Doomsday Ring Chapter 209

A middle-aged woman aged 40-50, very tall and thin, with sunken cheekbones and looking malnourished.

Her eyes were deep, but there was some madness.

“Unexpectedly, you guys came so soon! It’s a pity that the water didn’t get out, but fortunately, I can use it myself!”

Yang Liya took the lead in attacking, flash step forward, punched out!



An aurora radiated from Zhuang Yanshan, and Yang Liya of Tier 6 didn’t ask for any advantage, and was knocked back by a single blow. Back to the door!

“Her strength is a bit weird!”

Following Zhuang Yanshan’s gaze, the walls of the entire hall began to ignite a purple flame.

These dark fires kept pushing back Lu Luo and their steps, until they pushed Lu Luo and the others to the door.

At this time, the people who rushed in were not only the hunters, but also the members of the church.

They looked at Zhuang Yanshan at the end of the hall with a complicated expression.

“Pastor Zhuang, are you doing all these things? Are you really polluting the water?”

Zhuang Yanshan laughed.

“This is not pollution, this is evolution, this is a turning point in human change, understand?”

A priest who couldn’t believe the amiable Zhuang Yanshan in normally would say Such words come out.

“Why are you doing this? If you think there is a problem with the church, we will slowly improve it!”

“Yes, Pastor Zhuang, if you do this, Eastern Ring will kill a lot of people!”

Zhuang Yanshan just laughed contemptuously when asking questions from these church members.

“The Wasteland Alliance is the human wasteland alliance, the high wall is the human high wall, and the Fourth Ring is the human fourth ring.

These things belong to the entire human race , It’s not of Parliament, let alone the church.

The church nowadays has nothing to be praised except for its self-righteousness.

They have been separated from faith and holy light.

, The brilliance of dawn is long gone on them.”

“Pastor Zhuang, why did you say that?”

Zhuang Yanshan walked slowly, moving towards the center of the pool Come.

Netherfire is more exuberant and terrifying. Except for Lu Luo, everyone else feels that their lives have been taken away.

“Hehe, let me talk about the simplest situation!

Now the church sends a pastor to treat illnesses and save people, and even collects money, and it’s a lot of money.

Is this pastor still a healer under holy light?”

When it comes to pastors’ collection of money, many church members’ expressions all become somewhat evasive.

In the church’s dogma, pastors are representatives of care, healing, and love. They always help the people free of charge.

But today’s pastors, among other things, few poor people are true anyway.

Zhuang Yanshan looked at these people and raised his head again, the disdain in his eyes was undoubtedly obvious.

“The pastors of the church always say,

they are powerless to change these things, and the reason is very simple.

That is that personal power is not enough to change the environment, hehe, what he said is really true. It sounds great!

But you have never thought about the expressions of those new people who have just become pastors charging a lot of money when they hear you heal others.

You don’t at all. If you care about their questioning eyes, you will even isolate other pastors who cure no money.

When turbidity is a normal state, innocence becomes a sin. This is what you do.

In the world of a group of crows, even the beautiful white swans are heretics.”

[What she said is true! 】

Lu Luo is also very silent. The situation of the church is probably also the reason why Han Shiyu and Qiao Xing stay away from the power center of the church.

Zhuang Yanshan said that, one of the bishops of Eastern Ring, You Jian’an walked in with a cane.

As soon as he came in, Lu Luo whispered to Yang Liya:

“Look, I mean this old man is not as weak and long as he is. section of the road, it’s only been a long time since I walked there.

If it’s really the kind that is half way into the earth, walking this section of the road, how can you not blush or breathe!”

< p> Lu Luo’s words are not rough, and Yang Liya also sees something wrong with You Jian’an.

Not talking about speed, as for the section of the road where You Jianan walked in, his pace was much faster than before.

Not only is it fast, it is also very stable, the breath is also very well-proportioned, and there is no breath at all.

“This old man has problems with his life force and physique!”

