Doomsday Ring Chapter 205

After Lu Luo quickly flipped through the information of these people, he put down the information and began to organize his thoughts.

Yang Liya on the side saw that Lu Luo hadn’t looked at it, so she started to look up the information.

“Are these all female students from Eastern Ring University? Or are they on campus? And all of them are from dormitory 5?”

Lu Luo nodded.

“Yes, they are all students at school, people in dormitory 5, and I have seen them, every one of them.”

“You have met them When did it happen?”

“A fog crisis broke out at Eastern Ring University before. I wonder if Rosen Captain still remember it?”

“That incident, of course I do. .”

“Then you look at the information of these girls, so I shouldn’t need to explain it more.”

Rosen picked up the information and looked it up, and he immediately felt something was wrong. .

“Aren’t these girls the same batch that was parasitic by the Seed of Nightmare and handed over to the church for processing?”

Yang Liya immediately felt something was wrong, if there was anything about the church. , Hunter does give in most of the time.

Handing people over to the church is a normal way to deal with it, but Yang Liya is now getting angry.

Moreover, she is more concerned about Rosen’s involvement in this matter.

“Rosen, why are these people handed over to the church? Who has it been handed over to the church?”

Rosen immediately looked towards Lu Luo, and the subconsciously wanted to throw it away.

[This person wants to throw the pot, hurry up and take the initiative! 】

Lu Luo, like Ming Spiegel, immediately took the words and said quickly:

“At that time, I asked Rosen Captain to check these women and deal with them, which means to deal with them. , Instead of not dealing with it.

didn’t expect Rosen Captain to throw people to the church as soon as he turned his head. I blame it on me, not Rosen Captain.”

Lu Luo As soon as I said,

the pressure came to Rosen’s side.

“You fart! It was you who told me at the time…”

“Enough.” Yang Liya interrupted the two people’s shaking the pot. Now they are very short of time, and there is no point in shaking the pot. .

“There is no need to discuss this topic now. What I need to know is why these people are related to the nightmare, Lu Luo, please tell me.”

Lu Luo frowned slightly, this How do you say this thing!

If you get to the bottom of it, the impact is particularly severe and bad.

And this matter has a little bit to do with the church, Lu Di, and Nightmare.

So Lu Luo subconsciously looked towards Lu Di, wanting to hear what he meant.

Seeing Lu Luo’s gaze, Yang Liya wanted to say something, but after seeing Lu Di’s expression, she didn’t say anything this time.

She also chose to wait for the meaning of Lu Di.

Lu Di looked at the two of them, sighed, their expressions were very flat and relieved.

“The bride’s matter is already a thing of the past. I am relieved a long time ago. It doesn’t matter if I say it.

And the haze of the church, we should also let them know, so early Make plans.”

“The haze of the church? You mean the legendary fruit of the taboo of life?”

“Well, it is!”

Yang Liya Frown, if this matter involves the church, it would be too complicated.

Normally, hunters avoid things related to the church.

Because the power of the church is too great, its position in the entire wasteland alliance system is also very special.

So hunters generally do not provoke the church, and it can even be said that most of them give way.

But this time the matter is too much involved. If the root cause of the Eastern Ring riot is not resolved, the entire Eastern Ring may collapse.

Not to mention anything else, that 13,500 polluters can make a collective distortion and can toss Eastern Ring to death!

She is very aware of Lu Luo’s doubts, so at this time, she must set an example as a leader.

“Lu Luo, don’t worry. Even if there is an investigation result, this matter is also the achievement of our hunter 2 team.

You are just an ordinary citizen who came to assist in the investigation, and you are Good citizen.”

With the explicit instructions of two 6th-level bosses, Lu Luo nodded immediately took the pen and paper on the table and simply drew a sketch for the three of them.

“At that time, Rosen Captain ended this incident, but the cause of the incident must start with the corruption within the church.”

Lu Luo put the whole incident in the shortest possible term. Repeated his words, and then parsed out the important information of the event.

The Church privately refines the Fruit of Life-which led to the Lu Di bridal incident-the birth of the nightmare.

The chaos inside the church-the nightmare tempts church members to create a variant Fruit of Life-the parasitic nightmare seed.

