Doomsday Ring Chapter 198

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Before Qi Xinzhu finished speaking, Lu Luo hugged her up and changed her posture against the wall.

Originally, Lu Luo thought he would be passionate, but when he held Qi Xinzhu, he ushered in a long-lost peace in his heart.

Kiss and hug each other.

As a great man once said.

To hug you is to see it, but to kiss you is to think carefully.

But the two have just entered the rhythm, Ding Ding! Lu Luo’s phone rang, it should be a text message.

Lu Luo ignored it, but Qi Xinzhu closed his eyes, put his slender fingers into Lu Luo’s pocket, and took out his phone directly.

Qi Xinzhu didn’t let go of his mouth, just glanced at the phone with his eyes.

Lu Luo glanced at it secretly when he saw this, thinking in his heart, which sand sculpture sent a text message at this time?

But he suddenly discovered that the number is Bai Yuetong’s!

Rich lady, this is more embarrassing.

He held Qi Xinzhu. Although the two of them were still mouth-to-mouth, they didn’t have the next move.

Lu Luo’s heart is regrettable, when he thinks that all of this will end.

Qi Xinzhu turned off his phone, threw it on the bed, and closed his eyes again.

Who can stand this!

The fragrant tongue is stirring, this long kiss makes Qi Xinzhu’s brain completely down!

What dawn, what holy light, is not as important as the person in front of her at this time. She knows that she has found what she is looking for.

So at this time, she put everything down.

After a long time, Lu Luo was agitated, and his fingers became a little restless.

When he touched some softness, Qi Xinzhu held him down.

“Don’t do this, Lu Luo, it’s too fast!”



Lu Luo didn’t force it. At this time, he, Without the composure of an old driver, he was dull and adorable.

The two separated and leaned against the wall, touching each other’s foreheads.

The atmosphere has returned to ambiguity, and there are still some silver threads on Qi Xinzhu’s mouth.

She blushed, wiped it quickly, and then tapped Lu Luo’s lips with her red lips.

“I’m fine, thank you, I’m leaving!”

Qi Xinzhu pushed Lu Luo away after speaking and really left, leaving Lu Luo alone. In a daze in the room.

“How are you? Thank you? This is going? Do I need a thank you?”

[Ding Dong, the observer wakes up from sleep mode, I am right I don’t know everything just now, and the host doesn’t need to have any psychological pressure. 】


Lu Luo sat on the bed in silence. At the beginning, he smiled, because this sweet feeling was too long.

But after a while, he suddenly felt like he was in a pit.

Is this a confirmed relationship? In the present situation, can I no longer go to the entertainment street in the future?

Routines are routines!

Thinking about it, Lu Luo felt a little sad.

“Niuzi, I guess I will suffer you for a while.”

Lying on the bed, Lu Luo once again recalled the feelings he had just felt. It was really good!

After recollecting for a while, Lu Luo felt that he was too tired, so he fell asleep in a daze.

After sleeping for a while, he suddenly woke up because he remembered that his phone was turned off by Qi Xinzhu, and Bai Yuetong sent himself a text message just now.

[It’s only an hour before and after, you panic. 】

“You have a sequence, understand a hammer woman, it’s over, the rich woman just gave me a big sword, it’s cold now.”

Lu Luo quickly picked up the phone , Check the SMS sent by Bai Yuetong before.

After turning on the phone, the phone “ding ding ding ding~” exploded directly.

[What are you doing?

[5 minutes have passed. ]

[10 minutes have passed.

[Lost? ]

[I saw Qi Xinzhu coming out of your room, Lu Luo, are you a dog? ]

[30 minutes have passed. ]

[One hour has passed, are you still dead? No dead squeak! 】

Lu Luo quickly typed a reply.


“I just fell asleep, I didn’t notice the sound of the text message.”

[Respond to a message in 1 hour, what are you doing? Don’t write letters? Telegraphs are faster than you, you man with no conscience. 】

Lu Luo replied, covering his face.

“Sorry, sorry, it won’t happen next time.”

This time Bai Yuetong didn’t reply to Lu Luo’s text message again, I don’t know if he was really angry.

2nd day, Qi Xinzhu is still the Qi Xinzhu, Bai Yuetong is the Bai Yuetong, everything is back to normal again, as if nothing happened.

Before lunch, Bai Yuetong suddenly spoke in front of everyone.

“Lu Luo, my brother wants to talk to you, alone.”

Lu Luo was taken aback for a moment, and took a subconsciously look at Qi Xinzhu.

Qi Xinzhu’s face immediately blushed when he glanced at it this way. Others didn’t know what was going on with them. They were all so familiar with each other.

“What do you think of me? Business matters, so go and chant.”

Bai Yuetong was a little angry.

“The cheating couple who frowned, didn’t put me in the eyes at all, the sword was given away!”

Lu Luo nodded, took Bai Yuetong and left the studio and went to Luo Shan is waiting for him at a small restaurant opposite the Eastern Ring Security Bureau.


Lu Luo originally thought that this meeting was about Blue Heavens Biotechnology.

It was only when he saw Luo Shan that he realized that he wanted to make a difference. Luo Shan came by himself.

