Doomsday Ring Chapter 216

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Lu Luo was a little surprised, didn’t expect Bai Yuetong’s name to have such a tortuous origin.

“What happened after that? What happened to Bai Qingshuang?”

“After Bai Qingshuang’s rise, Luo Xuemin had become a member of Parliament, but he did not dare to argue against Bai Qingshuang at this time.

So Bai Yuetong’s name was decided so thoroughly. From then on, she changed her name to Bai Yuetong instead of Luo Tiantian.

Luo Xuemin and Bai Qingshuang used to be No one mentions that period of time.

After rectifying her name, Bai Qingshuang’s wrist became bloodier and bloody, and under her control of the trial, it became a monolithic one.

They even began to gradually erode the power of the Four Knights of the Apocalypse.

The original church was the Big Three, with the three powers separated, the pope in charge of the prosecution, the presiding judge in charge of rulings, and the four Knights in charge of military force.

With the encroachment of Bai Qingshuang, the Four Great Knights have completely become vassals of the Judgment House.

Since then, the church has gradually changed its flavor.”

Han Shiyu’s The tone was a bit regretful. It seemed that the changes in the church had a considerable impact on her.

But Lu is a little strange, is it that your faction just watched the rise of Bai Qingshuang?

Don’t you know how to resist?

“Han Shiyu, your faction, does the Pope lineage have no expert? Just let a woman ride on your head and shit?”

Han Shiyu’s face turned black at once , Lu Luo seemed to find that there was something wrong with his tone just now, so he quickly changed his words.

“It’s not right, it’s not shit, so you let a woman catch you riding face output?”

Is there any difference between riding face output and shit? Han Shiyu’s face is still ugly.

“You don’t know how good this woman is.”

“How good is she? She has been cultivation for a few years, can no one of your faction be able to cure her?”< /p>

“Although she is very reluctant to admit it, she is indeed too strong. She is almost uncurable by her personal strength.

Her basic strength is inherently strong.

Strong, almost no combat shortcomings.

In addition, her serial innate talent is too suitable for combat, which creates the invincible posture of Bai Qingshuang.

The Pope’s lineage, unless Pope Mian Fanzhen went down in person, desperately fighting with her, maybe there is a chance of a tie.

Otherwise, if other people come, almost no one can stop her for 30 seconds, or even 10 Seconds.”

Lu Luo sounded a little surprised, a faction, hundreds of years of background, is no match for a woman who has risen for four years?

Lu Luo does not believe that this woman has no problem.

“Is she so fierce? Why?”

Han Shiyu’s expression became a little serious.

“First of all, the is innate talent sequence. Bai Qingshuang has many and very strong sequences.

The first is the extremely rare S-Rank sequence, S-09 Judge.

The effect is conviction, which can quickly weaken the enemy to the extreme. It is a super sequence very suitable for combat.

Apart from this, she also awakened many many other sequences, these sequences have no With one exception, they tend to fight.

How to say, in the eyes of most branch of sect members, Bai Qingshuang is a natural fighter.

The church is also because of her existence. , It completely overwhelmed Parliament in terms of power and strength.

If it weren’t for the age of the Pope’s crown and the Speaker to be much older than Bai Qingshuang.

There is no doubt about her now. The Union Number One Powerhouse.”

“The Union Number One Powerhouse!”

Han Shiyu’s comments on Bai Qingshuang made Lu Luo a little surprised and surprised.

Han Shiyu is a relatively proud woman. This is the first time Lu Luo sees her in awe of another woman.

But what made Lu Luo even more frightened was the next prompt given by the observer.

【The judge is an S-Rank sequence with the same name as the observer. It is indeed one of the most suitable sequences in S-Rank for combat.

And its power is not just as simple as conviction.

Sequence S-09 Judge, the highest record LV5.

Effect 1-Conviction: Every time the enemy has a serious sin, he will be weakened by 10% in front of the judge.

Effect 2-Judgment: Every time you judge a sin, the judge will make you stronger than ever.

Other effects are unknown. 】

Lu Luo took a look at the observer’s prompt. Apart from anything else, the observer’s sequence information is still very complete.

This kind of energy should be derived from the Doomsday Disc sequence record. The attribute of the LV5 Judge is very outrageous.

The strength of the judge is not to weaken others, but to strengthen himself after each conviction.

This is very similar to Lu Luo’s Devourer, but I don’t know if there will be restrictions.

Should I encounter such a powerhouse in the future, is there any way I can contend?

He is considered a powerful battle sequence, and he belongs to the sequence chain B-00 unbelievers.

The unbelievers can comprehensively enhance their basic abilities and defensive power, which is the foundation of his battle.

Then there are 4 S-Rank sequences of my own. In these 4 sequences, the fusion and the observer are biased towards the functional type.

S-07summon is a relatively pure battle sequence.

