Doomsday Ring Chapter 213

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The bullets with dark energy flew quickly, and shot through more than a dozen strands of hair in succession. Strikes were in front of Qin Wanyu.

As if worried about his face being destroyed, Qin Wanyu subconsciously blocked the bullet with his hand.

But for Qi Xinzhu, this action is completely redundant.

illusion -Soul Breaking Slash!

Two Soul Breaking Slashes were issued at the same time, and the slash flew towards Qin Wanyu’s face with the holy splendor.

Qi Xinzhu’s fighting wisdom is very high. When Qin Wanyu subconsciously covers her cheeks, she already knows where to attack.

Sure enough, Qin Wanyu’s development direction is obviously not taking the physical route.

Faced with attacks like Sword Heart Four Styles, she who has always cherished the human body finally chose to back down.

The normal Tier 3 transcender can directly face Tier 4 alien species, but it is obviously unrealistic for Qi Xinzhu to single out the Tier 5 lord.

So from the very beginning, her purpose was very clear, to escape.

“Lu Yu!”


The afterimage of the illusion is left to fight with Qin Wanyu.

After catching Lu Yu again, Qi Xinzhu directly hugged Lu Yu and jumped off the roof.

When it was about to land, the jet belt continuously sprayed, giving Qi Xinzhu an instantaneous landing effect.


Qi Xinzhu, who had just landed, began to run quickly. At this time, running is the most correct choice.

As long as she runs to a place where there are people, then she is safe, and Lu Yu is safe too.

Qin Wanyu on the rooftop dismembered the afterimage of Qi Xinzhu with her hair. Qin Wanyu looked at Qi Xinzhu who was flying, laughing at will, urging the hair around her, and chasing him up.

Qi Xinzhu walked through the streets. What surprised her was that there was no one on the street.

The more she runs, the more it feels wrong!

“Big sister head!”

Qi Xinzhu heard Zhou Kai’s voice,

But her surroundings were still empty and there was no anger at all. Is it an illusion?

“This voice is Brother Kai? What about you guys?”

“Big sister, you are trapped by Formation, but don’t worry, I have a way to get you out.

< p> There is a lamp holder 50 meters in front of you. There is a node. After I count for 10 seconds, we will attack the lamp holder together. It must be synchronized!”

Zhou Kai’s voice is very clear, Qi Xinzhu He looked at a place not far away suspiciously.


10, 9…3, 2, 1.

Ling Xun’s sword qi waved, and the lamp holder not far away shattered suddenly, and a hazy tearing sensation appeared around the body.

The surrounding scenes began to change like ripples, and Qi Xinzhu realized that he had already come to a street with a lot of people.

At the intersection of the street, a large number of fully armed Ring Studio members stood ready to go.

Zhou Kai put down his ground mirror with a serious face, holding a big gun, and waiting.

“Brother Kai!”

“Big sister head, look behind you.”

Qi Xinzhu slowly turned around, and saw a large block of deformed species. There were hundreds of densely packed animals appearing behind her, and they were still approaching.

“This… so many alien species appear blatantly in the human world? The wall has been breached?”

Zhou Kai shook the head, a alien species of this size, here The Eastern Ring at the time was not too much.

“These deformed species are nothing but isolated polluters. They are distorted at the same time.”

“So many? Hunters? Where are the guards?” What about the support of the inner ring?”

The crowd started screaming and running, Qi Xinzhu also took a gun handed over by Zhou Kai.

At this time, running this amount is no longer useful!

“The hunter is fighting at the entrance of the east wall. There is a large quarantine area with tens of thousands.

The number of alien species in our place is very small.”

“How did you find me just now? And that Formation node, can you also find it?”

“Big sister, this is called unlucky ambition, get ready to fight!”


da da da!

Machine guns have begun to fire, and the others in Ring Studio have also begun to intensively kill.

A white mecha is rampant in a different species, and the person driving the mecha is Bai Yuetong.

“haha, Qi Xinzhu, you see I am afraid of Zhu Jun

Bai Yuetong? How can her body withstand Mecha’s hedge?