Neither Jin Chen nor Gu Wanyun brought them.

When I met Luo Shan, Lu Luo didn’t know what to call the other person.

If he calls his name directly, he feels a bit impolite, but if he calls his big brother, he is a little bit unable to say it.

Luo Shan on the other side seemed to see Lu Luo’s cramps, so he greeted Bai Yuetong.

“Xiaobai, go buy us some cooked food.”

Luo Shan obviously means something to talk to Lu Luo, but Bai Yuetong is a person who is not good at EQ , I definitely can’t hear this meaning.

“Why are you calling me?”

She didn’t give Luo Shan any face, and Luo Shan’s face was so black that Lu Luo on the side could not stand it anymore. .

“Your big brother has something to say to me alone. You go out for a walk first, and you will be well soon.”

Bai Yuetong understood what Luo Shan meant, but she Still very proud to make up for his big brother.

“If you want to whisper, just talk straight, and buy some cooked food!

It’s not easy to talk about the bureaucracy in the inner ring!”

Luo Shan kept his face dark and didn’t speak. He didn’t lift the head until Bai Yuetong left, and took the initiative to pour Lu Luo a glass of wine.

“Drink something?”


“Let Bai Yuetong go back at home, so let me persuade her.

Although the words are persuading, the family means that if she is not willing to go back, she will be taken back by force.”

Luo Shan’s words caused Lu Luo’s fingers to pause. This pause did not last long.

“I will follow her own will, if she is willing to go, I will not stay.

But if she does not want to go, I will not let you take her away .”

Luo Shan shook the head.

“If you are a bachelor, there is really no problem saying this, but now you are in a different situation.

You have your own business and companions, you They have the ability to resist, but they don’t.

I mean, can you understand?”

Lu Luo was silent. Actually Luo Shan was right, Bai Yuetong’s father It’s a member.

It has already reached the apex of the power of the Wasteland Alliance, and there are high-end military force organizations such as the Gendarmerie.

If a character of this level wants to take someone from him, it is simply with no difficulty.

“Will you do this?”

“This is exactly what I am looking for you. If it was before, I might.

But This time I went to the Southern Ring amusement park, and I saw a lot of things beyond my imagination.

Perhaps as he said, the so-called rule of the human Parliament and the church is actually not as many people imagined. It’s so stable and beautiful.”

Lu Luo immediately realized that Luo Shan was referring to Noah, and it seemed that Luo Shan had already met Noah!

“It seems that you have already met Noah. Although I don’t know what his main purpose is, I think he is right.

Fourth now Ring has crises and opportunities, and it’s really different from before.”

Luo Shan drank all the drinks in front of him, and had to get up and leave before Bai Yuetong came back.

“Take care to my younger sister, I will help you deal with Blue Heavens Biotechnology.”

Lu Luo is not surprised that Luo Shan helped himself, because he was in the Security Bureau before At the time, he could already see that Luo Shan was helping him.

“Hey, I want the base of Blue Heavens Pharmaceuticals.”

“Do you have money?”

“Um, no.”


“If you don’t have money, do you say a fart?”

“Is there no other way?”

Lu Luo is still a bit unwilling. If the base can give According to them, it can really be the same place as a permanent base.

“The configuration of that base is very good. Although something went wrong, the auction price can still reach hundreds of millions, or even hundreds of millions.”

Several hundred million? big brother, if I can get hundreds of millions, do you still use it? The company now doesn’t even have tens of thousands.

It’s even worse for him as a Boss. He only has dozens of dollars in his pocket.

“Is there no other way besides buying money directly through auction channels?”

“If there is no money, then there is only one way, find a way to get there Stigmatization.

I came to Fourth Ring, except for Bai Yuetong’s business, which is to deal with the private cultivation of alien species by Blue Heavens Pharmaceuticals.

Now this matter has been established, the base It has also been completely blocked.

Because there has been no accident at the base, other talents will be moved. If the base continues to have accidents…you understand?”

Luo Shan has already Speaking of this point, Lu Luo is of course impossible to keep asking.

Something happened? It’s not easy, just let the white snake go and let the wind go every night.

And White Snake was originally a product of the Blue Heavens Pharmaceutical Base, so there will be no doubt that others will appear in the base.

But he still has some doubts in his heart. Can this really make a base for prostitution in vain?

“But if there is another heterogeneous accident in the base, will Inner Ring send someone to deal with this matter?

After all, Blue Heavens Pharmaceuticals is the asset of Blue Heavens Biotechnology, so The hunter couldn’t deal with it blatantly.”

I saw Luo Shan as it should be by rights nodded.

“Yes, the inner ring will definitely send someone to deal with it, so when the time comes, I will come?

After I come, what are you afraid of?”


[Huh? This…Is this Big Uncle brother? ]

“Uh, I understand.”

“Be clean, the Fourth Ring is so messy now, it’s Noah again, and it’s nightmare again.

Those in the inner ring, when considering risks, should choose to abandon part of the Fourth Ring industry. This is a matter of as it should be by rights.

This is your perfect opportunity, Let’s grow up!”

