Doomsday Ring Chapter 207

Rosen also wanted to understand at this time, and then said:

“Since he is a member of the church, the energy of the corpse transporter must be the holy splendor! But the problem is us No one has Holy Light Power?

Don’t talk about us, in the entire hunter system, all the people with holy splendor have been taken away by the church?”

After speaking, Rosen felt that he was also involved in the analysis of the case.

Well, the three of us are really amazing!

Thinking of the requirement of holy splendor, Yang Liya also frowned slightly.

If you need to invite people from the church, it will inevitably beat the grass to scare the snake, which is not in line with their purpose of action.

“Can Rosen Captain stop me, I know you are big!”

“What are you doing? Now it shouldn’t be someone who has a holy splendor Is it?”

“You don’t have a holy splendor, I do! I’m not a hunter.”

Lu Luo pushed Rosen away and squatted down next to a female corpse again.

After hearing Lu Luo’s words, Yang Liya’s brows were not soothed, but they wrinkled deeper.

Because since yesterday, Lu Luo in front of her has given her too many things to marvel at. Such a guy…

“Since you have a holy splendor, try it Right.”

Lu Luo slightly nodded, his holy splendor is very few, probably only enough to release a holy light illumination technique.

Fortunately, the work of stimulating the nether flame does not require much energy, which is enough.

The holy splendor is gathered at Lu Luo’s fingertips. His manipulation of the Holy Light Power is very rough, but these female corpses seem to naturally not resist the power of holy splendor.

Lu Luo’s fingers have been placed on the female corpse’s hair, and spontaneous combustion has not occurred.

“Very well, the next step is to extract the nether flame.”

The nether flame wrapped in the holy splendor of Lu Luo appeared in the hand again, after the nether flame of Lu Luo appeared.

The nether flame in the female corpse’s body became restless, but this time there was still no spontaneous combustion.

They are like some kind of burning liquid, gradually peeling from the body of the female corpse, and then gradually converging on Lu Luo’s hand.

[Devourer is filtering the nether flame,

but these nether flames are all extended after many times, the effect is there, but it is minimal. 】

Lu Luo did not fail to think about the idea of ​​strengthening his own nether flame by swallowing these nether flames.

The real source of nether flame is the nightmare!

The purple on the female corpse gradually faded, and Lu Luo finally got a corpse that could be investigated in detail, which was not easy.

Although he has no post-mortem experience, he can use the knowledge acquired by observers in the library to perform first aid and brain supplementation.

It is enough to deal with the current situation.

“Turn on overclocking mode.”

[Overclocking mode is turned on. 】

Lu Luo put away the energy of the female corpse and directly untied the clothes of the female corpse. First, he checked the corpse, swelling, and the other’s mouth and nose.

Don’t have any strange thoughts, because the corpse at this time will only make people sick.

“A lot of white and red foam appeared in front of the mouth and nose, the blood vessels of the skin contracted, the body turned white, and the plaque appeared pale red.”

After a simple inspection, Lu Luo directly used a knife Cut open the chest of this female corpse.

“Pulmonary edema, emphysema, a large amount of effusion, blood changes in the left and right heart, redness of the aortic intima.

There is no dark energy in the edema effusion, nor Any aberrations are prominent, and there are no viral symptoms.

Probably that’s it!”

“Just make it clear, I probably understand that these girls were drowned. However, I still don’t quite understand other aspects.

I guess neither of them understands, so please explain clearly.”

Yang Liya said straightforwardly.

Lu Luo is also nodded, now is not the time to sell off.

“These people were indeed drowned, with edema all over, showing pale red plaques.

Basically it can explain the process of drowning, instead of pressing their heads in the pool. It’s simple, but it’s a state that the whole body has never experienced.

Of course, if you use a bathtub, you can probably achieve this effect.

But the probability of killing 14 people with a bathtub They are very small and have unreasonable motives.

Then, there is no dark energy left in the bodies of these girls, no viruses, and no distortions to highlight.

This means that they Very clean.”

Upon hearing this, Lu Di and Yang Liya had already glanced at each other, and both saw the shock in each other’s eyes.

Rosen was a little anxious when he saw everyone’s understanding.

“Can you tell me something? You have to make me not understand? Isn’t it a bit too much.”

[He is in a hurry, he is in a hurry! 】

“It takes a lot of water to drown them. In the past more than 10 days in the wall, it has not rained unexpectedly.

So there is no sunken area with a lot of water. , The only place where there is a lot of water is the water plant reservoir.

But if they were drowned in the reservoir, the bodies would be eroded by dark energy.

Therefore, they did not drown in the reservoir, but there is indeed a lot of water in the place where they drowned.”