Qi Xinzhu look Qi Xinzhu, who was in a stance of mecha and rampage, had a very strange expression, but he still answered Bai Yuetong’s question.

“Don’t look. “

“She said that she made a unique cushioning device for herself, and is the only non-transcender that can drive mecha. “

“Okay! ”


Although the fire suppression on Ring Studio is very strong, hundreds of deformities are still too many for the ring.

The crowd gradually receded, and Zhou Kai also boarded the mecha of the military green, which was the one that Lu Luo brought back from the Grand Prospects military force.

“Old classmate Zhou Kai! I’m coming! “

“Qin Wanyu?” “

Speaking of Qin Wanyu, Zhou Kai had a crush on her when she was still in school. When I saw her at this time, I always felt like things have remained the same, but people have changed.

< p> At the end of the alien species, Qin Wanyu is walking on the black wave of her hair, and she waved it casually.

Countless hairs flew to the crowd like steel needles. Such an attack is for those of Ring Studio. For people, it is undoubtedly fatal.

Qi Xinzhu knows that at this time you must do it yourself.

She puts her hands together, holy splendor condense, watcher Formation, and puts all the rings together. Protected by the members.

ding ding ding~ !

The hair is dotted on the guardian Formation, making a steel-like crash.

Qi Xinzhu’s face The more ugly, because this attack lasted for too long, she almost couldn’t hold it.

“Is the big sister okay?” “

“I’m fine. “

xiu xiu xiu! Zhou Kai successively released multiple missiles, pushing Qin Wanyu back.

Although the missiles are expensive, it is obviously not the time to save money now.< /p>

Qi Xinzhu looked at Qin Wanyu in front of her, as well as the hair like the sea. She knew that in this situation, the ultra-vacuum cutting of Jianxin three styles was the best way to strike.

But she hasn’t practiced this move yet. Although she has consulted Lu Luo many times, she has never learned the essentials.

“At this time, she can only try. “

Cutting, high frequency, shock, rapid, sharp, cutting to the extreme with a sword, you can cut the Void Break, tear the sky.

Jianxin III Style, Void Break.


The biggest difference between Qi Xinzhu’s slash and Lu Luo is probably the difference between holy splendor and qi fuse.

Generally speaking, holy splendor is stronger than qi fuse, but in terms of cutting, holy splendor is really inferior to the huge pressure steam qi fuse.

So Qi Xinzhu, an imperfect sword, did not fly to Qin Wanyu. The front of Qin Wanyu dissipated.

Qin Wanyu’s hair in front of him took over the waves, easily blocking the sword qi, bullets, and even the missiles launched by Zhou Kai.

She waved her hand casually, and the waves of hair like steel needles made the members of the circle overwhelmed.

“Besiege them! ”

Countless deformed species fierce and unafraid of death pounced on the crowd, but they were all blocked by Bai Yuetong at the front. Her mecha was obviously not a standard mass production type.

Whether it is defensive power or mobility, it is much stronger than Zhou Kai’s.

It is precisely because of the barrier of Bai Yuetong that the members of the circle can hold on for so long.


However, this situation did not last long. Although the deformity species can’t help her, Qin Wanyu not far away can not be trifled with.

“A white hair The woman is so beautiful! I also accepted your hair. “

More than a dozen strands of hair entangled Bai Yuetong’s mecha. She is not a transcender after all. Even if she drives a mecha, she can’t make transcender movements.

So the mecha’s joints soon At this point, it was overwhelmed by the hair, and the whole body began to stiffen.

Qi Xinzhu needs to protect other members with guardian formation, so Bai Yuetong is in danger at this time.

“Brother Kai, come down. “

“Okay! “

The positions of Gu Fangyi and Zhou Kai were changed instantly, and the tacit understanding between them did not require much words.

Gu Fangyi, who boarded the cockpit, immediately raised the cannon , Aim at the hair in front of Bai Yuetong, charge and shoot at the same time.

Dongdong dong!

Every bullet of the machine gun will hit accurately The most fragile node of the hair.

After a few bullets in a row, the hair will break at the sound.

