Doomsday Ring Chapter 215

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Lu Luo left the hospital and took out his mobile phone to dial Lu Di’s number. At this time, they should have finished their task of the reservoir.

But after a few times it was busy, Lu Luo gave up altogether.

“This guy, what’s the matter?”

He didn’t go to the security bureau, but went directly to the infirmary of Eastern Ring University. He wanted to get it from Han Shiyu some information.

In the infirmary, Han Shiyu is busy treating the wounded here.

Because of the Eastern Ring riots, the hospital’s manpower is far from enough, and all the pastors of the church have been transferred.

The support of Beihuan has also arrived. As a doctor and pastor, Han Shiyu naturally has to perform his own duties at this time.

These wounded have students and transcenders, but most of them are guards who participated in the battle.

Although many guards have a very bad reputation, they are still the front line personnel when they are in real danger.

All those who take part in the battle are worthy of respect.

So in the process of healing the wounded, Han Shiyu did not hesitate to save his holy splendor as much as possible to save the lives of the wounded.

Lu Luo didn’t bother her, and she ignored Lu Luo. The silent silence between the two lasted until nearly 2 o’clock in the night.

Take off the white coat that has been soaked in blood, Han Shiyu wiped his sweat, and pointed at Lu Luo exhaustedly.

“Come with me!”

Lu Luo followed, followed Han Shiyu silently, and returned to her private dormitory.

Back in the dormitory, Han Shiyu took off his coat and pants directly in front of Lu Luo, leaving only the underwear that had been soaked in sweat.

She took out a set of changeable underwear, walked into the bathroom, and washed herself with the not-so-high-quality washing water that was paid by the school.

In the whole process, Lu Luo didn’t even feel that he was a man!

Listening to the sound of gurgling water, Lu Luo was slightly surprised, but Han Shiyu in the bathroom quickly interrupted Lu Luo’s thoughts.

“How did you get your hair and skin color?”

The cleaning is still going on, Lu Luo sitting on the bed like pins and needles, obediently and honestly replied.

“Hair and skin color are caused by the fact that I have been exposed to too much nether flame, and the life force is repeatedly pulled away and restored.”

“Life force is repeatedly pulled away and run? Will it? Do you have any influence in the future?”

“No, this process is actually carried out within the body, so it’s all rotten in the pot.

The specific situation is hard to describe. But the final result was good, the skin and hair turned white is just a side effect.”

Lu Luo said lightly, but Han Shiyu in the bathroom was still very worried. She quickly took a bath and replaced it with a new one. The underwear came out.

I have to say that Han Shiyu, who is out of water, is a bit shocked in his heart and a bit stiff in his body.

[good-for-nothing! 】

Han Shiyu walked in front of Lu Luo, and Lu Luo couldn’t help speeding up his heartbeat at the close distance.

However, Han Shiyu didn’t take any extra action, just touched Lu Luo’s white hair with a bit of distress.

“A lot of suffering!”

“It’s actually okay.”

“Why did you come to me? Did it happen? What happened?”

“Qi Xinzhu was arrested.”

The topic was back on track, Lu Luo’s expression remained calm.

It is this kind of indifferent expression that is the most heartbreaking, because the previous Lu Luo would never show this indifferent look.

If it really doesn’t get in the way, he will exaggerate and say: I have suffered a lot! You have to pay me!

Han Shiyu wanted to do something for Lu Luo, but this sentiment was quickly restrained by her.

Between her and Lu Luo, there is also the presence of Qi Xinzhu.

Han Shiyu also felt a deep sense of powerlessness in his heart when he heard that Qi Xinzhu was arrested.

Her chest is a little ups and downs. The intense exhaustion caused by the transition of holy splendor made this level 5 expert feel dizzy at this time.

She held the table and twisted her eyebrows.

“Let’s be specific, what happened in the past two days”

Last time, because of the Doomsday Disc and many hidden reasons, Lu Luo and Han Shiyu were actually different Did not tell the whole story.

But this time the situation is different. Lu Luo needs information, and he needs to know what’s going on.

What’s the matter with the dawn disc, what’s the 7th level, and what’s the church?

So now, he has to confess with Han Shiyu.

“This matter, it’s a long story…”

Lu Luo dealt with the problems of the church, the affairs of Wu En, the affairs of Zhuang Yanshan, and the nightmare. Han Shiyu said it again.

“It’s probably like this.”

Han Shiyu couldn’t help frowning when she heard some of the twists and turns, until she listened to Lu Luo’s words, and finally asked Said:

“So, what do you want to know now?”

“First, I want to know the situation of the 7th-order transcender. Are there any special restrictions for the 7th-order?< /p>

Since only the 7th-order human expert can counter the 8th-order disaster, why doesn’t Fourth Ring have a 7th-order expert?

