Doomsday Ring Chapter 204

“If it’s on the third floor, how did that person knock on the window just now?”

Lu Yu’s eyes flickered slightly, this It was already late at night, and the hospital, which was originally very silent, could hardly hear any sound except for my own breathing.

But now, the continuous knocking on the window completely broke the calm.

Lu Yu was a little scared, she didn’t get out of bed anymore, but quietly put her legs back on the bed.

Then I subconsciously covered my head, body, and feet with a quilt, and covered myself completely.

Lu Yu remembers that when he was a child, whenever he was scared at night, he felt less scared after putting on the quilt. This was what Lu Yang taught them.

It is the same now. After putting on the quilt, she feels much better.

“It’s okay, you’ll be fine with the quilt!”

Although the sound of knocking on the window continues, it seems not as hasty as before.

“It’s really useful, this person should be leaving! After knocking for so long, I must be impatient.” Lu Yu thought.

But then Lu Yu’s breathing suddenly stagnated, because she heard the sound of the window opening.

Squeak! ~

Hey! clatter! clatter!

The footsteps are very clear, and getting closer and closer, mixed in the whistle of the wind, like a messenger for extradition at midnight.

Lu Yu’s breathing became a little heavy, and she could even feel the other person’s breathing.

And I don’t know since when, she felt the quilt was very stuffy, and the oxygen was decreasing.

But no one knows what the outside of the quilt is.

Lu Yu misses Lu Luo a bit. At this time, it would be nice if Lu Luo was there.

And Gu Fangyi, isn’t Gu Fangyi arranged by Lu Luo to protect her? Why doesn’t it appear now?

Lu Yu’s mental state began to become anxious. Anxiety caused sweating, and sweating would make the quilt more stuffy.

Lu Yu feels a little bit out of breath,

She wants to lift the quilt very much.

But the fingers are as heavy as lead pouring.

Suddenly, Lu Yu felt a hand on her shoulder.

No, not on the shoulders, but patted her.

Lu Yu stopped her breathing, her back was cold, and the sultry feeling just now was completely covered by the panic in her heart.

There was a low-pitched whisper in his ear, but the voice was so small that Lu Yu didn’t even know what the other party was talking about.

And this person also seems to know that his voice is too small, Lu Yu seems to be unable to hear, so he comes closer.

This time, Lu Yu heard it.

“Do you want a candle?”

Lu Yu covered her mouth and did not speak. Her body was stiff and trembling at the same time.

The whisper did not end, and the other party patted Lu Yu’s shoulder again.

“Do you want candles?”

“Do you want candles?”

“Do you want candles?”

Continuous Having said it many times, Lu Yu felt that her spirit was about to collapse. She grabbed her hair and yelled.

“No, no, I don’t!”

Lu Yu tore off his quilt and scanned the surroundings in horror.

The room is still so quiet, except for the opened windows, everything seems to have not changed.

The wind is very strong, and the windows seem to have been blown open.

hu~ hu~ huh!

Seeing that there is nothing going on around him, Lu Yu gasps and calms his emotions.

“Are they all hallucinations? It must be the hallucinations that appeared because I was too tired today.”

Just when she thought everything before was an illusion, she was about to lie down again.

Suddenly there was a voice above my head.

“Are you looking for me?”


The door was kicked open, Qi Xinzhu broke in and walked quickly to Lu Yu’s side.

Lu Yu just stared at the empty ceiling blankly, as if he hadn’t noticed Qi Xinzhu’s arrival at all.

“Lu Yu, Lu Yu! Lu Yu?”

Lu Yu didn’t respond, and still stared at the ceiling blankly. Qi Xinzhu also glanced at it, but on the ceiling There is nothing at all.

Qi Xinzhu hugged Lu Yu, and the energy of the S-05 healer was continuously injected into Lu Yu’s body.

The power of the S-Rank sequence is still very effective. Healing pain and dispelling fear are all very obvious effects.


Lu Yu finally came back to his senses, looked at Qi Xinzhu sluggishly, and then hugged her.


“I’m here, it’s okay!”

Qi Xinzhu comforted Lu Yu while scanning the surrounding surroundings.

Except for the chaotic dark energy that had just passed away, she found nothing wrong.

“I won’t leave today. I will stay with you forever. It’s okay.”

“Thank you sister-in-law! I feel better.”

With the infusion of the healer’s energy, Lu Yu’s state at this time is much better than before.