[Compared to eating, drinking water is indeed easier to make polluters. Much. 】

Yang Liya’s pupils shrink slightly.

“Water pollution is many times faster than food. People can not eat for a long time, but they cannot drink water for a long time.

They are drowned, but they are not dark Energy Corrosion, the situation is already obvious.

The place where these girls drowned should be the water purification pond of the water plant. The other party’s purpose should be to pollute the water source.”

Rosen looked at Lu Luo in surprise. Can this be judged? There really is something!

“Go, go to the water plant.”

At this point, Yang Liya was about to get up and take action, but when she saw that Lu Luo did not move, she stopped in confusion.

“Lu Luo, why don’t you leave?”

“I’m thinking about a question. Water sources are indeed one of the best sources of pollution, but there are more places where you can create water. It’s a water plant.

My partner once told me about the wasteland alliance’s water purification problem.

She said that there are currently two ways to purify the water in the alliance, pure Most of the water is purified and produced by the Union Water Plant.

But there is also a part of the water source, which is directly purified by the church members using holy splendor.

Places with clean pools, except In addition to the Eastern Ring Water Purification Plant, there should also be one in the Diocese of Eastern Ring!

This incident has a lot to do with a member of the church. Therefore, I think that if you go to the Eastern Ring Church at this time, Reservoir, there should be some additional gains.”

“You mean, you have to split up!”

Yang Liya glanced at Lu Luo, then hesitated. Glancing at Lu Di.

In order to ensure absolute battle strength, the 2 6th ranks are best to act separately.

But if Lu Di and Lu Luo are allowed to act together, she is very worried.

So, she can only take Lu Luo and let Rosen look at Lu Di.

“Rosen and Lu Di, you go to the water plant, Rosen is optimistic about him, and Lu Luo and I will go to church Jing Reservoir.

In addition, all the hunters and guards will be notified. All water sources are forbidden to sell and drink.”

“But Team Yang, this is very difficult! After all, drinking water is a very basic thing.”

Yang Liya shook the head.

“Tell them the specific hazards. If you want to die, just drink it.”



< p> The speeding car passed by the buildings of Eastern Ring, and the scenery in some places was good, but at this time, Lu Luo had no intention of paying attention to these.

Because the destination is very clear, Yang Liya next to her also noticed that Lu Luo was in a bad mood at this time, so she didn’t bother him at this time.

Lu Luo rubbed his fingers while thinking about the worst.

“If Lu Yu becomes a different species, is there any way for the summoner sequence to protect her?”

[It is possible in theory, but the actual situation is that they are controlled by the nether flame , Rather than natural distortion.

So, even if she really becomes a different species, she still has to find a way to get rid of the nether flame control. 】

“I got it.”

The car began to rush towards the parish. Not only the 2 teams, but also a large number of other team hunters were forcibly recruited by Yang Liya.

The grandiose of the convoy, the siren mixed with the sound of horns, attracted the attention of the people around.

They rushed straight to the parish, and these rushing cars have attracted the attention of some guarded priests.

Some priests stood at the gate of the parish fence, wanting to block and question these hunters.

“Without the Eastern Ring Archbishop Qiao Xing password, or the other two bishop files, even a hunter can’t trespass!”

But the warning did not bring any effect, They soon discovered what was wrong.

“Wait, at this speed, are these hunters not going to stop?

Hey, hunter? Stop, this is Eastern Ring parish, the forbidden area of ​​Dawn Church.”


Yang Liya drove the card directly. This behavior is already a conflict between the hunter and the church.

Seeing Yang Liya rushing straight into the card, she smashed the two church guards away without any hesitation.

The other hunter member vehicles following Yang Liya also did not have any reservations. They followed Yang Liya and rushed towards the Eastern Ring parish.


Because the Eastern Ring riot has just happened one day, there are many ordinary person believers in the Eastern Ring diocese at this time praying here.

When the hunter car rammed, they could only run around screaming.

Yang Liya directly braked and flicked and parked the car on the plaza of the Eastern Ring parish.

“Get off and follow me!”


Lu Luo followed along, but when they got off, Lu Luo always I feel as if I see someone who needs my attention.

But when he turned his head and looked back, he found that there was no one at all.

“Observer, are there any special discoveries? Something like suspicious characters? I said the church priests.”

[Not what you want This kind of special intelligence, but there is a possibility that the other party has very advanced information shielding methods. 】

Lu Luo slightly nodded, maybe there was someone just now, but now he can’t get distracted and pursue.

I can only suppress the doubts in my heart and follow Yang Liya.

The most urgent thing is to find out the source of the nether flame.