Secondly, what is the current organizational structure of the church? Why? It will be corrupt, who is the real Leader?

Third, why did you and Qi Xinzhu keep following me? What is the matter with the Dawn Disc? Why does it release the doomsday factor?”

< p>Han Shiyu’s expression is a bit hesitant. Some Lu Luo’s questions actually don’t want to answer.

She feels that it is too early. Lu Luo knows that these have no specific effect and will only increase the pressure on herself.

And for Light Admirer, sacrifice is something they have already prepared.

Regardless of whether the sacrifice is Qi Xinzhu or herself, as Light Admirer, they are already mentally prepared.

“Lu Luo, in fact, you don’t need to know these things. If Xiao Qi is here, he will definitely not let you take the risk.”

Lu Luo narrowed his eyes He would never refute Han Shiyu here before, but this time is different.

“Do you think these words and dissuasion are useful to me?”

Han Shiyu touched his forehead, stubborn man, if a man can not be so when Male chauvinism is just fine.

However, Han Shiyu is still going to continue to persuade Lu Luo.

“Then you know this, is it useful to save Xiaoqi? What you need to save is strength.”

Han Shiyu was interrupted by Lu Luo before he finished speaking. Up.

“Useful! Very useful. Don’t use your thinking to think about my ideas. Everyone is different.

Since I’ve asked here, then these things are for me Naturally, they are all very important information, very important.

So, ask Professor Han to tell me the truth.”

Lu Luo stood up, leaned a little closer, his body It almost touched Han Shiyu’s chest.

In the face of Lu Luo’s strength, Han Shiyu can only sigh slightly and choose to compromise.

“Well, it seems that the relationship between you and Xiaoqi is developing pretty well.

It’s also with you, and it’s Professor Han, so I became an outsider?< /p>

That’s right, if you go to the nightmare next month, Xiao Qi will be your wife, am I an outsider?”

Lu Luo was taken aback, what is this?”

Brain circuit?

“Professor Han, should we talk about business now?”

“Well, Qi Xinzhu’s affairs are called business affairs. The affairs between us are probably indifferent things? Do you understand this?”

“Huh? This…”

Lu Luo gave up the idea of ​​continuing to reason with a woman. This is stupid, and he is not in the mood now Han Shiyu said this.

Han Shiyu saw Lu Luo lower his head and did not speak, and felt his depression, which made Han Shiyu regret what he said just now.

This kid, this time, maybe really tired.

“Well, I don’t want to say it, but it’s a bit early to tell you these things.

But since you find it useful, then I will tell you.

< p>The reason why Fourth Ring does not have level 7 is really unknown to me, because I have not reached level 6 or 7.

For such top-level expert ideas, you’d better ask Qiao Xing, his strength is stronger, you should know why.

About the power structure of the church, I can tell you in detail.

The current power structure of the church has changed. It must be a little vague, and this point has to mention the faction between Qi Xinzhu and me.”

Lu Luo immediately sat up straight, showing an expression of listening.

“Qi Xinzhu and I are both under the crown of the Pope, the dísciple of Fanzhen, so Qi Xinzhu usually calls me Senior Sister.

Normally, the highest in the church Power should be in the hands of the pope.”


Hearing this sentence, Lu Luo immediately realized something was wrong.


If the Pope still has power, then Han Shiyu shouldn’t go to Fourth Ring to study.

“Yes, the current church is not considered normal, because the pope is too old.

However, the pope cannot be abolished. According to the church system, only the pope is dead. Only then will a new pope be selected.

Our teacher, Pope Fan Zhen, is very strong and has a long lifespan, so some people can’t wait that long.

< p>But he is too old after all. He has lived for more than 200 years, and his body’s functions have already reached the limit.

Never talk about fighting, even normal life will have some problems.


So most of the time, the Pope is like a mascot, teaching the new Light Admirer.

I have long stopped participating in the power struggle of the church.

< p>The pope gave his power to the three Archbishops in the inner ring, and they exercised the power that belongs to the pope.

However, after an incident more than ten years ago, the teaching Zong’s power is gradually being emptied.

Not only the power of the Pope, but even the four Knights of the Apocalypse have gradually deviated from the original development trajectory and attributed to the other highest authority of the church.”

Lu Luo has read many books about the church, and he has some understanding of the church’s personnel structure.

If the church has any role of supreme power besides the pope, then it must be the presiding judge.

“Another highest authority in the church? Is it the presiding judge?”

“Yes, the presiding judge, the sickle of the church’s verdict-Bai Qingshuang.”