After pacifying Lu Yu again, Qi Xinzhu answered the call from Gu Fangyi.

“Hey, Brother Gu!”

“I have been observing her just now, her state is a bit strange, she should have some hallucinations.

First she approached the side of the window, then covered her head again, and then she was shaking.

After a period of time, she screamed and waved the sheets, and then you appeared.”

“I see, I have worked hard, Brother Gu!”

Qi Xinzhu looked nodded as usual, then turned to Lu Yu and said:

“It’s done, well, then Whether I’ll sleep with you, I’ll stay on the same bed regardless of bed, as long as you don’t think I squeeze you.”

Although Qi Xinzhu is a very friendly person, he has such a warm attitude. , She is also the first time, and she is not used to it.

But Lu Yu is Lu Luo’s younger sister after all. No matter what she says, she doesn’t want Lu Yu to have an accident.

Lu Yu relaxed when he heard Qi Xinzhu want to sleep with him.

“I’m having trouble with sister-in-law. I blame me for nightmares and yelling.”

“It’s okay, everyone has nightmares.”

Qi Xinzhu said with a smile, but she quickly stopped smiling because Lu Yu had been staring behind her. Is there anything behind her?

Lu Yu raised his finger, pointed behind Qi Xinzhu and said:

“sister-in-law, that… did you bring it here?” “

What do you bring? Qi Xinzhu turned his head in some confusion, and saw an ordinary white candle lying very quietly on the bedside table.

Qi Xinzhu casually picked up the candle and placed it in his hand.

“This is a candle? It’s not mine! What’s the matter?”

Looking at the candle in Qi Xinzhu’s hand, the fear that Lu Yu had just dissipated gathered again.

Her pupils began to dilate, and her eyes gradually became unstable.

“Lost it! Lost it!”


“I made you lose it, hurry up and lose it.”

Qi Xinzhu also realized that something was wrong, she quickly took the candle and wanted to get up and throw it out.

But Lu Yu held her when she was about to leave.

“Sister-in-law don’t go, you are here, just throw the candle out.”

Qi Xinzhu looked at Lu Yu who was uncertain in front of him, and finally nodded.

The holy splendor began to appear in Qi Xinzhu’s hands. The powerful force of the third-order transcender combined with the holy splendor, instantly crushed this ordinary candle into wax slag.

Qi Xinzhu wrapped the scum in paper, then threw it out the door, and then closed the door again.

“In this case, there should be no problem, right?”

Lu Yu has been repeatedly nodded, and then leaned on Qi Xinzhu.

“Yes, let’s rest as soon as possible, after falling asleep, we will be fine!”

Qi Xinzhu hugged Lu Yu again, nodded.


Lying on the bed, Qi Xinzhu originally thought that Lu Yu would let her hug her to sleep, but fortunately, it didn’t take long for Lu Yu to fall asleep by herself .

Listening to Lu Yu’s heavy breathing, Qi Xinzhu slightly relaxed.

She moved as far as possible to the side of the bed to leave Lu Yu a larger position, so that Lu Yu can sleep more comfortably, after all, she is still in an injured state.

Before long, Qi Xinzhu slowly closed his eyes.

She folded her hands together, letting the healer’s energy flow in her palm.

She does not have a Devourer and is also an observer. Every progress in the sequence requires a lot of practice and unique self-perceived promotion conditions.

This is the biggest gap between Lu Luo and other sequencers.

Other upgrades basically rely on perception, Lu Luo upgrades basically rely on money, meat, and food! This is the difference.

“I don’t know if Lu Luo is making progress there.”

In addition to worrying about Lu Yu, Qi Xinzhu is also very worried about Lu Luo. This time it is related to the nightmare.

The appearance of the nightmare last time gave Qi Xinzhu a lot of psychological pressure. The power of Tier 8 is really too strong.

Outside the wall, they were played between the palms of their hands, without any resistance at all.

“I hope Lu Luo is okay, no, he will be okay!”

About an hour passed, when Qi Xinzhu thought he would spend the night in peace.

A chill rose from behind her, and a whisper of whisper came at the same time.

“Do you want a candle?”

Qi Xinzhu wrinkled slightly frowned, and grabbed his fingers behind him.

Click! With a fold on the backhand, Qi Xinzhu directly broke the opponent’s finger.


But the owner of this voice was actually Lu Yu lying on the bed, but Qi Xinzhu’s movements did not stop.

