Doomsday Ring Chapter 208

Although this You Jianan’s bishop is probably a fruit of Fruit of Life.

But Lu Luo still didn’t at this time, staying in this place for too long, he was too busy!

Regardless of whether the old fogey eats the forbidden fruit or not, Lu Luo can’t be sure that the old man must be related to the nightmare.

“The senior leaders of the Fourth Ring church also have a high probability of contact, bishop You Jian’an, remember this person first, and talk about it later.”

He followed Yang Liya and continued to confront He is already very familiar with the diocese.

But at this moment Yang Liya turned her head back and became curious about Lu Luo’s hesitation just now.

“Lu Luo, what did you look at that old man just now? He is about to fall into the soil. Is there any clue in him?”

“Although he is very old, But his physical condition is much better than his performance.

It is not easy for such a person to get into the soil. If you let it go, I don’t know how long you can live.

But clues There should be no aspect. The holy splendor on this person is very clean, and it should have nothing to do with the nightmare.”

Lu Luo’s tone was ridiculed and ridiculed, but Yang Liya quickly analyzed the usefulness of it. information.

“You said he is not as weak as he appears? What do you mean?”

“I suspect he ate Fruit of Life.”

” Fruit of Life? That kind of thing…maybe he is already healthy, no one can be sure about this kind of thing.”

I can hear that Yang Liya seems not too cold about Fruit of Life. Compared to this, she was more interested in nightmares.

“Does he have anything to do with the nightmare? If it does, you can do it.”

Lu Luo was taken aback by Yang Liya’s words. How to say it is also a parish here, it is already The church’s base camp is now, do you do it here?

[Is this still the only hunter in front of the church? Hunter finally stood up? 】

Lu Luo is a little unsure of what Yang Liya means.

“Is this kind of hands-on authority an order from the Parliament? They conflicted with the church?”

This statement of Lu Luo, Yang Liya snort disdainfully.

“Shit, Parliament and the church seem to contradict each other, but they are all played for others. In fact, they wear a pair of pants.

We don’t have any permissions, but If you really want to arrest people, this is indeed an opportunity and you can do it.”

Lu Luo remembered Yang Liya’s previous investigation order, and couldn’t help asking:

“Then you What’s the matter with the investigation order that I just took out?

If the church and Parliament don’t have such a deep conflict, this kind of investigation order shouldn’t be applied for, right?”

He took out another investigation order, and then directly shattered the paper with great force, as if he didn’t care about the investigation order at all.

“There are thousands or even tens of thousands of copies of this investigation order somewhere in the Security Bureau!”

“tens of thousands of copies? What do you mean?” Lu Luo suddenly had Kind of a bad premonition.

“It means that the hunter of Fourth Ring has already prepared for the church.

This kind of preparation is always prepared. Once there is a chance, the hunter Will attack the church.

Hunter 1-13 Team Captain has hundreds of such investigation orders in his hands. Everyone is waiting for the day when they do something about the church.

< p> All investigation orders against the church have a clear authorization official seal.

And these official seals are true, valid, and have no date limit.

In order to seal I even I specially bought 4 boxes of special mixed marking ink pads! I bought this at my private expense.”

“Ah? This…”

Yang Liya gave it to Lu rather abruptly. Luo is a shocking melon, hunter is always ready to do a wave of church?

And to bypass Parliament and go directly to the church? What is hunter thinking?

Also, what is such an important thing to tell him such an outsider doing?

What does Yang Liya want to do?

[I guess, she wants to bring you in? Hunter 2 team, not Lu Di’s mixed team.

The opportunity of vain prostitution in the club has come again, what is your choice? Little Lu! 】

“My ears were blocked by ash just now, and I didn’t hear anything, really, hehehe, hahaha!”

Lu Luo laughed a little embarrassingly.

Yang Liya stared at Lu Luo without speaking, her expression probably means “please start your performance”!

Lu Luo’s scalp is a little numb, he walks, while giving himself some suitable reasons.

“Really, not only my ears are not working well these days, but I even have brain twitches.

I just forgot all the things I had just twitched. What did you just say? , I don’t remember, Aba, Aba, Aba!”

Yang Liya continued to stare at her phoenix eyes and looked at Lu Luo, and said nonchalantly:

“Actually Hunters often do things like killing people, but the media don’t usually know about it.

And even if they know, they don’t dare to report it.”

【 Is she scaring you? Is it really scary to be the host? The stubborn Fourth Ring people are not afraid of power, afraid of a hammer, fuck her! 】

Lu Luo ignored the observer at all, he looked at Yang Liya with justice.

“The rotten church should have been liquidated long ago.

They are chaotic, disorderly, and are always exploiting the Fourth Ring and even the people of the entire alliance.

