Doomsday Ring Chapter 212

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Yang Liya has passed out in a coma, and the nether flame has gradually extinguished, so the other hunters surrounding the water purification room have begun to gradually approach the pool.

Then, they saw Lu Luo covered with ginkgo fruit.

“Who? Stop, don’t move anymore.”

The hunters moved towards Lu Luo and raised their guns. They were also wondering about the nightmare centipede of wantonly slaughter just now. Why did they get here? Disappeared.

What is this vain thing in front of you? Is he related to the nightmare centipede?

These all are hunter and church members need to think carefully about issues.

This person is so white, could it be aberration? Is it possible that it is a different species? Where is the nightmare centipede? Is it a man?

Of course, what really attracts the attention of male compatriots is still in certain positions that need to be mosaicked.

This scale makes them a bit ashamed.

[They are looking at your mosaic, so let’s converge a little bit to leave them with confidence. 】

Lu Luo clutched his Ding Ding and looked at the people on the edge of the pool with some entanglement.

“Uh, I am Lu Luo, can you please bring me a pair of pants?”

A few minutes later, Lu Luo finally got a pair of pants, the remaining two Hunter Captain looked at Lu Luo suspiciously.

Because of Ring Studio, they have seen Lu Luo in photos or normally in business.

Although somewhat similar, the skin of Lu Luo in front of him is too fair, and the hair on his body is all white.

You know, the hair here refers to more than just hair.

“Lu Luo?”

“Are you really Lu Luo? How did you become like this? Where is the nightmare centipede?”

Lu Luo Although he is a person who can talk, it is obviously not time for small talk at this time.

“The situation is more urgent. I will make a long story short. Although the pool here has been contaminated.

Fortunately, the water in the pool did not flow out.

So the church here You can rest assured for the water purification pool for the time being.

As for the situation at the water plant, you need to contact Lu Di and Rosen.

The reason why my skin and hair turned white is not quite. clear, but I personally guess it was soaked in water.

Have you taken a bath? People who take a bath are usually white and clean, and I am the same.

Maybe My skin tone and hair will change back in a few days. Don’t pay attention to these details, it’s not important.”

The two hunter Captain looked at each other with suspicious faces.

“Since you said that these things are not important, can you talk about the important points?”

Lu Luo saw that the other party no longer pays attention to his skin and hair, and he relaxed.

“There is a nightmare centipede. The reason she disappeared was that she decomposed naturally in the pool, and then the water in those pools evaporated naturally.

I have no idea whether she is dead or not. Not sure, but I see that the nether flame around has been extinguished, so I guess she should be gone.

And Zhuang Yanshan said some strange things before dying, one of them was like this.< /p>

My death time is here!

Okay, I’m done, can I go now?

My younger sister is still waiting for me, If I go back late now, something will happen to her.”

Although Lu Luo did not show an anxious expression, he was really anxious.

If it were not for fear of causing more trouble and wasting more time, he would have turned away.

However, it is obvious that Lu Luo’s answer does not satisfy the curiosity of the two hunter Captains.

His answer is indeed too crude. It can’t explain the hunter, the church, and the Parliament.

“Hey, wait, we tentatively believe that you are Lu Luo, but at this time you must go back with us to cooperate with the investigation.

Even if you don’t return to the bureau now, You have to follow us to Rosen and Lu Di.”

Lu Luo’s face is a bit ugly, and he really can’t wait at this time.

But if you choose to go straight at this time, two fully armed hunters Tier 5 Captains are likely to arrest him.

With his current state and no equipment, is it really possible to run faster than the opponent?

There is a high probability that more time will be wasted, and it will also cause a bad situation that is completely unclear.

The atmosphere was once embarrassing to the extreme. Just when Lu Luo fell into entanglement, Yang Liya, who was unconscious, woke up unexpectedly.

“Okay, you let him go.”

“Team Yang?”

“I said, let him go. In these two days, He has helped us enough.

Without him this time, many wealthy people in Eastern Ring would have drunk the water of nether flame.

These People should burn incense for Lu Luo!”

The reason why Yang Liya said so is also very simple. The water in the water plant is only purified by artificial instruments, and most of it is for the poor to drink.

The water in the church’s water purification pond is very expensive and is basically used by the rich. That’s why the rich people thank Lu Luo for saying that.

“Well, Lu Luo, let you go first, but after you finish, you must remember to report to the Security Bureau.”

“I got it!”

Except for the star of Noah, Lu Luo has almost lost all his equipment. The jet belt has long since become a dregs, with a blood loss of more than 100,000.

He has no extra equipment. Without the means of fast movement, Lu Luo can only grab a locomotive from the hunter’s hunt.

When he boarded the locomotive, the feeling of being spied on again appeared.

Turning to look at the crowd, Lu Luo finally locked in a little girl wearing a purple dress and black leather boots.

[Humans, others are unknown. 】

Lu Luo took a deep look at the little girl, but the little girl also looked at him with a smile.