Because she saw a faint purple flame in Lu Yu’s pupils.

The first rule of Ring Studio, in any case, Ring Studio members must ensure their own safety.

No matter who you are facing, your own life is the most important thing!

So at this time, Qi Xinzhu will not keep his hands.

Lu Yu grinned at Qi Xinzhu, but Qi Xinzhu put a hand knife against Lu Yu’s chest.

Precise force, the technique is the same as Lu Luo’s Malicious Explosive Punch, through!


Lu Yu’s heart shook for a moment, the blood stagnated, and then he passed out.

Qi Xinzhu’s healer was released immediately to repair Lu Yu’s physical injury.

In this way, she can stun Lu Yu without causing Lu Yu to be seriously injured. It should be considered the best choice.

Gu Fangyi called again.

“Her state is getting more and more unstable, what are you going to do?”

Qi Xinzhu shook his head.

“There is no good way now, I can only wait for news from Lu Luo.”

“I see.”


I hung up the phone, Qi Xinzhu sighed, and then broadcast Lu Luo’s call with a low voice.

“Lu Luo.”

When Lu Luo on the other end received the call immediately, he had already guessed that Lu Yu had something wrong, so he asked directly:

“How is she now? Tell me about the specific situation.”

“I passed out and passed out. There is no major problem at present, but she has been experiencing hallucinations continuously.

And this kind of illusion seems to be able to shine into reality!”

“Illusion shines into reality?”

“In Lu Yu’s room just now, A candle appears out of thin air.”

Candle? Lu Luo is not on the scene, so there is no way to analyze the specific situation here.

“This kind of illusion that affects reality is probably related to the nightmare.

Try to ensure your own safety as much as possible. You and Gu Fangyi are the same. Currently, she has Is it possible to be distorted?”

“Yes, or some distortion reactions have begun.

Lu Yu is a very good child, Lu Luo, can you save her Is it?”

Qi Xinzhu’s tone was full of worry, and Lu Luo was silent for an additional moment at this time.

Lu Luo often draws cakes, and he often brags about it. The point of nonsense is brought to the point of perfection.

But at this time, he did not make a blind promise, just lightly said:

“I will go back as soon as possible, wait for me.”

“Okay.” “


In the early morning, the sky is already bright, and the not dense dark clouds let the sun shine more or less.

Lu Luo has already read the alien incident files in the archives room for one night.

There are not many opportunities to come to the Security Bureau’s archives.

His foundation is too weak, so he has to grasp every minute and every second and try to obtain the information he needs as much as possible.

Yang Liya did not stop Lu Luo’s work, compared to the current Eastern Ring riot.

Let Lu Luo know that some security bureau files and files are nothing at all.

On the side, Rosen cultivated for one night, while Lu Di smoked cigarettes all night.

“If you smoke and smoke, you know that you will die if you don’t smoke? I’m not afraid of lung cancer.”

Yang Liya’s reprimand drew only Lu Di’s sneer.

“I didn’t spend your money, what are you doing so leniently?

And I don’t have much to do here. In investigating the case, he is enough, you You don’t expect me to help you, do you?”

“You’ve been abolished, Lu Di, you’re abolished!”

Yang Liya’s attitude is very bad, even a little unfathomable mystery atmosphere of.

But Lu Luo has already seen that the relationship between her and Lu Di does not seem to be as simple as the watcher and the being watched.

Between them, there should be a deeper experience.


The door was knocked open by a hunter team member. It seems that there is information about the recruitment of prostitution, and there has been a certain result.

“Captain, the information about prostitution in those 17 cases has been released.

There are 14 girls in total. These 14 girls have spread information about prostitution in some places.

For example, the clubs on the Eastern Ring entertainment street have their traces.

According to our investigation, UU Reading they only do door-to-door services. Service, do not stay in any club.”

14 girls? The four of Lu Luo quickly glanced at each other.

“Since there is evidence to check, what about them now?”

“They are like disappear from the face of the earth, I don’t know where they are.”< /p>

Yang Liya was a bit speechless, and there were few clues. At this time, she was interrupted, which was very annoying.

“Are there any specific information?”

“How many are there.”

“Bring it.”

Lu Luo first I took the information brought by the hunter in one step and started to flip through it quickly.

When he saw the first girl, he already had a clear comprehension in his heart.

Because of this girl, he has seen it!

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