< p>Bai Qingshuang? This name…

Han Shiyu looked at Lu Luo with some hesitation in his eyes, some helplessly nodded.

“The power of the church is divided into light and dark sides. The normal display in front of everyone is naturally under the crown of the Pope.

But the church always needs to deal with some dark things. , That’s why there is a trial court.

Bai Qingshuang is the presiding judge of the trial court, and besides the pope, the highest power of the church.

And, as you guessed it, She is also the lover of Member Luo Xuemin, the mother of your company’s mechanical Bai Yuetong, and her identity is very complicated.”

Hearing this, Lu Luo’s face twisted like a bitter gourd.

“I originally thought Bai Yuetong’s father was already very difficult to deal with. She didn’t expect her mother to be ten times more ridiculous than her father.

This guy, why is this not so? Don’t worry!

The current situation is that Bai Qingshuang has mastered most of the power of the church, your faction is completely emptied by her?

A woman has destroyed one of your factions. ?? And pulled the boss of the church down and became the boss himself?”

Lu Luo’s straightforward statement made Han Shiyu’s face a little ugly.

However, she was still nodded, and admitted Lu Luo’s rhetoric.

“What you said is correct, but the reasons for this are too complicated.

Speaking of which in detail, I am afraid that we have to trace the grievances of the previous generation.”

Han Shiyu didn’t want to say anything, but Lu Luo showed a very curious look.

He also took out the nightmare letter and pointed to the date on it.

“There are still more than 40 days left before the nightmare ceremony held, so I am very free now and have a lot of time to listen to your story.

So, tell me in detail. Well, Han… Shiyu.”

Lu Luo’s change of mouth made Han Shiyu feel a little better. She brewed for a while, organized the language, and then started to say slowly:

“Bai Qingshuang has a very tortuous and bizarre life. In some places, she can’t even be said to be bizarre, but can only be said to be outrageous.

In the earliest days, she was just an ordinary woman from Fourth Ring.


So many of her experiences and pasts were not accepted by people in the inner ring.

When she was a teenager, she was recruited by Luo Xuemin’s steward because of her beauty. Became a maid of Luo Family.

Then it was Luo Xuemin’s family affairs. I don’t know the specifics. Anyway, it’s a family drama of dog blood.

Luo Xuemin gave birth to a daughter. At the time their daughter was also named Luo Tiantian, which is now Bai Yuetong.

However, after Bai Qingshuang gave birth to Luo Xuemin’s daughter, Luo Xuemin’s wife was very dissatisfied. .

I found someone to interrupt Bai Qingshuang’s hands, feet and spine, making her a waste person, and she was thrown into the danger zone outside the wall, letting her eat by alien species.

Fortunately, Bai Qingshuang’s luck was very good. He was met by the previous presiding judge of the trial and saved.

At the time, Bai Qingshuang, who was only 18 years old, became an official believer.”

< p>According to the current situation of the Wasteland Alliance, if you don’t go to college, it is not too outrageous to get married and have children at the age of 18.

Lu Luo, who hasn’t given birth to a child when he is almost 21 years old, is considered to be an older man and a leftover woman.

I can only say that Bai Qingshuang’s experience before the age of 18 was too tortuous.

“What about after she became a believer?”

“After she became a believer, she became even more outrageous. She dormant in silence for about 4 years, relying on constant bathing in holy splendor, She gradually recovered from her injuries.

She started cultivation at the age of 22, but she grew up very quickly in the trial house. In just 2 years, she became a Magistrate.

< p>Then it took another 2 years…”

Han Shiyu hesitated when he said here. UU Reading www.uukanshu.cOM

“What happened after another 2 years? Can’t you say it?”

“It’s not that I can’t say it, but that many people cannot understand it. I can’t believe it.

In the fourth year of joining the court, Bai Qingshuang collected all the evidence of the previous presiding judge, and then killed him by himself.

So far, Bai Qingshuang took advantage of the situation. I became the new presiding judge.”

【Is this woman so cruel? 】

Worri! This presiding judge is her life saving benefactor, right?

Lu Luo was also a little shocked to hear this. In just 4 years, he quickly moved from a fourth Ring to the former chief judge and became the supreme power of the entire Wasteland Alliance.

Meow, I dare not write like this in novels!

“She was 26 years old when she became the presiding judge?”

“Yes, 26 years old.” Han Shiyu said here, also showing awe.

“What about after that?”

“After that, Bai Qingshuang made a very high-profile announcement that he had had a daughter with Luo Xuemin.

This This kind of public announcement is actually to prove to the world that there is nothing invisible about her past.

The body is like a white moon, and the heart is like a pure pupil.

of Bai Yuetong The name comes from this.”

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