“The Pastor Wu En at that time had already become a Nightmare Waiter.

So the dozen or so girls who parasitized the Nightmare Seed were probably the source of this incident. “

Yang Liya was nodded first, and then shook the head.

“No, it’s not right. Normally, humans contaminated with alien events need to be detained for up to half a year.

Most hunter methods are killed on the spot. Rosen is already here. I’m a veteran in this aspect.

He gave people to the church. I can barely understand, but even the church is not a group of good men and women.

They call the behavior of dealing with alien species holy light purifies and returns to dawn.

Although they sounded a bit, their approach is not essentially different from hunters. They are all killings.

Since they are all killings, then more than a dozen How did this girl survive?”

Lu Luo waved his hand.

“The answer is very simple. The church members who were tempted by the nightmare are not the only members of Wu En!” After the situation gradually became clear, Lu Luo rubbed his fingers and felt again. Defines the way the nightmare behaves.

Nightmare is not a lunatic, or it is not the kind of lunatic without reason, even if it is a lunatic, it is also a madman who is very good at design and conspiracy.

From the day Wu En’s incident happened, even the day when Wu En felt that he would not live long.

Maybe even earlier, Nightmare has already begun to design all this.

There has always been a problem plagued Lu Luo before.

That is, Pastor Wu En’s church qualifications are very high, but the taboo secret technique of Fruit of Life is too simple.

Lu Luo wondered if Wu En would have any accomplices.

But he didn’t mention it when he died, and Lu Luo didn’t continue moving towards this aspect.

But now, it seems that Wu En found the refining method of Fruit of Life, and it is very likely that it was arranged by someone.

All of this may be a nightmare design, a complete design.

“A seemingly crazy, chaotic guy who makes such a smooth design is really incredible.

Now his design framework has basically surfaced, The only thing I don’t know is the motive of the nightmare!

It did that many things and made it so complicated. What’s the motive?”

Rosen took a look, also Can’t see the famous, a little unconvinced.

“Isn’t the result already out now? It has a great relationship with the church.

Should we just go to the parish? How simple it is.”

If it is normal, such a proposal will definitely be met by Lu Di’s frigid irony and scorching satire, but this time, no one said anything.

Not only Lu Di, but Yang Liya also did not say anything. It seems that they are considering the probability of attacking the parish.

But Lu Luo still shook the head to interrupt their thoughts.

“We only know that this matter is likely to be related to the church.

It may be done by someone in the church, but it may not be. There is no clear evidence. , I don’t know the motive of the nightmare.

Just like this, charge charge charge, isn’t that like a second fool?”

[Speaking like this is ironic, I think The three Captains will never admit that they are two fools. 】

Sure enough, hearing Lu Luo say this, the three sat down again.

But at this time, another hunter broke in.

“Captain, found the girl’s body that is suspected to be reported!”

“The body? Where are they?”

“On the second floor of an unmanned warehouse .”

Yang Liya was about to get up, she didn’t forget to continue to ask.

“The second floor of the unmanned warehouse? It shouldn’t be a place like this. How did you find it?”

“It wasn’t we found it, it was nearby The scavengers found that the place was originally a base for a team of scavengers to divide the loot.

These scavengers found this batch of corpses. They originally had some thoughts of searching.

After a scavenger approached the corpse, he was burned to death by the nether flame, so they reported the case.”

This time, Lu Luo also stood up.

“Anyway, the bodies of these girls are one of our few clues.

Let’s go together and see if there is any way to find something useful.”< /p>

“Let’s go!”

The four people drove quickly to the warehouse reported by the hunter, which was very dilapidated.

According to the previous report by the hunter, a total of 14 corpses were all here.

However, after the scavenger touched it, one of the corpses spontaneously ignited. The nether flame burned a large area, and even burned the scavenger himself.

Fortunately, the remaining 13 corpses are still intact, which gives Lu Luo a lot of room to play.

“Where is the body?”


Lu Luo crossed the cordon pulled by the hunter and the guards, although he did not do it Any forensic work.

Han Shiyu is not there at this time, but now there is no way, and it is too late to contact Han Shiyu.

even more how The current nether flame reaction status of these female corpses, even if Han Shiyu comes, I am afraid that the post-mortem cannot be done properly.

