Doomsday Ring Chapter 217

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This problem has always plagued Lu Luo. Lu Di has been a sixth-order expert many years ago, and is known as the king of hunters.

Then his innate talent should be the top one, right?

Even if he has been under surveillance, he still goes outside the wall after 3 years, and even if he is squatting at home, he should be able to cultivation.

Then why doesn’t he have a 7th breakthrough level?

In addition to the example of Lu Di, there is also Qiao Xing. Qiao Xing was said many years ago that it will definitely become a sword saint.

Lu Luo knows that the church’s sword saint refers to the 7th-order expert, so the question is, Qiao Xing, who may become the youngest sword saint, really hit the Fourth Ring that many years soy sauce?

Are they unable to break through or don’t want to break through?

When I heard this question from Lu Luo, Lu Di laughed.

“I haven’t reached level 7, so I don’t know, and I can’t answer your question.”

[I feel he just doesn’t want to tell you. 】

“Do you not know, or don’t you want to tell me?” Lu Luo was a little dissatisfied.

“I don’t want to tell you!”

“Fuck, why did you come to see me today?”

Lu Di’s expression returned to seriousness , He pointed to the red envelope.

“I originally wanted you to help me once, but now that you also have an envelope, then you don’t need it.

I will come to you before December 19, When the time comes, you have to be ready.”

Lu Di’s serious attitude is much more domineering than before, which made Lu Luo feel a little bit distressed.

“I see, but why don’t you help with the hunter?

Just now Yang Liya called me to find you. Are you related to her?”

Speaking of Yang Liya, Lu Di’s eyes showed some reminiscences.

“Yang Liya, she was my little fan back then. It is not easy to grow up to this point, so don’t cheat others.

Okay, when the time comes, remember to be on the wall It’s fine, I’ll take the initiative to contact you.”

“I know.”

“Then I’m leaving, I’ve improved Dust Demon a bit and cultivated it.”

< p>Lu Di dropped a new booklet, Lu Luo just picked it up, his figure disappeared in front of Lu Luo like a mist.

“Dust Demon II”

“Take the initiative to ask me for help? I also gave this improved version of the cheat sheet. I feel better to pay directly.”

[Do you think he has money? 】


It was raining in the sky, and the waiter of the restaurant walked out with an umbrella. He was very sensible and gave Lu Luo an umbrella.

“Sir, it’s raining, try not to get in the rain!”

Lu Luo glanced at the waiter, did not refuse the waiter’s kindness, and embarrassing an ordinary person is boring, so he just Took the umbrella.

But after taking the umbrella, the waiter did not leave.

“Is there anything else?”

“The gentleman just ordered a piece of food, as well as tobacco and alcohol, a total of 15 yuan, you see?”

Looking at the apologetic waiter, Lu Luo face full of black lines.

“Lu Di, this dog is forced to escape the bill for 15 yuan? It’s not like a person than me!”


In the red carpet castle , Qi Xinzhu woke up leisurely.

She wanted to get up and sit up, but her body was too stiff.

The whole body is in severe pain, almost impossible to move, only the healer can be used to recover from the injury.

Fortunately, her physical fitness is pretty good, and the dark energy here is also very abundant, as long as there is enough dark energy to restore the holy splendor.

Relying on the healer and Holy Light Power, her injury will soon recover.

In the process of recovering from the injury, Qi Xinzhu glanced around, the red carpet and white walls, she seemed to have been here!

“Nightmare’s castle? What did it catch me for?”

“Are you awake?”

A little girl’s voice suddenly appeared in Qi The sudden feeling in Xinzhu’s ear shocked Qi Xinzhu, because she didn’t even feel anyone nearby.


Qi Xinzhu turned his head and looked towards the place where the voice came. It was a 7-8 year old girl.

Purple lace dress, black Little Pi boots.

The small face is very delicate, to be honest, it is much more beautiful than Qiao Xiaomi, like a porcelain doll.

However, some of her dress details still made Qi Xinzhu frown slightly, such as the hair of the little girl in front of her.

Although I can see that I am taking care of my hair very carefully, the way I tie my hair is messy. The braids are entangled, and there is no beauty at all.

Generally speaking, it is messy, but very perfunctory and contradictory.

“Are you a human or a different species?” Qi Xinzhu asked uncertainly.

But the little girl suddenly disappeared from Qi Xinzhu’s eyes, and then suddenly sat on the bedside.

This speed is comparable to teleportation.

“Of course I am a human being! You can’t see this? Is your eyesight too bad?”

The little girl’s tone is a bit strange, although it sounds eccentric, but Her expression is that kind of very serious expression.

Although Qi Xinzhu often deals with Qiao Xing, he often listens to Lu Luo eccentric.