The church Knight and Prince have surrounded the hunter team.

The Four Knights and Light Admirer are both in the inner ring, so the church members here are not strong.

Although their strength is somewhat different from these elite hunters, there are definitely more church members than hunters in terms of number.

An Eastern Ring Tier 4 priest stopped in front of Yang Liya.

“Yang Liya Captain, although you have some fame in Eastern Ring, you still have to figure out who is the mainstay of the entire alliance.

Without the existence of the church, the alliance would have already died. Now.”

But Yang Liya didn’t mean to stop at all. She pushed the priest away and went straight to the hall of the Eastern Ring parish.

She did not know when an extra search warrant was issued in her hand, and it was a search warrant with the official seal of the Security Bureau.

“It’s all optimistic. This is the security investigation order of the Alliance’s highest Parliament stationed in the 4th Ring Security Bureau. It is the official seal of the Parliament stationed.

After the Eastern Ring riots on November 6, After repeated investigations by the hunter, it has been found that the source of the incident came from the Tier 8 disaster nightmare.

According to the informant’s report, the Eastern Ring church and the nightmare colluded deeply to pollute water sources, create polluters, and destroy Eastern. Ring order is stable.

Attempting to subvert the entire Eastern Ring human world.

Now Eastern Ring hunter has officially issued a formal investigation order against the Eastern Ring diocese.

As a believer, You can resist, but if you still have a little bit of conscience as Eastern Ring people, I hope you will cooperate with the investigation.

I am Captain Yang Liya of the hunter 2 team, what I said today, everything I did, There will be Eastern Ring hunter and Wasteland Security Bureau responsible for me.

So please don’t panic. We are here to solve problems, not to create problems.”

Yang Liya’s words are full of sensation!

Although many people here are believers, the people here are also Fourth Ring natives.

The riots caused by the Eastern Ring riots are indeed very big, and it is precisely because of the riots that there are very many believers who come to pray today.

But Yang Liya is now holding an investigation order, with an official seal in black and white.

It is clearly stated that the Eastern Ring riots have an unclear relationship with the church. This made it possible for ordinary believers to immediately start to waver.

Although they believe in holy light, they prefer to have a peaceful life.

A cultist has put down his weapon and asked with a look of uncertainty:

“Is this investigation order true or false?”

Yang Liya directly handed the investigation order to this person.


This person wanted to take it with her hands, but Yang Liya directly withdrew her hand and emphasized it.

“Although there are three copies of the investigation order, one is in my hand, one will be given to you, and the last is kept on file with the Security Bureau.

But such an important thing How should I say your Chief-In-Charge? How about Qiao Xing?”

Hearing this, You Jianan, the fifth-order bishop, walked slowly in front of Yang Liya with a cane.

The old bishop seems to be quite young, and this weak and weak appearance always makes people worry that he will fall at any time.

“Master Qiao Xing has something to leave. During this time, I am solely responsible for the problems of the Eastern Ring diocese.

But my shame is at the forefront. Although you have an investigation order, But if the final investigation result is not what you said.

Dawn Church will definitely liquidate Eastern Ring hunter!”

You Jianan looked directly at Yang Liya, although his strength was poor Many, but he didn’t mean to back down at all.

However, Yang Liya also not to be trifled with the role, she narrowed her phoenix eyes and raised her head slightly.

“You Jian’an bishop, do you think I will give you a chance?”

Yang Liya’s attitude seemed a bit arrogant, so that the entire parish and hunter once again entered a kind of with swords The atmosphere of drawn and bows bent.

You Jianan looked at the believers and people around him, and finally chose to give in.

“Let them in, but they have to follow them when investigating. If something breaks, they have to compensate.

There are a lot of antiques in the parish. Something is broken, I hope that the hunter’s expenses can be paid.”

Yang Liya put her head in You Jian’an’s ear.

“Hehe, UU reading If you really break something, I will say that it is evidence of a crime and take it away.

If you have an investigation order, it’s okay. act wilfully, if you are not convinced, you can come to the Eastern Ring Security Bureau to ask me for it.”

You Jianan didn’t expect Yang Liya to be so blunt.


“Lu Luo, what are you looking at? Let’s go, we still have work to do. The entire Eastern Ring people are waiting for our news. “

Lu Luo is not looking at others, but the old bishop You Jian’an in front of him.

Because his appearance is somewhat different from the observer’s information.

【You Jian’an, the fifth-order transcender, holy splendor is very powerful and in good condition.

Attribute: Strength 12, Agility 5, Physique 10.

Although there is no physical fitness comparable to Strength Path powerhouse or four Knights, You Jianan’s physical condition is still very healthy. 】

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