Doomsday Ring Chapter 214

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The piercing siren passed by here, it should be the hunter reinforcement team.

However, they did not stay, but moved towards the Eastern Ring wall, where the most polluters were isolated.

If the collective distortions are all synchronized, then there should be the most devastated area.

It seems that the riot caused by the polluters is not so easy to quell.

“Brother Luo…”

Gu Fangyi came over and wanted to say something, but Lu Luo just patted his shoulder.

“Don’t blame yourself, no one is to blame for this matter. Everyone has done a good job.

Because no matter it’s intelligence, strength, or design, we are not in one At a level.

The nightmare is a monster that makes the entire Eastern Ring burn out. There is nothing trivial about what it manipulates.

That many problems that cannot be solved by the 6th-level experts, let alone us These little characters.

On our side, maybe it’s just a part of other people’s plans that’s all that’s all added at will. Don’t take yourself too seriously.”

Lu Luo embraces Bai Yuetong helped Zhou Kai and Lu Yu up, put the other wounded on a cart, and used mecha to pull them back to the hospital.

Qi Xinzhu was taken away, and the ring means there is no healer.

Based on the current situation of Eastern Ring, the ambulance is impossible, so Lu Luo must take these people to the hospital for treatment.

“Let’s go, go back and talk again.”


Returning to the hospital, Gu Fangyi took medicine and bandaged while speaking to Lu Luo The previous battle with Qin Wanyu.

From the hospital, to the street, from his teaming with Qi Xinzhu, to the final team battle.

Gu Fangyi’s retelling was very detailed, and Lu Luo listened very carefully.

“Level 5, the Black Witch?”

“Yes, she is now Level 5, and she does have level 5 strength.

Because if it is Tier 4, Qi Xinzhu and I can deal with it, and even kill it.

But in Qin Wanyu’s hands, we can’t compete at all. The only murderous intention will, also She avoided it.”

Lu Luo nodded, the name Qin Wanyu, was actually very impressive in his mind.

These all are memories of the original owner of the body, are they childhood sweethearts?

And even after he crossed, he had some contact with Qin Wanyu.

Beautiful, talkative, and from the very beginning, he has expressed his love for Lu Luo without any secret.

But today’s Lu Luo is no longer the former Lu Luo. No matter what Qin Wanyu’s purpose is, her behavior is unacceptable to Lu Luo.

“I see, her abilities are really tricky. If I were there, there should be a chance.

Brother Gu, what are you doing?”

Lu Luo saw Gu Fangyi stand up and was a little confused, but Gu Fangyi just shook his head.

“Brother Luo, my injury is not serious.”

Lu Luo nodded, he didn’t even ask him where he was going. He knew that Gu Fangyi could take care of himself.

Gu Fangyi is a real warrior, and he has made the fastest progress. At this time, he is probably going to continue participating in the Eastern Ring battle.

Actually, Lu Luo wanted to go, but he was the boss of Yuanhuan and couldn’t do it so free and easy.


Lu Luo got up and moved towards Zhou Kai’s room.

Lu Yu, who followed him, has not spoken all the time. She seems to remember her previous actions to Qi Xinzhu.

She feels that those are the mistakes she made, so she has been silently following Lu Luo by her side, without saying a word.

When Lu Luo came to Zhou Kai’s ward, Zhou Kai was lying on the hospital bed with a smile that was uglier than crying.

“Brother Luo is here!”

“Lu Yu, you go out first.” Lu Luo turned to Lu Yu and said.

“Huh? Oh, then I’ll go outside and wait for you.”

Lu Yu obediently and honestly left the room and closed the door by the way, leaving some for Lu Luo and Zhou Kai private space.

Suck~ Suck!

After Lu Yu left, Zhou Kai started to lower his head and sobbed in a low voice.

Seeing Zhou Kai, who has been a bit big, crying here, Lu Luo can only sigh silently at this time.

“Brother Kai, if I were there at the time, maybe…”

Lu Luo can’t say anything, he is dead, that many brothers, now it is meaningless to say this .

Zhou Kai took a deep breath and adjusted his breath.

“It’s useless, Brother Luo, this World is like this. Powerhouse is king, and the weak can only be slaughtered at will.

Since brothers are following you, naturally they will do it well. I’m mentally prepared to face this real world.

The so-called ten thousand zhang abyss, really going down, is also the future ten thousand li.

No one wants to be in Fourth Ring forever Clay legs.

They are willing to die. They are not born to be brave, but they choose fearless.”

[Brother Kai’s dark energy level is improving, and his arm may be deformed. 】

Lu Luo knows emotions, this thing, which is most likely to affect the degree of distortion.