Gu Fangyi rushed to Bai Yuetong’s side and tore off those entangled in the joints The hair at the place, release him.

At this time, Bai Yuetong is one of the few high-end battle strengths and cannot be damaged here.

“Give me some chance, I will solve her. “

Gu Fangyi pushed away Bai Yuetong, the two mechas quickly crossed, killing a large number of deformed species along the way, and forcibly rushing out a bloody way for others.

” Sniper ready! “

“Understood! “

Bai Yuetong’s combat literacy is surprisingly good, at least there is no problem with the basic cooperation of Gu Fangyi.

The magazines on the back of mecha are all opened, and Bai Yuetong fires himself at once. All the miniature missiles.

these all are money, and in the 4th ring, in Ring Studio, it is difficult to replenish these ammunition.

bang bang bang!

< p> The fierce explosion killed the flakes of deformed species, and the flesh filled the sky. The last two missiles flew directly to Qin Wanyu.

But like the previous attack, the missile was entangled with endless hair. Live, completely stagnated.

bang bang!

Standing in the smoke of the explosion, Gu Fangyi raised the big gun in his hand. The blueprint exchanged by Bai Yuetong has not yet been made. .

So this big gun of Mecha is just an ordinary sniper cannon.

The bullet passes through more than a dozen layers of hair and finally comes to Qin Wanyu.


One shot into the soul.

Qin Wanyu’s palm was pierced, but the bullet finally stopped in front of her.

“It’s a pity, I almost got a headshot.

Okay, this is the end of the game! It took Lu Luo a year to gain a foothold in the human world.

I think it’s too slow, you should be his work.

I think, as long as you ruin all of you, he will definitely come to me. “

Qin Wanyu clenched a fist suddenly, a large amount of hair instantly tied the two mechas, and the powerful force instantly twisted Gu Fangyi’s Grand Prospects mecha into twists.

Although Bai Yuetong’s white mecha has amazing defensive power, it was struggling to support it under Qin Wanyu’s attack.

But at this moment, a sharp strand of hair pierced the white mecha’s cabin. , Penetrates Bai Yuetong’s chest.

In just ten seconds, the two mechas were solved by Qin Wanyu.

The endless hair held up Qin Wanyu, and she started to skyward Floating, one refers to Qi Xinzhu and the other members of the circle.

“After solving them, you are the next one! Black Falls. ”

Countless hair strands flow down like a black waterfall, forming a black field, which completely envelopes the members of Ring Studio.

Qi Xinzhu’s holy splendor guards and supports hard. , Ding ding dong dong keeps on the energy barrier.

“Brother Kai, let’s go, take Lu Yu away!” I can resist for a while. “

Zhou Kai, who can never hide in normally, rejected Qi Xinzhu’s proposal. He said in a tranquil voice:

“Big sister head!” If something happens to you, Brother Luo will be unhappy.

So, it is you who should go. “

Zhou Kai suddenly walked out of the Formation, and the other members of the circle also followed closely from behind.

They picked up their weapons and started shooting at Qin Wanyu.

Qi Xinzhu’s pupils shrink slightly.

“Come back, you will die! “

Zhou Kai turned his head and gave Qi Xinzhu a thumbs up.

“It is incumbent upon us to revive the glory of the Fourth Ring.

Pu chi! Pu chi! Pu chi!

The black waterfall is like rain, and the soldiers fall in pieces.

Qi Xinzhu’s heart was completely angry. She gave up the short sword and forcibly opened the second illusion.

Picturesque, Jianxin three style-Void Break.

This is Qi Xinzhu made a perfect Void Break for the first time.

The two slashes echoed each other like birdsong, breaking through the defenses of the deformed seeds and flying straight to Qin Wanyu.

The hair like a black waterfall can’t stop Qi Xinzhu’s sharp sword qi at this time, and Qin Wanyu backs away for the first time.


Two slashes though. Sharp, but too much hair changed the direction of the slash, and wiped it from Qin Wanyu’s cheek, leaving two blood stains.

Qin Wanyu touched his face subconsciously, I looked at the blood stains on my hands.