As the top executive of Eastern Ring hunter, Yang Liya knows about Fruit of Life.

But as for the specific effects of Fruit of Life, she, like many other hunters, is suspicious.

Because the church has not given any substantive cases, and the information on the hunter side is also ambiguous.

But when she saw that Old Guy, You Jian’an, was walking fast because of urgency, Yang Liya was really sure about this in her heart.

“It seems that the effect of Fruit of Life is quite amazing.”

Seeing that Yang Liya seemed to have raised some interest, Lu Luo quickly added a sentence.

“If you can investigate this matter desperately, there will be more amazing things.”

Listening to Lu Luo, Yang Liya did not nodded to agree, but squinted. He started looking at Lu Luo.

“You seem to care about Fruit of Life?”

“Isn’t this kind of thing worth paying attention to?”

Although Yang Liya’s behavior It seems very fierce, but in fact, each step of her is a choice and preparation.

She rushed to the door of the church because the Eastern Ring riot had too much impact. It has touched the Eastern Ring hunter, Parliament, and the bottom line of all the people.

The nether flame of the nightmare is a fundamental problem, and there is no room for ambiguity.

But Fruit of Life seems to be very inhuman, but the actual impact is really not as great as it sounds.

The consequence of Fruit of Life is nothing more than the death of some Fourth Ring women that’s all.

In Fourth Ring, a woman’s life is the least valuable. Even if she is sacrificed, she will not attract much attention.

Yang Liya’s fierceness is not reckless, and she is not the kind of person who desperately pursues the truth. If she were such a person, she would not be able to achieve her current position.

She cherishes her feathers. She feels that her identity and status can enable her to do more useful things.

It really made her desperate to check Fruit of Life, which is absolutely impossible.

“Let’s discuss this matter, let’s take a look at the famous woman Zhuang Yanshan!”

Lu Luo looked at Yang Liya, looking thoughtful and nodded.

In fact, from this brief contact, he has already understood one thing.

That is, he and Yang Liya can have a very good cooperative relationship, but it is absolutely impossible to become a real friendship, or companionship.

They work in a similar way, and they use the same rhythm.

But the Tao in their hearts is different. As the saying goes, they cannot make plans together.

Regarding joining the Hunter 2 team, Lu Luo has already made a decision at this time.

At the far end of the hall, Zhuang Yanshan has slowly walked to the side of the clean pond.

She stopped by the pool, squatted down, and put one arm in the water.


The purple nether flame suddenly rose in the pool, and the cold power began to spread in the water purification room.

The nether flame followed Zhuang Yanshan’s arm and burned on her body, but she seemed to feel the pain at all, but instead showed a fascinated expression.

“You Jianan, you deserve to die! You should have died long ago! Bishop shouldn’t be someone like you.”

When Zhuang Yanshan stretched out his hand, You Jianan’s body was actually out of control Was caught in midair.

The purple energy is continuously drawn from You Jian’an’s body, and this healthy old fogey begins to age rapidly.

And this time is really aging.

Neither Lu Luo nor Yang Liya stopped Zhuang Yanshan’s behavior.

In just 10 seconds, You Jian’an, a healthy old fogey, is so old and dead!

Zhuang Yanshan looked at the dead You Jian’an laughed.

“The church has made mistakes, huge mistakes. Since they are huge mistakes, they naturally need to correct them.

But the power of making mistakes is too strong, I know I There is no power to contend with, so external force is needed to correct these errors.

For example, the power of nightmare.”

[Zhuang Yanshan, a fifth-order transcender, unknown ability, unknown sequence, dark The energy level is extremely high and the danger is extremely high.

There is nether flame energy and distortion is possible, nether flame is consuming her primordial life force.

Attribute: Strength 20, Agility 15, Physique 15. ]

“I will give you time to continue testing to find her weakness.”

[We are testing the weakness of Zhuang Yanshan (unknown creature), please wait…]

Lu Luo squinted his eyes while looking at the burning nether flame on Zhuang Yanshan’s body.