Wu En is the same, and Zhuang Yanshan is the same.

At this time Brother Kai’s arms have been planted, like vines growing disorderly, spreading across the house.

He doesn’t have the mechanism of fusion and Devourer to adjust and filter. Lu Luo is really afraid that he will produce more severe distortion.

His eyes became pure white, just like white eyes, which is a precursor to complete distortion.

Looking at Zhou Kai’s appearance, Lu Luo frowned and directly grabbed Zhou Kai’s plant arm.

“Brother Kai, stabilize your mind.”

Zhou Kai stared at Lu Luo with a pair of white eyes.

“Stabilize my mind, how can I stabilize…

Uh, Brother Luo, you?”

Zhou Kai felt something strange, Lu Luo’s palm flows into his hand.

【Sequence D-189-Seed】

Effect: Create a seed that belongs to you.

The seed made by Lu Luo needs nutrients to grow. If you want to cultivate it, you can only plant it.

The only exception is Zhou Kai. Because of the Zhou Kai plant system, he can replace the soil or the cultivation room to nourish this seed.

In addition to carrying Lu Luo’s highly toxic power, this seed also carries a very balanced life energy.

After this seed entered Zhou Kai’s plant arm, Zhou Kai’s mood quickly calmed down because of this balanced energy.

The surrounding plants began to retract into Zhou Kai’s palm, and his eyes gradually returned to their original appearance.

Zhou Kai scratched his head a little embarrassedly, as if he knew something was wrong with his state just now.

“Brother Luo, I was just now?”

“It’s distorted.”

“Fuck, I always feel that I am human, this is over, really It’s a different species.”

Zhou Kai’s expression is very distressed, but Lu Luo doesn’t take it seriously.

“As long as you feel that you are a human being, then you are a human being. No one needs to recognize it.”

I didn’t admit that’s all, so I said so.

Brother Kai has just been distorted, and the change of mentality always requires a process. 】

Zhou Kai listened to Lu Luo’s words, slightly nodded.

Anyway, Brother Luo was right. If Brother Luo said something wrong one day, then pretend you didn’t hear it and you’re done.

Zhou Kai raised his palm and looked closely at the green seeds wrapped in the palm of the plant.

“This thing seems to be a seed? How does it feel poisonous!”

Lu Luo nodded.

“It is poisonous. It comes from my heterogeneous venom, fire venom, and snake venom.

This seed can absorb nutrients in your body to grow, and it can also give you drama Poisonous ability.

The unstable dark energy in your body will also be absorbed by it, so in the future, you, like me, can feel relieved to get caught in the rain.”

Zhou When Kai heard this, he burst out laughing a few times.

“Why didn’t you give it to me earlier?”

Lu Luo shook the head.

“Do you think it has no side effects? This thing is my seed after all, and the essence of its power is me.

Brother Kai, I still hope you can grow on your own “

This is Lu Luo’s sincere words. He hopes that his companions can grow by themselves.

He is not that kind of detached person. He doesn’t want one day when others see him, only awe is left in their eyes, no other emotions.

However, after Zhou Kai listened to Lu Luo’s words, he didn’t take it seriously.

“What am I supposed to be, Brother Luo, you are thinking about it. If you could really hold a rich woman, I would have stopped fighting.

Good thing, thinking about me! I don’t mind.”

[Brother Kai really understands it! 】

“Okay, if you can accept it, the seed can only be placed on you except for planting.”

After a chat, Zhou Kai The mood has stabilized a lot, but the smile between the two gradually diminished.

Because as the chat progresses, I always return to the original topic.

“Brother Luo, many brothers died, their cares…”

“According to the normal cares, double!” Lu Luo decided directly.

The normal operation of the circle is the painstaking effort of Zhou Kai. He knows that Zhou Kai must be very sad now. This is an unavoidable problem.

“Thanks, Brother Luo.”

“Don’t thank me, this is what we should do, although we are all fighting in the Fourth Ring, I still hope that brothers can fight I have no regrets and no regrets.”

Zhou Kai slightly nodded.

“Brother Luo, you are actually quite a good boss.”

“Why do you suddenly say that?”

“Give us a clear path, can Earn money, understand planning, and never blindly interfere with the normal development of the circle.

Boss like this is arguably the rarest kind in the Wasteland Alliance.”

< p> Hearing this kind of evaluation, Lu Luo also somewhat didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, he punched Zhou Kai in the shoulder.

“Are you complimenting this?”

“Really, Brother Luo, I have always believed in one sentence, no matter who you meet, he is the person who should appear in your life. It’s not accidental.

He will teach you something, just like I met you, the brothers of the ring met me.