But when the little girl was in front of her, she didn’t know how to deal with it.

“If you are a human, why are you in this place?”

“What you ask is very strange, you are also a human, aren’t you in this place?”

The little girl looks as it should be by rights, while Qi Xinzhu looks surprised.

“But I was arrested!”

“Maybe I was also arrested?”


Qi Xinzhu doesn’t know how to describe the little girl in front of her, she is totally unreasonable.

She reluctantly sat up and leaned on the red bed.

The clothes on her body have been soaked from the bottom of the pool of blood, sticking to the skin sticky, making her a little uncomfortable.

Besides, this suit doesn’t seem to be so torn before. How come there are so many holes? Like being torn deliberately.

“I don’t know what happened to Lu Yu!”

“Lu Yu stabbed you, are you still worried about her? Your heart is too big, right?”

The little girl looked surprised, but Qi Xinzhu was even more surprised.

“How did you know? You were there at the time?”

“No, no, I just guessed, yes, guessed!”

Qi Xinzhu Look Looking at the little girl, well, her level of lying is not as good as Lu Luo!

Although this little girl is very strange and weird, in the castle of Nightmare, there is such a little girl who can be regarded as human by her side, Qi Xinzhu still can’t help showing some curiosity.

“What’s your name?”

“Me? My name is Da Tian.” The little girl stood up straight.

Qi Xinzhu was silent for a while, Datian…Is this name serious?

“The field of the field?”

“No, the sweet one.”

“Well, Datian, why are you here? Where is it?”

Although Qi Xinzhu has asked this question for the second time, Da Tian hesitated again, as if this question was difficult.

But she quickly gave Qi Xinzhu a reasonable answer.

“wu wu wu, I grew up lonely, wandering around, and finally caught here by a monster. It’s terrifying!”

It’s terrifying!”

, But there was no trace of fear on his face, and he even wanted to laugh a little.

You don’t want to lie. This is the feeling that Da Tian gives Qi Xinzhu. Qi Xinzhu can only show an expression that didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

“Is that so? Then your life experience is really tortuous, sweet.”

“Well, you understand that I am very bitter. I prepared this. Clothes, try it!

I have something to do, let’s go now!”

The purple clothed little girl Da Tian smiled exaggeratedly at Qi Xinzhu, revealing a white mouth His teeth, and then disappeared directly in front of Qi Xinzhu.

So far Qi Xinzhu doesn’t know what kind of ability she disappeared through.

“This should be the castle of nightmare, yes, but this little girl…”

Qi Xinzhu is a bit unspeakable. He didn’t get those clothes immediately, but continued to use holy splendor. And the healer heals for himself.

With the dual healing power, the wound on the abdomen healed quickly without leaving a scar.

The fact that there is no scar is still a bit important for Qi Xinzhu.

Looking at his worn-out clothes, Qi Xinzhu was a little surprised how the clothes became like this.

“It feels like being torn on purpose.”

Qi Xinzhu put his hands together and closed his eyes slightly.


The blood and stains on the body were cleaned up in an instant, but there was no way to get rid of the red patches and loopholes on the clothes.

After healed the injury and cleaned up the clothes, Qi Xinzhu got out of bed to check the clothes that Da Tian left behind.

When she shakes these clothes away, her face suddenly becomes strange.

“What are these all are? Wedding dress? And this, cheongsam?

What is this? Hollow clothes, this is too explicit? Lu Luo estimates Will not let me wear it like this!”

Qi Xinzhu’s expression is a bit tangled. Although these clothes are new, they are really not serious.

But her own clothes are already torn in many places, if she doesn’t change…

Qi Xinzhu glanced at the door and walked over to confirm that the door was locked. , Before returning to the pile of clothes, began to pick and choose.

“The wedding dress or something is not suitable, this kind of leaky clothes is not suitable for me, it seems that I can only wear cheongsam.”

But when she picked up After the cheongsam, I discovered that this cheongsam was no better than the hollow outfit.

In the red cheongsam, all the leg lines are decorated with transparent lace embroidery. Wouldn’t such leg lines run out when walking around?

Except for the legs, the back is almost full.

There is a heart-shaped lace embroidery on the chest. The whole dress looks very light and thin, um, light and thin!

After struggling for a while, Qi Xinzhu still chose to wear this outfit, because at least this outfit is better than hers.

Qi Xinzhu took off his old clothes and put on the cheongsam left by Da Tian.

This dress is like tailor-made for her. It perfectly outlines Qi Xinzhu’s hidden but very proud curve.

In the middle of the change, a voice of in a low, muffled voice suddenly came out of the closet.

“Wow! So you are so big!”


Qi Xinzhu complexion stiffened, isn’t this being overlooked?