Even waved to him, as if saying goodbye.

Don’t say anything else, the observer’s prompt itself has problems, humans, and other unknowns.

Even if it is Yang Liya, Lu Di, Qiao Xing and the 6th order, it will not show unknown.

But this little girl does not seem to be as strong as them, maybe it is something special.

Unfortunately, Lu Luo has no time to stay here anymore.

He had to find Lu Yu, and after hitting the accelerator of the locomotive a few times, Lu Luo moved towards the hospital.


In the hospital.

“Sister-in-law, how did you and second brother meet? Did he chase you?”

“He chased me? Um…”


Qi Xinzhu’s expression is a bit awkward. Generally speaking, she should have been pestering Lu Luo, right?

And when she was at Lu Luo’s house, she was already very active, and Lu Luo didn’t do anything to her.

Well, Lu Luo is really a very upright person.

Lu Yu didn’t notice Qi Xinzhu’s awkward expression, but her self-entertainment spirit is still good, and she immediately started brain supplementation.

“Although there are more women in the Wasteland Alliance, girls like sister-in-law who have good family conditions, are beautiful and are church members, must be very popular, right?


So! I guess the second brother chased you, but he used to be very stupid and wouldn’t chase girls at all.

The changes this year have been particularly great, perhaps because of encounters When you arrive at the sister-in-law you, the second brother will have these changes.”

Listening to Lu Yu always blowing himself, Qi Xinzhu felt the formidable power of flattery for the first time.

Lu Luo usually advertises her purposefully, but Lu Yu is different. Lu Yu’s ostentation is subconsciously, which makes her very comfortable.

“Well, I’ve been talking for a long time, let’s drink some water.”

Qi Xinzhu opened the water bottle and was about to pour water into the cup. Unfamiliar number.

“Hello? Who?”

“It’s me.”

“Lu Luo? Did you solve it?”

“Well, I’m going to your side, waiting for me.”

“Okay, everything is normal now, and Zhou Kai is also coming, it should be fine.

Also, I’ll wait for you.”

Hanging up, Qi Xinzhu turned to Lu Yu and said with a smile:

“Wait a while, Lu Luo will come over. When the time comes, there is a high probability that he will be discharged from the hospital.

He knows more hunters and has a wider range of channels.”

“That’s very good.”

Just after speaking, Qi Xinzhu’s phone rang again, this time it was actually Gu Fangyi’s.

“Brother Gu, what’s the matter?”

“There is no one in the hospital!”

Qi Xinzhu froze for a moment, then frowned immediately, she The phone with Gu Fangyi hadn’t hung up, the phone had already made a “zi zi” electric sound.

“Lu Yu!”

“Huh? What’s the matter?”

Qi Xinzhu hesitated a bit, but decided to inform Lu Yu of the situation.

“There may be a problem here, so be careful.”

“There is a problem? What’s the matter?”

“We may be targeted. “

Qi Xinzhu picked up the water bottle again, but Lu Yu interrupted her behind him.

“Sister-in-law, bottle, bottle!”

Qi Xinzhu looked towards the water bottle. Not only water was poured out of it, but also a lot of black hair. Very long, very long hair.

“This is hair! Sleeping Demoness, Qin Wanyu.”

Qi Xinzhu felt something was wrong, and the holy splendor had begun to shine in her hands.

Although Gu Fangyi, who was standing in the sniper position, couldn’t talk to her anymore, he used practical actions to support them.


A Rank 2 deformity was headshot by Gu Fangyi in the window of the room.

Qi Xinzhu burned all the tangled hair in his hand, pulled Lu Yu over the bed, broke the window directly, and jumped off the third floor.

The height of the 3rd floor is about 9 meters. Even if it is holding a person, Qi Xinzhu has no pressure at this height.

Qi Xinzhu’s hair fluttered on the ground. Just when she was about to take Lu Yu out of the hospital, her hair was caught.


It’s nothing else to hold Qi Xinzhu’s hair, it’s just strands of other women’s hair!

These hair strands are entangled with Qi Xinzhu’s own hair strands. They are pulling her hair tightly, and she will be dragged back to the hospital.

Qi Xinzhu hesitates and entangles in many things, but in combat, she has enough instincts and consciousness, and often goes out for cultivation with Lu Luo.

Therefore, Qi Xinzhu’s performance is usually very decisive when dealing with emergency combat situations.


The alloy Broken Sword hidden in the waist cuts the entangled hair directly.

Qi Xinzhu immediately wrapped the whole body with a holy splendor, and the holy splendor trembled suddenly, shaking back the surrounding hair.

Qi Xinzhu pulled up Lu Yu on the ground, and the jet belt on his waist was activated instantly.

Pu chi! Pu chi!

She leaped suddenly, pulling Lu Yu into a gallop on the wall of the hospital.

At this point, when you look down from a bird’s-eye perspective, you will find that the entire hospital floor is covered with black hair.

