”

In fact, Lu Luo had already guessed that there would be such a survey, but what he imagined is to take a good rest today, and these people will come tomorrow.

But it was only a few hours before they came out of the Southern Ring, and the other party had already found the door.

It seems that Parliament has paid much attention to this matter,

is far higher than Lu Luo imagined, and much higher.

“Lu Luo.”

Gu Fangyi moved towards Qi Xinzhu’s car, Nu Nuzui, Lu Luo took advantage of the situation and found that the church members were also here.

And the gendarmerie seems to be in conflict with the church, but the church is coming from the four Knights.

The people of the four Knights do not say anything else, each of the second-tier super elite start, the cattle are high and the horses are big, the team of the gendarmerie group is obviously not the opponent.

After talking, the members of the gendarmerie were pushed away by the church members.

“It’s not so obvious in normal times. Now it seems that the people in the church are so awesome!”

The military police who stood on Lu Luo saw that the situation was far from good, Immediately urged:

“Mr. Lu Luo, we are not hostile and will not do anything rude.

This is just an ordinary investigation assistance, please follow us as soon as possible Let’s go.”

“Ah! Okay!”

Lu Luo didn’t embarrass these gendarmerie too much.

Everyone came out to eat food. The church has already taken Qi Xinzhu away.

Lu Luo upholds the attitude of holding a bowl of water level. Everyone is half and half, and they won’t suffer.


The Eastern Ring Security Bureau was already crowded with all influences such as the gendarmerie, churches, hunters, etc. at this time.

Ordinary guards basically squat at the door and let the wind go. There is no need to come in.

Lu Luo regretted it a little at this time, he regretted coming back with the gendarmerie.

At this time, he could only watch the situation on Qi Xinzhu with eyesight, and he found that the interrogators and executors at the church were different.

The ones who brought them back were the Four Knights, and the people who could be asked routinely were all the delicate and tender priest girls.

On the side of the gendarmerie regiment, everyone is full of rough-faced lords.

Although Lu Luo has many girls around, and they are all high-quality girls, they are not there now!

But this interrogation gap still makes him feel uncomfortable.

“Mr. Lu Luo? Are you distracted again?”

Asking Lu Luo the military police is a big beard, which makes Lu Luo even more uncomfortable.

“Not good means, I lost my way on the road of life.”

[I regret it! ]

“Uh, now Lu Luo has found his own way again now?”

“I found it.”

“That’s good.”

The person who asked Lu Luo was very polite, which makes Lu Luo a little strange. He and the gendarmerie are not familiar with each other, and the other party seems to have no reason to be so polite to him.

But being polite, Lu Luo still wants girls more.

“You take the liberty to ask, do your gendarmerie have any girls?”

“Yes, our gendarmerie has girls’ groups. There are so many girls, and all of them are pretty. “

[tsk tsk, look at the way this man’s eyes are shining, it’s an old-fashioned criticism. 】

Lu Luo showed a curiosity expression.


“Of course it is true.”

“Then can you apply for me, I want to ask another girl, The previous experience was too tortuous, and I desperately need someone to comfort my fragile heart.”

“Ah? This…well.”

The beard looked at Lu Luo eagerly, and finally He agreed to Lu Luo’s request.

Then, the person who asked Lu Luo was really replaced by a girl, but she was a girl with a height of 2.05 meters and arms wider than Lu Luo’s waist.

Lu Luo’s rough eyebrows and fierce face made Lu Luo confused for a while.

I saw her walking in front of Lu Luo, sitting on the bench in the interrogation room, and the chair suddenly wailed.

Everyone else in the room mourned for the chair for 3 seconds, and it took things that it shouldn’t have.

The bearded man followed the woman and stretched out his head at this time.

“Mr. Lu Luo, the girl you want is here, are you satisfied?”

Lu Luo looks at the woman who is back of a tiger and waist of a bear, corner of the mouth twitched, nodded bluntly.


[I regret that I had +1! 】

“Satisfaction is good!” The bearded man eagerly went out.

And waiting for him outside the door is Bai Yuetong’s big brother Luo Shan, who has completed one more game than Lu Luo and came out.

The interrogation of Lu Luo, the woman who back of a tiger and waist of a bear, was arranged by him.

“I have my sister, and I still think about the flowers and grass all day, this guy really can’t tell good from bad.”

Luo Shan came to the no-smoking door. , Lit a cigarette for himself, and continued to write his interrogation report.