“I see, big brother!”

Luo Shan nodded to Lu Luo, picked up his jacket and left directly.

During the whole conversation, Lu Luo only shouted a big brother when Luo Shan finally left.

After watching Luo Shan leave, Bai Yuetong took a while to sway back slowly.

“Where is Luo Shan?”

“I will be called the big brother from now on, you know?”

Lu Luo has a serious expression, Bai Yuetong has a full face Surprised.

“Big brother? Lu Luo, did you take the wrong medicine?”

“Youngster, be polite.”

What you gave was just a handful Sword, and the big brother, it’s for Jiangshan!


The next day, Lu Luo took Qi Xinzhu and Bai Yuetong to visit Qiao Xing again.

The purpose of this visit is very strong. The two girls naturally went to Qiao Xiaomi to play, leaving space for Lu Luo and Qiao Xing.

I don’t know why Qiao Xing’s teacups are replaced with wood. Isn’t the glass cup not easy to use?

When Lu Luo was wondering, Qiao Xing seemed to have a feeling, and directly answered the question in his heart.

“Glass cups will always be broken by Qiao Xiaomi, but wooden ones will not.”

“The wooden ones will grow mold!”

“As long as my cups are changed diligently, the mold will not catch up to me.”

[How to put it, it makes sense. 】

“Well, isn’t it the same to change the glass?”

“The glass requires money, and I can cut the wooden one by myself.”

Are you a financial master?

“Well, this time Xiaomi’s matter…”

Lu Luo wanted to apologize, but Qiao Xing interrupted him directly.

“It’s good for people to come back safely, even more how, this time is not something you can control.”

Lu Luo nodded, pull them into the 8th level domain, now They really do not have the power to resist.

Don’t talk about these people, even for the entire Fourth Ring, not many people can resist.

“These 8th tiers have been close to the 4th ring recently, and I don’t know why.

If the Fourth Ring is not safe enough, the teacher has considered bringing Qiao Xiaomi and her master back to the inner ring. Is it?”

Qiao Xing took a sip of tea slowly, then slowly opened his mouth after putting down the cup.

“Have you arranged the house for me in the inner ring?”

“Uh? How can I have a house in the inner ring?”

“If you don’t have a house, what would you say? Let’s live on the street?”

Okay! Qiao Xing’s way of thinking is always amazing, and people can’t help but want to punch him twice.

“teacher, be yourself!”

“If you need to solve my problem, it can only mean that your ability is above me.

The change of Fourth Ring is inevitable. You don’t need to remind me too much. I am not old.”

Lu Luo nodded, Qiao Xing knows that it is the best state.

“Does the teacher have any opinion on the behavior of these 8th-level disasters?”

“They have what they are after, and we also have what we are after.

But I can tell you roughly why they are close to Fourth Ring.”

“Why are they close to Fourth Ring?” Lu Luo frowned slightly.

“Now the dark energy gap between the 3rd ring and the 4th exchange is only 2.36 times, and the gap is still shrinking.”

[He is right, the 4th exchange Dark energy level starts to improve after you come out of the amusement park.

Although the speed of improvement seems to be slow, the accumulation is very scary. It has increased by 69% so far.]

The gap between the Fourth Ring and the inner ring is narrowing, which means The superiority of the inner ring will disappear!

If Noah goes to this level 8 and then brings enough technology, knowledge, and ideas.

That will have a thorough impact on the rule of the inner ring!

“teacher, what will the 4th ring be like in the future?”

“I don’t know, it is estimated that housing prices will rise.”

Lu Luo is speechless He felt that Qiao Xing was wrong.

“Is the teacher not worried about the changes in the current world pattern? The current alliance has nothing to do!”

Qiao Xing picked up the tea cup again, with a very contemptuous look Look at Lu Luo.

“People with a monthly income of 10,000 are saving their strength and waiting for the alliance’s action.

People with a monthly income of 5,000 are shrinking their funds and waiting for the alliance’s action.

People with a monthly income of 2000 are seeking benefits and waiting for the alliance’s actions.

People with a monthly income of 500 are accumulating food and waiting for the alliance’s actions.

Those with a monthly income of 200 are in Discuss the changes in the world structure, whether there will be a different kind of sub-era crisis in the future, and whether they will become the leader of the alliance.

By the way, I will mock the alliance’s current inaction if he comes to power. What do you do if you don’t know it.”

[As everyone knows, Ring Studio’s current basic salary is 200, so I feel that he is mocking you, but there is no real evidence. 】

So angry! For a person with a monthly income of 200, when can UU read stand up?

Lu Luo became sulky and didn’t say a word until he finished eating.

Qi Xinzhu and Bai Yuetong saw that the atmosphere was not right, and they did not speak.

After eating, Lu Luo left with a black face, the door was all closed by Li Lan.

Watching the three of Lu Luo leave, Qiao Xing laughed, walked to Qiao Xiaomi who was doing homework, and touched her daughter’s hair.



“Today the teacher asked us to write a letter to our father, I have already written it, you want Reply to me.”

“Okay!” Qiao Xing accepted Qiao Xiaomi’s letter.

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