This guy is so confident, it’s definitely not as simple as the attribute value shows.

He needs to delay some time to allow the observer to analyze the opponent’s defects.

He shouldn’t have come to talk at this time, but when it comes to understanding the nightmare, I am afraid that no one here is more profound than him.

“Reverend Zhuang, right? You want to change the status quo of the church. The intention is good, but you and Pastor Wu En made the same mistake.”


“Yes, you made the same wrong choice, that is to believe in the nightmare.

The power of the nightmare, the nightmare, the nether flame, the chaos, the control of the human heart and life and death, the nightmare itself It represents extreme evil.

So, are you sure you can use its power to change the status quo of Eastern Ring as you wish?

And in the final analysis, your behavior Killed too many people in Eastern Ring. Most of these people are just ordinary commoners.

These civilians are diligent every day, working 7 to 8 nights, and they earn 200 yuan a month without a day. Rest, just want to live a good life.

They just want to live, what’s wrong with this?

Why do you decide the life and death of these people?”

< p> [One thing to say, indeed, people live a good life and don’t want to make any changes. 】

Zhuang Yanshan cannot answer Lu Luo’s question, but she has no intention of explaining it either.

I’m already paranoid to this point, and I will definitely not let go because of Lu Luo’s few words.

“Hehe, the idea is very clear! But I still think that the church, the Parliament, and even the entire alliance need to be reorganized.

We need a new era, a new life, one all Everyone is equal in the world.

There is no Fruit of Life, no corruption, no exploitation.

Everything I do is not for myself, but to correct these mistakes.

In the process of correcting mistakes, some sacrifices are inevitable.

They did not die in vain, but became the key to the new era.”

Paranoid, crazy, how similar Zhuang Yanshan at this time is to Wu En at that time!

The reason why Wu En was crazy at that time was because he saw colleagues who he once looked down on living too well, and he had huge doubts about the past of his life.

Talking about the fantasy point is the collapse of the Taoist heart, and the straightforward point is the annihilation of the three views, cognitive impairment.

The meaning in Zhuang Yanshan’s tone is actually obvious. She knows or understands the decay of the church and Parliament.

Zhuang Yanshan has a certain understanding of Fruit of Life, the decay of the inner ring, and the exploitation of the Fourth Ring.

This kind of cognition gave her the idea to change the world, but her ability is not enough to really change the world.

So she was bewitched by the nightmare, but she didn’t know if she and Wu En were the same, and both had baptism through the dawn disc.

Listening to her explanation, Lu Luo shook the head.

“Ignorance and boring.”

The nether flame burns more vigorously, except for Lu Luo, everyone else is constantly backing away.

Although Zhuang Yanshan’s strength is only level 5, the power of the nether flame is like Lu Luo said, even if it is a level 6 expert, it cannot be directly touched.

Yang Liya has taken over her Battle Armor and gloves from the players beside her, ready to wait for the right time to join the battle.

However, Zhuang Yanshan ignored Yang Liya, a Tier 6 expert, and she still turned her attention to Lu Luo.

It seems that Lu Luo can arouse her greater interest.

“I originally thought this plan was perfect. Just wait for the water here to spread. No matter what you do, you won’t have the chance to come back.

But I really didn’t ‘t expect, someone can find out the truth so quickly and find it here.

I know Yang Liya’s ability. Although she has the void tracking, this method of solving crimes is not what she is good at. .

It should be you who can find the key person here?

Mr. Lu Luo.”

“Yes, I often act as Mr. Key. But after so long, your distortion should be almost complete, right?

I can feel that you are absorbing the nether flame in the pool.”

“Distortion?” Others I was shocked.

“Mr. Lu Luo is really amazing. This feeling of being expected by others every step of his own is really unacceptable!

However, the enemy first The machine must have the strength to match it!”

Zhuang Yanshan’s voice gradually began to vibrate.