However, the summonists have not yet grown up, and the current LV1 summonists are not on the stage.

Lastly is LV3Devourer, Devourer is very powerful, developmental phagocytic attribute, not to mention the effect of enhancing innate talent.

As far as combat is concerned, the three effects brought by the different species, highly toxic, nether flame, and thunder, are all extremely practical.

“If you put it together, let me mention the rank of the sequence again. I still have the power to fight.”

【Wake up, wake up, stop dreaming, you are level 3 , People can punch you with one punch… Forget it, I won’t be there if you die.

Also, why do you always want to fight? Obviously there is a better way! ]

Huh? A better way? Lu Luo was a little surprised.

[Think about it, Bai Qingshuang changed the name of Bai Yuetong, does it mean that she cares about her daughter? ]

It seems to be!

[Then you put her daughter to sleep…Oh no, to become her daughter’s boyfriend, isn’t it her son-in-law?

Mother-in-law can’t beat her son-in-law, right?

So what else are you playing? Isn’t it good to become a master with my mother-in-law? 】

Fuck, since my sequence has become a logical master? And it seems to make sense.

The feasibility of this plan…

Han Shiyu interrupted Lu Luo’s thoughts when he saw that Lu Luo kept silent.

“Lu Luo? Are you scared?”

“Uh, no, you can continue talking.”

Han Shiyu will be suspiciously nodded .

“So, the church today has been controlled by Bai Qingshuang, and the dawn disc is completely in her hands.

I don’t want to stay in the vortex of power, so Come to Fourth Ring, while self-cultivation, by the way, get in touch with the genetic engineering of Blue Heavens Pharmaceuticals.

But I met you not long after I joined the company. As a Light Admirer, after discovering your special , I rekindled hope.

I found Junior Sister Qi Xinzhu, this is Light Admirer’s common pursuit of dawn.

When you grow up, it’s New hope.

So, even if there is a sacrifice, we will protect you and hide you.”

This set of rhetoric, Lu Luo has actually heard from Qi Xinzhu , But he didn’t like it.

“Han Shiyu, in fact, you really don’t need to be like this. I am not the dawn disc you are looking for.

Nor can I bring you hope. So, sacrificing this kind of thing is Don’t mention it, Qi Xinzhu I will definitely save it.”

Lu Luo’s words made Han Shiyu lower her head, and she was silent for a while.

Then slowly stood up and walked behind Lu Luo, and made some unexpected actions that made Lu Luo somewhat unexpected.

For example, I started to massage the temples for Lu Luo, which was very comfortable.

“Actually, when you were fighting with Wu En to reveal the disc, I already knew that you were not the dawn disc.

The dawn disc is also impossible and purple black. , Qi Xinzhu and I know about this.

But so what? People always have to believe in something, what do you think?

Relax, Lu Luo , I know Qi Xinzhu is very important to you, but you shouldn’t become reckless at this time.

Keeping calm is the best combat readiness.”

Han Shiyu Press Next to Lu Luo who wanted to get up, he put Lu Luo’s head on his chest and let him relax as much as possible.

If she didn’t do this, instead of letting Lu Luo relax, it made Lu Luo even more nervous.

Because once the chair is tilted up, some of the hard positions cannot be hidden by sitting, so it will appear very prominent.

Han Shiyu naturally saw this scene too, she was crafty laughed, and then put Lu Luo down, making the second brother look very exaggerated.

[Your brother is outstanding! 】

Lu Luo did not show embarrassment, because he felt that as long as he was not embarrassed, it was someone else who was embarrassed.

“This disobedient thing, cut it off when you turn around.”

Han Shiyu laughed and continued to massage Lu Luo.

“Really willing to break?”


Okay, tell me about the Dawn Disc! Since the Dawn Disc It is the sacred relic of the church, so why does it release the doom factor?”

Han Shiyu shook his head.

“If I told you that I don’t even know what the doom factor is, would you believe it?”

She really doesn’t know, and Lu Luo also directly nodded. Do not ask any more.


But the clues of the dawn disc seem to have no clue!

“Heh! I don’t know if you really believe it, what do you plan to do about Qi Xinzhu?”

Lu Luo narrowed his eyes and took a look at what he was left. The energy value of about 40,000 below.

“I will probably choose to find a place to get a good cultivation!”

“Cultivation at this time? Is there some suspicion of temporary embracing?”

“You don’t understand, the speed at which I hold the Buddha’s feet is a little different from what you imagined.”

Han Shiyu looked at Lu Luo suspiciously, and finally could only be nodded.

“Let’s do it, you have to be careful in the coming days!

Although you are growing fast now, you are not strong enough. You must remember that your own Life is more important than anything else.”

“I know.”

Lu Luo lay down comfortably and quietly enjoyed Han Shiyu’s massage.