“This slash is really dangerous! “

After one blow, Qi Xinzhu’s arms trembled a little. She raised the Broken Sword in her hand again, and she was about to issue another slash.

Pu chi!

“Uh! “

A short sword sprang out from her abdomen, with the nether flame on the tip of the sword.

“Do you want a candle?” “

Lu Yu’s voice came from behind.

Qi Xinzhu turned his head unspeakably, Lu Yu was holding the hilt of the sword with his eyes empty and void, as if his behavior Nothing.

“The medicine, I should have thought of it…

Lu Yu, wake up! “

Qi Xinzhu bitterly laughed, half-kneeling on the ground, and fainted.

Qin Wanyu walked up slowly, her hair like a steel needle, resting on Qi Xinzhu’s On the forehead.

“She is the person the Master wants, I advise you not to do such a stupid thing, unless, you don’t want to see him anymore.

Lu Yu has always been just a cover. What the master wants is a bride suitable for Lu Luo! “

The youngest daughter in black leather boots and purple skirt walked out slowly. She actually got here before Lu Luo and stopped Qin Wanyu.

Qin Wanyu looked at the ground Qi Xinzhu, Weiwei thought.

“I know, follow the master’s will. “

The little girl looked at Qi Xinzhu and couldn’t help but admire it.

“It’s really beautiful, no matter it’s figure or face, there is almost nothing to fault.”

Such a beautiful girl, of course, you have to take it home to dress up and get ready to be a bride! “

The little girl picked up Qi Xinzhu casually. After a while, her body twisted and disappeared.

Qin Wanyu looked at Zhou Kai, Gu Fangyi, Bai Yuetong and Lu Yu. People.

In the end, she still did not kill her, let her hair support herself, and calmly moved towards the wall.


Five minutes later, Lu Luo came here, and the galloping locomotive directly smashed away some corpses and minced meat.

When he came to Bai Yuetong’s mecha, he smashed the solid metal with a punch, directly smashing Bai Yuetong pulled it out and held it in her arms.

Looking at the redness on her chest, Lu Luo silently took out the small blood bottle, drank it by herself, and then fed it to Bai Yuetong.

Bai Yuetong looked at Lu Luo dazedly.

“Lu Luo? You kiss me again, why did you dye your hair? “

Put Bai Yuetong away, Lu Luo used the same method to open the completely damaged Grand Prospects mecha with bare hands.

Without the oppression of mecha, Gu Fangyi can finally Normal breathing, he gasped a little, and said to Lu Luo:

“I’m sorry. “

Lu Luo shook his head, walked to Zhou Kai’s side, and directly injected a burst of life energy into him.

Then Zhou Kai woke up in a daze.

“Brother Luo, am I not dead? Why are you so white? Is this a netherworld? “

Lu Luo still did not speak, he slowly walked towards Lu Yu who was still in a daze.

At this time, Lu Yu also held a red envelope in his hand.< /p>

Lu Luo did not go to take the envelope, but put his palm on Lu Yu’s head, and pulled out the nether flame from Lu Yu’s body little by little.

Lu Yu kept sending out a trace. Silk groaned in pain, but fortunately, with Lu Luo’s extraction, her eyes became clear.

“Second brother? What about sister-in-law? “

Lu Luo still did not speak, but silently picked up the envelope in Lu Yu’s hand and opened it.

[To my friend Lu Luo:

Hello, Lu Luo, when you read this letter, your lover should have been taken away by me.

Don’t panic, I will protect her, after all, you are mine. Friend.

As you know, I want to hold a grand ceremony for my mother, and I have made a lot of preparations for this.

Since it is a grand ceremony, Then it must be lively.

There is only one pair of married couples, and UU reading is a bit too little.

I always feel that a lover cannot end. It’s a very regrettable thing to be married.

And you guys like each other, but you are always ashamed to express it. My friend really broke my heart.

So I personally call the shots and prepared a bride for you, so that you and Lu Di will hold a grand ceremony together.

The time is set for December 19th. This is my birthday. I will The cake is prepared.

When the time comes, you, the bridegroom, must come. If you don’t come, the bride will be very sad!

So, you know!


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