[Wow! Periodic table of elements! Experienced it again.

No, this is even more outrageous than the periodic table. What happened to them? 】

Lu Luo looked at the corpse in front of him, and his heart was also sickened.

Not only Lu Luo, but even professional hunters like Rosen, after seeing the female corpse, they also covered their noses.

“Well, what’s the smell.”

If it was purely ugly, they would definitely not react like this.

But this kind of smell is really weird, not only smelly, but a mixture of many disgusting smells!

“Huh, did you bring the inspection tools? Let’s start!”

Lu Luo puts on a mask and gloves, puts on a white coat, holding a forensic toolbox, and walking Arrived in front of one of the female corpses.


In the hospital.

Qi Xinzhu glanced at Lu Yu who was hugging his knees on the bed, feeling a little uncomfortable in his heart.

There is absolutely zero tolerance for alien species in the wall!

Unless…Lu Yu can become like Lu Luo or Zhou Kai, otherwise, Lu Yu has no chance of surviving.

Qi Xinzhu can accept Lu Luo, and naturally he can accept Lu Yu who is not in a pure human state.

But her acceptance does not mean that others can accept it.

Whether it is the people, public opinion, or alliance, it is impossible to let an uncontrollable alien living by your side.

But at this time, Lu Yu seems to be completely unaware of her actions last night. She lifts the head looked towards Qi Xinzhu with a slightly confused expression.

“Sister-in-law, did I have a problem? My chest hurts so much!”

“It’s okay, I showed you, you are in good health, The injury heals very quickly, I believe it will not take long to be discharged from the hospital.

And even if there is a problem, I will help you treat it! I am very difficult to deal with.”

“Hehe, sister-in-law, who is better than your second brother?” Lu Yu asked with a smile hehe.

Speaking of Lu Luo, Qi Xinzhu naturally gave a very positive evaluation.

“Well, it should be your second brother who is better. He is very smart and makes fast progress.

And his fighting wisdom is very high, and his own hard power is also very strong.

Speed, strength, body, long-range, and melee are all available. There are almost no obvious shortcomings.

If your second brother has any obvious shortcomings, it is probably him. I am very greedy for money.”

“Sure enough, I felt that the second brother is so good yesterday. The alien in the cafeteria is so strong, the second brother was killed with a few tricks.

In the future, if I have difficulties, I will hold my second brother’s thigh! Take off, hehe!”

“Yes, if you have any difficulties, your second brother will solve it for you.”

Qi Xinzhu smiled and touched Lu Yu’s head, as if he hadn’t seen the purple in Lu Yu’s eyes at all.

“Although your second brother is very difficult to deal with, you have to grow by yourself. Even a woman can’t rely on men.”

Qi Xinzhu smiled and gestured. His muscles made a strong expression.


After a short knock on the door, a female nurse with medicine came in.

“3012-Lu Yu, right, take medicine!”

“Oh!” Lu Yu nodded, pouring water and taking medicine obediently.

Qi Xinzhu looked towards the nurse, and suddenly found that the nurse seemed very beautiful.

“Nurse Young Lady, I am a member of the church, I have already treated Lu Yu’s injury.

So I would like to ask, if we are to be discharged from the hospital, what we probably need to do What kind of procedure?”

The beautiful nurse pursed her lips and shook her head.

“The problem now is not whether she is good or not, but whether the Security Bureau gives instructions to release people.

Currently the entire Eastern Ring is under martial law, UU reading www.uukanshuu .com has no instructions from the Security Bureau. Even if the injury is completely healed, you cannot apply for discharge.” After listening to the female nurse’s answer, Qi Xinzhu could only frown and nodded.

“That’s it, then I know, thank you! Nurse Young Lady.”

The nurse waved her hand, revealing a youthful smile.

“Don’t be so polite, and I am the nurse on duty here.

I am afraid we will all get along here for a long time in the future.

< p> If you have been here to accompany Lu Yu, we should meet frequently, my name is Qin Wanyu, how about you?”

“Qin, Wan? Yu? Oh, sorry, my name is Qi Xinzhu “

Qin Wanyu smiled and took out the ballpoint pen in his chest pocket.

“It’s not the Wanyu you think, it’s the rice bowl, the fish of the fish!”

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