Sections of crustacean limbs appeared behind Zhuang Yanshan, and the human form was gradually replaced by long foot sections.

At the same time, Zhuang Yanshan’s body is getting bigger and bigger, gradually turning into a huge Thousand Foot Centipede monster with a human face.

The long body stretches endlessly, almost blocking the entire clean pool.

[Nightmare centipede-Zhuang Yanshan, Tier 6 deformity, one of the nightmare messengers, Tier 5 transcender, transcender ability unknown, sequence unknown.

Alien abilities, nightmare tentacles, nether flame breath, super regeneration.

Warning: The nether flame is consuming her primordial life force.

Attribute: Strength 150, Agility 95, Physique 315. 】

Zhuang Yanshan held up his human head and looked at the hunter and other church members condescendingly.

Suddenly spit out a nether flame.

Looking at the nether flame head down, Yang Liya no longer hesitated, she pushed Lu Luo beside her and fisted up.

Strength Path-the strength of the penetrating body.

This is a trick that is very similar to Lu Luo Malicious Explosive Punch, and the two methods are very similar.

However, the strength of the penetrating body is not accompanied by energy, it is a pure force shock wave.


The powerful penetrating force collided with the nether flame, bursting turbulence swept the audience, where the nether flame passed, barren.

Many low-level hunters and cultists die because their energy is not enough to resist the power of the nether flame, and the purple flame draws their life force alive.

The scattered Netherfire made the surrounding transcenders only escape, let alone come to help.

The collision between the 6th level can no longer be compensated by the number. Even if Lu Luo can skip grades to battle, now he can only hide behind a wall obediently and honestly.

The collision between Yang Liya and Zhuang Yanshan is very terrifying.

Zhuang Yanshan spit out the nether flame continuously, but all the nether flame was broken up by Yang Liya.

But the scattered nether flame also makes the entire water purification chamber burn!

Against the raging fire, the two sides confronted again.

“Zhuang Yanshan, I have already figured out your ability. This time, I will solve you!”

Yang Liya’s figure disappeared instantly, with more than 300 agility and Strength Path skills. The increase made her speed completely crush the Zhuang Yanshan in front of her.

The high-speed movement is like teleportation. When Yang Liya appeared again, a violent punch hit Zhuang Yanshan’s face.

fist strength Fiery heat, the force broke the vacuum, forming a violent vacuum explosion.

Strength Path-Tianba is violent.


Meat, carapace, nightmare centipede and everything in the might of a single fist turned into froth.

[It’s like the devil descending from the sky, really the god of the earth! 】

“Fuck, Yang Liya this fist, awesome!”

Lu Luo was amazed, but remembered something wrong.

[Life Energy of the nightmare centipede has not dissipated, it is still alive, and it is alive very well. 】

“Its ability, super regeneration?”

Looking at the meat foam floating in the air and Yang Liya in midair, Lu Luo immediately realized that it was not good.

“Yang Liya, hide now!”

Although Yang Liya is not quite clear, why did Lu Luo let her hide? UU Reading However, Lu Luo has used it for more than a day. Enough actions have gained her trust.

Although she is a little tired and her arm is sore, she immediately threw away a hook and pulled herself to the wall next to her.

When Yang Liya first touched the wall, Nightmare Centipede’s body instantly solidified and reunited.

The color has also changed from the purple black just now to the purple red now.

“haha haha! Yang Liya, do you feel it? This is the power of my lord!

Want to kill me? he he he, you can continue!”

Zhuang Yanshan laughed a little crazy, but Yang Liya dismissed it.

“What’s so good about the power of alien species!”

Lu Luo slightly frowned beside him, he felt that Yang Liya should have understood it wrong.

The Lord in Zhuang Yanshan Pass is not a nightmare, just like Wu En in the past. The Lord in the mouth of these church members generally refers to the dawn disc they believe in.

So, Zhuang Yanshan’s distortion is not only the lure of the nightmare, but also the dawn disc?

How do you feel that this dawn disc is always doing things?


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