At this time, Da Tian directly opened the door of the cabinet and walked out of the closet.

“It’s okay, I just forgot something, I’ll leave. , You continue, I promise not to take a peek.”

Da Tian picked up the clothes Qi Xinzhu didn’t choose, and sneaked out.

Watching her leave, Qi Xinzhu’s expression became even stranger.

“This guy is holding a camera, isn’t it?”

In the corner of the door, Da Tian squatted on the ground, looking at the camera with golden light. Photo.

“Wow, wow, wow! This is good, this is the ideal figure!”

While she was still looking at the photos, a group of dark shadows slowly moved from her Appeared behind.

The black shadow suddenly reached out and grabbed the camera, but was easily avoided by Da Tian.

“You secretly photographed me?”

Qi Xinzhu said angrily, but after Da Tian hesitated for a moment, he immediately responded:

“That house Obviously it is my room. I take photos in my own room. Isn’t that illegal?

You change clothes in my room and suddenly break into my camera. How can this be called a sneak shot? “

If you could scold a child, Qi Xinzhu would have scolded it a long time ago, and this big sweet doesn’t seem to be a normal human in the first place.

“You say that, it’s a bit irrational, right?

Also, you said this is your room, but if I read it right, it should be the red Bai of Nightmare. City Fort, how did you live here.”

To Shang Datian, Qi Xinzhu is not sure, but not sure is one thing, and inaction is another.

“Because the nightmare is my master! It is it who made me change your clothes!”

“The nightmare is your master?”

Qi Xinzhu immediately made preparations for the battle. She spread her legs and clenched her fists, holding it one after the other, looking at Da Tian in full formation.

Then sweetened her and suddenly took out her camera…

ka-cha! ka-cha! ka-cha!


Qi Xinzhu instantly punched, holy splendor gathered and penetrated, and the punch shattered the wall behind Da Tian.

However, Datian’s figure has long since disappeared, and when she reappears, her figure is already on the other side.

“Well, this is the position, keep it.”

At this time, Qi Xinzhu has confirmed one thing, the speed of this little girl, or the weird degree of ability , Far beyond her imagination.

With this speed, there is nothing to do with the other party.

“Boring, too much!”

“Hey, don’t be angry, let me take some beautiful photos! My master is still waiting for you, follow me to see Look.”

“Your master, is it a nightmare?”

The sweet tooth nodded like a rattle.

“Yeah, yeah, it is fierce. When the time comes you behaved, you may still survive.”

Qi Xinzhu took a deep breath.

“I won’t let it use me to threaten Lu Luo.”

“Ah? This…” Suddenly Da Tian didn’t know what to say.

“Lead the way.”

“Oh, good!”

Qi Xinzhu followed the purple clothed Datian, moved towards the higher level of the Red Bai City Fort Go.

They came to the top of the castle where Lu Luo once came. Unlike the last time Lu Luo came, the place has been decorated splendorous and majestic.

Because of the preparation of many antique items, the decoration of this auditorium is even more luxurious than the best church in the wall.

There are various animal clocks standing on both sides of the road, they are wearing the same red soldier uniform as Lu Luo before.

When meeting Qi Xinzhu, these animals will bow and salute naturally.

Although their body and height are quite different, the posture of saluting is still very standard.

It can be seen that in order to train these etiquettes, they took a long time.

“That’s it.”

At the end of the castle, a huge double door stood there.

When Qi Xinzhu approached, the soldier at the door took the initiative to open the door for the two of them.

It’s still the room without walls, you can see the outside room, the nightmare, as always, lying on the softest edge of the collapse. UU reading www.

Qi Xinzhu’s expression is a bit solemn, and the scene in front of him is a bit big!

Beside the nightmare, there is a red-clothed woman wearing a mask. It can be seen that her position here is the most detached.

In addition to this red clothed woman, there are also two characters hidden in the black robe, unable to see clearly.

Finally, Qin Wanyu, who killed them in the street, stood quietly in the corner of the room at this time.

She lowered her head, and she was totally different from her previous strong appearance in the street.

After Qi Xinzhu came, she just lifted the head slightly and glanced at Qi Xinzhu, then lowered her head again, very low-key.

Looking at the alien species in this room, Qi Xinzhu always feels an indescribable weirdness.

“My master, I have brought people.” Da Tian said softly.

The soft nightmare finally stood up, turned around, and walked towards Qi Xinzhu.

The billowing nether flame burned on it, and the strong oppression almost made Qi Xinzhu breathless.

However, when Qi Xinzhu faced the nightmare, he finally figured out what is weird here.

That is, in this room, except for the nightmare, all the other creatures, whether they are human or alien, are in human form.


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