But this kind of enjoyment didn’t last long, and he heard some heavy breathing.

Lu Luo the past few days is too tired, and even this opportunity to take advantage of it is not grasped.

However, Han Shiyu did not put Lu Luo down, but hugged his head and leaned on the bed.

Holy splendor kept flowing out of Han Shiyu’s hand to relieve Lu Luo’s muscles and pain.

Han Shiyu touched Lu Luo’s lips and laughed.

“This is your encouragement! Bring Xiao Qi back, and you will also come back.”


2nd day morning, Lu Luo Han Shiyu had already left when he woke up.

He moved his body for a while, feeling that his fatigue had been wiped out and he was full of energy.

“Okay, resurrect on the spot!”

Preparing to go to the Security Bureau to report, but as soon as he left school, Lu Luo received an unfamiliar call.

“Hey, who?”

“Lu Luo, this is Yang Liya!”

“Yang Captain, what’s wrong?”

“Lu Di is missing.”

Lu Luo’s expression is a bit weird, but he is not shocked by the disappearance of Lu Di, but Lu Di, standing in front of him.

[The person reading the newspaper at the entrance of the restaurant in front is Lu Di himself. He has put on some disguise. 】

After being prompted by the observer, Lu Di actually raised a glass to Lu Luo to signal him to pass.

However, the voice on the phone interrupted Lu Luo’s shock.

“Lu Luo, are you listening to me?”

“Um, I can hear it. I just came out of school and I was about to go to the hospital. Look at my companions.

But Yang Captain, why are you looking for me when Lu Di is missing? I am not able to hide Lu Di, right?”

” Okay, I see, now Lu Di is the most senior wanted criminal in the league. If he goes to you, must tell me.

If you conceal the criminal’s deeds, you may be sentenced to up to 15 years. Imprisonment.”

Yang Liya’s tone is a bit strange, how to put it, if she really wanted to catch Lu Di, there is a high probability that she would not beat the grass to scare the snake like this.

[The relationship between these two people is unusual! 】

“Knowing about Yang Captain, I am the most law-abiding person. Good citizen medals should be issued to me.

And I’m too courageous. I’m the one who breaks the law. Don’t worry about what you’ve never dared to do.”

“That’s it, after you have done your work, remember to report to the Security Bureau.”

“Okay, okay , I must go to report when the time comes.”

Hang up Yang Liya’s call, Lu Luo had also walked up to Lu Di and sat down in the seat opposite him.

“Why are you wanted?”

“They let me stay obediently and honestly in Fourth Ring. I don’t want to. Wouldn’t I be wanted?

You have become so white? Whiter than a woman!”

Lu Di showed a mocking expression, but Lu Luo didn’t say anything about it, just repeated it.

“If you tell me, I will call the police to catch you immediately.”

“If they want to catch, I won’t be so easy to leave.”

Lu Di is very Calmly, light a cigarette for himself, and then take a sip of tea.

He doesn’t seem to be very worried about being wanted.

Lu Luo couldn’t guess Lu Di’s idea at this time.

“You have been here for that many years, why did you suddenly run away? Because of the nightmare and the bride?”

Lu Di smiled and smoked. He took out a red envelope like Lu Luo from his pocket.

“Let’s take a look first!”

Lu Luo opened the envelope of Lu Di and took a look at it. The inside was an invitation to Lu Di, which was also on December 19th.

Like Lu Luo’s letter, it is famous as a nightmare, and it also has no specific location.

After reading it, Lu Luo took out his letter.

“I have this letter, too.”

“You have it too? hahaha, well, it seems I am not lonely anymore!”

Lu Di Laughed exaggeratedly, but Lu Luo did not smile on his face.

“You haven’t told me why you are leaving this time?

You have been in Fourth Ring for more than 7 years. UU reading should be nothing. Did things move you? Is it the Security Bureau that forced you?”

“No, this trip is actually my own intention.”

“Why? It’s not December. On the 19th, there should be some time left. Are you going to find the nightmare in advance?”

Lu Di shook the head, denying Lu Luo’s idea.

“You think too much, I’m not that stupid, just go out and do some of my own things, you don’t have to worry too much.

even more how, even if I want to find it, I I don’t know where they are now.”

Lu Luo felt a little relieved when he heard Lu Di say this.

And Lu Di is here, Lu Luo just asks the doubt in his heart.

“Lu Di, I want to ask you a question.”

“Ask, what can you keep with me?”

“Fourth Ring is obviously the first high wall to face the alien species. It should be the most dangerous place in the entire Wasteland Alliance.

Once the Tier 8 disaster launches an attack, then Fourth Ring will bear the brunt, just like This is the case now.

But since the Fourth Ring is the most dangerous, why is there no expert of the 7th order?

If it is for the cultivation speed of the inner ring, the 7th order is already human It’s the top, can’t you justify having none?”

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