I and sin are absolutely irreconcilable! I and the church are absolutely irreconcilable!”

Yang Liya blinked, completely ignoring Lu Luo’s face-changing skills in Sichuan opera, and asked very directly:

“Don’t talk about these things, I’ll ask you whether to join the hunter.”

“No, Liu Captain, it’s wrong for you to do this. At least make sense in everything. I’m just a plain Fourth Ring student.

At most, he has opened a company with great potential, and he has some strength, and he is handsome, and he does have a bright future.

But such achievements It’s not worth mentioning, my life’s path has just begun.

If you do this, you are holding me up!”

Lu Luo Barabara keeps talking, Yang Liya Finally let him go.

“Okay, there are two days left, I’ll wait for your choice.”

The two led the two and led a large number of hunters into the depths of the parish.

Hunter’s very rough behavior, naturally members of the church will follow, and Yang Liya directly caught a priest.

“Where is your clean pool? Don’t tell me that you don’t know!”

“The clean pool is a heavy ground, no outsiders are allowed to enter.”

This priest looked like a rather die than submit, Yang Liya was annoyed by it. Today, she has torn her face to the point where it is impossible for a little priest to stop her.

When she was about to do something, Lu Luo stopped her and took the person from her.

“Wait, let me do this kind of thing.”

Yang Liya glanced at Lu Luo, but finally let go.

“I will give you 5 minutes.”

Lu Luo nodded.

“Hello, this priest, I know you are very loyal to the church, but the current situation is a little different from what you think.

I know that the church is It is justice, but sometimes, some people will still be blinded by the darkness, you should know what I mean.

For example, now, the Eastern Ring has a riot, and the source is the nether flame of the nightmare.< /p>

We have now investigated clearly, the spread channels of nether flame are the two water sources of Eastern Ring.

One of them is a water plant, and the other is the church’s water purification pond.< /p>

If the water source is really polluted, can you imagine the final result?”

Lu Luo’s tone is very calm, but the calmer, the more it makes this priest’s heart Feel a sense of anxiety.

“The final result of water pollution? What will happen?”

“If the water purification pond is polluted and the water has been released, then the final result will be a large amount of Eastern Ring People drink this water.

After drinking, they will become polluters controlled by the nightmare, that is, virus people, monsters in the Endo population.

These people may be Your family and friends may also be your church’s companions.

They will become slaves driven by nightmare, and then kill more people. Those who are killed may also be you Friends, family members.

When the time comes, the entire Eastern Ring will become a purgatory on earth because of your obstruction and non-cooperation.

Your wife, children, friends, will all The defiled are torn to pieces and even become alien food.

The Eastern Ring will be captured by the nightmare due to the defiler’s riots. Dark Tide will come again and everything will be destroyed.

Is this result what you want?”

[There are reasons and evidence, I guess he was persuaded by you. 】

Just because you don’t tell you where the water purification room is, how come you feel like you are a sinner of the world?

The priest’s throat moved. Although he wanted to argue something, he was still speechless.

This is the case with humans. If the opponent blushes and his neck is thick during a fight, then you will probably die with the opponent to the end.

But if the other person’s tone is calm and gentle, it is justified.

Then even if you are still dissatisfied, you will still think carefully about what the other party said just now, whether it is correct or not.

Obviously, Lu Luo’s calm and gentle tone is more convincing than that kind of impulsive yelling.

“Will what you said is true? It feels a bit alarmist.”

Lu Luo laughed, he didn’t emphasize the harm anymore, just asked a simple question.

“Do you know how much pure water the Eastern Ring people drink a day?”

The priest moved his mouth, and finally bowed his head.

“I will take you to the clean pool.”

Lu Luo moved towards Yang Liya shrugged, signaled to solve it.

But Yang Liya twitched his lips.

“This guy has a great mouth!”


The priest took the hunters to the deepest position in the parish.

What surprised Lu Luo and the others is that there are so many plants, flowers and plants, it is like an artificial garden.

In terms of the environment inside the wall, let alone Fourth Ring, even the entire alliance rarely sees such a detailed artificial garden.

Because flowers and plants need water, but if you water that kind of water full of dark energy, the flowers and plants may be distorted, which is particularly troublesome.

So the entire league doesn’t have any big gardens, and the wealthy people at most just put some potted plants.

Because plants are rare, this garden is particularly beautiful. Even Yang Liya and Lu Luo stayed for a while.

【Detection of unknown components in the air, possibly poison qi, colorless and odorless. The highly toxic seeds are filtering for the host. 】

poison qi? what the hell? Wait…

“Everyone close their noses and mouths, back! Toxic!”

Yang Liya grabbed Lu Luo and backed away. When the other hunters saw this, they gave in.