So I also believe that no matter I go Where I went, what happened, that’s where I should go, experience something I should go through, and meet people I should meet.”

【Brother Kai has grown up. 】

Yes, Brother Kai has grown up, but he is actually only 21 years old.

Lu Luo patted Zhou Kai.

“Brother Kai, don’t always feel that many when you are young. Take a good rest. I will go and see Bai Yuetong.”


< p> ……

When I came to Bai Yuetong’s room, Daomao was lying there obediently, seeming to be waiting for Lu Luo’s arrival.

Seeing Lu Luo, Bai Yuetong raised his head, frowned and wanted to sit up.

“Don’t force it, your injury is very serious.”

Bai Yuetong’s chest is penetrated, and such an injury is likely to be fatal to an ordinary person.

When Daimao saw Lu Luo not let her get up, she didn’t try her best, because her strength was so small that she couldn’t do anything with Lu Luo at all.

At this time, she still quietly held Lu Luo’s fingers and pinched Lu Luo very hard.

However, for Lu Luo’s movements at this level, there is no pain at all, so he let Dumao grab it and wait for her to speak.

“Lu Luo, Qi Xinzhu was taken away, should I be happy?”

This question caught Lu Luo for a moment, but he answered truthfully .

“Probably, maybe, yes!”

“But why can’t I be happy?”

[Perhaps between her and Qi Xinzhu Have some indescribable feelings? Lu Luo-Danger! 】

Fart, Lu Luo also thought about it for a while.

“Probably not reconciled.”

“Not reconciled? Why am I not reconciled?” Bai Yuetong was a little unconvinced.

“When you encounter a problem that you can’t solve, don’t you just be unwilling?”

Lu Luo’s expression is a little indifferent, but Bai Yuetong also heard the meaning of his words.

“Are you not reconciled?”

“Is it obvious?”

Lu Luo tilted his head and made a doubt Bai Yuetong finally laughed, and Lu Luo also laughed.

After looking at Lu Luo a few times, she lowered her head again.

“She was taken away, are you sad?”

While Bai Yuetong said, he squeezed Lu Luo’s hand and stopped pinching it, like a mistake child.

Lu Luo touched Dumao’s head, very calmly.

“The nightmare gave me the age of the month, and also prepared me with a faint and a bride. Why should I be sad?

It’s only a month, and it will arrive soon .

When the time comes, I can bring Qi Xinzhu back again, but Qi Xinzhu didn’t give me a gift, which is a loss!”

Lu Luo’s expression is very calm, There is no trace of sadness, but Bai Yuetong feels a little relieved.

“Do you really treat her as a wife?”

“If I don’t treat her as a wife, there is no reason to go to the nightmare ceremony, when in the world, one cannot move freely, Eldest Miss.”

After hearing Lu Luo’s words, Bai Yuetong felt much better. She lowered her head again and said cautiously:

“There is another I prepared the equipment specially for you. You should need it now.

I originally planned to wait for the new year to give it to you, but in this situation, I’m afraid I won’t be able to wait for that time.”

“Thanks, take a good rest.”

Bai Yuetong held Lu Luo.

“Must bring her back!”


Lu Luo touched Bai Yuetong’s head and left the ward.

When Lu Luo came to Lu Yu again, he discovered that Lu Yu was also crying secretly.

“Second brother, I remembered a lot of things. I hurt the sister-in-law. Is it all to me?”

Lu Luo suddenly felt a little helpless and felt Very tired, everyone needs him to comfort him, but there is no one to comfort him.

Can he blame Lu Yu? Can’t.

Because Lu Yu was controlled by the nether flame when he had breakfast together, he can only blame him for being late.

Lu Yu was designed by Qin Wanyu when he was in the hospital and was controlled a second time.

Even in the final battle, the reason Qi Xinzhu was finally arrested was because he was one step late.

So Lu Luo can’t blame anyone but himself.

“Don’t cry, blame yourself, blame yourself, why do you always feel this way?

Then I tell you now, the most to blame is me, not You guys.

Also, when a problem occurs, you should not think about who to blame, but about how to solve the matter.

If you trace the source of the matter, UU Reading wwwww is also a game between Nightmare and me. In fact, there is no difference whether you have made any mistakes.”

“Is it true?”

“Really “

Lu Luo feels tired, either physically or mentally.

There is something in my heart, but no one can say that this is a situation that every responsible middle-aged man will feel.

Soothing Lu Yu’s emotions, Lu Luo is about to get up again.

“I’m going to the Security Bureau to report the case, so I can rest here.”

“Second brother, be careful, I heard that the alien species in the east is still A lot.”

“It doesn’t matter, second brother is great.”

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