As the gendarmerie sub-Captain, it is not a basic operation to judge yourself.

In this way, with the help of Luo Shan, the invisible Guardian, Lu Luo’s interrogator succeeded in changing into a very real “girl”.


The attitude of the girl back of a tiger and waist of a bear towards Lu Luo is still very good, and the inquiry is also going on as usual.

“Mr. Lu Luo, can you tell us in detail about the amusement park?”

[The muscles in the corners of the eyes and mouth of the host are constantly twitching, this Is it crazy?

Forget it, regret it was +2 at the beginning! 】

Lu Luo disinclined to pay attention to the observer, after a little recollection, he began to talk about the situation of the playground this time.

“After we entered the amusement park, we were lost immediately.

I don’t know when we were dragged into the world of the game park.

First, I answered some simple fourth-grade college questions, and then played a surfing game.

Then came hide-and-seek at the manor, and finally did a few seventh-grade college questions, and played a meeting by the way. The card.

After that, we will come out.”

The female gendarme who asked Lu Luo was a little confused. What Lu Luo said was too general, right?

“Um, Mr. Lu Luo, can you describe it in more detail?”

“Okay, it’s probably like this, this, then this…”

< p> Lu Luo explained his game process in more detail, referring to the puzzle solving problem and the final 17-card gambling game.

Even the woman in front of her back of a tiger and waist of a bear still has an incredible look in her eyes.

When I looked towards Lu Luo again, my eyes were full of shock and admiration.

“Mr. Lu Luo is really amazing! This kind of game can be cracked.”

“Generally general.”

【World third. 】

“Then apart from this, is there anything worth noting?”

Lu Luo pondered for a while.

“I saw Noah.”

The pen in the female man’s hand fell to the floor.


Lu Luo changed an interrogation room, and the people who questioned him were also replaced by three other female men.

Luo Shan, a middle-aged man named Gu Hongyu, and a priest Liu Wen in a teaching gown.

“Lu Luo, you said you saw Noah? How do you know that the other party is Noah?”

“He told me personally, and he told me, after returning, must Let me tell you about this.”

Gu Hongyu and Liu Wen looked at each other, and then they looked at Luo Shan on the side.

Luo Shan’s face was cold, and he didn’t mean to express any opinions.

“What did you say specifically, what did Noah say?”

Gu Hongyu looked at Lu Luo with contempt in his eyes. Lu Luo knew he valued Noah, not Lu Luo.

Lu Luo looked at this inner circle of aloof and remote, feeling a little ridiculous in his heart.

Although Noah is a different species, the situation he said is really true. The humans in the inner ring, especially the management, are already arrogant and ignorant to an incurable point.

Their arrogant, the only thing that can really move them is the only thing that threatens their own interests.

For example, Noah itself, the alien species that almost perished humans.

Lu Luo cleared his throat and sat up straight.

“Cough cough, Noah said, the inner ring doesn’t need the people from the Fourth Ring, and Noah wants them.

The inner ring looks down on the Fourth Ring people, and Noah can look down on them.

< p> The people in the inner ring are not willing to give the Fourth Ring people a chance, he Noah gives it.

Cheats, technology, dark energy, you can get everything you want in the game park.

The game park will always exist, no matter the past, present, or future.

If the people in the inner ring are not convinced, just let them find me Noah!”

Although the magic change Some content, but Noah’s words really meant that.

Gu Hongyu, who sat opposite Lu Luo, stood up with a “teng”.

Lu Luo looked at him so fiercely, and immediately showed a solemn expression.

“What are you going to do, this lord? You asked me to speak frankly just now, and it is true!”

Gu Hongyu took a few deep breaths and looked at the side. Luo Shan.

“Luo Shan Captain doesn’t want to say something? You should be one of the participants in this incident, right?”

Luo Shan glanced at each other, although his father Luo Xuemin He is the proponent of the principle of peaceful coexistence between transcender and ordinary person.

But Luo Shan himself is not. He believes in his own strength even more and even joined the gendarmerie despite the opposition of his family.

A place like the gendarmerie regiment actually has the same common problem as hunters, that is, it is not very regarded as an ordinary person.

Especially the ordinary person who doesn’t have much ability and likes to point fingers. Yes, I’m talking about people like Gu Hongyu.

“Minister Gu, the situation I encountered at the time was very different from him, so I am not sure whether what Lu Luo said is true.

But he said that it can be exchanged It’s really real. Look, I changed this bracelet. I added a lot of strength!”