These black hair strands are constantly twisting and extending, moving towards Qi Xinzhu who is flying and crawling away.

In addition to the black hair, there are also a large number of deformities around it, which also moved towards the top of the building and climbed very fast.

Coming to the top of the building, Qi Xinzhu threw Lu Yu onto the water tower.

But in such a short time, a few deformed species have already followed the wall and came to Qi Xinzhu’s front. There are both first and second steps, and they all seem to have just been distorted.

Boom! boom! boom!

The sound of gunshots in the distance continued, and each shot would explode a deformed head.

However, the characteristic of the deformed species is chaos, and some deformed species will die if they get a headshot.

But there are also many fatalities of deformities that are not in the head.

The faint holy splendor circulates on Qi Xinzhu’s short sword, the holy splendor on the tip of the sword violently threw away, and the holy light thread is full of sharp and indestructible will, and all the deformities around are planted into a sword. Cut into two pieces.

While killing the deformed species, holy splendor purifies the surrounding hair, creating a sufficiently safe area for Qi Xinzhu.


Crisp applause sounded from the other side of the rooftop. Qi Xinzhu took a look at it and found that Qin Wanyu was walking slowly.

“Sharp skills, vigorous movements, we meet again, Qi Xinzhu Young Lady.

When we met last time, I felt that your hair is very beautiful, so I want it.

You are the priest of the church. Helping others should be the duty of the priest?

Then can you help me, I really want it Your hair!”

When Qin Wanyu got close enough, Qi Xinzhu realized that she was not walking, but was carried by her hair.

These squirming hair makes Qi Xinzhu feel a little sick.

Although she also has girls who are more annoying, such as Bai Yuetong, this is the first time she has such a disgusting emotion.

“Qin Wanyu, you said it yourself, it is the duty of the priest to help others.

But now you, are you still a human?”

Qi Xinzhu’s mouth is never stupid, because in the inner ring, many prayers were done independently by her.

Only when she is in front of Lu Luo, she will appear stupid.

In many cases, only the really smart women are stupid, and those who are smart are actually stupid!

Qin Wanyu was obviously choked by Qi Xinzhu.

“Humans? Of course…nothing!

I am a different species now, and I am a Tier 5 lord alien, a black domain witch!”

Black domain Witch? This is somewhat different from the information given by Gu Fangyi.

The Qin Wanyu in their mouth should be the third-order sleeping Demoness.

Actually, if Lu Luo were here, he would soon be able to understand the growth rate of Qin Wanyu.

Because the nightmare changed from an egg to a rank 8 calamity, it actually only took 4 and a half years.

The distortion of the alien species is so outrageous. As long as the dark energy is strong enough, the distortion speed is completely unreasonable.

The first distortion of Qin Wanyu itself showed great potential.

When she was in Tier 3, she could already use her hair to create effects in the field of Formation, which is an innate talent that she was born with.

It is different from Gaum’s field that requires a lot of practice to master.

Qin Wanyu’s strength control in the field of her own hair can almost reach the point of commanding like an arm and do as one pleases.

What is innate talent? This is called innate talent. When human beings talk about innate talent, the same is true for aliens.

“Lord 5?”

“Hehe, these are not important. In fact, when you were struggling with my identity, you should have thought about a problem?

That’s whether Lu Luo is considered a human being, have you ever thought about it? Qi Xinzhu?”

Of course Qi Xinzhu has thought about this question, but this is actually not important to her.

“Lu Luo feels that he is a human, then he is a human!”

In fact, there is another sentence after Qi Xinzhu’s sentence, but she did not say that’s all.

Regarding Qi Xinzhu’s statement, Qin Wanyu indifferent expression, she slowly approached Qi Xinzhu and stopped less than 5 meters in front of her.

This distance is very close, but Qi Xinzhu is a little confused, why didn’t Gu Fangyi shoot?

Although the opponent is a Tier 5 lord, as long as Gu Fangyi takes the lead and she bursts out with all her strength, she can still escape from Qin Wanyu’s hands.

“Are you waiting for Gu Fangyi? No need to wait, he is now powerless to defend himself, so you should think more about yourself.

Qi Xinzhu, I’m really very Envy you! I can be with him all the time.

In the few days before I left, his feelings towards me have actually changed a lot.

The dull boy has become a man who often looks at me with strange eyes and tells some strange things and jokes.

If there weren’t for that incident, UU reading maybe, The one standing with him now is me!” Qi Xinzhu didn’t know the regret in Qin Wanyu’s tone, true or false, but she didn’t want to know either.

Although many times she will be very Buddhist, but some things are impossible to give in, such as Lu Luo.

“No, you think too much, Qin Wanyu, as long as I am here, you will never have a chance!”

“Oh, I don’t know if you have the strength to realize what you say Yeah!”


Countless hair strands entangled like black snakes, and Qi Xinzhu’s holy splendor has become very dazzling.

But a gunshot broke the confrontation.

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