The priest who was still standing in place was a little dazed. He had obviously been to this place countless times. How could it be poisonous?

“You… uh!”

As soon as the priest wanted to say something, he knelt on the ground, clutching his neck, his eyes were congested, and the blood vessels on his face were exposed.

Other church members naturally saw this scene, and quickly stepped back, leaving the garden as much as possible.

“This garden… is very toxic!”

Lu Luo actually wanted to jump in and inhale a wave of poison qi, but looked at the hunters and churches around people coming, people going Just think about it or forget it.

If I do this, it is most likely that I will be arrested as a heresy after I am done.

For the sake of a better life in the future, it is better to keep a low profile now.

But Lu Luo looked around and found that the hunter didn’t seem to wear a gas mask or the like.

He knew it, and it was time for him to stand up again.

“Lu Luo, what are you doing?”

Yang Liya looked at Lu Luo who was walking towards the garden and hurriedly reminded her.

Her strength and speed are very strong, but physique is a shortcoming. She is clearly a Strength Path expert, and only a little bit at level 6 physique.

In addition, the Strength Path transcender does not modify the qi fuse, and only has a very rough dark energy usage method, and the attribute resistance is not good.

So she didn’t dare to risk doing things like poisoning.

Lu Luo turned his head and made a calm gesture to them.

“My abilities are a bit special. I just reminded you that it is poisonous. I am afraid you are poisoned, not because I am poisoned.

Since none of you can deal with these flower poisons now, or I will do it myself.”

Lu Luo’s words made the entire hunter team look a little ugly.

If it is outside the wall, they will definitely bring a variety of anti-virus items.

But now that they are inside the wall, they will subconsciously ignore the poisonous situation, which belongs to the inertia of the transcender’s thinking.

Lu Luo approached the garden, sniffed a few scents of flowers, and analyzed the situation by the way.

[The flowers are not poisonous, and the leaves are not poisonous, and even if the two are mixed, they are still not poisonous.

A third substance has been added, but there is currently no specific information on this substance.

When this substance is added to the mixed smell of flowers and plants, it will produce highly toxic, which is a controllable toxicity and should be controlled by someone. 】

“The flowers and trees here are non-toxic, even if they are mixed together, they will not be toxic.

But after the third substance is added, the fragrance here will become highly toxic .

So the poison here is controlled by people.

Can anyone tell me who manages this garden?

Don’t be in a daze. This is a very important message. Every second you delay, the situation in Eastern Ring may get worse.

You are believers of Dawn Church, don’t ask you to save the people, at least Do you want to be a person?”

At this time, a young female pastor stepped forward.

“This place is called Jingsi Garden. Because there is a clean water pond inside, there is plenty of clean water, so there will be a garden here.

Usually this garden is made of Pastor Zhuang Yan Shanzhuang takes care of it. She is the manager of the pool.

It is just a casual job for her to take care of the garden. She has been working here for several decades!”

Several decades ago? That was the place of others, Lu Luo and Yang Liya looked at each other.

“These poisonous trees cannot be dealt with in a short time.

They can only be destroyed by hands, which will be faster!”

Lu When Luo said that, someone immediately opposed it.

“No, this garden belongs to the church.”

Yang Liya slapped the man out.

“Get out of my sight if you don’t want to die, I can’t bear it. Do it!”

Lu Luo pushed Yang Liya away again, Yang Liya thought that Lu Luo would stop her, It was discovered that Lu Luo didn’t know where to drew an exaggerated sword.

“Summon weapon?”

“I will mow the grass, Yang Captain will finish it.”


Lu Luo directly turns on the second steam block. This behavior does not require huge destructive power, but the range must be large enough and the speed must be fast.

Qi Path -Qi Slash!


Fenrir’s six-style sword swung out several afterimages, and large swaths of trees flew up in response.

“The strength is good!”

Yang Liya’s eyes showed approval, UU reading www. But her movements did not stop.

Poke up a little, and pat with both hands horizontally.


The applause-like action had a thunder-like effect, and the hurricane raged, instantly blowing these broken trees away.

“Follow me!”

After destroying the garden, Yang Liya rushed to the door of the water purification room.

Punched out, the solid door of the water purification room collapsed.

Looking at the calm pool, Lu Luo and Yang Liya are relaxed.

I just got information from the priest’s mouth that the last batch of water was sent out a few days ago, and the latest batch of water should still be purified.

The clean water pool in front of us is full, and it seems that they have finally caught up!

The entire water purification room was empty, but at the end of the water purification room, a woman in the clothes of a priest was quietly kneeling there and praying.

“I have felt the power of my lord, and the brilliance of my lord will be scattered in every corner of the world!”

After the simple prayer, Zhuang Yashan slowly Turning around, Lu Luo could see her clearly.


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