Luo Shan said, and raised his wrist, as if it was deliberately on Gu Hongyu. Show off in front of you.

“Luo Shan Captain, this is Noah’s stolen property, it should be turned over to the gendarmerie!”

“Yes, yes, I am a member of the gendarmerie, I turn it over to myself, no Is it?”



Gu Hongyu was so tempered by Luo Shan, although the inner ring has been promoting ordinary Person and transcender are equal policies, but many people also know it.

The ordinary person and the transcender are always impossible and equal. This is the fundamental problem caused by the difference in individual strength.

When the two quarreled, the priest Liu Wen on the side had already stood up.

“We already know what you said. Thank you very much for your cooperation, Mr. Lu Luo.

You can go back now, but we may also do some Routine inquiries, please keep the phone open.”

“Okay, I am a good citizen. I must cooperate.”

Lu Luo shook hands with the priest quickly , And after saying hello to Luo Shan, he left here.


Outside the security bureau, several people who had already finished questioning have been waiting on the side of the road for a long time.

Gu Fangyi and Zhou Kai took Qiao Xiaomi to play the cop game they played when they were young.

Qi Xinzhu and Bai Yuetong leaned against the wall together, silently.

The atmosphere between the two of them is a bit inexplicable. In fact, Gu Fangyi and Zhou Kai took the initiative to take Qiao Xiaomi to play because they felt that something was wrong.

After seeing Lu Luo coming out for a long time, Bai Yuetong spoke first.

“Qi Xinzhu, what do you think it feels like to like someone?”

Bai Yuetong asked abruptly, but Qi Xinzhu seemed to have already prepared.

“At first sight, I feel happy, don’t miss me, but I still feel stunned for a long time.”

Qi Xinzhu’s answer is very calm and straightforward, making Mao dumbfounded. .

“Do you know? I hate you liberal arts students the most!”

Qi Xinzhu turned his head and said blankly:

“I am a creature Department and Medical Department, according to the Union Discipline Classification Standard, I am a real science.

If you have no education, just say it, don’t make these excuses, it’s meaningless.”

Bai Yuetong I’m so angry, but I can’t find a reason to refute it. Luckily, Lu Luo came out at this time.

“He is here!”

Since Lu Luo is here, there is no need for the two of them to argue.

“I’m very tired this time, let’s go, go back and rest first, and talk about other things later!”

Lu Luo sent Qiao Xiaomi back to the parish first, and then returned Own base.

Bai Yuetong blinked at Lu Luo first, then bounced back to his research room, looking in a good mood.

She usually works and sleeps there. Now that she has the dark energy particle sniper paper that she has exchanged, it should be enough for her to study for a while.

Zhou Kai is going directly back to his independent lounge. Although he has not experienced any twists and turns, Lu Luo is responsible for answering the questions.

However, Zhou Kai feels that his psychological fluctuations are very large and he needs to rest and calm his mentality. This is not called laziness, it is called a combination of work and rest.

Gu Fangyi went out for cultivation with a gun. He is still so hardworking, so he is also the one who has made the most progress.

Lu Luo has already returned to the house, but what is more surprising is that Qi Xinzhu also followed.

And after coming in, she took the initiative to close the door.

[Her heartbeat is very fast, and her mood fluctuates, this woman, what is she going to do?

The most important thing for a male child to protect himself is to protect himself when he is away. I suggest that the host shout for help. 】

Lu Luo is also quite surprised about Qi Xinzhu’s behavior. What is she doing?

“Uh, Qi Xinzhu, do you have anything to do?”

Qi Xinzhu kept getting close to Lu Luo, and Lu Luo stepped back until he leaned against the wall. There is no refund.

[The host was slammed by a woman! The authenticity of the dishes. 】

Qi Xinzhu pressed his hands on the wall and looked at Lu Luo slightly stubbornly.

“Me too!”

Lu Luo wanted to scratch his head.

“What do you want?”

Qi Xinzhu slightly slightly raised his brows, UU reading eyebrows are also constantly flashing, I can see that she is very nervous.

But after brewing for a while, she still did not choose to let go.

“It’s the inner one…”

Lu Luo looked at Qi Xinzhu, and suddenly felt that this guy is quite cute. Such a dull temperament, how much courage and determination is needed? Only to make such a move!

However, Lu Luo still pretended not to know Qi Xinzhu’s meaning, showing a puzzled expression.


[No way, the host is too dog, the observer actively enters the sleep mode. 】

Today’s observers are very sensible!


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